What Christy Wants, Christy Gets Ch. 04

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It was Monday, Day 4 of the affair with my beautiful, tight, eighteen-year-old stepdaughter, Christy. Friday and Saturday, we were able to freely give in to all our passions, because her mother, Sarah, was out of town. But Sarah came back Sunday night. I expected that I would give Sarah a full dose of my love that night, to welcome her back home, but she fell asleep early, and I was able to secretly enjoy my stepdaughter once more. But this couldn’t go on forever. I knew that. Still, it was Monday. I was at the office. Neither Sarah nor her delicious daughter Christy were anywhere in sight. I could focus on work, and think about our complicated situation later.

It was nearing the end of the day. I was in my office, reading a report from the field on my computer screen. Someone had screwed something up. It was one of the usual work-related crises that seem so important at the time, but later appear to be quite trivial.

I was occupied by my thoughts of how to handle this latest issue at work, when, from outside my office, I heard my secretary, Priscilla, say, “Christy! What a nice to surprise to see you again. I’ll tell your dad you’re here.”

Shit, I thought. There was no escape. Even at the office, the drama of my personal life would find me.

My distress at my work sanctuary being invaded by Christy immediately vanished when I saw her walk into the room after Priscilla. Immediately I remembered why I gave into her seduction in the first place. That soft, smooth skin. Those bright eyes. Those full red lips. Her long, silken hair. Her tiny tight frame. Her cute round ass. Her firm legs. Her youthful, flowery scent. It came back in a flash, and, thank goodness I was sitting behind a desk, or Priscilla would have immediately seen the erection growing in my pants. I was trained like a dog at this point. The sight of my stepdaughter got me hard, and there was nothing I could do about it.

She bounded into the room, carefree, energetic, full of spirit and life. “Hold his calls, Priscilla,” Christy said jovially as she walked in.

Priscilla gave me an inquiring look.

“Very funny, Christy,” I said. “Priscilla, calls can come through of course.”

“Thanks for walking me in Prissy,” Christy said, using the familiar nickname that she gave her at the company picnic two years ago.

“You’re welcome Christy,” Priscilla answered, as she started to close the door.

“You can leave the door open,” I told her. For goodness sake, I thought, I certainly didn’t want rumors starting at the office because I was behind a closed door with my stepdaughter. Granted, I was probably being paranoid. No one would think twice about my door being closed when I had any visitor, my stepdaughter or anyone else. As a matter of fact, it might be more weird to keep it open, which would disturb the other people around. I realized that too late, though. I already told Priscilla she could leave it open.

Fortunately, my stepdaughter, as usual, was a step ahead of me.

“But dad, I want to talk about something private.”

Well, what kind of monster would I be to insist on an open door when my precious angel wanted to discuss something private? I told Priscilla she could close the door.

The door closed, and Christy turned towards me. Gone was the bright and cheerful look she brought to the office when she was talking to “Prissy.” Now her eyes were cast down, and she pouted, as she slowly walked her way to my desk. Her hands were folded in front of her, her shoulders slumped forward, and her head was down. Her long hair was covering one side of her face, like she wanted to hide herself from the world. She looked sad and defeated.

Now, I’m not naïve about women, and I’m especially not naïve about Christy. In my experience, about 95 percent of all female sadness and tears are used to manipulate men. I’m long past the time in my life when I would do anything to make a woman stop crying. As much as I loved her, I suspected she was up to no good. I hardened my heart, wondering what fresh scheme Christy had cooked up.

She walked up to the desk, shuffling her feet the whole way, and, instead of taking a chair opposite me as a normal visitor would, she walked around to my side, and sat down on the desk, right next to me, her feet dangling in mid-air. Her long, lean legs were crossed tight together – the crossed leg just grazing my arm.

Oh god she was beautiful. She was still in high school, and it was a Monday, so she was wearing her traditional school uniform. Short, blue pleated skirt that was cut just above the knee. White, button down blouse with the school insignia on the chest. Part of the uniform was a blue blazer, but she wasn’t wearing that now. On top was just a short-sleeved thin white blouse, exposing her soft arms.

She looked at me with sad eyes, clearly wanting me to ask what was wrong. I played along.

“What’s wrong honey?” I asked, as sympathetically as I could.

