When we were young…. part 2

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When we were young…. part 2After the first time my sister touched me, I thought about that day all the time. It was never talked about. She just carried on like nothing had happened. I was confused! I would think about it every night and play with myself…. thinking about how it would be to touch her. After a few months we started talking again. She never brought up that day, but she would talk about sex, and how she wants to try things with guys in her class. This made me want her more! She would say things like ” I wonder how it would be to suck on a cock”, or ” I wonder how cum tastes?” I was thinking about how she would taste….. I must have a problem.One night my parents went out for the night. She wanted to have a sleepover in the basement. We had 2 couches in a finished basement, so we made beds and picked some movies to watch. She wanted to take a shower so I just got some snacks while she got herself kaş escort nice and clean. She came downstairs in a black satin robe. Her hair was done nice…. looked like she was getting ready to go out? I noticed she had some pantyhose, or stockings on…. it was too hard to tell. “I thought we were hanging out tonight s*s? Why are you getting all dressed up?”She smiled and looked over at me,” I’m not going out silly…. I just want to feel pretty thats all. Beside, there is nothing dressy about a robe dear brother.”Something was going on. She snagged a bottle of wine from the upstairs and opened it up. She poured each of us a glass and we started talking, listening to music. It was about an hour or two later when she asked me something interesting.” Do you think I am sexy?” she asked” Of course I do… you are super hot! Look at you, and your body….”” You look at me like that? I am your sister.” She said.I escort kaş felt like a horny little perv…. ” well you asked? I am sorry for going off like that. Why are you asking me that anyways?”She shuffled a little on the couch and then stood up. ” I don’t think boys find me sexy at school. I went shopping today and bought something I thought I would look sexy in. I think I look good, but I want to show you and see what you think….”She took off her robe and dropped it on the floor. She was wearing a peach colour satin teddy with lace trim. It caressed her body perfectly, her nipples were so hard. She was wearing peach colour stay-up stockings …… she looked like a model! ” Well, what do you think?”I could barely talk. ” I can’t believe how beautiful you look!”I tried to stand up, not realizing how hard I was. And just before I went to sit down to hide it….” I guess the outfit worked hey brother? You are kaş escort bayan as hard as a rock!”I stood up and walked toward her, staring at her. Nothing was said and now I was inches away from her… ” Can I touch you s*s?”And in a whisper, ” Yes brother of mine… touch me”I slowly put my hand on her left breast. Littly squeezing it , I tried to pinch her nipple, but it would jst slip away in the fabric. Her breasts were so big, I started to kiss the top of her cheast and licking her nipples through the fabric of her teddy. She pulled one strap down and her breast fell out for my mough to feast on. I sucked and sucked, trying to please my sister. This was all so new for me, I was so young. She moaned and moaned. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her pussy. It was so warm and wet. I slid a finger inside of her and she let out a gasp… I looked up at her and we locked eyes. We started kissing… deep, and wet… and then…” Hey guys were home!” Our parents came in! In a blast we both quickly put our clothes on and collected ourselves. Our parents didn’t come down. We got lucky….. I hope we can connect again???

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