When Sara Met Bob Ch. 02

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PART II: Bob learns to sip Sara’s pee and Sara explores his prostate.


Our first night together was one of unblemished bliss. Spooning Bob all night, I felt his breathing and his heartbeat. With the first rays of morning I knew we both had to rise and shine for the day ahead of us. Neither wanted to get up, especially not me. On the other hand, my bladder was bursting.

A thought raced through my mind. “Would Bob want to? Only one way to find out,” I told myself.

Straddling his handsome face, sleep still in his eyes, I lowered myself to just an inch over his mouth. Parting my labia, I let out a tiny trickle. Bob took to it immediately. He sipped those first, few droplets of my morning pee!

A bit more daring, I let out a little more. Again, Bob sipped my pee perfectly. Lifting his head with my hand I placed his mouth over my labia. A pause, a deep sigh, a smile and I let out my torrent. Bob sipped and gulped and swallowed! All of it! Every single last drop of my pee flow into his mouth, without missing a drop!

We both laughed and rose to shower together. I watched him pee, so handsome and so totally self-conscious. My husband never ever watched me pee, always finding a reason to get out of the bathroom when I went in. And he always closed the door whenever he went in. Yet here was Bob, a stranger up until a few days ago, eagerly sipping my pee – all of it – and let me watch his. What a real gentleman!

From that day on Bob and I met fairly regularly. Invariably when we would step into a hotel room, I would strip and Bob would drink my pee. I taught him just how to part my labia without touching anything else, just enough to let it flow easily. Once or twice his tongue tried to lick me but he quickly found I really do not have a clit to speak of – or at least that mine is a tiny clittie, too shy and reclusive and hidden deep within its protective hood. Besides Bob realized that’s not what I wanted.

What I really wanted was Bob’s prostate. And that was exactly what I got! We would meet quite often now, and he knew to always come prepared with a vial of anal lube. After peeing in his mouth we were relaxed and at ease, finding new and wonderful ways to massage his prostate. At times, Bob would be on all fours on the bed, where I could easily reach into his ass and feel my way around until I found it. My slow massages were always accompanied by easy-flowing conversation. Bob enjoyed having my picture with Joel and Blanca in front of him, asking me a lot about my stepdaughter, and a lot more than necessary about my own marital secrets. Which of course I shared openly with him.

On all fours gave me very good access and with time I learned – mostly from talking with Diane from time to time – how to make the most of it. I could insert both thumbs at once, playing with his prostate like a Blackberry keypad, freeing the rest of the fingers on both hands to fondle his testicles. As hard as I wanted, too, since Bob was practically immobile.

Or Bob would lie on his back, legs wide Maltepe Anal Escort open and his ankles on my shoulders, allowing me nice pressure and penetration while at the same time freeing my other hand to tweak his nipples every so often. I love to watch his lovely penis throbbing in midair, untouched for weeks and weeks, just throbbing so hard for me! Just when I decide it’s time, a deep, constant, even gripping of his prostate deep from within and I can make Bob ejaculate. Just like that!

I learned how to propel his cum even harder than accustomed so that when I was kneeling between his legs, his ankles on my shoulders, his cum would almost reach my nipples. If he was on his side, it would shoot past the bed and almost to the window. Bob was learning how to shoot hard. And how to cum without even touching his lovely penis. Ever!

Again and again, after his climax and when he’d return to his senses he’d ask, “And you, Sara?”

Again and again I’d laugh, “Sweetie, I was cumming long before you started and went on throughout yours!”

I’d push him back, straddle his handsome face and pee in his mouth. My warm pee now tasting sweeter and cleaner told him all he needed that I had already cum for him, too.

From that day Bob and I started dating. Actually dating, going out places together, arm in arm, having fun. We’d go to dinner, we’d go dancing to shemale and transvestite bars, we’d go for long runs in the park. In short we’d do everything normal couples having an affair do while out of town. We’d go shopping together, often ending up at the adult toy shop. When I told the salesgirl that both Bob and I were still anal virgins, she guided us with patience, showing us different anal dildos, attachments, and objects we could share. Bob wanted a way whereby I could fuck him with a strap-on while I sucked on him at the same time. The salesgirl smiled and pointed out it might work better if there was someone else involved. Bob loved the idea. He is so easy to please! We decided we were not quite ready to purchase anything major, but she insisted on giving us a matching set of nipple clips to further bring us closer together.

How could I best describe the perfect beauty of his lovely penis? In my eyes, his tool is slim yet very long, swaying slightly in excitement, with a big red bulb head at the end. The fleshly dark slit is pulsing with the swaying motion that is eager to be violated, leading to the inner most hot spot, the prostate. following the long stem, a bulging blue vein winds around the shaft, ending up hiding in curly hair with two big balls hanging there in textured bag.

A few times Bob did come to see me and he met my husband. They hit it off immediately, mostly because my husband was impressed with Bob’s outgoing personality. My stepdaughter Blanca was captivated with his personality as well as his looks. He is not tall, about 5’8, however, he appears much taller, likely because his body is well structured. He appears to be thin in suit. But once he takes of his Maltepe Yaşlı Escort clothes, revealing bulging muscles around, big arms, thick chest and back, flat six-pack and lean but strong legs. It was apparent Blanca and Bob were falling hopelessly in love. The best I could do was to take full advantage of Bob before she’d take over.

