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Whats App Chat Turned To Sex ChatHello friends my name is sanjay (name changed) this is my first sex story so please excuse if there is any language mistake. Let me begin the story with my intro i am 21 year boys 6. 1 foot height ,69 kg weight, athletic body and ma tool is 7. 5¨ tall. Any female or unsatisfied aunty can contact me.Let me begin the story this incident happened when i was in my engineering . after my 12 i got a seat in very reputed college in bangalore. I took up information science as my branch subject.As usual there were many girls because mostly girls take up that course. I was very exited and interested about sex from my high school days but i had no dare to express this to any girl. But as usual we had a group in whats app and some of my friends added me to that group.That group was full of girls and few boys . And i started to try my luck and msg every girl in the group “hi” that night there was no reply but when i saw the phone in the morning there was one msg reply for yesterdays msg . Hi i replied good morning and went to college.In college our class was going one and i noticed one girl was staring at me. But she broke when i looked at her . During the break time i told this with my friend he said that he knew that girl and she texted my number and asked who’s number was that. now it was clear to me.So with little courage i smiled and my friend introduced me to her. Her name was gayathri. She was fair and had good height. Later evening pendik escort i went home and texted her good eve she replied good evening. that evening we introduced about our selves etc. day by day our chat started to become deep.We used to share our personal thing. One day i asked about her boyfriend. she said she don’t have one i asked her what are the quality should her boy friend have she named many but i was interested in one that is romantic i asked her romantic mean she replied romantic means romantic.I replied did u mean sex (with hesitation) she replied you can think in that way also. From that day our chat turned into wild chat she told me that she used to finger and had a desire to have sex . So one day in middle of chat she asked me that can you come to college early tomorrow .I asked why she replied she had to complete assignment and she needed so note book to copy . She said come to college 1. 30 hours early i agreed and next day i woke up early . And i went to college as i went to college gate i found her walking i called her on my bike we both reached the college and she got down and i took my bike to parking area .As our class was in 2 floor she was waiting in steps and we together stated to climb . We reached first flor and had taken few steps in second flor i don’t no what happened to her she came close to me and hugged me. I was surprised but controlled my excitement and said you have to complete assignment she said yes and we both went to escort pendik class .And when we entered class she locked the door from inside and hugged nome again now i was in no mood to control and started kissing her she was also responding well our salivas exchanged and it was for nearly 5 min.This was my first kiss and after kiss she gave me a naughty smile and said that she wanted to do romance with me and also said that she love me i at that time i was only exited about romance and i went near her and grabbed her i took off her and she was wearing bra.She was like sexy angel and i was staring at her bra and she saw me and said do it fast otherwise u cant have me immediately i realised that our class will start within in 1. 30 hours and i have to do the job fast so i grabbed her again and unhooked her braI saw her boobs that was of medium size i started to play with her boobs she unhooked my shirt and pant i too removed her pant .Now she was only in her panties i removed her panty too and i saw her private party it was clean shaven and she was hiding it with her hands i said to her if u wanted to hide why did you called me .Then she removed her hand i bent to my knees an i started licking her pussy. It was my dream to suck pussy and that was fulfilling on that day. After few minutes , I made her to sleep in the bench and removed my shorts and at that time my tool was 7¨. And i tried to insert it into her hole but her pussy was very tight she said that this pendik escort bayan was first time for her.I tried for two times but i could not enter her hole i was desepointed later she said she have lip bam cream in her bag so i grabbed her and took out her cream and applied to ma pennies and later i tried to insert ma pennies my pennies was now entering into her.Free Sex Videos BlogAs my pennies entered she shouted with pain and little blood was also coming but i was in no mood to give up i tried and later my 7¨ thing was inside her hole and she was clam and i too did not move my pennies and after 1 min i started giving her slow stroke and she was saying ahh ahh ahhhh.I increases my speed my laps was hitting her lap and making sound chat chat chat she was mouning fuck me omg omg fuck me hard. I was exited and i was in top speed suddenly i felt some thing warm in ma pennies then she said that that is her love juice.I tasted it and smell it and i was very much crazy and grabbed her but this time she was screeming when i started to insert my dick i was erected and about to come but she was resisting bcz she had pain in her pussy .By seenig my disapointment she grabbed my dick and started giving blow gob and withing two stroke i commed in her mouth she tasted it and said its tasty later she asked me its ok now i said yes and we had another kiss and we dressed up and went to wash room and cleaned our self.Later during class hour i was staring at her and she was staring at me. ana our this sex encounter carried for many time in my room. and her house we are not in relation because she has got a boyfriend and she dont want to cheat him. if u like ma story live comment in ma mail box.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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