What Time Do You Get Off?

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Danny had to go out for a few things one evening. His girlfriend Charmaine asked him to stop at her work to get something. So he went about his business, and arrived at her work at around 8:30 or so, they closed at 9. She worked at a retail store, and Carrie was working at the time.

Carrie was a pretty little 20 year old, about 5’2, 100 pounds soaking wet. She had shoulder length reddish brown hair tied in a tight bun, and green eyes. She had smallish tits, which was to be expected from a girl her size, and a small ass, which Danny didn’t like too much. She had a great set of legs, though, which Danny DID like. She was very friendly, and somewhat flirtatious, even though she had a boyfriend.

He went back to the office with her to get what Charmaine needed. They made smalltalk while Carrie looked around the office for the forms he was looking for. He watched her bend over and look through the drawer of a desk, a little turned on by her skinny ass. She was wearing dark jeans and a very tight, clinging long sleeve shirt with a low neck, showing off what little breasts she had. Now he was really starting to think unsafe thoughts.

He casually sidled closer to her as she went through a filing cabinet, smelling her perfume as he stood by her side. Carrie was oblivious to what she was doing to him. She was a horny girl, but had never really thought of cheating on her boyfriend. He was able to pretty much take care of her needs. She was attracted to Danny, but sex was not really on her mind. She sighed, frustrated that she was having so much trouble finding the forms.

“Oh, I know.” she said, and slid a chair over to the filing cabinet. She stepped up on it. It was kind of rickety and when it rocked Danny was quick to put his hand on her back to steady her.

“Thanks!” she said, smiling. His heart was pounding, and he was fully aware of the heat that her body emenated through the thin material of her shirt. He kept his hand there, noticing some movement in his jeans.

“Here we are!” Carrie said happily, and turned in the chair holding a thick stack of forms. He was forced to take his hand off her back and take the forms from her, putting them on the desk behind him. He turned back, eager to help her down. Carrie placed a small hand on his shoulder and stepped off the unstable chair, falling forward slightly when she landed. He had his arm around her slim waste immediately, steadying her, and holding her close at the same time.

“Are you allright?” he asked, his face a look of concern as he kept it close to hers. She looked in his eyes, blushing.

“Yes” she said, smiling nervously. Now the first semblence of arousal crept into her. Her young pussy tingled slightly, it couldn’t be helped. He looked back at her pretty green eyes and kissed her on the mouth. She was shocked, and her cunt moistened a little.

She did not react positively nor negatively to him, and so Danny kissed her lips again, this time lingering for a brief instant, pulling her upper lip outward a bit. She did not know how to react. She has been going out with her boyfriend since she was 17, and only had a few partners before that. Yet her heart was pounding, her face was flushed, and the sensation in her crotch was uncontrollable!! When he kissed her a third time, she found herself kissing back, opening her mouth. She felt him sneak his tongue into her mouth and she sent her tongue into his, standing straight up before him and wrapping her arms around his neck. Their lips smacked loudly as they made out, tongues exploring each others mouths. He wrapped his arms around her thin waste and his hands slid down to her ass, locking on each ass cheek over her jeans. He caressed Carrie’s ass as he pulled her against him. She was fully conscious of a bulge in Danny’s jeans pressing against her stomach, and her panties got almanbahis even wetter. She was breathing heavily into his mouth, overwelmed by both the surprise situation, and the urge that she felt in her horny pussy. After making out with her for a few moments, he got the courage to move his one hand around to the front of her body. Still kissing her, he rubbed her crotch over her jeans.

“Mmmmmmph” she moaned into his mouth, sexual desire taking over her entire body now. She broke the kiss, breathing noticably heavy.

“We have to stop,” she said, “there’s two guys working out on the floor that could come back and catch us.” He noticed that she didn’t use boyfriend or girlfriend as an excuse, and took that as a good sign.

“Let them go home at 9,” he suggested, ” and let me in the back door when they go!”

Carrie struggled with the decision. “Ohhhhh – we shouldn’t.” she said finally, squirming with arousal where she stood.

“Weren’t you enjoying yourself?” he asked, not wanting to give up.

“Yes!” she breathed, still thinking about it. They stood in silence for a moment as she battled within herself. In the end, horniness won out. “Ok.” she said, cunt tingling violently as the word came out of her mouth.

He broke into a smile and leaned forward to kiss her again. He sent his tongue into her mouth briefly, touching her tongue as he did. He broke the kiss and walked out the door, trying to get his cock less hard so it wouldn’t be on display in his jeans as he walked through the door.

