When We Were Dating

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When We Were DatingMy Wife (pen name Jane) told me this story after a few years of marriage and after we’d discovered how much I love her freshly fucked pussy – and after a few glasses of wine. I love when she talks like this. She can be a real hot slut sometimes. Not long after we started dating, she actually moved in with me. We were together for about 6 months when this occurred. I was working a late shift – got home at about 6 am. She had gone out to meet a friend of hers at a local bar. Her friend was married but had a reputation (I almost fucked her one night before I met Jane). Anyway – The friend’s husband was there as well as his visiting cousin and the cousin’s friend. They were all having fun, playing pool and getting a bit drunk. Time slipped by. After last call they closed the bar and hopped into the couple’s mini van, cruising and looking to extend the party. We live in very small town. There is only one bar and another one in a neighboring town which is ten miles away. They ended up with a case of beer and parked out on a secluded dirt road at about 3 am. Jane said her friend (Sandy – I think) was pretty drunk and seated in the front passenger seat with her husband in the driver seat. Jane, the visiting cousin and his friend were all standing at the back of the van with the hatch open, talking and drinking. She said she could hear & see Sandy giving her husband a blowjob. This caught all their attention. The cousin’s friend walked up to Sandy’s door and opened it. Jane said Sandy turned her attention to him and started sucking him off. Jane was 28-29 at the time, 5’2” and 105 lbs, nice firm tits and I know all the guys who hadn’t fucked her – wanted to. She was wearing a short denim skirt and tank top (it was summer). She said that watching Sandy suck cock made her horny but she didn’t know what to do about it. She said that she didn’t even know the guys and she was worried that I would find out if she did anything. She was also very drunk. She casino siteleri said the cousin was really coming on to her but she was not responding. She turned to reach in the back of the van and felt his hand rubbing her ass. “My pussy was so wet and horny so I just let him have a feel, I wanted him to fuck me so bad.”After a few strokes on her ass he went for it and reached under her skirt and was touching her pussy through her panties. She turned around and lean against the back of the van “my legs just opened instinctively.” She said that about this time she could feel movement in the van. The husband had crawled over the seats to the back, his huge hard cock still out from the blowjob his wife was giving him. He held her ponytail braid with his left hand touched his cock to her lips. She grabbed it and began sucking. “It was thickest dick I ever wrapped my hand around, it barley fit in my mouth. I tasted the pre-cum he was leaking.” The guy between her legs had pulled her panties to the side and was fingering her pussy. This went on for a little while. The husband pulled out of her mouth and jumped out of the van. She was able to stand and see that the cousin had taken his pants completely off . “His dick was hard so I just grabbed both of them. It was the first time I had two naked men standing in front of me with hard cocks.”“I just pulled my skirt up, turned and bent over the back of the van.” She could see Sandy’s legs in the air and the cousin’s friend fucking her vigorously on the front seat. “I didn’t know Sandy and her husband were into this.”She felt her panties being stripped down and a huge cock rubbing up and down her wet slit for lubrication. She said she didn’t know which one it was at first. She had her face down as he slipped into her. He grabbed her hips and slowly started pushing it in. “He was stretching me so good, I knew it had to be the huge cock I’d just had in my mouth.” He began fucking her slow at first then güvenilir casino hard and deep. Her words “He fucked me for five or ten minutes. I was holding onto the back of the van and arching my back to give him full access. He pushed all the way in and held my hips tight and I knew he was coming inside me, I didn’t want him to take it out.” She said he just stayed in her for a minute then slowly withdrew. She felt a huge load gush out and drip down her thigh. She turned to see who had just fucked her and was indeed Sandy’s husband. She knelt down and started to the suck cousin’s cock. She said he was dripping pre-cum and wanted to suck her tits. He stripped her top and bra off and began massaging her tits. He laid her on her back in the van and slipped his cock into her full pussy with ease. She said he lasted about 3 minutes before he also came inside her. Knowing Jane, she wouldn’t let him cum anywhere else. She always wants it in her pussy.She said they stood around a bit and sipped on a beer while the husband went to check on Sandy. She’s slipped her panties back on and her top (left the bra off). She walked to the front and saw Sandy passed out on the front seat, naked from the waste down. They were getting ready to leave when she heard the cousin’s friend complaining that Sandy had passed out while he was fucking her and had not cum. She said she didn’t cum either but the other two guys had blown their wads. She said he pulled out a hard cock and asked her if she was up for another. She just stuck her ass out and pulled her panties to the side. He lined his cock up, grabbed her by the hips and slid right into to he well lubed pussy. She said the husband started fucking Sandy while she was getting pounded by this guy. The guy fucking her was very rough and fucked her for a long time. He finally came (she didn’t). She stood up with a large flow of cum leaking out of her. She tried to push her skirt back down when she felt the canlı casino cousin bending her over again. He was ready for another. “I felt like they could do whatever they wanted at this point. As he pushed into me my pussy was getting a little sore but it felt good.” He tensed up and shot a fourth load into her well fucked pussy. She turned around as he was putting his cock away to see Sandy’s husband pull his cock out of his passed out wife and walking toward her with a huge wet hard-on. He grabbed her by the hair and led her to the back of the van, pushed her onto her back and shoved his cock into her again. She said she felt like a complete whore having let these guys fuck her over and over and wanted to cum so bad but couldn’t. His huge cock was forcing all of the cum in her pussy down the crack of her ass as he pounded her deep. She said he fucked her for about ten minutes when she felt her pussy swell and explode as she squirted all over him. He apparently liked it as he shot the fifth load of semen into her pussy. They hung out a few minutes and drove her home. She arrived at about 4:30 or 5AM, before I came home from work. She cleaned up some and went to bed. Now I don’t really remember this night but she told me I wanted to fuck her before I went to sleep. She tried to avoid it but gave in. She said I’d commented on how “Wet” she was and added my cum to theirs. “My pussy was sore deep inside the next day and I felt cum leaking out of me for at least 24 hrs.”I recently posted another story titled “My Wife Got Fucked at the Lake” where I watched three guys fuck her after an impromptu strip tease. I often wonder if this was the same three guys. I also wonder how many times she’s been gang banged. She has commented many times about how she loves the feeling of cum dripping from her. She won’t leave the house for work until I fuck her. Now I’m not bragging here but one day we decided to have a “Stay at home and fuck day”. We kept count. I fucked her ten times, true story. This is the kind of hot piece she is. She has never turned me down when I want some. I often fuck her at least twice in a row so I can feel that liquid silk. I love the sight of her swollen and dripping. Get’s me so hard – a cat couldn’t scratch me.

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