When Twins Go Bad!

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Authors Notes: This story is a little longer than my typical stories, but I didn’t want to break it into separate chapters. I’m sorry if you can’t make it all the way through without shooting your wad, but I’d appreciate you going to the end and voting anyway. PLEASE! As always, comments are more than welcomed and constructive feedback improves future stories! All characters are at least 18-years-old.


I met the entire family one night 12 years ago in a little tavern on the edge of town. I was 30 years old at the time. Ronnie and Cheryl Bestul had noticed a stranger sitting at the bar by himself eating fish on a Friday night. In this small Wisconsin farming town of around 300 people, strangers are rare, so they had introduced themselves along with their adorable and quite precocious red headed twins, Victoria and Veronica. I immediately liked them and explained that I had just bought the old Peterson farm about 10 miles north of town. I told them that I was not going to farm, but instead work from home. As a professional technical writer, all I needed was a phone and an internet connection. I had grown weary of the hustle and bustle of New York City, and had picked the Peterson place because it was so isolated and quiet. I loved the old two story farmhouse built in the classic Victorian style so common to the mid-west prairie. The house had been updated through the years, but it still had some old-world charm like a wood burning stove on each level for heating. “Heck,” I told them, “a single guy just doesn’t need a lot to survive.”

I had been raised in the south, but shortly after getting my Ph.D. in Biochemistry I was hired by a big publishing firm in New York. It was great for a single man of 25, but I soon became disenchanted with the rush of the big city. As an only child, when my elderly parents died, I had no family left, and although I was surrounded by millions of people, I felt alone in the city.

My initial inclination was to move back south, but a serendipitous week-long snowshoe holiday with friends to Wisconsin made me fall in love with the state. I loved the down-to-earth friendly people, the slow and steady pace of life so common to rural areas, and most of all, the beautiful Wisconsin outdoors. The next summer, I visited again to make sure that I wasn’t kidding myself, and found that I loved the place even more than before. I arranged with the firm to work from home with the agreement I would return to New York at least on a quarterly basis, and bought the Peterson farm the very next month.

The Bestuls and I became fast friends, and Ronnie and Cheryl invited me to their house for every holiday, ensuring that I never had to spend time alone. We grilled out on weekend nights when it was warm, went camping together in the fall once the mosquitoes had died, sat by the fire and laughed during the winter, and even took vacations together in the summer. It was like the family I never had. But when the twins were only 15-years-old, tragedy struck. Ronnie died expectantly one day while milking cows. There had been no warning at all.

Of course, Cheryl and the girls were devastated. I continued to be friends with Cheryl, and although there had never been even a hint of romance between us before Ronnie’s death, after about a year we decided to get married. The girls seemed to take it all in stride, and they even called me ‘Dad.’ We sold their farm along with all their milking herd and they moved in with me. My house was bigger, and the twins could have had their own bedrooms, but I guess 16 years of having a constant roommate and companion led them to share a bedroom in the new house as well. The twins were very close and spent most of their time together.

By then the twins were driving. Our two precious daughters, who had been great students without any issues at all, met some college boys shortly thereafter, and became complete hellions. The 4-year satellite campus of the University of Wisconsin was known for being a party school, and the girls took advantage of their good looks and the many miles of lonely county roads to get into all kinds of trouble. They stopped helping out around the house, started drinking and smoking, and their grades suffered. After a particularly troublesome visit with their high school guidance counselor, Cheryl and I felt like it was time to put an end to their rebellious ways.

“Well, that was fun,” Cheryl said to me in the most sarcastic way possible. She reached up to her right and pulled the seatbelt down and across her chest. Cheryl had magnificent boobs that were accentuated by the belt pulling the fabric of her shirt tight as it lay across her chest. At 36-years-old, she still maintained her figure, but was very curvy and quite the woman.

“I know, huh?” I responded. “Baby, we’ve got to do something before one or both of them end up dead or meth-heads or…whatever.”

For the next two years we did everything within reason to try and get the girls to shape up, but nothing we did seemed to work. We took away ultrabet yeni giriş their car, their cell phones, grounded them for weeks at a time, but still they were constantly getting into trouble. To put it mildly, it was hell.

