What a Difference a Summer Makes- Part 1

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What a difference a Summer Makes- Part 1

I would have thought walking the halls on the final day of sophomore year with my two best friends in the world would have been fantastic, but it was the TOTAL opposite of that.

I recently found out that I would be spending the whole summer with my estranged grandmother. My mother and grandmother have not communicated with one another for about 20-years, in other words my whole life. Why, you may ask. Because my grandmother did not approve of the man my mother chose to be with, my father who is African American.

Yes, my mother is Caucasian was brought up in North Dakota where, I guess, not too many black people live. She experienced a culture shock when she went to college in California, UCLA to be exact, where she got exposed to a multitude of things regarding religion, race and politics.

My mother also got exposed to something else, my dad. The way she tells it, they met at a frat party where he pledged Alpha Phi Alpha and the rest was history. She kept their relationship secret for a long time until her senior year when they got pregnant with me. My father wanted to marry right away when he found out she was pregnant, but my mother wanted to tell my grandmother first. So, they both went to North Dakota to break the news to her. It didn’t go as planned. My grandmother was livid!

My grandmother is not racist, at least I don’t think she is, but she was brought up believing races should not mix. She also thought they were not responsible enough to manage a child, especially a mixed one. She felt they would face too many obstacles and with that she didn’t give them her blessing and my mother felt extremely hurt and betrayed by her. When my mom walked out of my grandmother’s house that day it was the last time they spoke or saw one another.

It’s a funny thing on what you believe in until life kicks you in the ass and opens your eyes to new ideas.

You see, my grandmother won the Mega Millions jackpot of $88-million dollars last year and immediately moved to her favorite place in the world, the South of France. She lived there for about 3-months where she met and fell in love with a Frenchman who, you guessed it, turned out to be black.

So, it was a surprise when she and her boyfriend, Josef, turned up on our doorstep last Christmas. It was the best Christmas of my life as I got showered with gifts from a X-Box 1, 60-inch 4K UHD TV and an assortment of other goodies. I guess grandma was feeling guilty about all the years she missed out with us and wanted to make up for it which I had ABSOLUTELY no problems with. Best of all, mom and grandma rekindled their once close relationship.

Grandma even wanted to give us a $5-millions of her winnings but mom and dad refused saying that was way too much to give which she just scoffed at but conceded after much debate. They settled on putting a small trust in my name where I can get access to it when I turn 27-years old. Grandma also offered to pay for any college I decided to go. My parents and I jumped at that offer.

As Christmas break was ending, mom, dad and grandma planned for us all to take a 2-week summer vacation in France. I didn’t mind; thinking spending a couple of weeks at a villa in France would be exciting. Little did I know things were about to change just a couple weeks before school ended.


“What do you mean the entire summer mom? Don’t I get a say in the matter?” I argued.

“No Squirt, she is your grandmother and wants to spend time with you. It won’t kill you to spend a few months with her” she replied.

“But what about Joe and Kimmie? We made big plans for this summer. Plus, everyone is going to miss my birthday” I countered.

“Do you know how many people would kill to go the South of France for 3 months? I’m sure Joe and Kimmie would be happy for you and as for your birthday we will make it up to you when you get back. I promise”

“Dad, please help me. You know this is not right at all” I pleaded.

Dad sitting on the couch watching a basketball game turned to me and concluded, “Squirt, it’s done. Nothing we can do about it now.”

Putting my hands up in disgust I turn heading back to my room saying, “This is not fair. You guys are not even coming with me. I’ll be all alone”.

“Sorry buddy, but I have some projects that have a deadline and your mom just recently opened the studio so we’re unable to go. You understand, right?” dad reasoned.

“We love you Squirt. It will be fine. You’ll see” mom remarked.

Closing my door, I jumped into bed screaming into my pillow feeling disgusted about this whole ordeal. How am I going to tell Joe and Kimmie that our vacation plans are ruined? We’ve planned it out since February. I sat up on the edge of my bed looking at myself in the mirror and chuckled, “Another fine mess you got yourself into Squirt”.

My name is Chad Lincoln, but everyone calls me by my nickname Squirt. I got this name because my mother loved the movie Finding Nemo and was enamored by the little turtle with the big eyes. She says that is how I looked when I was a baby, so the name stuck with me. I am 16-years old, and as you know will turn 17 over the summer, standing at 5’5” with a pudgy frame, bad case of acne, braces, and a curly mop for hair. You can say that puberty really has fucked with me. I am a carefree spirit and never was hung up on my appearance.

Being too chicken-shit to tell Joe and Kimmie for two weeks, I finally told them on the last day of school.

“Dude, you got to be kidding me! The ENTIRE summer!” Joe shouted.

“Geez, just a little louder I don’t think whole school heard you” Kimmie said sarcastically.

Looking at Joe I could see the hurt in his eyes. As I said before, we had big plans this summer of going to every beach on the west coast of Florida, working out and generally just chilling the days away like every average 16-year-old does on summer vacation.

With him walking alongside me looking distraught I apologized, “Sorry bro, but it is not my fault. My mom is making me do this. I have no choice in the matter”. Kimmie put a hand on my shoulder and with a sympathetic look said, “We understand Squirt.” She gave Joe a light punch in the shoulder and stared at him, “Don’t we, Joe?”

Joe just rolled his eyes up in the air which made Kimmie punch him harder.

“Ouch! Ok, Ok. I understand but I still can be mad, right?” Joe continued, “This was supposed to be our summer Squirt. We were all going to go beach hopping. I had so many parties for us lined up. Especially for your birthday!”