She quickly whipped her head in my direction, the hair covering the side of her face whipping around behind tempobet giriş her to the other side and landing over her opposite shoulder, just like this was a shampoo commercial. Of course I noticed her lush hair and its youthful lustre. God she was good. She even practiced how to turn her head for maximum effect.

“I feel like you don’t love me,” she answered.

“Of course I love you sweetie.”

“You didn’t come into my room last night and give me cuddles like you promised.”

“Your mom was sleeping. How could I? She could have woken up. We could have fallen asleep and then got found in the morning.”

“So? Then we would just have to tell her.”

“That would be a horrible way for her to find out. And we’re not ready to tell her yet.”

“When are we going to be ready?”

“Not yet. I mean, look, we’ve only been doing this for four days.” She gave me a sour look when I pointed this out. My answers were not satisfying her. Young people are so impatient.

Throughout the conversation, she kept kicking her cute little feet up and down. She was wearing open-toed shoes, with freshly painted gold nails. And, she continued to run her fingers through her hair, no matter what either of us was saying. Every tiny move of hers was designed to capture my full attention. And it worked.

She stopped playing with her hair and kicking her feet. She looked at me very seriously.

“Daddy,” she asked. “Do you think we should break up?”

That was an unexpected question. I figured Christy was going to keep pushing me until we ended up eloping and running away to Brazil together. Now she was giving me a way out. Maybe she was thinking what I was thinking. That this betrayal of her mother was wrong, that we had our fun, but before things went too far we should call it quits. I was impressed by how mature Christy was about this.

“Well, sweetheart,” I said, trying to think how best to let her down easy. “You’re a very pretty girl. Very pretty.” She nodded her head, eyes still downcast, as she sniffed her first sniffle. She smiled weakly as I continued.

“But, what we did . . . it can’t last,” I said, as I placed a comforting hand on her thigh – oh god, what a firm, supple thigh Christy had. Was I crazy to end this so soon? No, I wasn’t crazy. Our relationship was crazy. Why was I even calling it a relationship? It was a fling. A crazy fling.

I squeezed her tender thigh one last time, as I gave Christy the eye contact that this sort of speech deserved. The least I could do was look into her eyes like a man to a woman.

“I think we should break up.”

“I knew it!” she screamed, jumping from the desk, swatting away my hand. “I knew you didn’t love me!”

“Christy,” I said, rotating my chair to face her directly. “Calm down. Your voice.”

“Fine,” she said, in a cold whisper, her face right in front of mine. I could smell her breath as she whispered at me. Such sweet, fresh, healthy breath. “I’ll keep my voice down so I don’t upset your precious little world. If you loved me, you wouldn’t agree to break up with me so easy. You would have fought for me. You would have said that you never wanted to break up, not for anything.”

“Sweetheart,” I pleaded. “You have to understand. I do love you. But we have to do what’s right.”

“What’s right?” she asked. “How about what feels right?”

“I just can’t,” I said.

“Fine,” she said. “You can’t. But before I go, let me say one last thing.”

“What?” I asked.

“This,” she said. She turned around, her backside to me, and she sat down on my lap. By instinct, I put my arm around her, and she put hers around me. She purred, and my heart melted at the feel of my arms around her again. My body knew what my mind and self-control did not – that having her body against mine felt too good to let go.

Her soft ass was right on my lap, pressed against my erection. Her perky breasts, barely covered by her thin white shirt, were right next to my lips. Her skirt hiked up as she sat down on me, giving me a glimpse of the top of her inner thigh. My nose was at the side of her neck, breathing in her scent. My hand was on the side of her thin waist, and I squeezed the yielding flesh through her shirt. Was I really going to put an end to this? Of course not. What was I thinking?

“Forgive me, baby. I got confused.”

Her sad face instantly transformed into the bright and chipper expression she entered the office with. “I forgive you daddy,” she said. “I knew you just needed to touch me again.” She kissed me on the mouth, and chill ran over my skin.

“You do love me right?” she asked.

“Always,” I answered.

“Do you want to break up with me?” she asked.

“Never,” I answered.

“Good daddy,” she said.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Christy jumped off me, and, in a split second, was seated opposite me. She had the reflexes of a cat.

Priscilla opened the door.

“Sir,” she said. “It’s five o’clock. Time for me to go home. Have a good night.”

“You too, Priscilla,” tempobet yeni giriş I said.

“It was nice to see you Christy,” Priscilla said.

My stepdaughter turned towards the door, and flashed a smile. “It was nice to see you too Prissy,” Christy replied.

