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Big Tits

WENDY COLLECTING A YOUNG STUDWELL WHAT HAPPENED WAS Wendy, as frustrated, hubby Trevor was still away in the Alaskan oil field, no doubt freezing the assets of some small oil company, found she was frustrated again, it didn’t take much, as she said to me the other day; I’m a classy woman outside of the bedroom…but once I let go I can be a very classy slut—no one would ever think I do things like this! Trevor had kept in touch saying the job was going to be longer and slower than he had expected, but that`s not the same as being long slow and in Wendy.She had had a wonderful weekend, a distant sensuous memory now, a month in the past and during which she had taken the virginity of three young men in a weekend. Two of the lads had been well endowed young black-bucks, and her taste buds told her size and color would be a factor as she needed sex once more and she having a taste for it soon.She gave it some thought as she laid abed her vibe buzzing and her fingers playing with her. She reasoned that a grateful young energetic and eager colored male would fit the bill nicely and there must be some lad`s who fitted that bill in the local downtown ghetto.The buzzing vibe was just getting to her as it died, she leapt up with a very unladylike oath, searched for a spare battery, failed to find one and slumped back on the bed in a more frustrated mood than ever.She scrabbled in her nightstand, in a mood now, her wet pussy begging her release, she seized on the balls, benwa they call them, two conjoined balls with weights inside. She peered at them they were the only things sexual up here in the bedroom, them and that flat useless vibe! She thought of her stash of toys way down in the laundry room, but knew Stella the housemaid would be cleaning downstairs so was not inclined to rush through the house desperately searching for batteries or toys without dressing and she was too near cumming for spoiling the moment.She mentally cursed Trevor, never at home and wedded to his job, she did the same for the big black eunuch of a gardener, Sebastian by name, who had been engaged by Trevor as “he was no threat to her being religious” (and Trevor knew ball-less Seb having lost them in an oil-field accident!) She knew she would get no help there, her writer was a million miles away, and though willing was way out of reach, and her only men friends were husbands of her women friends, or friends on hamster both of which were just too risky. Nope the only thing left was either her clients (she still did consultations for the local college) which was both unprofessional and again risky, or to go find a lad from the ghetto, energetic lusty and desperate for sex, and though you ran the risk of an STD, it was a minimal risk if condom’s were used.Yes, there was always dick available for a white woman there if she was discrete. She showered then began to dress, the climax not forgotten but postponed, but she would call at the store for batteries, before she returned, with or without a young dick.Now what to wear, it had to be sexy or she would get nowhere, easy opened it paying to advertise, thinking she could then flash tits or fanny, but it needed to be casual in case she met an acquaintance or there was a problem. She toyed with a track-suit, checked out a skirt and blouse combo, a trouser suit, even a business suit, but each went back on the rack in the walk in wardrobe with a shake of the head.She settled on a blue patterned button fronted sun dress, under which she put on her soft and comfortable electric blue platform bra, her matching tiny girdle to hold up the tan stockings, lovingly smoothed up her shapely legs, and a tiny pair of panties, behind which as an after-thought she slipped the benwa balls then smiled to herself as they began to pulsate their message with every slight move.She looked at herself in the mirror 34c-29-35, not bad for a 52 year old, she did her hair, then tripped off down to see what Stella was doing and to ensure she was happy, then to the kitchen for a bite to eat, the balls beating a tattoo as she descended the long staircase, and strode the corridors.Eying the kitchen table and thinking what would Trevor, or for that matter Stella, say about what she had let numerous lads over the years, do to her on that same table.That brought on a smile, memories of that last weekend of sex and debauchery!I took a conscious effort to keep her hand from her sex to quench the high need that first her celibate life since the trio, then the vibe and now the balls was creating, but she resisted knowing how the climax, when she finally allowed it, would be so much more huge.Muesli and coffee, taken she found Stella and said she was “off to town for some supplies,“ the cleaner saying “OK mam” and that she “would let herself out as usual on her finish at one.”She exited into the garage, decided on the van rather than her open top car, and waiting for the garage door to open she started up and set off. The vibrations as she passed over the cattle grid at the gate, and the cobbles as she entered the supermarket car park were something else, those balls bringing her to the boil and needing her to sit for a while to recuperate before shopping.She bought a big box of batteries, and one box of each size of