What a day.

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What a day.This story is purely fiction, but it is the first time that I have ever tried to write a story in the first person. Feel free to make comments and maybe make suggestions for other stories. Enjoy my fellow perverts.I can’t believe the day that I just had. I woke up to a phone call from my girlfriend and she said that it was time for us to us to see other people. “We lost our spark.” she told me. 5 years gone down the hole. I tried to get her back but she said no. I went to start my car before going to work and it wouldn’t turn over. I couldn’t take care of it right off the bat so I had to get a cab. As if that wasn’t bad enough I worked a full shift at the restaurant took care of several regular customers who always requested me, but still got fired because other co-workers complained about me making things up that I couldn’t prove otherwise.As I was leaving my regular customer Rodger, who works as the night custodian at the gym I go to, came in to get his order before work as he usually does. He seen I was bummed and asked what was up considering I would always shoot the shit with him. I told him and he offered to give me a lift home. I said sure. canlı bahis On the way to my place he told me that he was in good with the owner and it would be alright if he had only one person in there while he did his job. I told him I would take up on the offer because working out always reduces my stress. When I got to my place, I quickly gathered my stuff and my own towel considering that was one of the things he had to clean. Once at the gym, Rodger brought me inside and let the staff know what was going on. They wished me a good workout and good luck finding a new job. Rodger had time to eat his meal first while I hit the weights. When he told me everyone had left I took off my shirt and used it along with the squirt bottles he was filling to clean up after myself. Rodger chuckled and said sexy as soon as my shirt came off. I laughed a little and didn’t think any more of it. After I finished with the weights, I asked Rodger if it was cool if I still hit the pool and the hot tub. “I’m the only other one here if you want to do so nude. That way you don’t drip and trail a lot of water.” was how he answered. I shrugged my shoulders and thought why not.I walked bahis siteleri out to the hot tub naked as Rodger told me he would be cleaning the women’s locker room, then the pool area. To soak felt so good. I did so for about 10 minutes then dove into the pool and did a few laps, then soaked for another 10 minutes. As I started soaking for the 2nd time Rodger came out to the pool area bare footed. I gave him a weird look and he told me he liked to be bare foot while cleaning the pool area. Before he was to get to the area I was at to clean I got out and told him I was hitting the steam room. I figured I would stay naked in the steam room and since I was the only one I would lay there with my towel over my face. I was so enjoying the steam that I stepped out a couple times to get a drink and go back in. Oh I was so relaxed. I must not have noticed how much time had passed, and I didn’t even hear Rodger enter the steam room because the next thing I knew I felt his lips wrapped around my cock sucking, licking and just all out pleasure like I never felt before. I had never thought about anything like this before. Oh God it felt so good. I bucked my hips güvenilir bahis a little and he put a hand on my ass slipping a finger to my virgin hole. I began to moan some. He rubbed gently and I began to buck, my ass was so slick from sweating in the steam room I couldn’t tell if his finger went in or not, but soon my legs were wrapped around his neck and he jammed his cock in. I was overwhelmed in pleasure and pain and didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t help but moan though with each thrust. He kept pounding and I had no control because he held my wrist down on the bench as he pushed fully down thrusting as hard as he could.I felt like I was ready to cum. “Oh fuck I’m going to cum!” I moaned. Rodger bent me further back and still pounded as hard as he could. I repeated “I’m going to cum!” and tried to squirm free. He kept me pinned and as he pounded he began to stroke me. Fuck it felt amazing and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I shot harder then I ever shot before and ended up giving myself a facial and pearl necklace. As he seen that happen, Rodger grunted and gave one last thrust as he unloaded inside my ass. Rodger let me loose and before he told me to get cleaned up, he told me that I start as his assistant night cleaner tomorrow because he actually owns the gym. He also offered to train me in more then one way. I didn’t know what else to say other then yes and thank you.

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