I felt horrible because I know how much he put into planning the perfect summer for all of us.

“I guess I’ll be stuck with this one” Joe sighed as he pointed to Kimmie. “Oh really, Joe? Bring your ass over here” she replied as she chased after him which made him run behind me laughing.

She was hitting him in the arm as Principal Jeter walked out of his office.

“Ahem, Ms. Andrews. Please refrain from physical altercation because it would be a shame to give you detention on the last day of school.”

“Uh, yes sir Principal Jeter. I was just showing Joe here a new wrestling attack for next year” Kimmie quipped.

Joe stood straight up and added, “Yeah, she was just giving me some pointers, sir”

Principal Jeter really didn’t care. He wanted to get the hell out of school just as much as the students did. He just waved us off and told us to have a good summer. With the three of us heading out of school laughing and teasing one another I really was going to miss my best friends this summer.

Kimmie suggested we do something special as it was going to be our last day together until next year. There was a bonfire party at the beach that we decided to go to. We jumped in Joe’s Dodge Charger and off we went.

As we reached the beach, I watched my two best friends walk out in front of me realizing how lucky I was to have them in my lives.

Joe, Kimmie and I have been friends since kindergarten. If you ever seen Sesame Street there was a song called One of these Thing is not Like the Others. That describes our trio. Kimmie and Joe are like Barbie and Ken. The odd one out is me. I’m Mr. Snuffleupagus.

Kimberly Andrews, she only goes by Kimmie, is the All-American blonde bombshell. What makes Kimmie so great is that she doesn’t realize she is smokin’ hot. I secretly had a crush on her for the last 3-years but kept it to myself because, for one, we’ve been friends for so long I didn’t want to ruin it and, for two, she is way out of my league. To give you a perfect example of her, look up Emily VanCamp.

Joseph Poole is an actual All-American. He’s an All-American wrestler for our high school as well as the captain. He thinks he is Captain America. Six foot three chiseled Adonis. It’s kind of disgusting how good looking he is but unlike Kimmie he does realize it. Think of Jacob Elordi, that fits Joe to a tee.

“Ok, even though your leaving bro don’t forget the workout and meal plan we constructed” Joe said. Kimmie rolled her eyes and replied, “Don’t listen to this meat head. Have fun and enjoy yourself.”

“C’mon Kimmie, I’m trying to help our boy out here. I am giving him the tools he needs to make the wrestling team for Junior year and who better to give advice than the captain”

I did want to have a shot at making the team because extracurricular activities did look good on a college application. Even if my grandmother would pay for me, I wanted to know what I could do for myself. This summer was to achieve that goal and Joe was going to help me by being my trainer.

“Joe, I got all the info packed in my suitcase and if I have any questions, we can video-chat, or I’ll hit you up on Messenger”. Giving me a grin, Joe gave a nod and we fist bumped.

With that we spent the rest of the night walking along the beach, listening to some local bands, chatting about what Joe had planned for him and Kimmie, and them teasing me about losing my virginity to some hot French woman.

As the night was winding down, we all sat near the bonfire looking out onto the waves crashing into the sand. Looking over I admired Kimmie as the wind was blowing her hair across her face. Boy, has she become such a beautiful woman. I want to tell her badly how I really feel about her, but I knew there was no chance there. Sometimes I wish I could find another girl to be with to get my mind off her, but it’s not like I have girls beating down my door to be with me. When I do come across a girl that I like I’m usually put into that dreaded friend’s- zone.

Everyone tells me I will find someone eventually but there are times I’m not quite sure.

Not like Joe here, as I turn to him. All the girls in school are in lust with him and he’s fucked most of them. With all his sexual adventures, I live vicariously through him. He has tried to set me up with a few girls, but it has never panned out. With both, the way I look and my extreme shyness he usually ends up fucking the girl he tried to set me up with.

I kind of thought with me, finally, taking exercising seriously this summer, it would help me with my confidence; both externally and internally as well.

As they dropped me off to my house, Kimmie gave me hug and kiss on the cheek. Joe and I just punched one another in the shoulder. “Have fun Squirt and remember to video-chat every Friday. We want to hear all about it, ok” Kimmie insisted. Joe laughed, “Yeah, dickhead. Don’t forget or I’m going to come over there to give you the Rock Bottom!”

Shaking my head, I joked, “Just get you candy-ass off my property, jerk.” Kimmie just rolled her eyes and said sarcastically, “You boys need me more than you know. You both are idiots”. We all laughed.

I was really going to miss them.

As they took off down the road I kind of choked up a bit because we have never been apart from each other for more than a week since we’ve all known each other. This was going to be a rough 3-months without them two.

There is a theory that states certain life events can alter a person’s life forever. Heading into the house I would have never thought in a million years this summer was going to prove this theory correct.


“Remember Squirt, the doctor said you must take this antibiotic every day for 3-months for your acne” mom said. Nodding I replied, “Yes, I know. You’ve told me four times already mom”. Dad gave me a quick nock to the back of my head and declared, “Mind your mother. She’s just making sure you follow through”. Knowing better than to argue with my dad so I just replied, “Yes sir”.

Walking up to my terminal my mother gave me a big hug and told me “I’m going to miss you Squirt. Have lots of fun and remember that we love you”. Dad smiled and hugged me as well telling me to enjoy the summer.