condom, some tissues, a coke and super size pack of sweets, paying on her card at the auto checkout to save any embarrassment about the condoms. Luckily bagging the items swiftly just before Millicent McDonald who was a neighbor swept up to chat as neighbors are prone to do in a supermarket. They chatted for a while even having coffee together in the small in store cafe, Wendy being at pains not to open her shopping bag and praying the boxes of condoms could not be read through the pattern of the plastic shopping bags.Finally they parted and she was alone in the van once more behind the tinted windows, out of the sun and the bahis firmaları view of prying eyes.Checking the time she slid into the traffic; then set course for the area known as `Harlem’ by the locals, it`s not the official name but it summed up the slum as well as any other name.She passed over the railroad, the balls shaking themselves into action again as she passed over the rails, it was like crossing the equator as to the areas of wealth and poverty.The `Harlem’ area was run down, tall blocks of elderly red brick apartments adorned with steel fire escapes prominent at the front of each landing and trash cans in the dusty streets. Folk predominantly black, sat on wide front steps taking the sun, it being free, mostly old men and a few women some with babies, while k**s, mostly girls skipped and played ball. Music blared and as an old car or two lay quietly disintegrating at the curb-side one man slowly pushed a broom over the stones.The place spoke of hard times, little work and less money, cramped conditions and sheer poverty, a total contrast to her recently left side of the tracks.She knew where the ball park was, and that`s where the boys hung out so she drove slowly on, dust eddying behind the van on the hot road, causing the lethargic sitters outside on their steps to glance up in indifference and lethargy.She stopped at the basket ball court, the one amenity the stingy council had provided for these folk, it had been a successful amenity, built in the hope of distracting the boys from their usual pattern of boredom crime.The lads had built up their own basket ball league and had a team or two, which if there is not a lot to do was a distraction, attracted the majority of the lads in the area.She parked at the high wire fence between two blocks of bleachers and sat calming herself and watching the play. It was stuffy in the van despite the air conditioning and anyway she knew she could not be seen through the tinted glass so she opened first the dress top then her windows.A bunch of lads sat at the bleachers to her right, they were absorbed in the game, though most glanced idly, at the intruder in the van checked it was a presentable white woman then had a second take.One of the cheekier lads shouted down “hey lady come and join us if your wanting to watch us fit black boys paying ball” the group laughed surprised at his bravado, Wendy got out fetched the bag of sweets and the coke then climbed up and sat down right next to the shouter.He went quiet as to his immense surprise she took her seat and he found himself sitting eyeing her well dressed shapely if middle aged body. Then he stuck his hand out offering to shake her paw. “Leroy Jones mam, and these are my friends, and he then reeled off the names of the bunch like he was a machine gun, she took in only the last one which was Teddy, she thought fittest of the pack, nodded a hallow, and took a drink of the coke!She offered round the sweets which were gratefully accepted and remarked “it was a hot day” before undoing another button on the dress and opening her knees giving Teddy and the lads sat below her a quick view of her stocking legs and a hint of electric blue.The home team scored and the lads led by Leroy, raised a cheer, Teddy and Leroy being perhaps a year or two older than the rest, they were the obvious leaders of the pack.Teddy asking if she was a talent scout to which she with a smile she said she was “but not for basket ball,” and into his eye came a glint of lust and understanding as she smiled at him in a way that gave conformation of her mission.This situation went on for a while, the home team obviously way better than the rest the score became rather one sided. Not that she was interested, as Teddy had worked out her mission and was paying as much attention to her as to the game now. Leroy had not got the least inkling yet as to her reason for attending the game and continued to clap and cheer, backed by the rest of the lads in the bunch. So with Teddies eye contact, and a nod at the van, she stood said she was having to go now and started to go down the few steps. Teddy rose and offering her, his own hand, and shouting above the clamor of another basket scored that he would be back later, while holding her door on the van like a gentleman.He was in the passenger seat in a second and before Leroy knew what was happening they were off.She raised the windows to keep out the dust, and they cruised back past the still sitting folk, and over the tracks, not a word had been said between them till she gave a little moan as the balls did remind her of their presence, he looked at her quizzically and to hide her embarrassment she smiled and said “she would soon need another seat on this van she could feel the springs.” To which he offered to rub it better later and she smiled muttering “I bet you will!”Once clear of the town center she stopped the van in the lay bye, and turned to the lad, “Now buddy, let`s get thing sorted,” she said, “first how old are you?”