When He Plays Piano in the Dark

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When you love an artist, sometimes you feel as if you are loving alone. The love they have for their art wells up inside of them, expands and nothing else can remain. That is what makes them what they are, extraordinary, with gifts that only God can hand out. Then there are times when the love they have for you becomes focused. It is overwhelmingly beautiful and beyond the imagination. When an artist loves, he loves so deeply and profoundly. They can touch you or just look at you in such a way that is so distinctively their own that you catch fire from the spark of need they create within you. You are floating among the stars, so close that you can almost reach out and touch them. The way you look even changes. You are beyond whatever you were before they claimed you. But, sometimes an empty coldness sweeps through that is so bitingly bitter that to curl in on yourself, holding yourself tightly, offers no warmth. You feel as if you are destitute, alone—even in a room full of people. When you love an artist, they hold all that controls you in the palm of their hands or at the ends of their fingers. You merely wait, holding your breath, hoping today that they focus, if not for just a moment, on you before turning away. No one knew this more than Pairen. She was tired of holding her breath. Sometimes it caused her to forget how to breathe alone. She was tired of hoping. It only caused her to lose faith in herself. But she could never deny that she loved him and would most likely never love someone else so deeply for as long as she lived. She had to leave, force herself to go away and deny the deeply engrained urge to be with him. He had become her addiction. Pairen knew that he had already come to the realization of what she was about to do. It was his sixth sense, to know her better than she knew herself. She could tell in the sadness of his eyes, by the extra love he attempted to lavish on her as well as his increased physical presence. Even his touch was a plea. But, she had to do this. She was dying inside. She was becoming nothing but him. When he left her, not just in body or mind, but in soul—even for a moment, she became nothing. And, she had done this willingly, without thinking, only loving. What else do you have to give a man after you have given your all and he is still not yours? This is what she thought, when she opened her eyes and reached out her arm. His space in their bed was cold and empty. Pairen could hear his fingers gracing the keys, filling the air with the most elegant sounds of music. That was what the world craved, paid and cried for in his presence. Creativity, sadness or stress were the bursa escort only things that would not allow him to sleep. She knew which it was and it pulled at her heart. Naked, she followed the sounds to find him. In the low light of a night with a full moon, he sat at the piano in his own nakedness. He played with his eyes closed, head slightly tilted to the side as if feeling every chord. It reminded Pairen of how he had tortured her the first time they had made love. She had been straddling his lap at that very piano. He had entered her so slowly, at first watching her face closely as he slipped in. Then he had closed his eyes and tilted his head while filling her, as if he wanted to experience every second of his descent toward her very core. Pairen had been caught between the wonderful sensation that she felt and envy for what he must have been feeling. She had never actually watched someone make love to her. She had looked into the faces of her lovers, even watched their bodies fuck her, but not truly watched someone make love to her. She now walked slowly to where he sat, savoring everything that this picture, so beautiful and perfect in the moonlight, and its shadows offered. He opened his eyes and looked at her without moving his head. His lips formed a sad smile, his trade mark, and his eyes, so full of emotion, summoned her. With his encouragement, Pairen placed herself directly in front of him. This was a well-practiced movement of her lithe body. Of course, he removed his hands from the keys as she slid in place, the silence representing a shift in his focus. Her behind hit the keys and he gave her a full smile at the awful shock of sound. He leaned his forehead against her, letting each hand spread out over a full breast, to feel her as only he could. She ran her hands through his over grown curls, which were constantly disheveled and in need of a cut. This is how she soothed him, drew him away. This was a moment of sweetness before he stood, lifting her off the keys, on top of the piano, and then spread her legs wide. He sat down and played a short sultry tune as he looked into the bare display between her legs. He had once told her that she had the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen. “So well proportioned,” he had teased. When the tune was over, he bent forward and ran his hands up her legs. He began to kiss and place small bites up the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. Each bite he soothed with the flat of his tongue. Pairen sighed. When he traced circles around her clit with the tip of his tongue, every muscle in her body relaxed and all she could feel was where his tongue bursa escort bayan touched her. Her already swollen clit ached