Boarding the plane, I gave a quick text to both Kimmie and Joe letting them know to have a great summer and I will speak to them on Friday. Küçükköy Escort Kimmie responded with heart and love emojis and, in Joe fashion, he sent me a GIF with two cats fucking with a message underneath GET THAT PUSSY THIS SUMMER. I WANT TO HEAR ALL ABOUT IT. Smiling and laughing at that I found my seat.

Flying first class is fantastic, but even after a 10-hour flight you can get a bit restless. You can watch as many movies or play as many videogames as you want, but by the end of it you just want to get the fuck off the plane! Looking out the window as the plane was descending, I could see why my grandmother moved here. This place is breathtaking! I have never seen water so blue before. It was an absolute dream.

Heading out to of the terminal I was greeted by grandma and Josef who both had great big smiles on their faces.

“Welcome Chad!” grandma said excitedly as she gave me a hug and Josef put a hand on my shoulder. Hugging her back replying, “You can call me Squirt, grandma”. Josef informed me that in America I would go by Squirt, he mispronounced it Squirk, but here in France I would go by Chad. “Do as the French do, heh?” he asked. I nodded and agreed.

Driving to their villa I learned a lot about Josef. He is 10-years younger than grandma, but they fell for one another. You may think he is a gold-digger and is just with my grandmother because of her money but he is a personal trainer who owns his own gym and that is how they met. He asked her out a few times in which she always declined, but one day she accepted, and they have been together ever since.

Grandma states Josef just wore her down by asking her so many times, but I think she was thinking about my mom and, in some way, wanted a connection with her so she broke her own rule about dating outside of her race.

As we reached their home my mouth dropped. The place was gorgeous! My parents and I have a nice home, but this place made my home look like a guest house.

Located in Annes, Alpes-Maritimes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur this was a luxury modern villa. I’m sorry if I sound like a real-estate broker on this but I have to because this place was that magnificent: Composed of a spacious living room; dining room; lounge with fireplace; three master bedrooms; another smaller bedroom all with ensuite bathrooms; two guest bedrooms with lounge professional standard kitchen; laundry room; tempered wine cellar; lift from double Garage serving all levels. Separate staff apartment. Large heated sea water pool.

LMFAO… I told you sorry. Million Dollar Listing real estate agent Chad Lincoln at your service!

Walking to the back of the villa by the pool which looked out onto the city offering 180° panoramic view of the sea and the city of Cap d Antibes all I could say was, “Holy Shit!”.

Josef and grandma walked up on either side of me, wrapped an arm around me and said in unison, “Welcome home Chad”. I wish Joe and Kimmie were here to see this.

That week went by fast as Josef and grandma took me everywhere as I experienced the culture, the food, and the people. Speaking of the people, the women her are gorgeous. I’m not sure if there is something in the water around here but it was hard not to find a woman who wasn’t attractive.

I did try to talk to a few girls but crashed and burn miserably. My shyness has always gotten the best of me. After a few minutes of talking, the girls would just smile and walk away. Both my grandmother and Josef could see how awkward my interactions were but kept on giving me encouragement. “You can’t snag a fish if you don’t put your line out there” grandma would say. Me and Josef would just look at her awkwardly, then at each other, then bust out laughing.

Coming from the beach one day Josef, my grandmother and I went to a tiny little bistro to get some food. Grandma had to go to the restroom, so it gave Josef and I some time to talk for a bit.

“Have you enjoyed yourself so far Chad?” he asked.

“This week has been absolutely amazing Josef. I didn’t think I would have had as much fun as I am”

He gave me a warm smile as he nodded.

“Forgive me, but I noticed on the nightstand in your room the other day you have a notepad with and exercise routine” he said and continued, “Are you trying to lose weight or get chiseled?”

“Oh yeah, my best bud back home gave it to me, so I can prepare for the wrestling team for my Junior year. As for what I am trying to do. I’m trying to become a better version of me. I have always been the pudgy, he’s cute but not my type, or he’s just my friend kind of guy. I want to change that”.

Josef sat back in his chair, gave me a stern look and replied, “Are you absolutely sure this is what you want? You must be sure because I can help you, but you must promise to give me a 100% effort. This is going to be hard work but by the end you are going to be a different person. I am not just going to change you physically but mentally as well”

Listening to him I took a big gulp with a sense of worry on my face. He could see this and smiled, “Don’t give me an answer just yet. Think about it and let me know tomorrow”.

I gave him a warm smile and nodded just as my grandmother came back and asked, “How are my boys doing?” Giving her a smile and kiss on the cheek, replied “We are doing great”.

As we got back home, I took a much-needed shower and got ready to fire up my laptop. It was Friday and Kimmie, Joe and I promised it would be video-chat night. Glancing at the clock, it was 1 am here so it would be 7 pm there. My first call was to Joe and after a few times with him not picking up I figured he was with Kimmie at her place, so I called her. After a few rings… “Hey stranger, how is France?” Kimmie smiled.

Damn, she is beautiful. I would give almost anything to be with her.

“I’m having a blast here, but I miss you guys. How are you?” I replied.

“We miss you too Squirt. We’re having fun. Going to the beach and some parties here and there.”

Looking at her smiling I notice there was some movement in the background.

“What you guys up to now?” I asked.

“Oh, my parents left to go visit my aunt for the weekend, so we decided to have a little get together here at my house. A couple of girls and guys, that’s all” Kimmie said as she started to giggle.

“What’s so funny?”

“Oh, nothing Squirt, I’m just a little tipsy as Joe brought some alcohol over. We started drinking an hour ago”.