“17 mam” he said respectfully.“And still a virgin?” This said with a smile.“Your joking lady I lost that, years ago”“You got any medical problems?”“No mam, I am clean!”“And can you keep your trap shut?”“Yes mam”“Fine, my name is Wendy and I`m going to screw you till you cry uncle this afternoon!”He smiled at that then with a shake of the head said, “You don’t say mam, well mam, we may need all night and some as well for that”“Its Wendy to you and wont your family miss you?”“No mam not till tomorrow perhaps, if at all.”“Ok anything you won`t do, before we get to my place Teddy?”Yes mam, um Wendy, I don’t do s**t, not even for a nice piece, like you!”“Good thing, neither do I and I can`t stand my arse touched either just so you know, so think on young man. Now, on with this blindfold and we will go and play”He slipped on the proffered blindfold and as they set off he asked, “No old kaçak iddaa man then?”She said he was away “but with his temper better they never met”, so Teddy replied emphatically “Yes mam!”It was a load of bull but she felt a bit safer if he thought Trevor was a quarter back with a temper.She drove the long way round to confuse him and finally shuddered over the cattle grid with Wendy bitting her lip as the balls vibrated violently.She parked in the garage, backing in and then closing the door electrically before she led the still blindfolded lad carefully into the house, where she took the thing from his eyes.He gawped about the bright light hard on his eyes, the kitchen bright lit and bigger than any home room he had ever seen, his own home a pokey place in the brownstone blocks they had past shared with his mom and four other k**s.He asked if she had a big family to warrant this size kitchen and was surprised at her silver laughter as she said no there were only hubby and her. She poured him coffee, him still amazed at the sheer decadence of the home, then she led him to the patio, where he sat at the table, open mouthed at the size of the garden and the pool.“Would you like to swim Teddy?” she asked, but he shook his head saying he never learnt.“Well that`s just leaving fucking then, are you any good as a stud?”“Complaints have been few, lady!” he growled so she said for him “to give her a moment then she would see how good she thought he was!”She went off to the toilet, not to use the facilities though she did, but more to retrieve the balls!A good wipe of the wet bit, quick spray of the deodorant, and ready to fuck she appeared beside the table again in just a few seconds.“Wendy mam can we fuck out here first please, I just love it here.”She shrugged then as he rose to his feet she kissed him, and the game was on.Tongues entwined, lips crushed, hands roamed on backs, the time for talking over. His hands groped at her breasts, squeezing, caressing, exploring. Her`s in turn tracing first his butt, then his bulge, impressed by the package on offer.Buttons began to fly, lips still together, her soon in her electric blue bra, blouse forgotten on the floor, hot fingers tore at his shirt, it too soon on the floor, his muscled top half fit and lean, the product of his upbringing, street wise and with a fat free diet.Her eyes ran over him, the lips temporarily parted. He released the bra and she shucked it off her breasts to his joy shaking as she did, in a most provoking way. She was he mused in better shape than he had expected, in his experience most white women after a stud being in their 30’s, or the older like this one, but shriveled, slack titted and just in need. He had never refused any of them, sorry for the old ones and enjoying the younger ones like any young stud would. The blue bra lay on his shirt, unnecessary rags in an interracial tryst.Her hands flashed to the skirt waistband his to his trouser belt in an unspoken understanding of their needs. He quickly bending, to remove his shoes socks and the jeans from his feet, her just dropping the skirt and stepping out daintily. Arms again entwined, the electric blue panties contrasting against her pale skin tone perfectly, his eyes big brown saucers as he appraised her smooth body, the hose held up by the tiny thin straps and clips flexing with every move against her white legs.He knelt down kissing at her belly then the rim of the panties, she holding his head with both hands, she knew at that moment that she had picked the right lad from the crowd.His hands caressed the cheeks of her silk covered butt, his tongue slithering over the blue satin in a most satisfying way, seeking the sexual valley, damp though it inevitably was, taking its time, using the sensation of satin on soft lips, seeking the taste of her womanhood. She groaned, he semi stood swung her masterfully to the table end and allowed her to rest back for its support.She placed her elbows on the hard wooden surface, coffee cups flew as she leant back letting her body silently tell him know he was in charge, she was his, raising her hips for him to ease the tiny wisp’s of satin away down the long nylon clad slippery legs and away to oblivion.Her now revealed sex, emitting