Priscilla closed the door behind her. After a minute I walked over to lock it, not that I expected anyone else. The office became a ghost town after five o’clock. But it was better to be safe and keep the door locked. Now Christy and I could be alone.

“Where were we?” I asked Christy. I walked back to my desk, taking Christy by the hand as I was passing her, and placed her on my lap once again as I sat down in my chair. I wrapped one arm around the small of her back, grabbing her hip on the other side, and with the other hand, I stroked the outside of her thigh. I did not get enough time with her thigh earlier, and I was going to fix that now.

She threw both arms around me and embraced me close. I moved my hand from the outside of her thigh towards the inside, as I drew my hand up, up, underneath her skirt, and pushed my fingers against the panties that were covering her tight, sensational pussy. I nibbled on her neck, as she smiled, and purred. I saw that once again she was wearing those diamond stud earrings I bought her for her eighteenth birthday three months ago, the same earrings she wore the night she seduced me. Either she really liked those earrings, or she needed another pair. I was going to have to buy her more jewelry, I thought to myself, and clothing, and a car, a boat, a house, an island, the world and everything in it. She deserved it.

I rubbed her body all over with excited hands, squeezing every inch of her. Just the thought that she might have left my life redoubled my passion for her. She kept her arms around me, letting me reclaim my nearly lost possession, enjoying my touch. Though she sat passively, I could see that I was getting her excited. I could feel her skin heating up, hear her breathing quicken, and smell her scent getting stronger.

After five minutes of feeling my hands run over her tight body, getting more and more excited, she looked straight at me.

“You know how I know you’re never gonna leave me?” Christy asked.

“How do you know?” I asked in return.

“Because you love it when I suck your cock,” she said, as she got up off my lap. She looked at me with the devilish grin on her face that always preceded my pleasure. I couldn’t repress a wide smile of my own. She knew me well. There was no way I was ever going to give up a girl who sucked my dick so wonderfully whenever she had half a chance.

She got down on her knees in front of me, as I unzipped my pants, and brought my cock through the space I created. I was going to keep all the rest of my clothes on. I wasn’t going to drop my pants, as comfortable as that would have been, because I wanted to be able to easily get re-dressed, should I need to.

Christy placed her hands on my thighs as she smiled down at my cock. “You have such a beautiful cock daddy,” she said. Her eyes lit up as she looked at it. She opened her mouth wide, and she went down and swallowed it as far as it would go.

How many times had she gone down on me, in just four days? I couldn’t remember. But I did know that I hadn’t gone down on her yet. That was a shame, because I was very good at it. She just loved sucking me so much, and by the time I got aroused, I just wanted to fuck her hard. So I never got around to giving her the tongue-bath I wanted to give. One of these days I was going to lick her pussy and show her just how good I could do it. One of these days, but not that day.

Christy sucked harder, and took me into her mouth deeper than she ever did before. It felt amazing. I brushed her hair tenderly, suspecting that this special treatment must be because she wanted to make sure I would keep her.

“That’s a good girl,” I said, stroking her hair. She hummed happily in response.

I got harder and harder the more she sucked. Soon my cock was sticking straight up, fully engorged, ready to be inside my sweet Christy.

Christy took her hands off my thighs and slowly lowered them down to the floor, with her hot, wet tongue licking the bottom of my cock. She lifted her ass up and moaned. Seeing her in the doggystyle position at my feet, admiring that round rump that was covered so scantily by her short blue schoolgirl skirt, I got even harder. My only desire was to pound her from behind.

She smiled up at me as she wiggled her ass side to side, still licking the base of my cock.

“Do you want to fuck me daddy?” she asked.

“God yes,” I answered.

She stood up, and lifted her skirt to reveal tiny pink panties.

“Cute panties,” I said.

“Thanks,” she smiled, as she pulled them down in front of me, dropping her panties at my feet. She lifted up the front of her skirt to show me her adorable little pussy. After she saw that I had a good, long look at her tender hole, she turned around, and tempobet güvenilirmi hiked her skirt up to expose her perfectly formed round ass. She turned towards the desk, placed both hands firmly on top, spread her legs apart, and stuck her ass out to present her soft pussy to me.

“Come and get it daddy,” she said.

Immediately I sprung out of my chair. My full hard erection sticking out and leading the way, I approached my Christy from the back. I grabbed her soft ass cheek hard with one hand, and with the other I guided my cock to her pussy.

