What the step daughter saw..

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What the step daughter saw..I was involved in a bad car crash a few months ago,which left me needing full time care for a while. Whenever my gf had to leave,one of the girls would stay to help me.This was ok because my partner has two daughters,both stunning, one is 18 the other 21.Everything was going great,3 gorgeous women at my beck and call,when my gf had to go and look after her mum for the weekend.This wasn’t a problem except for two things…..the gf had never been away overnight…..and she was the one who always helped me shower every day!I have to take a lot of meds to cope with the pain and one of the side effects is a dose of rampant horn,forget Viagra,this stuff was awesome.I never even thought about any of the girls seeing me like this though,so when the eldest daughter Louise stripped the duvet off me on sat. morning,she must have stared at my cock for a good minute or two.Now,I suppose my cock is about 6.5 erect and quite thick normally,but the meds had given me a cock at least 2 inches bigger and twice as thick.Finally she said “right daddy bahis şirketleri two,time to get you showered” as she helped me out of bed.It must have been some sight,me being helped along the hall to the bathroom with about 8 inches of dick waving about in front of me,with Louise pretending not to notice.I was still groggy from my night time meds,which must have affected my sight,as every now and then I got a flash like sensation in front of me.After a bit of careful manipulation,Louise lowered me onto a small stool placed inside the shower to help me and switched the shower on.She must have washed everywhere twice before she decided to grasp the obvious,washing it slowly and methodically,getting the soapy bubbles into every area and making me gasp.It must be my blood pressure playing up as I had a few more flashes in front of my eyes.The water was making me less groggy and as I became more aware I realised that here I was in the shower with Louise washing my dick.I felt the build up and before I even knew what was happening,my cum exploded from the mobilbahis tip of my cock,splashing over Louise all over her hair,face and top.My blood pressure went nuts,as all I could see was a series of flashes in front of me.Louise let out a scream,followed by a nervous laugh as my cock spewed cum all over her.”I wasn’t expecting a shower as well”,she laughed.Now as all blokes know,the morning wood we get is caused by pressure on the bladder and after I had cum,the need to pee was overwhelming.I had to ask Louise to help me to the toilet (no,I don’t pee in the shower…..not if there is anybody else there lol) and I tried to pee but was still a bit unsteady on my feet.Louise said”If you can hold yourself up,I’ll do the aiming for you”.More flashes in front of my eyes again,I will have to speak to the Dr. about that.Sometimes you see silly stories about what girls would do if they had a penis for the day and sure enough,Louise started to move my dick a bit,moving the stream of pee around the bowl,laughing at the different sounds that my mobilbahis giriş pee made in different parts of the bowl and was amazed that I was still peeing after two minutes.Gradually the stream diminished and she asked me what to do next.”you have to give it a couple of shakes”I replied,”to make sure the last few drops are out”…..damn my blood pressure,there were more flashes.I have to say she was a bit gentle with the shakes,hardly dislodging any pee.”Give it a good shake,you won’t break it”I said.If I had thought about it,this was the wrong advice to give,as when she did it again with renewed vigour,not only did she remove the last vestige of pee,my cock decided that wanted to play again,going from vertical to horizontal in the blink of an eye.”Sorry love”I said,embarrassed,even though she had already seen me shoot my load.More flashes,and I felt very light headed.”could you take me back to bed sweetheart,I don’t feel to good”.I honestly don’t know how long it took to dry me and steer me back to bed,my blood pressure really going nuts.”More pills and some rest” nurse Louise proclaim,getting me comfortable,”I’ll look in on you now and again,just to see if you need anything”.”thanks” I mumbled taking my pills.There is more to come,I’m tired now,more d**gs and sleep is called for,I’ll write more later.

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