Kimmie did look a little intoxicated but I figured she was home and Joe was with her, so she would be safe. Just then she yelled out for Joe and he came over and he looked shit-faced.

“Hey dick-breath” I joked.

“Hey there ass clown. I miss you bro” he replied and continued, “You should be here. There are some fine ass hoes here”

Seeing Kimmie punching him in the arm then him apologizing made me start to laugh and feel a little homesick. Missing the interaction, we all had with one another.

“So, which fine hoes are at this party?” I mimicked which made Kimmie turn to the screen and give me the death stare.

“Don’t you start Squirt or I’ll…” she couldn’t finish as Joe picked her up and moved her to the side, “Well buddy, we have Lisa Montero with her fine ass and Danni Perkins here. You know, the Danni Perkins you’re infatuated with”.

My dick got hard instantly.

Danni Perkins is someone I wanted probably just as much or more than Kimmie. She was fine and thick in all the right places! Standing at 5’9” she was tall but with her dark brown hair, piercing blue eyes and porcelain complexion she was stunning. I couldn’t tell you the number of times I jacked-off thinking about cumming in her pretty face! Google Tara Lynn and you’ll get an idea of what I mean.

Joe could see the hunger in my eyes, so he called her over to the monitor.

“No Joe, please don’t” I begged but he didn’t listen.

She walked over to the monitor laughing holding a cup in her hand wanting to know what was going on then she looked at me, which I could see sobered her mood, “Oh hey Squirt” she said halfheartedly.

“Hi Danni. How you doing?”

She wasn’t looking at me while she was talking but had her head turned laughing when she responded, “Here hanging with friends, having a good time”

As I was about to say something she said, “Ok bye”. Just as she got up, she must have spilled some alcohol on the computer as the screen went black but there was sound as I could hear Kimmie saying, “Hello, hello, hello, Squirt are you there?”

“I’m still here. Can you guys here me?” I replied.

Kimmie called over to Joe to help but he couldn’t. They must have thought the computer was off because Joe told her to not worry about it because he will bring the laptop to Geek Squad in the morning to get it fixed.

Suddenly the camera came back on and I could see them. I waved and tried to say something, thinking their computer was up and running again, but they still couldn’t hear or see me. I was just about to turn off my laptop and head to bed when Kimmie turned to Danni and asked, “You know he likes you. Couldn’t you pretend to be nice to him? Why do you have to be such a bitch to Squirt all the time?”

Danni laughed and replied, “Oh please Kimmie, really? He creeps me out. I don’t know why you two are even friends with him. You guys have totally outgrown him”

Kimmie raised her voiced, “He’s been our best friend for years! He was there for me when my sister died 5-years ago” she looked at Joe, “are you really going to stand there and let this bitch talk about our friend like that? Squirt was there for you too Joe. Like, when your father had those drug issues”

My heart filled with love as Kimmie was defending me. Seeing Joe walk in front of the screen had me confused as he was now naked.

He started, “Yes, he has been there for us baby, but I didn’t bring you two up here to fight.”

Baby?! What the fuck?!

He grabbed both of Kimmie’s and Danni’s hand pulling them towards him. “Let’s finish what we were doing prior to be interrupted”

He told Kimmie and Danni to kiss and makeup.

“Not until she apologizes” Kimmie demanded.

“Why should I apologize. He’s a loser and you guys know it”

Joe slapped Danni hard on the ass and squeezed, replying “He’s our loser. Now kiss!”

My heart sank in my chest as I heard that. I couldn’t believe what I heard. My best friend for 11-years called me a loser! I figured Kimmie would still defend me but as Joe looked at her and said it again, she stared up at him and agreed saying, “Yes, he is our loser” as she tongue-kissed Danni.

My world as I knew it turned upside down with my two best friends being the cause of it. I would have done anything for them and to hear them say that about me made me start to tear up.

Sitting in front of the monitor I watched Joe take the girls clothes off while they all kissed one another. He laid on the bed and told Kimmie to sit on his face and ordered Danni to put his cock in her mouth.

I decided to record the action just in case they tried to deny what they said about me.

Moaning and slurping on his cock Danni picked her head up panting, “I bet Squirt wishes he was the one with his dick in my mouth”

Joe picked up Kimmie off his face and looked down at Danni with a sinister smile as he pushed her head down and throated her, “Yeah, he has always wished he were me. Now take that dick in your throat bitch!” Danni was struggling as she was only able to put half of his cock in her mouth as she started to dry heave.

Pulling Kimmie in for a kiss he told her, “Get down there and show this bitch how I like my cock sucked”

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. He was demeaning me to Danni and Kimmie was just acting like a submissive slut. Have I entered the fucking Twilight Zone!

As Kimmie got down to his cock she replaced Joe’s hand with her own and grabbed the back of Danni’s head pulling her up. Danni made a loud gag sound as his cock was released from her throat. “Your such as stupid slut” Kimmie hissed at her and continued, “this is how you suck a cock, bitch!”

Being angry and heartbroken about what they said, my dick still twitched as I saw Kimmie take Joe’s, I think 7-inch, cock to the back of her throat. Danni catching her breath looked over at Kimmie and Joe, snapped, “I know how to suck cock I just didn’t know you were going to hold my head down, assholes!”

Joe sat up looking at Danni and smirked, “Bitch shut the fuck up. Learn from a professional cock sucker like Kimmie on how to do it”. With that he held Kimmie’s head in place while his cock was in her throat and counted, 1…2…3…4…5… he counted all the way to 20 as Danni looked-on in amazement on how Kimmie just took that dick in her throat. When he released her head, Kimmie raised up and smiled, “I hope you eat pussy better than you suck cock!”