Then came that night in April of their senior year in high school when the sheriff’s car pulled into the driveway around 1 AM and scared us half to death. As usual, it was way past their curfew and we were waiting up to ground them again. Cheryl and I thought that the girls had been killed…or worse. We were so relieved when the deputy opened the rear door and the girls spilled out, obviously quite drunk.

“Girls,” I said as calmly as I could, “get cleaned up and go to bed. We’ll talk about this in the morning.”

Cheryl led them into the house and I shook hands with the deputy, Jeff Olson. “Jeff, what’s going on?”

“Wayne, I’m sorry about having to bring the girls home, but I caught them out by the lake drinking. They’re only 18, but they’re adults now in the eyes of the law, and frankly, I really should have hauled them over to the drunk tank for the night.” The deputy shook his head slowly. “Hell, Wayne, since they lost their father I know they’ve had a hard time. But, and I’m serious mind you, this is the last time. They’re adults now and they need to learn one way or the other that there are consequences to their actions.”

“Jeff, I really, really appreciate you doing this for us…for Cheryl…for the girls…hell, for the memory of Ronnie.” I paused to regain my composure. “And, I read you loud and clear about this being the last straw. I’m not sure what we’re going to do, but we will somehow try to get through to the girls when they sober up.”

When I got back into the house, Cheryl was sitting in the living room with her face in her hands, big tears rolling between her fingers. She looked up at me with real pain in her face. “Wayne, what the fuck are we going to do? I know we should just kick them out of the house and tell them they are on their own, but…” she sobbed, “I lost Ronnie. I just can’t lose the girls, too.”

I sat down beside her and put my arm around her shoulders. I pulled her into me and she placed her head on my shoulder.

I let her calm down a bit and then I said, “Well, we’ve tried everything…except…I’m not sure how to say this.” I was really nervous. “I’ve got an idea, but it is extreme.”

“What, Wayne? What?” She picked her head up and looked me in the eye.

“Cheryl, what extremes are you willing to endure to try and get the girls to shape up?”

“Anything,” she said. “Anything.”

“Cheryl, I’m serious. I really need to know that you’ll back me up no matter what it takes…how far I have to take it to get through to them.”

“Wayne, I love you and trust you completely. I know you love the twins, too. We’ve tried everything I can think of to try and discipline them, so if you have a better idea, I’d like to hear it.”

“Okay, but hear me out before you decide. I’d like to try some serious discipline. That would include grounding and hard chores of course, but would also include spankings and other penalties designed to break them down and humiliate them. Once we get them under control, we can slowly build them back up, giving them more and more of their freedom back, of course, assuming we are successful.”

Cheryl sat quietly for a full minute deep in thought. Very slowly, almost imperceptibly, she nodded her head. She then nodded her head more vigorously and hugged me tightly. “We’ve done everything else. Let’s try it. I love you.”

“I love you too, baby. We need to be on the same page at every step. If you ever disagree with my course of action, pull me to the side and tell me in private. We have to be a wall of unity or this will not work.”

She hugged me tighter. “I’m your wall.”

“It’s going to be hard,” I said. “Even awful, maybe…probably.”

“I know. I’m ready.”

We made plans for the first couple of days, and then headed up the stairs. Cheryl went up first, and I headed to my study. I pulled open the top left drawer and pulled out the skeleton key that fit every interior door in the house. It had come with the old house, and I’d thought I’d never need it. But, tonight, it was just what the doctor ordered. I climbed the stairs and put my ear against the twin’s door. There was no sound. They had passed out. I placed the key in the door and locked the door shut.

The next morning Cheryl and I were in the kitchen. As was our custom, I was wearing blue striped pajama bottoms and Cheryl was looking particularly sexy in the matching top that buttoned up the front. Her shapely legs were visible up to her mid thighs, and her big, shapely butt looked delicious while she made us breakfast.

She turned to me and asked, “When do you want to wake the girls?”

“I thought we’d let them wake up on their own today, and then we’ll lay down the law.”

At that very moment there was a loud pounding on the second level. We heard one ultrabet giriş of the twins shout, “What the hell? The door is locked and I’ve got to pee!”

“Speak of the devils,” I said. “Are you ready for this?”

“No, but let’s get this show on the road.”

“Okay. You stay down here and run for cover if bullets start flying!” I smiled weakly at her.

When I reached the girls’ room at the top of the stairs, I used the skeleton key to open their door. Vickie was standing at the door and tried to push past me. “I’ve got to pee really badly!”