During one of Bob’s visits I set up an appointment with my gynecologist. Dr. Gayle and I go back many years and over time I’ve come to see her about my health, my stepdaughter’s health, occasionally about Joel’s issues and yes, to talk openly about sexual issues any of the three of us were having. We met in her office, Bob got on the examination table, legs on the stirrups, and raised up high and wide apart. While the nurse prepped him, Bob and I told Dr. Gayle about his prostate massages and of course how that was the ONLY way he was experiencing ALL his climaxes. Dr. Gayle smiled approvingly: milking a prostate was the surest way to prevent most types of modern diseases.

And with that, she sat in front of him, between his legs, bright light shining, medical devices in hand. The nurse swabbed his constant pre-cum while Dr. Gayle examined the depths of his ass. She suggested a new, still-experimental treatment, which I accepted immediately. Bob tried to protest but he was already strapped down. With the attending nurse still dabbing his golden pre-cum, Dr. Gayle expanded and dilated his ass wide open, laying out perfectly exposed his prostate. Click, click, click. Twelve clicks. Twelve yelps from Bob. Twelve times the nurse dabbed his pre-cum. Twelve times I stared in disbelief.

And there it was! Dr. Gayle had studded his prostate with twelve tiny, solid gold micro-devices. All were micro-electronically linked to a tiny remote control that fit easily into a locket on a bracelet I would wear for years to come. All I need to do was to press it in certain ways to get the stimulation I felt Bob needed for proper milking. The choices were many. I could set it on Constant to stimulate his prostate on a constant level, neither achieving climax nor letting down Bob’s erection. I could set it on Wild to stimulate it wildly, guaranteeing a climax in 60 seconds or less (usually MUCH less). I could set it on Random and there would be no way either Bob or I could figure out when and how he would climax. Or not. I could set it on Prevent and it would keep his erection strong and hard yet no matter how hard he or his future wife tried, there was no way he’d be able to ejaculate. The ultimate-orgasm-denial mode. I could set it to Flaccid and no matter what was going on, his lovely penis would simply taper off and get all soft on me. Bob and I played with all these modes in all their variations, in public and private settings, in transvestite bars and lesbian lounges, at the movies and during walks in the park. I played with his ass and massaged his prostate either deep inside with my fingers or simply with the remote from afar. My choice.

I had the ultimate control over his Maltepe Zenci Escort prostate and hence his climaxes. And since the micro-devices were deeply imbedded INTO his prostate, there was nothing Bob could do about it!

Now I had Bob to myself, my lovely anal whore into whose mouth I would eagerly pee, sighing deep and smiling as it flowed out of me and into his mouth. I would watch his lovely penis throbbing for me, never touching it, always certain I could make it squirt if and when I wanted.

One afternoon I tried something interesting. I’d been working out and felt my muscles all sore. Bob ran out to the pharmacy and got me a tube of sports ointment. The deep penetrating heat felt good. Really good. So good I felt selfish not sharing. I sent Bob back out for ice cubes. Upon his return, I peed nicely into his mouth and had him on all fours. Rubbing an ice cube deep into his ass I made sure to give it a lot of time to cool off his prostate. And then another ice cube to numb it completely. And a third ice cube to make certain its numbness would last a long time.

While Bob was on all fours talking about my stepdaughter and how he was starting to date her, I applied lots of sports ointment on my fingers and generously massaged his prostate with the ointment. Of course he didn’t feel anything because it was numb. The clean, fresh smell was so delicious!

We got dressed and went out to a transvestite bar for drinks. THAT is when the numbness started to wear off! Just as Bob was standing there, chatting with two lovely shemales, the numbness wore off and the ointment’s deep heat started to heat up his prostate! I was sitting at the other end of the bar, all alone, having a drink and minding my business, watching Bob my anal whore going through intense anal hell. He looked so handsome!

I activated the mini remote. The shemales had no idea what, why nor how, only that they had a raging bull right between the two of them. One got in front and started to stroke Bob’s lovely penis while the other stood behind and smothered Bob from head to toe in powerful caresses. It was so perfect!

I put the remote on Wild, forcing Bob to ejaculate right then and there, an incessant stream of cum going on and on and on. The shemales knew something special had just happened. they just didn’t know what.

I got up and walked over to the three of them. Bob looked like he’s gone to heaven – and stayed there. In my finest accent and as seductively as possible I spoke to Bob so the others could hear, “Darling, I need to go home to pee. Please thank the girls for a nice evening, give each a kiss, and get their numbers. And let’s go, honey.”

Bob just froze there. A quick flick of the remote and it went into Turbo Wild. Bob knew he had to comply. Or else his prostate would explode. He did as directed, a full-mouth kiss to each of the shemales and and promised to date again very soon. It was the start of a very long, intimate relationship the three would have – for many years to come.

We walked out hand in hand. “Bob, sweetie, I am so proud of you, darling!”

We laughed, ran to our hotel, stripped, I peed into him, and gave him the massage of his life, milking his lovely penis in ways no other man had ever felt before!

In short, Bob had become my anal whore… and I love him!

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