Wet Wrestling 02a – Next Day

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[Polyamory; anal; oral; rimming; romance; exhibitionism; orgy]

As I ate Meg’s fresh flow, I mumbled into her fragrant pussy that I was already thinking of how to describe and write up this wonderful morning. She lurched up, knocking Sue off her face, and begged me not to write it or at least not publish it for at least a year. She feared someone would identify her from it. Well, that year is up. From my notes and memory, here’s what happened the morning after reuniting with my college love.


A sharp, loud bang woke us. “Whauu woz tha . . .? Is sombdy in the hawz?” with one open eye, I looked at my bedmate. Why was I surprised it was my wife, Sue? Who else would it be?

“Shhh, listen honey. It sounds like the TV, but it’s only six a.m. who else . . . ohhhh yeah . . . We have guests. Ummm, ohh they all stayed didn’t they? Let me see what’s going on.”

Sue pointed to my soft dick peeking out from under my T-shirt and groaned as she smirked, “Speaking of going on, despite all we did after our WET WRESTLING farce, are you going to go out without your briefs and your manhood swinging freely?”

After a moment’s consideration, and not finding my wayward briefs, I decided, “Umm, yes. And I hope Meg or Reggie will be there to give me a . . . mmm, hand. You may want to stay in here, naked as you are.” As I walked into the hall, I heard the TV channels change; my dick swayed and twitched in anticipation of what and whom I might find. It taunted me with growing feelings and I stretched my shirt over my swelling dick, but it kept tenting obscenely. Thinking it might be more of a tease for Meg, I pulled my dick up, allowing it room to grow, and tucked the shirt under my balls.

Three steps later, as I turned the corner to the living room, they escaped and my dick followed. Dan waved to me and them, “Morning Al, and little Al.” His tiny dick stood semi firm too and out of the gap in his boxers. He made no move to cover up. I refused to acknowledge it and greeted just him. Across from him on the other sofa was Meg, my college heart throb, facing away, with her sheet caught on her feet and on the floor. I slowly scanned her petite, muscular, bare body, lingering on her magnificent ass, over her slightly spread, toned thighs and gaping pussy, to her ankles and quickly back to that wonderful ass.

As I bit my lips at the heavenly sight, I added, “Looks like you two are comfortable!” My dick lurched as I made my way to her feet for a better view between her legs. Her husband, Dan, watched me sit on the sofa arm and stare up her crotch as we spoke. When I sat, my shirt crept up and exposed more and more of my stiff shaft.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” He beamed with justified pride.

Without taking my eyes off her shapely cheeks and sweet, nude box I answered, “You know it! Doesn’t matter what parts you meant, she’s a beauty all over. I almost wish you were her fiancee twenty years ago when I was gently tempting her to be with me. Had I known she had such a wild bahis siteleri side, we would have had years of 3-ways, happily keeping all her holes filled. Yet, she was so conservative back then! Yesterday’s antics were inconceivable. Who knew . . . !” She moved a knee up, opening her groin for an unobstructed view of her tender sex, and yawned quietly. As she stretched an arm over her head and twisted slightly, a big, beautiful, pale boob tumbled into view. I sighed.

Before I could admire it long enough, Sue entered the room in her well-worn yellow T-shirt. She held the short shirt stretched below her unfettered groin as she looked around the room and stared at each of us. Only the helm of my stiff dick lay covered again by my shirt. Meg, naked next to me, splayed her legs and sent her boob in my direction. Dan sat calmly, knees apart, his bare, stiffened dick standing at attention, almost saluting her as he stared at her bare legs where they vanished under her strained shirt.

“I figured since you were coming out here with your goods exposed, I was free to do the same. Yet it seems I over dressed when I put on this shirt.” She released her shirt as she approached Dan then stopped in front of him and stretched both arms over her head. In extreme slow motion, just inches from Dan’s face, she made her shirt climb up teasingly. Her bare ass came into my view, but that wasn’t enough. She rose onto her toes to shape and tense her legs then turned slightly and bent backward as she stretched so her hairy snatch moved closer to Dan’s face. Pretty slick, teasing both of us at once. No one could resist that bold an invitation. He wrapped his hand around her thigh and casually cupped her swelling cunt; she spread her legs for him. I watched, fascinated, as he stroked her mound and spread her plumped, pink lips. His defiant gaze came at me and his lusty stare went to my wife’s beautiful, naked pussy. She smiled at both of us and we watched his fingers slowly enter her lusty quim.

Meg stirred and sat up; her knees, squeezed tightly, prevented a clear view of her sweetness. After just a second of indecision, she let her big, smooth, creamy tits freely swing lazily for me. “Mmmm, what are we doing? I . . . ahhh . . . heard what you said about me and three-ways and I know I wasn’t ready for that in college. My fiancee certainly wasn’t and never would be. He was more uptight than I was and that was one of the reasons we divorced. You know now that I really wanted you too. I see Dan is showing Sue how much he wants her.”

Sue heard and casually backed off the deeply invading fingers then moved toward the kitchen, her bare ass swinging free of her shirt. “Anyone ready for coffee or food?”

Dan quipped, “I was just about to have something sweet for breakfast, but you moved away. Let me give you a ‘hand’ or more.” One hand reached for hers, the other cupped her thigh and brushed her moistening mound from behind; his stiff dick swayed slightly and lurched blatantly.