Kimmie then grabbed Danni’s head and pushed her down to her clean-shaven snatch. Danni started tongue fucking her which caused Kimmie to tremor as she looked over at Escort Bayan Joe and moaned, “Well, what are you waiting for? Fuck this bitch!” Joe got behind Danni, smiled and replied, “You are the best friend any guy could ever wish for” as he rammed his cock into her cunt.

Danni moaned into Kimmie’s pussy which made Kimmie shiver and tremble causing an orgasm.

As Joe started taking turns from fucking Danni to fucking Kimmie the girls were also alternating from whose pussy was getting eaten. One time as Danni was lapping up Kimmie’s cunt juice and fingering her close to a climax she paused. Kimmie looked down at her questioning why she stopped. Danni said as Joe was fucking her from behind, “I’m not going to make you cum until you tell me that Squirt is a loser”

“He’s not a loser” she exclaimed and continued, “please make me cum I’m so close!” as she reached for Danni’s head.

“No bitch, I’m not until you say it” Danni teased as she dodged Kimmie’s hands.

Danni looked back at Joe ordering him to fuck her harder and not to cum until Kimmie said it. She told him that if he came before Kimmie said I was loser they would never have a threesome again. Joe looked over at Kimmie imploring her to say it because he didn’t want to lose the opportunity to fuck them both again in the future. “Just say it! Damn it! He’s our friend, but he’s a loser!” he yelled at her while trying to control himself from not exploding his seed inside Danni. Kimmie looked back and forth at both Danni and Joe not knowing what to do. Her face pleading with Danni as she was so close to cumming.

Writhing above her, Kimmie sighed then nodded in agreement. Just as Danni put her mouth back on Kimmie’s clit there was a scream I thought I was never going to hear from my best friend… “Yes! Squirt’s a loser! Oh my God he’s a loser! He’s a loser… he’s a loser…he’s a fucking loser!” she yelled.

Joe grunted as he released his load deep into Danni’s waiting cunt. As he took his softened dick out of her, he admired how the cum was dripping out her as he squeezed her pussy lips together. “This is so beautiful” he commented. Scooping up some of the cum he fed it to Kimmie who licked of his fingers.

“Yummy” Kimmie beamed.

They all laid side by side spent from their fucking session. The girls laid on each side of Joe moving their hands up and down his sweaty chest.

“Let’s rest for a bit so I can regain my strength because I want my dick inside both of you again” Joe panted as he squeezed Kimmie and Danni’s breasts.

“Admit it Kimmie and Joe. We would not have been able to do this if Squirt was around” Danni smirked and continued, “he’s holding you guys back”

Joe and Kimmie stayed silent.

I turned off the computer……

Sitting on my bed in astonishment at what just happened, the feeling of betrayal and hurt rose up in me like a volcano awaiting to erupt. Picking up my phone, I deleted all the pictures in my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter of us three together.

I wanted nothing to do with them ever again!

Lying back in my bed just replaying what I witnessed repeatedly in my head, I couldn’t sleep. Filled with so much sadness which turned to anger which turned to hatred I laid there not realizing the sun was coming up. I took the portion of the recording where Kimmie repeatedly called me a loser while she cummed in Danni’s mouth with a caption: Be careful who you call your friend because they can end up stabbing you in the heart! Fuck off to the both of you!

I sat there rocking back and forth looking at the message, contemplating if I should hit the send button.

Can I do this? Should I do this? What am I going to do?

That’s when it hit me. Thinking back to what Josef told me yesterday on how he was going to transform me both physically and mentally, I knew I had to take a stand. I needed to change and not let anything, or anyone hurt me like this ever again.

I hit send and threw my phone to side. Walking out my room and heading to the backyard I saw Josef doing some Tai-Chi. When he noticed me, he stopped because he saw the distraught look on my face. With so much emotions running through me I hugged him and sobbed, “Josef, the answer is yes. I’m committed to this. Please help me.” He held me tight, patted my head and replied, “I got you buddy. Don’t worry, I got you”


The next three months went by like a blur but was the best time of my life! Josef worked my ass off! We trained like I was in the Navy Seals. He changed everything about me from the way I looked, the way I ate, and the way I dressed. He even helped me on how to talk to women; he basically turned me from a boy into a man!

He was Mr. Miyagi and I was Daniel-son.

In the very beginning, every day I wanted to quit. One never realizes how much muscle you don’t use until you start exercising. My body was sore all over every morning and I didn’t know if I could make it. Whenever I felt like giving up Josef would just remind me what the purpose of all this was.

Anger is such a motivating factor. All I would have to do is think back to that night when my whole life changed and that would push me to work harder or give extra effort. Thanks Joe and Kimmie!

Week after agonizing week changes in my appearance started to become evident. Losing fat in both my waist and face, gaining muscles to my entire body, basically I was becoming the young man I envisioned for myself when this journey began.

The summer also brought about a tremendous growth spurt to my surprise. I went from 5’5” to 6’0” which I was extremely happy about, but this meant a change to my entire wardrobe had to be made. This was no problem as grandma and Josef took me shopping. Grandma loved shopping and had a great eye for fashion. She had me try-on and model a ton of clothes for her.

Even though she was rich she didn’t spend a lot of money. She told me a person doesn’t need to spend a ton of money on clothes to look great and boy was she right. She bought me so much clothing and probably didn’t spend more than $500 on me. Grandma had a gift of taking what a person’s style is and just elevating it. I was a t-shirt and shorts kind of guy which she made me continue to be, but just added a little more swag to it.