“Hold it one minute, young lady. There’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is Dad. You have to earn all of your privileges, and that includes bathroom visits.”

Vickie looked at me like I had grown a third eye, and then turned to Veronica who had sat up on one elbow in her bed. She turned back to me and said, “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Wrong answer!” I slammed the door, turned the key and walked down the stairs.

Immediately Vickie started pounding on the door and screaming bloody murder.

When I got back to the kitchen Cheryl looked at me and sighed, “Well, that went about as we expected.”

I poured myself another cup of coffee, sat down at the table and started reading the Wall Street Journal on my iPad. “Wall of unity, baby, wall of unity.”

Cheryl and I finished our breakfast at a leisurely pace, all the while being serenaded by pounding and screaming from the top floor. I walked back up the stairs, unlocked the door, and stuck my head inside. “Are you ready to act like an adult?”

“Dad, I really have to pee! I’m going to pee on myself if you don’t let me go right now.”

“Okay,” I said, “but as I said earlier, you have to earn that right.”

“Okay, okay,” she cried, “what do I need to do?”

“First, I want you both to make your beds.”

“Okay,” they said in unison.

Vickie tried to push past me, but I grabbed her by the arm and said, “Before you get to use the bathroom, make your beds.”

They looked at each other, but realized that they were not going to get past me without making their beds. They both bolted back into the room and made their beds quickly, and I might also add, very well.

I stood to the side, and both of them shot out of their door and into the bathroom, slamming the door behind them. I heard the lock click. I walked over to the bathroom door, inserted the key, unlocked the door, and opened it wide. Vickie was sitting on the toilet and Vera was dancing next to her doing the ‘I got to pee dance.’

“DAD! Close the door.”

“Nope, you two have not earned privacy yet.”

“Dad, this is fucked up,” Vera said.

“No cursing. You’ve now been warned. The next one will be punished harshly.”

Vickie finished peeing, grabbed some toilet paper and looked over at me. “Dad, get out. You’re embarrassing me.”


“No? What the hell do you mean no?”

“That’s one, Vickie. Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you. When one of you earns a punishment both of you earn it.”

“Hurry up and get off the toilet, Vic, I got to pee!”

Vickie looked over at me and glared, but she reached between her legs and wiped her vagina. When she stood up and turned away from me to pull up her pajama bottoms, I got a nice look at her fit, 18-year-old butt. It was stunning.

At this point Veronica couldn’t have cared less, so she pulled down her bottoms and quickly sat down on the toilet. She started peeing as soon as her butt hit the seat, obvious relief on her face. She knew I was going to stand in the door as she wiped her vagina, so she didn’t even protest. She wiped herself, reached back and flushed the toilet, and then stood while pulling up her pajamas.

Although it was a quick peek, I saw her bald pussy. Vicky and Vera were identical twins, and cute as a pair of buttons. They wore their strawberry blond hair so that it fell to just about their collars. They had blue eyes, high cheek bones, and button noses that fit their faces perfectly. They also had that classic taut teenage body, with breasts that were perfectly proportioned for their slender, but not skinny frames. They were adorable teenage women. I had never seen either girl completely naked, but had on occasion caught a glimpse of a breast or butt. They had always flirted with me, and were very affectionate. That is, until all hell broke loose when they were 16, two years before.

“Okay,” I said, “wash your hands, brush your teeth, and get dressed. I want both of you to wear the work clothes that your mom has laid out for you. I’m not going to watch you get dressed, but I want you to leave your door open. You have five minutes.”

As I walked toward my bedroom to get dressed I heard Vickie whisper to Vera, “What is going on? This is really fucked up.”

“That’s two!” I yelled as I turned out of the hall and into my room. I pulled on some jeans and a Henley shirt. I walked into my bathroom and brushed my teeth. The whole thing took about five ultrabet güvenilirmi minutes.

I walked out of my room and found the girls had left their bedroom door open as instructed. When I looked inside they were both standing there in their underwear. Vera was wearing light blue panties and a pink bra. She looked at me and then over at Vickie. Vickie was wearing white panties and a white bra. Both were wearing white tennis shoes with no socks and each of them was holding the burlap frock their mom had made for them by simply cutting a neck hole and arms holes in a sack. A plain manila rope for a belt completed the ensemble.