from his teasing. Pairen moaned when he swirled his tongue around her entrance and then dipped it in as far as it would go. Her pussy grabbed at it hungrily. His two fingers replaced it, going further down her tunnel but still just a tease of what would come. With his drenched fingers working their way in and out of her, he sucked on her clit, kissing the base of it with his lips. Pairen could have sworn that her clit and her inner lips had grown from the way he pulled at them with his mouth. He knew just how to use his in contrast to the feeling of him flicking her little, but firm, dark-pink nub. She was already trembling uncontrollably from his sucking, licking, flicking and finger fucking that when he bent his fingers and hit that spot, she let out a small cry and came all over them. He gave her one last firm lick before rising and feeding her the two digits that had just brought her so much pleasure. She sucked off her own sweetness. His cock was hard as steel and reaching out for her, he managed to pull her forward. This was something they had perfected, the way he managed to hold her as she continued to slowly move forward. She reached one hand between them to guide him and helped support some of her weight with other. His cock began to stretch her open as she slid on top of it. He let out a sound that let her know just how much her body pleased him. Pairen wrapped her arms and legs around him as he took her full weight on and carried her back to the bed. All this they did without disturbing a key. And, his hard cock never left her. When her back hit the mattress, he drove in deeply, pausing for just a minute before he began the movements that drew himself out and back in to her. Pairen could only kiss him, letting her tongue mix with his, and spread her hands across his back, letting them feel the move of muscles as he fucked her. Her legs were splayed as wide as she could get them. This was her heaven, her escape. The sounds that they made together were her music. He made love to her like no one else could. Pairen knew that tonight he wanted her to just relax and enjoy the things that he had to offer. “Yes,” she whispered in his ear, grabbing a hand full of his hair, “just like that…It feels so good.” He withdrew only to latch on to one of her breasts with his mouth and let his hand squeeze the other after first pinching the nipple. Her breasts were always so sensitive to his touch. They seemed to rise up, get firmer in his hands. The nipples swelled and hardened escort bursa at just the thought of him touching them. They felt as if they would burst and feed him. He acted as if they would and he was hungry for it. The way he sucked and pulled at them drove her crazy. He was as skilled in the use of his teeth on them as he was when he played with her pussy. He took his time with one and then the other. Pairen arched her back to feed him more. “You like that don’t you?” he said into the needy flesh. “Yes,” she moaned in response, bringing her hands to her own hair and pulling to ease the almost unbearable exquisiteness of what she was feeling. He rose up on his knees, wrapping his hands under her legs and pulling her into him. This raised her ass up. It rested the lower part of her thighs around his waist and opened her to him more. He licked at his finger before smoothing it over her clit. There had been no need, she was so wet it literally leaked out of her. He pumped his finger inside of her a few times. Then, he put his finger back up to his lips and sucked it in. Closing his eyes and shaking his head, he acted as if it were the most delicious thing he had ever tasted. “I need you inside of me,” she whined. With that he grabbed her by the hips and shoved himself into her. Pairen cried out in pleasure, almost coming then. He pushed and pulled at her as he raised up slightly and pumped his hips. Pairen’s arms were spread wide as her hands clutched desperately at the sheets, the air. “You love this don’t you,” he demanded. “I do,” she yelled out, now being unable to control herself. She came. Her legs shook and her eyes rolled back before she squeezed them shut. “Look at me.” She finally did, breathing as if she had ran a lap. He started to pump himself inside her again. This time making small circles with his hips. He started slow, but quickly sped up. She saw his body tighten and flex. She knew that it was at this point he would pull completely out and let his cum squirt out, reaching her breasts and dripping down her torso. Then he would lick what hit her breast off before suckling at her nipples again. But, this time he did not pull out. Instead, he rammed himself into her and stopped. She felt his cock expand and then cum shoot out inside of her, the thick, hot liquid bathed her on the inside. The sensation made her body shudder in response and she came again by just the feel of it. The look on his face was so full of satisfaction. His skin glistened and he seemed to glow, like a beautiful white angel, hair and eyes wild. After a slight recovery, he lowered her legs and climbed up her body. His lips left a trail of kisses as he moved to finally rest on hers. Their kiss was long and sweet. He laid down beside her and pulled her into him. Pairen rested her head on his chest. “I love you,” she said, letting her fingers play in the fine sprinkling of hairs there.

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