Josef took me to a hair stylist and we all talked about what kind of look I was going for. We decided on a low dark fade but kept the top high to accentuate my curls. They styled my facial hair to follow my chin line and kept my mustache low and tight. Grandma even took me to the dentist to have my braces removed and teeth cleaned. Oh, and that antibiotic I was taking daily made my skin acne free and clean!

My appearance did not go unnoticed by the ladies either. Girls were actually looking at me! Not as, “oh he so cute and adorable” but the “I want to FUCK him” kind of look. This made me feel so good inside that I had no further complaints to Josef about the workouts.

Even though my outward appearance was changing for the better the main problem, as Josef explained to me, was I still saw myself as the boy who came to visit early in the summer. Shyness and a low self-esteem, particularly around women, was my downfall. Around guys, I was smart, witty and funny. I just needed to transfer that part of me in my dealings with females.

During our workouts Josef would talk to me about how to interact with women. He explained to me that all it took was confidence. There was no particular formula to it, as he said, a man just needed to show confidence in himself and that is was what attracts women.

Each afternoon when Josef, grandma and I would go out they would give me a task to complete. Go up to a woman I found attractive, strike up a conversation and get her number. I crashed and burned numerous times in the first few days which, after a while, I really didn’t want to do it anymore, but they kept telling me “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

They would have me approach three different women a day and they would watch me from afar. After I completed my third interaction for the day, we would go do something fun like go to the beach, go parasailing or just roam around the countryside. Each night at dinner time we would go over my approach with these women.

Thinking back on it. Josef and grandma treated my tasks like a football coach would breakdown game film with his players. They would praise me on things I did well and show me areas in which to improve. I just soaked up all the advice they gave me. Basically, what we discovered was the women were intrigued by me from the initial encounter due to my physical appearance, but I was not able to keep a conversation with them because of my extreme shyness and fear of rejection.

Every man gets rejected at some point or another no matter how good he looks my grandmother told me. Josef agreed and let me know that rejection could be due to numerous factors and not because of who you are as a person, so don’t take it so personally. They both drove home the fact that my outward appearance has matched the wonderful person I am on the inside and once I finally realize that, there would be no stopping me.

Sometimes, all it takes are words of encouragement from people you respect and admire to make you become more than who you are!

Looking in the full-length mirror at myself that night I marveled at the man staring back at me. Shaking my head and saying to myself I can’t believe this is me. My body was chiseled. Not overly bulky like a bodybuilder but just lean and ripped. “You look fucking awesome bro!” I boasted to myself. Turning from side to side, checking different angles of my body and focusing on my six pack I developed a big smile came across my face. For an accurate depiction on how I look, Google- Rome Flynn.

The work was put it and now all I had to do was just to believe…


Getting up on my second to last day in France there was a mixture of emotions. I had such a great time here with grandma and Josef who both turned my life around by making me realize my full potential, I really didn’t want to leave them. But on the other-hand I knew I had to face the issues at home, that being Kimmie and Joe.

Speaking of which, when they saw that video message, I left them the following day, my phone blew up with tons of calls and messages from the both of them. Never replying to either of them they were relentless to the fact that when speaking with my mother, she had to ask me what had happened because they both called her so many times asking for her help to talk with me. I never told mom the specifics of what happened I just told her it was between me and them and it will be resolved when I got home. She didn’t press the issue, but she knew it must have been a big deal because Joe and Kimmie were like family.

One message from Kimmie almost made me break and call her. She was crying uncontrollably and saying she would never forgive herself for what she did to me. Sobbing on how she carelessly threw our friendship away after her actions from that night. Kimmie begged and pleaded for me to call her because she didn’t want to lose me.

Even Joe, Captain America himself, left me a message crying on how selfish he has always been regarding our friendship and he was deeply sorry, but he will make it up to me. After a while I just turned my phone off for the rest of my vacation because I couldn’t read or listen to any more messages.

Walking out naked onto my balcony to the beautiful sunrise I just stretched and yawned.

“Are you coming back to bed mister? I want some more before I have to leave”. Turning back around, I walked towards the bed and smiled, “Bianca, Josef is waiting for me downstairs to get in our pre-breakfast workout”

As she threw the covers off herself, she crawled on the bed towards me like a cat and teased as she held onto my cock, “I got a pre-breakfast workout for you too”.

Giving a sly smile I replied, “Well, I guess he can wait a few minutes more” just as she inhaled my cock.

Letting out a slow moan as she started slurping, spitting and moving her hands up and down on my cock, Bianca went to work. Every so often she would take my dick out her mouth, lean her head to the side then slap her face with my cock. Looking up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes she would just ask seductively, “You like being nasty with me?” With me just nodding in approval and moaning yes, Bianca pushed me down on the bed, got between my legs and took a big, long, slow spit on my cock then engulfed it.

She was nasty, and I loved it.

“I love this cock. I’m going to miss you so much” Bianca said as she came up to kiss me while still stroking my saliva drenched dick. Tongue kissing her hard, I grabbed the side of her head, pulled her close to me and moaned, “Me and my cock are going to miss you too baby”

Kissing back down my body without taking her eyes off me, she started to talk dirty.

“Will you miss me kissing on your chest?”

I nodded istanbul Escort my head.

“Will you miss me kissing on your stomach?”

I nodded my head.