“Girls, your five minutes is up. Downstairs, now.”

They looked at me and Vera said, “What the fuck is this?” Vickie piled on, “There is no way in hell we are wearing these.”

I calmly said, “That’s three,” pointing at Vera, “and four,” pointing at Vickie. Then using my best drill sergeant voice I boomed, “Get downstairs NOW!” startling both of them.

They both dropped their burlap frocks, jumped, and ran past me. They ran down the stairs and found Cheryl standing in the living room still in my pajama top.

“Mom! Dad has lost his mind. He watched us pee and then he wouldn’t let us get dressed.”

As I reached the bottom of the steps, Cheryl reached for me and gave me a kiss on the lips. “Girls, I’ve given up on the two of you. You’re adults now and you guys are going to end up dead or in prison. I actually decided last night to kick you out of the house, but your Dad here convinced me otherwise. We are going to try something new now.” She then turned to me and asked, “How many?”

“Five: four for cursing and one for not getting dressed in the allotted time.”

The twins looked apprehensive. Vera asked, “Five what?”


“Licks. Like this?” Vickie asked as she licked the back of her hand.

“No, Vickie,” I said, “licks on your butt. I’m going to spank each of you.”

Vera looked incredulous. “The fuck you are!”

Cheryl said, “That’s six. Want to try for seven?”

Vickie and Vera looked at each other, then back to us. I walked over to the dining room, pulled a chair away from the table, and sat down. I patted my knees and asked, “Who wants to go first?”

They were shocked. They looked at me, at their mom, back to me, and then at each other. Vickie reached out and took Vera’s hand. “Are you serious?”

“Deadly,” I said. “Who wants to go first or should I just choose one of you?”

Vickie said, “Dad, I promise, we’ll shape up. Right Vera?” She looked at her sister for confirmation. Vera was shaking her head vigorously. Vickie continued as their spokesperson, “REALLY Dad. PLEASE don’t spank us.”

“I’m sorry ladies, but over the last two years we’ve heard all kinds of broken promises.” I patted my knees again. “Who’s first?”

“No, Dad, really.” Vickie was crying now. “REALLY, REALLY, I swear we’ll shape up.”

“Baby, I know you will.” I patted my knees. “Come on and face the music.”

Vickie dropped Vera’s hand and walked toward me like she was headed to the gallows. She lay across my lap, her panty clad butt up in the air. I reached up and quickly pulled the white panties to her knees.

“DAD! NO!” She looked at Cheryl. “Mom, he can’t…you’re not going to let him…I’m NAKED!”

Cheryl just shook her head slowly, turned, and climbed the stairs. I heard her say over her shoulder, “Girls, there are consequences to your actions.”

Smack! I brought my right hand down hard on her left butt cheek. “Fuck! That hurt”

“That’s seven,” I said. Smack! I hit her right cheek just as hard before she could react.

“Ouch! Dad! That really hurts!” Vickie put her hands back to try and shield her young ass from the beating. I grabbed her hands with my left hand, and pulled them up to her mid-back. “If you resist, it will be longer. I won’t hesitate to add more licks to this spanking.”

Smack! I hit her left cheek again, but this time I let my hand stay on her cheek and rubbed her firm, soft skin. I suddenly realized I was becoming aroused. I was glad I had changed into my jeans, as I would have tented the pajama bottoms with my hard cock.

Smack! I hit her right cheek, and again left my hand on her butt and rubbed her skin. I noticed with satisfaction that her cheeks were becoming rosy. “Four,” I said calmly.

Smack! I hit her left cheek. “Five.” Vickie began to sob quietly. I kneaded her butt with my hand. She wiggled, but did not complain.

Smack! I hit her right cheek. “Six.” I again massaged her butt, and for the first time I realized that since she was so trim and free of fat, I could clearly see her pink asshole and her baby-like vulva, free of any trace of hair or stubble. Now I was rock hard. “Oh no,” I thought, “I had not realized how fucking erotic this was.”

For the seventh and final, smack, I let my hand come down right in the middle of her ass, on top of her anus. I aimed a bit low and allowed my pinky finger and ring finger to come in contact with her vulva. Although I couldn’t be sure, it felt to me like she might actually be wet. I released her arms from her mid-back and she stood up. Her young, bald pussy was clearly visible. She reached down and pulled her panties back up, with tears in her eyes.

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