Wet Day

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All characters are over the age of 18.

Lilith was only supposed to piss in front of her Sir. He loved that she trusted him to witness this intimate and personal moment, something people don’t usually share. Lilith liked to piss particularly in places where you usually weren’t supposed to, which made it even more fun for Sven to watch. The housekeeper always cleaned up Lilith’s messes, so it never really mattered where she wetted, and she certainly made the most of this liberty. Sven only made her clean up after herself, while the housekeeper watched, if he were feeling particularly cruel after a serious transgression.

She would often wet things when she wanted attention. When he was doing extra work at home in the evenings, on important phone calls or watching the news, she would often get impatient and want attention. He knew what she was doing, and rather than give into her, he liked to see what sort of show she would put on for him. The more he ignored her, the more frustrated she got.

Sometimes, she would crawl over on her knees, then turn around on all fours and show him her pussy and asshole. Then if she got no reaction, she would climb up and straddle one of his thighs, grinding her wet pussy against him, increasing her arousal and frustration. She would purr in his ear, kiss his neck and nibble his earlobes. If she still didn’t get the reaction she wanted she would straddle his crotch, then lie back leaning on his lap, open her legs and piss over herself and his crotch, all the while biting her lip and giggling mischievously.

Unable to resist her any longer, he would pick her up and she would wrap her legs over his shoulders as he brought her pussy to his face to drink her golden nectar. He loved how she tasted and his tongue relished her wetness. She would be so aroused by this point that she would be on the brink of orgasm within seconds and it would only take a few licks of her clit to give her a thundering orgasm, squirting all over his face and down his chest.


It was a grey drizzly day and Lilith didn’t feel like doing anything. She decided to snuggle up on the sofa and wait for Sir to come home from work. She wrapped herself in a thick white duvet and napped on the sofa. After a few hours, she woke up with pressure in her bladder. She really needed to piss, but she was so cosy she really didn’t want to move. She was wearing only a white vest top and white cotton panties with lace trim. You could see her perky nipples through the top and her puffy pussy slit through the thin fabric of her panties.

Needing to piss always turned her on. She never understood why, but as soon as she felt that pressure, her whole body became more sensitive and her pussy ached with arousal. As she had nothing else to do, she thought she would make the most of it. She gently caressed and teased her nipples through her thin top. They became even more erect at her touch and she pinched them delicately. Her hand slowly stroked down over her swollen abdomen to her waiting pussy.

She had beautiful pussy mounds and full pink labia. They were glistening in anticipation of her caresses. She teased herself through her panties, running her finger up and down her slit so slowly, only lightly brushing her clit with each stroke. Each time she shivered with pleasure and the pressure on her bladder increased. She could feel her wetness soaking through the now transparent fabric of her panties.

She slid her finger inside her soaking panties, relishing the sensation of her soft plump pussy lips being coated in her silky arousal. She spread her wetness all over her pussy so she was well lubricated to play with herself. Her fingers quickened over her clit, rubbing over her little pink nub so it was sensitive and engorged. She could feel her orgasm building and she couldn’t wait for the release. She rubbed faster and harder using all of her juices to help her achieve ecstasy.

As she came, she screamed with pleasure and bit down on her duvet to try to muffle the sound. Once her waves of pleasure had subsided, she was painfully aware of how much she needed to piss. Her legs were pretty much immobile hd porno after such a powerful orgasm and she was still wrapped up in her duvet. She really couldn’t be bothered to move. She knew it was naughty of her to piss without recording it and sending it to her Sir, but she wasn’t always obedient.

She liked to push her boundaries to see how he would react when she disobeyed. Sometimes she would get spanked, which just made her moan and wet. Sometimes he would ignore her, which was the worst thing in the world, and she would become pliant and obedient and crawl on her knees begging to do anything to please him. Usually this involved sitting on the floor with her legs spread wide, putting on a show for him playing with her pussy, but him not giving her permission to cum. Her pussy ached so hard, but she knew it wasn’t worth being disobedient again. When he saw she could endure it no longer, he would summon her on her knees to undo his trousers and release his erect cock that would be glistening with precum.

She would kneel in front of him, her big round eyes full of remorse and apology, her nipples hard with arousal and her pussy dripping wet, making a puddle on the floor beneath her. She would look up at him and beg to suck his cock. It made her even wetter than playing with herself, knowing she was giving him pleasure, as well as her loving the feel of his huge cock stretching out her mouth and throat. His silky smooth cock sliding in and out of her slick throat made her pussy jealous and even wetter. If she had been particularly petulant, he would grab the back of her head and force his cock deep down her throat until she gagged, her eyes watering and making her squeal for air. She hated being throat fucked, so he only saved it for when her transgression was extreme.