He got into his car and drove around to the back, looking at the clock. 8:50. Ten hellish minutes. He had to fight off pulling out his dick right there and jerk off! He had never had such a huge desire for Carrie before. It was funny how situations and circumstances change things. Now it seemed that there was no one he wanted more!

Carrie was the same way. She could not lose the immense feeling in her crotch. Her voice was shaking at 9 o’clock when she told the guys they could leave 30 minutes early. Neither of the guys noticed her hand shaking when she locked the window door behind them. She found herself running to the back room, and had to force herself to stop, collect herself, and walk.

She opened the door and Danny stepped inside, his arms pulling her small frame close to him and his searching lips finding hers. Their lips smacked repeatedly as they kissed over and over. Her tongue darted eagerly into his mouth as they kissed passionately. He kicked the door closed, and she broke the kiss briefly to turn the lock, than they were right back at it. He backed her up to the desk in the receiving area, and she sat back onto it. His hand slid around to the front of her body over her shirt, stopping at her soft breast. He squeezed it softly, feeling her nipple harden through the thin materials. She sighed into his mouth, her vagina on fire. Their kisses echoed throughout the room as his hand slid down her body between her legs.

“Mmmmph” she moaned into his mouth as she felt him rub between her thighs. Her tongue went far into his mouth as he mercilessly rubbed her slit over her jeans, sending tingles of pleasure up her spine throughout her body. She felt him undo her button and made no move to stop him as he pulled down her zipper. Without breaking the kiss, Danny slipped his hand down into her cotton panties, his fingers trailing over the curls of her pubic hair. He found the hot wetness of her slit, and Carrie moaned when she felt him touch her. He ran a finger down her soaking wet slit, and then slowly back up again.

“Ohhhhh..” she moaned, breaking the kiss briefly before her lips again found his. His finger rubbed her clitoris lightly, and she again moaned into his mouth, her body trembling. He sent his tongue far into the young girl’s mouth as his finger caressed almanbahis adres back down her slit to the entrance of her treasure. Carrie’s breathing was laboured, her chest heaving as she kissed him passionately. He slipped a finger into the tight wetness of her pussy.

“Mmmmmmmph” she sighed into his mouth. He could not believe how tightly her cunt gripped his finger!! She felt his finger slide in and out of her hole, his hand rubbing her clit slightly while he did it. Her tongue swirled far into his mouth as she humped her hips upwards.

After a couple of minutes of this heavy make out session, Danny slipped his hand out of her pants and grabbed her jeans, pulling downwards. Carrie broke the kiss and grabbed her jeans.

“We can’t” she breathed, “we shouldn’t do this. My boyfriend will be here at 9:30.”

“No problem Carrie,” he said, “we don’t need to have sex, I just want to pleasure you. Let me show you what I can do, you won’t regret it.” Carrie looked hesitant, still lying back on the desk, jeans unbuttoned, chest heaving.

“C’mon,” he pushed, “you can even leave your panties on! Let me pleasure you!” she didn’t need much convincing. She desperately needed to be satisfied, and leaving her panties on sealed the deal.

She let go of her pants. He pulled again, this time, she raised her ass off the desk and he slid her pants down her legs, revealing her skimpy white panties. He pulled her jeans down to her feet, where they were stopped by her sandals. She watched him take off each of her sandals and slide her jeans right off of her.

Carrie lay before him, her sexy white legs spread for him. He lifted her foot into air and kissed it. He kissed all over her small, pale foot, kissing each toe, before slowly kissing up her leg. As he kissed over her knee, he could smell her arousal. The scent of her pussy was powerful, even from there! He kissed up her smooth inner thigh. Her breathing grew even deeper as she watched him approach her treasure. He kissed the top of her thigh right beside her panties. He kissed her pussy lips over her panties, clearly feeling them through the moist material. She sighed, her feet on the edge of the desk, subtly writhing her crotch up into his face.

Danny reached up and placed his fingers on the side of her panties and slowly moved them over. Gradually, the hair of her bush came into view, followed by her swollen, pink lips. He almost came at the sight. Her pussy was beautiful! He gently kissed the lips of Carrie’s pussy. She gasped, pleasure firing through her body. His thumb held her panties to one side as each of his hands were under her ass. He slowly licked from the bottom of her slit, all the way to the top, tasting her delicious young juice.