“Will you miss me taking your dick in my mouth?” just as she asked that she slid my dick in her mouth which made me let out a Oh shit yes!

Taking my dick back out her mouth she continued…

“Will you miss me slurping on your balls” just as she asked that she sucked them and then put both of my balls in her mouth.

I nodded my head.

Spitting my balls out her mouth she teased, “I know what you going to miss most of all, baby”

Bianca stopped stroking my dick and lifted both of my legs up in the air then said, “You are going to miss this” just as she stuck her tongue in my ass!

“Oh, eat that ass bitch!” I shouted as I grabbed the back of her head pushing her tongue further into my asshole.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do… lol. Yes, they do say Frenchman like their asses eaten. So, I’m just following suit.

Pushing her out of my ass I could see the nastiness in her eyes! In that moment I thought back to when we first met. I would have never thought in a million years she was like this….


Bianca Walker is a strikingly stunning creature I met at a little bistro in town. She was sitting with a couple of her friends when Josef and I were walking back home from one of our morning workouts 3-weeks ago. Having my shirt off showing my six-pack abs didn’t hurt as she and her friends took notice. Walking by them, Bianca and I made eye contact, and both smiled. That interaction did not go unnoticed by Josef who as we walked by nudged me and said, “Go get her”. I wasn’t planning on doing it because by this time I got plenty of numbers from girls and slept with two of them.

With a little encouragement from Josef, who told me he’ll meet me at the house, I turned back around and made my way back to their table. Introducing myself to all three ladies I asked if I could pull up a chair and join them for a bit. They all readily replied yes. All three ladies were like giddy schoolgirls, as we made small talk, they were just inspecting my body. I now know what a slab of meet feels like in front of starving wolves!

Coming to find out the names of the two other beautiful ladies sitting with Bianca were her best friends Daphne and Janet. They were all on vacation from South Africa; Johannesburg to be exact. Whenever Daphne or Janet would talk, I would make eye contact with Bianca in which she would start blushing and I would grin. Her eyes were mesmerizing.

After a few minutes of chit-chat, I leaned over the table towards Daphne and Janet to ask, “Would you guys do me a favor?” They both smiled and said “Sure, what do you need?” I teased that I would like to know more about Bianca because I was very much attracted to her and would like to see her again after today. Not looking directly at Bianca when saying this but I did glance at her from the corner of my eye, she tilted her head and gave a wide grin.

Daphne and Janet looked at her then back at me then in unison bubbled, “Oooohhhh, bad boy!”

Since that day we were inseparable for the last 3 weeks.

Describing Bianca would do her no justice at all. If I thought Kimmie and Danni were out of my league, Bianca was so much more. I would have never thought before this summer I would be with someone like her. She was my Mrs. Robinson (if you don’t get that reference watch the movie The Graduate). Bianca opened my eyes to so many different things like sex, love and life in general. My last weeks in France were spent with her, grandma and Josef.

She is 37-years old, 5’4”, short blonde hair, blue eyes, with picture perfect abs, B-cup breasts and a bubble butt. Google Nicky Whelan and you’ll get the idea. My grandmother wasn’t too happy with the idea of her being 20-years my senior, but Josef talked her into it not being a big deal if we were both happy, which we were. Bianca was a little hesitant at first because of my age, but after going out with me that first night she liked me enough to continue our summer fling.


“I love how your cunt holds and squeezes my dick” I groaned, staring in her eyes, inches from her face as sweat was dripping from my brow.

“Oh baby, your dick feels so good! Keep fucking me!” she crowed.

With her legs on my shoulders I plowed my cock in her with reckless abandon. After a few minutes, I had an idea to tease her a little more so, I slowed up my pace to which she moaned, “No, no, no baby please don’t stop”. With a sly grin while continuing fucking her slow and deep strokes making her cry inaudibly, I asked her if she was trying to make me jealous yesterday when she wore her two-piece white sheer bathing suit and all the guys on the beach were gawking at her.

Staring up at me she gave me a naughty smile panted, “Did you get jealous?”

Taking my dick out of her completely, but still above her as if I was doing planks with my dick millimeters away from her pulsating pussy, she gasped reaching for my dick, “Oh no, please Chad don’t do that to me baby. I like it when you are a little jealous, plus you like it when guys look at me because you FUCK me harder when we get back to bed”

I couldn’t argue that logic…lol

Bottoming my cock back into her she let out a shriek of pleasure that was muffled only by me putting my tongue in her mouth that she tried to suck right out of my throat. Digging her nails into my ass she was pushing me more and more into her as we were staring at one another intensely.

I didn’t want to admit, and you may contribute this to being a teenager, but I was falling for Bianca. Looking into her eyes, I wanted to tell her what she meant to me and how much I will truly miss her, but I couldn’t form the words out of my mouth while rhythmically pumping my cock in and out of her.

Looking back up at me with her mouth half open, moaning with every deep thrust I gave her and a bead of sweat on her bottom lip, she just looked so beautiful. As if she could read my mind, Bianca smiled, hugged me tight and wept, “I know baby. I feel the same way. I love you too”.

A flood of emotions hit me at once I didn’t expect as I broke out into tears, pumping my cock even harder into her. “Fill me up Chad! Fill me up baby! I want to feel you hot cum in me please!” she screamed. That sent me over the edge “I love you baby! Take it, take it, take it!” I grunted as my cock flooded her womb with what seemed like a gallon of cum.