She always knew the risk of disobeying him was dangerous, but she was feeling particularly mischievous this afternoon. She knew he would be home in an hour or so, so she could hide the evidence if she wanted, but she was so cosy and comfortable she was not going to move. She would accept whatever punishment came her way. It would be worth it.

When she initially released, she felt a huge wave of relief and the illicit thrill of pissing where she wasn’t supposed to. She felt the warmth spreading from between her pussy lips, drenching her cotton panties, puddling under her ass, then soaking into the duvet underneath her. She had been holding for so long it felt like her stream would never end. Her piss soaked a huge patch in the duvet, enveloping her lower half with warm wetness. She revelled in the warm comforting feeling and drifted off back to sleep. She was looking forward to seeing how Sir would react when he got home.

When Sven got home from work, he saw his little Lilith all cosy and asleep on the sofa. She looked so peaceful and adorable when she slept. He went to wake her up with a kiss on her forehead. As he sat down on the edge of the sofa, he noticed it was wet. Maybe she had wet herself in her sleep, but this was highly unlikely as he knew she liked to do her wetting on purpose. He was more annoyed that she had pissed without him being able to watch, rather than her wetting the sofa.

As she woke up and saw him sitting there, she was paralysed by fear and arousal. His face was impassive and she had no idea how he would react.

“I see you’ve wet yourself.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Was it on purpose?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Why? When you know I’m to watch you every time you piss?”

“I was lazy Sir, I didn’t want to get out of my cosy duvet to record it for you. I’m sorry.”

“I highly doubt you’re sorry. If you were, I would be sure you wouldn’t do it again. But I have a feeling this won’t be the last time, as it isn’t the first.”

“No Sir, what can I do to make it up to you?”

“You can get yourself a jug of water, stand in your wet clothes in the middle of the room, and drink all the water in the jug. You can take as long as you like, but you must finish it all before you piss again. You must stand with your legs spread, your panties pulled to the side, and you will not brazzers porno move. You will give me a piss display to make up for what I missed earlier”.

“Yes Sir, whatever you want”.

She got out of her duvet cocoon and felt the cold air on her wet clothes. The contrast woke her up suddenly as she walked over the cold tiled floor of the kitchen. She filled a jug with water and got herself a glass. She knew it would be a challenge to keep from pissing until she had finished it, but she couldn’t let him down twice. She walked back to the living room and took her place in the middle of the carpet. Sven was sat in an armchair, with his belt and trousers undone, his hand stroking his cock over his boxers. He knew that it would be extra torture for her to see his cock and not be allowed to touch it.

She commenced her drinking, trying to drink as much in one go as she could, so she could get it over with and get to his cock and really show him she was sorry. As she was drinking, he got himself hard, releasing his cock from his boxers using his precum as lube while he jacked himself off slowly, keeping his eyes fixed on her pussy, making sure not a drop of piss escaped her lips.

About halfway through the jug, she could feel the pressure on her bladder really starting to build. It had been hours since she last pissed and she had drunk at least a litre of water. She drained another full glass in one, but her stomach was getting full. There wasn’t much room left in her. She was starting to squirm where she stood, jigging slightly, making her tits bounce.

He could see the anguish on her face and the more she squirmed, the faster he stroked himself. He knew this would distress her more as she would be heartbroken if he didn’t cum on or inside her. She loved his cum and she felt any that she didn’t get to enjoy was wasted. She managed to drain another glass, but now she was standing with her legs together, hopping from one foot to the other, stroking her distended abdomen distractedly. Her attention was torn between watching his gorgeous erect cock and concentrating on not pissing herself before she was allowed to.

She only had one glass left. Her bladder was painful now and she could only breathe in short gasps. She put the final glass to her lips and drained it in one go. Almost immediately, the flood gates opened and she released a torrent of piss. She held onto the mantelpiece for support, as her legs nearly gave way with relief and the force of her fountain.

Sven watched her pussy gush gloriously while he tightened his grip on his shaft. Lilith was pissing a huge puddle in the carpet and the sight aroused him immensely. He loved that she pissed with impunity where most people would be horrified. He loved that she shirked social conventions and behaved as she pleased, and to please him.

When her flow abated, she had squeezed the last drops out, her pussy, ass, and legs were covered in piss. There was a shining puddle beneath her, the carpet thoroughly soaked. Sven stood up and walked towards her.

