What happens on the island – part 5

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What happens on the island – part 5After a couple days of more or less non-stop fucking, sucking, fingering, masturbating, and generally any sexual thing our perverted minds could imagine, Julie, Adam and myself settled into a comfortable routine, relaxing, camping, swimming, etc., always completely nude. Being horny teens, we still had plenty of sex (mostly either Adam or myself fucking Julie), but it wasn’t the main focus of our attention the way it was earlier. In fact, we got so comfortable that we pretty much forgot we were nude. We were just friends on a camping trip, basically. We were so far into the wilderness that we didn’t see anyone else for the whole first week we were there.About a week into our trip, the three of us were swimming in the lake when a canoe rounded the point and was almost on top of us before we knew it. We remembered our nudity, but also realized there was no way to avoid being seen. Our clothes were packed in the tent, and we’d have to get out of the water to get to them. To be honest, the thought of being exposed to strangers was quite a thrill, and Adam and I both got hard pretty quickly. As the canoe approached, we saw that it was a couple, probably in their late 40s or early 50s. The wife was in front, and she looked pretty good for her age. She had long red hair, nice breasts and a slender yet curvy figure from what we could see. Her husband was in decent shape, starting to bald a little, and with salt & pepper hair.”What the hell?” we heard her ask as they saw us skinny dipping. “”Are you three naked under there?”Julie stood up out of the shallow water, her large breasts and dark nipples glistening with dripping water, her pussy just below the surface, bush exposed. “Ye ma’am, we are! We’ve been naked all week. Want to join us?” The husband coughed, and we could see him staring at Julie’s fat young body. His wife shot him a glance.”What about you two, boys?” She addressed us. “Are you too shy to stand up too? My husband got a nice view, what about me?” I looked at Adam and shrugged, and stood up. Taller canlı bahis than Julie, our erect penises were a couple inches above the water, pointing directly at the couple in the canoe. “So, what exactly have you three been up to all week?” She asked, staring at our naked bodies and smiling wickedly, obviously guessing at least part of the answer.Julie explained our arrangement, how we had decided to let it all hang out, and to try absolutely anything at least once, no holds barred. Somewhat incredulous, the woman asked her if she really meant anything. “Oh, yes ma’am! You name it, we’ve tried it this week! At least, everything we could do on our own out here…” As she spoke, she walked closer to the canoe, massaging her breasts in front of them. “We’d love to have some company for the evening. It’s getting close to sunset, and we’ve got plenty of food, and plenty of space. Why don’t you join us?”The man spoke up. “She’s right, dear, it is getting late, and we’ll need to camp somewhere. It would be nice to have some company for the evening, don’t you think?”The woman turned and glared at him. “Oh, shut up, Jim! You just hope you’ll get a chance to fuck her, and we all know it. Still..,” she turned and looked at Adam and me again, “it would be nice to have some company, and you’re not the only person here who could use a little tender young variety. Tell you what, Jim. We’ll stop and spend the night here, but anything you get to do, I get to do. Fair enough?”Jim looked longingly at Julie’s naked body, and then at Adam and me. We could tell he was making an internal calculation, weighing the benefits of fucking Julie over the cost of letting us fuck his wife. It didn’t take long for him to decide. “Sounds fair to me, Mandy. Are you proposing that we follow their rules about nudity and absolutely no limits, too?” In response, Mandy (or Amanda, as we called her) took her shirt off, and then pulled her bikini top off.Squeezing her perfect, perky breasts and pinching her nipples, she smiled at us as we stared. “Like them, boys? They cost bets10 Jim here a shit-load of money, but they get me plenty of attention! Go ahead, feel them if you like.” Clearly, she meant to get as much out of this as possible, since she guessed her husband was going to be doing the same.They landed their canoe and came ashore. After they stripped, we helped them unload and set up camp. In contrast to Julie’s Rubenesque form, Amanda was slim, with a runner’s figure, muscular thighs, a perfect tight ass, and of course amazing tits. Where Julie’s pussy was covered in a layer of dark fuzz, hiding a thick mound and a juicy little slit, Amanda had a neatly trimmed fiery red landing strip and long, meaty, dark brown labia that hung nearly an inch from her pussy. Jim was in good shape for his age, but not especially well hung. That didn’t stop Julie from fondling him every time she got close, though. Before long, Amanda had taken her hint and was doing the same to Adam and me every time she got close to us.After dinner, we were sitting around the camp fire drinking some of the wine that they had brought with them and talking. Jim asked us, “Do you really do anything anyone suggests?” We said that we did, as long as it didn’t involve hurting each other. “So, if I suggested that Julie go down on Mandy…” Julie got up and knelt in front of Amanda’s legs, looking up at her and smiling.”I’ve never tasted another girl’s pussy, but I’d like to. May I, Amanda?”Amanda looked at her and winked. “Sure, on one condition. Jim’s always wanted to see me with another woman, and I’m willing, but I want something in return. Jim, I want to see you with one of these gorgeous young men. I’ll do anything you want with Julie here, but whatever I do, you have to do with one of them. Deal?”None of us guys were especially interested in each other, but all of us wanted desperately to see Julie and Amanda going at it. For Adam and I, there really wasn’t anything to do that we hadn’t already done, both giving and receiving, so we were both game. Jim hesitated, bets10 giriş but in the end his lust to see his wife eating a girl’s pussy won out. As Julie parted Amanda’s legs and began kissing her thigh, I sat in front of Jim, took his balls in my hand, and slowly began licking and kissing the tip of his cock.Amanda moaned in ecstasy. “God, I’d forgotten how good it felt to have a woman eating me! And Jim,” she looked over at us, his cock filling my mouth, balls in my hand, my fingertip teasing his ass, “I’ll bet you never knew that I wanted to see you fucking another man!” I felt his cock jump when she said that, and it wasn’t long before he released a small spurt of cum into my mouth. I swallowed dutifully and then, feeling brave, went over and kissed Amanda full on the mouth. Her tongue searched my mouth hungrily for every hint of her husband’s cum, as her own orgasm exploded from her, drenching Julie’s face.When she had come back to earth, she sighed. “Oh my God, that was fucking amazing! Let me return the favor now, dear!” Without waiting for an answer or permission, she traded places with Julie and began hungrily going down on her. Without having to be told or asked, Jim took his place and began sucking Adam, making sure that Amanda could see him. It was obvious that seeing his wife and Julie together was turning him on more than he knew would be possible.Amanda was bent over above Julie, with her ass up int he air and her dark curly cunt lips dripping. I knelt behind her, pressed the head of my cock into her pussy, and thrust it home in one long, slow thrust. She eagerly pushed back, fucking me lustfully as she ate Julie’s fat, hairy pussy. Surprisingly, she was even tighter than Julie, and she was obviously an expert fuck. When she eventually had Julie cumming on her face, she had me cumming deep inside her as well.True to their word, Jim and Amanda stayed nude and were willing to try anything. They both got to explore pretty much every fantasy they’d ever had. The next day, they packed up and left, both happy and satisfied. The three of us went back to our nudist routine, still fucking like rabbits whenever we felt like it. We didn’t see anyone else for the rest of the trip, which was probably for the best, as I doubt we’d get that lucky again.

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