Continuing to pump in and out of her until my dick went limp our tongues were dancing with each other as we kissed passionately. Rolling to Bianca’s side we looked at each other in sweaty bliss and just started laughing. “Now, that’s what I call a morning workout” I joked. Bianca rolled her eyes and grabbed the pillow from behind her to hit me in the head.

I’m going to miss her so much.

The final night in France, grandma, Josef, Bianca and I had dinner at home by the pool. We drank wine, laughed, joked and had a great time. Thinking to myself that I can’t believe what a summer this was and how it is coming to an end.

Bianca could sense how I was feeling and gave my hand a squeeze with a reassuring smile that everything will be ok.

Grandma and Josef told me that this summer was the best they ever had and whenever I wanted to come back all I had to do was tell them. It took all my strength not to cry because I loved them so much. Raising my glass, I toasted them saying they changed my life in so many ways that I wouldn’t be the man standing before them without their love and guidance. Tears welling up in their eyes and looking at Bianca she was tearing up too we all gathered around each other and hugged. Grandma wiping tears from her eyes said she loved me and had one more thing she wanted to tell me.

Sitting back down to listen what she had to say grandma turned to Josef who got up alongside her and they both told me that along with my parents they bought me a car for my birthday. Looking at them and then Bianca, who smiled and kissed me, I got up and hugged them both telling them I loved them.

As the night was winding down Bianca helped me pack for my departure the next day. Kissing and holding one another it was hard to hold back tears while we were packing. Holding her close to me she looked up at me and said, “Chad, you are an amazing man. You have given me something these last three weeks I never thought I would find again…Love. You are going to make some lucky girl so happy when you get back home”. Shaking my head, replying, “I don’t want anyone else. I found the person I want to be with. I love you”.

She kissed me then confessed, “I love you too Chad but I want you to live your life to the fullest. When I come to Florida in the spring we will see each other” Bianca tongue kissed me and continued, “Promise me you’ll do that for me?” Reluctantly I nodded yes. “Good boy” she answered as she walked out onto my balcony, she let her dress fall to the floor exposing her naked body to me. Glancing over her shoulder, arching her back and sticking out her butt, she teased, “What are you waiting for? Get over here and put your tongue in my ass”. Taking off my t-shirt hurriedly, I responded, “Yes ma’am!”

Oh, what a night!


Putting on my white cement Jordan 4’s I take on final look in the mirror. Fixing my black form fitting Superman vs Batman t-shirt and grey charcoal slim fit shorts I head downstairs to the car where Josef, grandma and Bianca are waiting.

“Oooh, someone looks handsome” grandma says as I approach the car. Josef smiles and chimes in, “You look good, you feel good…” I interject, “You do good!” We both give each other a fist bump. Bianca gives me a hug then whispers as she caresses my cock through my shorts, “You look so good I want to fuck you right now”. Blushing and smiling at that comment I look up at grandma and Josef who just shake their heads and grin. “Ahem” I said and continued, “let’s go before I’m late”. Getting into the car I gave a Bianca a quick slap to her butt and told her to behave, to which she giggled.

It was a tough goodbye. Giving both Josef and grandma a hug and kiss on the cheek, I told them how much they meant to me and will call as soon as I touch ground in Florida. Grandma started to cry and Josef had to console her because my eyes started to well up too. He asked Bianca to walk the rest of the way with me to the terminal before we all started crying to which she agreed.

Walking hand-in-hand towards my terminal I couldn’t help but notice all eyes on us, but her especially, I pulled her in for a passionate tongue kiss and squeezed her ass. She melted and purred in my mouth. Breaking the kiss and staring me in the eyes she joked, “Marking your territory mister?”

Grinning back at her replied, “Just letting them know that you are MY girl”

“Oh yes I am” she smiled, stuck her tongue out and patted my ass.

With one final kiss I walked to my gate. Turning around, I waved back at grandma, Josef and Bianca who all waved back.

Now the summer is over and back to real life!

Boarding the plane, I was not looking forward to the 10-hour flight back home. I found my first-class seat near the window and plopped down in my chair. Rummaging through my backpack I got my headphones so I could listen to some music. As I stared out the window all I could think about was how awesome of a summer it was in France. Pushing play on my summer playlist Bianca created I lightly chuckled at the first song as it begun to play.

Taylor Swift’s song Delicate was our song. She sung this to me on our second night out while we were walking on the beach. It was a beautiful night and the way the moonlight hit her face made her look incredible. Looking up at me with those bright blue eyes she told me that she liked me more than she thought she would. The song was playing somewhere in the distance and Bianca told me this was one of her favorites. She turned to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and we had our first kiss.

It took my breath away. Soft and, sorry for being corny… Delicate… LOL

Staring at me with a twinkle in her eyes as we swayed to the song Bianca started to sing:

Sometimes I wonder when you sleep

Are you ever dreaming of me?

Sometimes when I look into your eyes

I pretend you’re mine, all the damn time

‘Cause I like you

Is it cool that I said all that?

Is it chill that you’re in my head?

‘Cause I know that it’s delicate (delicate)

Yeah, I want you

Is it cool that I said all that

Is it too soon to do this yet?

‘Cause I know that it’s delicate (delicate)

‘Cause I like you

Is it cool that I said all that?

Is it chill that you’re in my head?

‘Cause I know that it’s delicate (delicate)

Yeah, I want you

Is it cool that I said all that

Is it too soon to do this yet?

‘Cause I know that it’s delicate


Reminiscing, I couldn’t tell you how many times we played that song throughout the summer. My first summer fling and it was fantastic. I started to drift off to sleep as the music was playing until…

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