“You’re so wet,” I said, as I brushed my tip against her soft, moist pussy lips.

“I’m always wet for you,” she replied.

I rubbed my cock back and forth against the entrance to her pussy, until the lips opened themselves up to me. I glided my cock into her, bit by bit, until I was all the way inside. It was ecstasy.

“So tight,” I grunted.

“Tighter than mommy?” Christy asked.

“So much tighter.”

I grabbed her hips, and pulled her against me as I thrust in, and away from me as I pulled out. Over and over, her hips and mine moving in perfect sync. I was tingling all over my body. Christy bit down on her lip.

“Oh daddy. Did you get bigger? It hurts a little.”

I smiled wide when she said those words. It was always a tight fit with Christy, and today it felt even tighter.

“Your tight pussy,” I grunted, between breaths. “It makes me grow.”

I pulled her hips back and forth with greater force as I continued to pump my cock deep into her sweet pussy. Her hands lost their place on the desk as I pulled her harder and harder against me, her soft ass cheeks pushing against the front of my pelvis with each thrust. Her hands found their place again, and she knit her brow in a sweet mix of pain and pleasure that she’d never known before.

I reached underneath her blouse, undid the front clasp of her bra, and rubbed her soft, small, delicate titties.

“Oh daddy,” she moaned. My hands were cupped around her soft breasts, squeezing tight, while I was gliding my cock in and out of her little pussy.

“Aaahhh. Aaahhh,” she moaned. She started panting. Her mouth was wide open, a great big smile on her face, and her eyes were closed as she was transporting herself to her happy paradise, her vagina filled with my cock, her breasts rubbed and squeezed by my strong hands.

As my own pleasure heightened, I moved my hands back to her hips, and pulled her against me with each long thrust, as before. She looked back at me, her brow wrinkled in pain and pleasure. “Ow. Ow. Daddy,” she cried. My poor sweet Christy. She was unusually sensitive today. I was enjoying this so much, but I didn’t want to make my girl suffer.

“Are you okay baby?” I asked.

“Never stop!” she cried. She placed her hands on the far end of the desk and bent down further, sticking her ass back into me harder, increasing the pressure on her and on me. I continued, and Christy kept crying “ow ow ow,” loving every second of it.

“Oh daddy daddy daddy,” she moaned. “I’m coming daddy!” I pumped harder, the pressure inside me building.

“I’m coming. Oh I’m coming. Come in me daddy!” The pressure was getting to the bursting point. I couldn’t hold it back much longer.

“Come in my little pussy. Please daddy, come in my little pussy,” she begged. I couldn’t fight it any longer. With a loud grunt, I pushed my cock deep into Christy and shot all the sperm I had inside me. Her body shook all over, as she bit her lip and closed her eyes, savoring her blissful release and my sweet ejaculate flowing inside her.

I collapsed on top of her back, bringing my arms around her front to pull her up into me in a strong embrace. She inhaled deeply.

“Mmmm, daddy. Your smell is all around me. I love how you smell when you get all worked up.” She inhaled again. “I could smell you all day.”

She turned her head back to me. Her hair had fallen over her eyes. I brushed it to the side, around her ear, to see her whole pretty face. She smiled up at me. I placed my lips over hers and gently kissed her.

“I love you,” I said.

“I love you too daddy.”

– – – – –

We put our clothes back on, and she was sitting on my lap again. I was stroking her hair, and her arms were around me.

“Finally, I get the cuddles,” she said.

“Yes baby, you get the cuddles.”

After ten minutes of “the cuddles,” I asked her how we were going to explain to Sarah why we were both late getting home. I guessed that Christy had already figured out an alibi. I knew her that well by now.

Christy began, the same devious sparkle in her eye that I’ve come to love, “I told mommy that I was out with Julia. Julia told her mom that she’s out with me, even though really she’s with her boyfriend. So I’m good. And your excuse is easy. You can just tell mommy that you were working late.”

That made sense to me, and I kissed her cheek.

“Daddy?” she asked, as she squeezed me tight.

“What is it pumpkin?”

“Well, you know I’m going to graduate soon. And I’m gonna need a job. Do you think I could work here?”

I hesitated, thinking over the consequences of working in the same office with my hot stepdaughter. We could have our tryst once, but if we kept this going, we were sure to get caught.

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