“Ohhhhhhhh…” she sighed, squirming beneath him. He teased her clit briefly before slipping his tongue into her warm hole. He heard her moan again as he sampled her yummy cunt. He wiggled his tongue in between the lips of her needy pussy, before sucking those lips into his mouth. He lapped at the sensitive skin that he held between his lips and she was writhing on the desk in extasy, losing control. Suddenly, he began to lap at her clitoris rapidly. A monster orgasm hurtled towards her and she embraced it.

“OHHHHHHH!” the small girl moaned, cumming hard. She did not expect the orgasm, so quickly it had hit her, and she was rubbing her pussy in his face. He licked her clit until her prolonged orgasm finally eased, and Carrie lay above him, gasping for air.

He stood up, pulling out his very hard cock. Heart pounding, she watched, not protesting, as he stepped up between her legs with a fully hard six inch cock in his hands. He still had her panties held to one side as his hardon approached the swollen lips of her vagina. Carrie couldn’t find the words to stop him almanbahis giriş as she watched the mushroom head of his cock touch the pink lips of her needy pussy. Her chest was heaving, she was breathing heavily as she watched and felt him run the fat mushroom head of his cock up and down her slit slowly. Gathering every ounce of strength, Carrie found her voice.

“We need to stop.” she breathed. Her pussy lips felt so hot on the end of his dick! He did not stop rubbing his organ up and down her lips. He watched her close her eyes and sigh.

“No.” she said, getting up, “My boyfriend will be here in 5 or 10 minutes, we can’t do this.” He backed up as she slid off the desk. She didn’t forget about him, though.

“Sit on the desk.” she ordered. Danny was quick to obey, sitting on the edge of the desk. Carrie’s small fingers wrapped around his shaft and eagerly squeezed and caressed it, stroking it lightly as she bent towards it. Because her hair was back in a tight bun, he had a clear view of her tongue snaking out and licking from the bottom of his shaft up to the top. It twitched in her hand as her tongue left a trail of saliva around his mushroom head. He watched her open her mouth and slip the top of his penis inside. He moaned softly as he watched her lips slide gently down his pole.

She was a pro, having done this to her boyfriend many times. At this point, her boyfriend was in the car outside! Her mouth was so warm around his cock as she took his entire 6 inch length. She began to bob her head up and down on his lap quickly, expertly. Her mouth was slurping loudly on his dick as she gave him amazing head. ‘slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp’ went her mouth, her lips gliding up and down his organ with a purpose.

Carrie was so horny, she knew she was going to fuck her boyfriend when she got home! For now, though, she had a job to do. She was going to get Danny off, for he had done the same to her. She was doing a damn good job of it, too. From behind, one could see Carrie bent over his lap, head bobbing up and down. Her ass barely covered by the triangle of her skimpy white panties. ‘slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp’ echoed through the receiving area. He could not hold on any longer.

“I’m gonna cum!” he grunted. Carrie pulled his dick out of her mouth, wanting to reward him, to give him an orgasm he would not soon forget. She knew what her boyfriend liked, and thought Danny would like the same thing. She opened her mouth, holding his cock an inch away from her face and just above it, her small hand stroking him rapidly. He realized that she wanted it on her face, and that made him explode.

Heart pounding, body flushed, his cock spasmed in her hand. A huge stream of cum shot forth, most of it landing in her mouth, some hitting her chin. He could see it on her tongue as she kept her mouth wide open, though he couldn’t appreciate it at the time, his orgasm was so intense. More sperm shot out, this time on her chin, catching her left eye. She reflexively closed that eye as he continued to cum. She squeezed more cum out of his cock as his orgasm subsided, and he was able to take in the complete picture. Carrie’s tongue snaked out and lapped the drop of cum that had formed on the top of his dick. She let go of his cock, and wiped the cum off her eye, licking it off her hand.

She smiled at him, cum glistening off her cheek and chin. She grabbed a paper towel nearby and wiped off her face. She went to him. Danny was gasping for breath, recovering. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him softly, lips smacking. His arms went around her and his hands slipped into Carrie’s panties, squeezing her bare ass as she slipped a tongue into his mouth. She broke the kiss, saying they had to hurry. He watched her pull her jeans up her slender legs as he got off the desk. She let him out the back, locking up behind him.

He got into his car, exhaling loudly, smiling. After a reflective 2 minutes, he drove away. As he passed the front, he noticed Carrie getting into her boyfriend’s car, remnants of Danny’s cum still on her face.

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