“Lie down, in the puddle you just made, on your back. Now.”

“Yes Sir.”

She lay down in her puddle. She could feel it soaking into the fabric of her top, but it was still warm, so it was pleasant. She lay with her legs spread open, hoping he would lick her clean. However, he had other plans. He stood over her, his cock throbbing, on the brink of ecstasy. He positioned himself standing between her legs, her pink pussy open and fully in show. He knew what she was silently begging for, but she still had to pay. He jerked his cock harder and faster and his cum exploded all over her pussy, stomach and tits. She moaned in anguish and disappointment. He allowed her to kneel up and lick the last drops of cum from the tip of his cock, but that was it.

He made her cook dinner as she was. Wet, naked, and sticky. Only when dinner was finished and she had done all the washing up did he let her go and shower, alone. When she got out of the shower, he was lying naked in bed, waiting for her. He hadn’t showered since this morning and he knew his cock wasn’t fresh, seks filmi but she would just have to deal with it. She could suck his cock for hours until he was completely spent. Then he would go to sleep without giving her any attention or relief. Maybe she would learn her lesson, maybe she wouldn’t.

The morning after Lilith’s punishment, Sven got up to have a shower before work. When he came back, he woke Lilith up and told her to get ready for university, but she didn’t want to because she was tired and horny from sucking his cock all night. He kept insisting she got up, but she rolled over in defiance. He pulled the covers off her and she squealed with displeasure. Her punishment hadn’t extinguished all of her defiance, so she wet the bed in protest.

Sven could see the piss start to trickle from between her thighs, running down onto the clean white sheets. As her stream increased, a wet patch started to form on the sheets beneath her and her piss puddled by her ass before it could soak into the bed. She pretended to be asleep, but Sven was having none of it. He grabbed her by the ankle and pulled her towards him. He shoved her onto his lap and made her lie over it, ass in the air. He spanked her pert ass until it was pink, for her disobedience, but she just moaned in pleasure and asked him to do it harder.

He realised that he didn’t have time to quench her wantonness, so he gave up for now and got dressed for work. As he was dressing, she sat up and opened her legs wide so he could see her pussy glistening with her juices mingled with her piss. He refused to reward her indolent behaviour, so she reached for his pillow, put it between her legs and straddled it, humping it until she came and squirted all over it. She was grateful for the release because she had been unbearably horny since he got home last night, because she hadn’t been allowed to cum during her punishment.

Sven gave her a final, stern warning to get ready, so she left the wet bed and just threw on a dress, with no underwear. She didn’t shower and ran to get a lift with him in his town car. Her mischief wasn’t over yet, so she took off her seatbelt at traffic lights and went on all fours with her ass in his face, annoying him, threatening to get her pussy juices on his suit. He got cross and pulled her over his lap again for a hard spanking, causing her to get wetter, so she wriggled free and lay back, opened her legs, and slipped her finger inside her moist pussy. When she took it out, a clear string of wetness clung to it and she put it in her mouth, tasting herself. She repeated the action and put it in Sven’s mouth, looking him in the eye while grinning mischievously.

“Look how good I taste. I would taste even better with your cum inside me.”

She straddled him and rocked her hips, grinding her wet pussy onto his dark suit trousers. She could feel how hard he was getting, even though he was almost constantly hard around her, how could he not be when this nubile brat was always finding new and ever-more arousing ways to get his attention.

She unzipped his fly and released his rock hard cock. He was painfully erect and desperately needed release. She hovered over his cock, teasing him by only lightly stroking it with her full, wet pussy lips. He couldn’t move much because he was still wearing his seatbelt, so she had some control. Suddenly they went over a speed bump and he used the motion to slam her down on his cock. She screamed with pleasure and started grinding on him, using him like a dildo to get herself off. She was so aroused she came almost instantly. She squirted all over his cock, drenching his expensive suit trousers, regretting nothing.

After the wave of her orgasm subsided, she twerked hard on his still solid erection, knowing he wouldn’t last long. With her vice tight slick pussy bouncing up and down on his cock, he only lasted a few minutes. His cum shot inside her, filling her up until it spilled out down the sides of his cock. She refused to get off him until the very last moment when they reached the university car park. He had lost all patience with her and said he would deal with her later. He had to put his briefcase in front of his crotch to hide the wet patch. Luckily, he had spare trousers in his office, because things like this were far from isolated events with Lilith. She hopped out of the car and went to her lecture, his cum still running down her legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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