“I wonder what ill deed those two are up to. I’m impressed that you aren’t threatened by canlı bahis siteleri all this sex and loving, Meg.” I reached for her massive tit and gently twisted her nipple. It immediately rose to my touch and her knees twitched apart. I spent many, many sleepless nights wishing I could do this as my tongue explored your welcoming mouth. It’s awfully quiet in there, let’s see what they’re up to.” I pulled her stiffened nipple as I slipped a hand between her labia. “I had so many nocturnal spills dreaming of you, but hardly dared to dream this.” I slipped a finger inside her warm, wet hole and crooked my finger up, pulling her toward me by her sex. She blushed and smiled. We kissed tenderly, deliberately, and deeply.

A dizzy moment later, her hand around my cock, mine around a tit, the other inside her, we inched past the kitchen. Dan was pulling Sue’s shirt off and her hand was busy wanking his stiff cock thru his boxers. We paused briefly, Meg kept squeezing my yearning shaft as we watched her husband twist Sue’s perfect nipple and finger her sweet twat. As we started to move away we saw my naked Sue drop to her knees, pull Dan’s boxers off as she did, and quickly swallow his tiny cock. He lapped her sweet juice off his soaked fingers.

Frozen by the bawdy sight, we stayed and watched as Dan dropped to his ass and Sue mounted him, facing us. We couldn’t tell if he was in her ass or pussy. Meg slowly jerked my cock and I stroked her sweet pussy as we watched Dan’s small dick disappear repeatedly into my wife’s wet cunt.

“You are over dressed, my love,” Meg said as she removed my shirt. I hugged her as she resumed gently stroking me. Since she was so much shorter then I, my cock didn’t align with her love box. She pressed her big, warm tits and hard nipples against me as we held a long, tender kiss. When she abruptly gasped, I noticed that she had rubbed my bishop across her clit.

Frustrated by Dan’s small dick and my enjoying Meg so much, mid bounce, she asked, “Where are Len and Reggie? I see their clothes are still here.” Meg and I were too deeply involved to even hear her. Meg’s fragrant, sweet nectar made me dzzy.

Dan gasped, “They . . . ran . . . home, naked, to get . . . food . . . stuff for us. Be . . . back a-about seven. Oh, Sue, your ass is still so tight!”

Meg panted, “Oh, Al, I love you d-deeply; eat me. Right here in this doorway while my husband watches me squirt for you.” How could I deny such an elegant request? I sat on my heels and looked up into her soaked pussy and pubes. After spreading and lapping her swollen lips, I put my nose under her clit, my tongue in then under her slit, and two fingers deep into her velvety snatch. Shortly after putting a leg on my shoulder, I had all five senses rewarded by her sensuous purse. Her breathing and moistness increased when I stroked her internal clit with fingers and external nub with my nose. Savoring her intoxicating nectar didn’t stop me from timing her orgasm. Just as she approached her peak, I turned my fingers up and stroke her G-spot as I pinched a nipple hard. canlı bahis One deep-held breath tried to deny her climax, but her flushed body, strained neck, quivering muscles, and primordial scream collided with an abrupt release of high speed cum which soaked my face — delicious.

Dan and Sue froze. Just as Meg began breathing again, naked Reg spoke up from the back door, “I brought breakfast, but it looks like you already ate.” Len’s cock rose swiftly as he watched Meg’s big tits still shaking and her pussy juices drip into my hungry mouth.

With her back against the door jam, I lifted Meg’s other leg onto my shoulder and let my stiff cock point the way back to the sofa as I continued to eat Meg. Her sweetly tart pussy juice flowed for me even as I laid her down. Unable to wait any longer, I folded her knees to her chest and made slow, passionate love with her loving tongue, her stiff nipples, and her sweetly swollen and flowing pussy. My densely packed thoughts all left me and my airy brain swelled with love. With no rush to orgasm, I slid slowly in and out of her velvety, soaked purse. She relaxed her squeezes when I paused between strokes. We continued, blinded to those around us, awed by dedicated love making verses fucking. “I haven’t said this enough; Meg, I love you truly and have for all these years.”

When I angled my love rod to run her g-spot, she tensed, stopped breathing for a moment then erupted in a full-body orgasm. Pleased with myself despite my unorgasmic end, I smiled with love. Still savoring her internal sauna, as my cock began to shrink, I felt two hands spread my cheeks and another hand wiggled its finger in my ass. It found my prostate and my cock immediately surged to full size. Meg gasped and I managed three pumps before my cock pulled me against her and flooded her sweet pussy with my cream.

“I love you too, Al,” Sue said as she spiraled out of my ass. I grunted and gasped and shot multiple streams before my wife completely withdrew her finger from my ass. Meg shuddered again with a strong cum face, topped with a smile and a hiss.

Dan was on his back, eating Reg and licking Len as he fucked her from behind. Sue moved to straddle Meg’s face and drained her cum onto Meg’s mouth. As I bit Sue’s perfect nipples, she pinched Meg’s great tits. When they both moaned, I pushed a finger into Meg’s ass and wiggled her to another orgasm which tipped Sue into another orgasm. “You know I love you too, Sue.” The room filled with a heavenly chorus of moans.

As I ate Meg’s fresh flow, I mumbled into her fragrant pussy that I was already thinking of how to describe and write up this wonderful morning. She lurched up, knocking Sue off her face, and begged me not to write it or at least not publish it for at least a year. She feared someone would identify her from it. I reminded her that WET WRESTLING was already published and only kinky friends would find it. Her anxiety and promises of hourly blow jobs convinced me to wait. Since then, we celebrated National Nude Day with friends and I published that story, so it was time to share this love story.

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5/25/13 seminal image: in A.M. I walk in wearing just T-shirt; Dan in just boxers; his semi is standing out of gap; Sue walks in, in just her T-shirt

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