a faint scent of woman, mixed with the recently added deodorant, it drove him wild, his prick tenting the white boxers in an amazing display of male prowess, not that she could see it her eyes shut tight taken with this moment of lust as his tongue touched her skin once again and probed for her clitoris.Like an electric shock the contact was made, her hands clasped at his head one over each ear, his dark tight curls under her thumbs, as the tongue began its dance, she began to moan once again, long hard groans of pleasure, head writhing from one side to another a look of sublime enjoyment printed on her flushed face, as her breathing quickened.They both knew instinctively she was about to have the first orgasm of their time together, it was to be the first of countless more though she didn’t know it.Suddenly it was on her, gasping “yes, Yes, Yes,” she began to experience the usual climactic symptoms, they had been together sexually less than ten minutes and she was there, she knew the afternoon would be a high spot now as she gasped, she grunted and she groaned while he kept relentlessly tonguing sending her higher and higher into ecstasy-land.Suddenly he stopped, and she lay remaining eyes closed, coming down from the wondrous high, he sat at one of the seats, smiling and waiting her return.Finally she opened her eyes, smiling up at him and hearing him say “that`s one to me lady!”She laughed then grinning replied “yeh, but that`s what your here for! She then sat up took his hand and leaving the clothes s**ttered as they were, went through the house and up the stairs to her room.He shook his head remarking on the sheer size and kaçak bahis opulence of the place, carpets deep and lush under his bare feet, soft lights, polished furniture, and a marked contrast to the home he knew. Her room a palace, to his shared room, a super king size bed, en suit bathroom, shower, walk in wardrobe, it reeked of money and white man`s money at that.They again welded their lips together, before she slid down his boxers, the thickest longest tool she had seen for a while sprang into sight, her gaze fixed itself on the giant then she fell to her knees and greedily gobbled the huge foreskin into her hot mouth.He laughed, then commented that “all the white women do that, it`s so they can mentally avoid having teddy`s one eyed monster in their bodies, most of the black wenches just take it as normal, but you whites are just not used to a real cock.”She looked up and asked of its size, and he proudly said “11 inches root to tip and thick as a baby`s arm and you mam, are going to wonder about the wisdom of collecting this young stud before this day is over.” He hauled her to her feet as if she was a featherweight and swung her onto the bed.He pushed her legs apart then again started with that prehensile tongue wrapping itself around her clit, probing her wet and getting wetter channel, and nibbling at her lips in a way she felt was irresistible.She knew she was as wet as she would ever be, so she hauled at his ears as if to ask him to cover her body. She knew this would hurt her but she at that second did not care, he could pierce her inner organs with that huge prick and she would not have cared. She had to have it all of it and now!He hovered himself over the woman, the tip of the long black truncheon just wetly touching her lips. She fixed him with her eye and whispered “please” and he began his decent, an inch two, three, her legs spreading to her best ability, the terrible phallus began to stretch the woman more than she ever remembered,She whimpered, biting her lip as he added slowly oh so slowly to her pain , 5,6,7 inches, her legs felt like they were dislocating, her cunt yes her whoreish cunt stretching like never before he was so thick. The pain now out of the scale, as this thing invaded her body, inhuman gigantic it was like a live a****l, stretching her, going deeper every second, deeper than ever before, god could there be more, could she take more 10, 10½, 11, she was near to passing out but still his big brown eyes smiled down at her taunting her teasing her to scream, call for mercy, beg him to remove it, but she was defiant his weight now on her fully pubic bones mashing together.He waited a while, then began to withdraw, teasingly slow the great piston slid back, then began its inward run again, slowly oh so slowly again, and then again, each stroke a little longer, each stroke a touch faster, she felt like a rag doll, the piston hit her cervix for the first time on the fourth stroke, speed picking up, she could feel her body bruising inside, thrust bump thrust bump each stroke now hitting home like a hammer in her guts, he had the movement of a huge steam engine, she knew he was way bigger than anything she had endured before.She was however, loving every moment of the assault, never had she felt so used so completely full so massively charged with sexual emotion. He was ramming himself home now desperate to have her cry out and ask him to stop, it was a matter of pride, few white women could take him and if they did a few strokes had always been enough!This woman, this Wendy, this white bitch was taking him and though not with ease she was going to stick it to the bitter end if it killed her.He tried to up his game harder and harder thrusts, but he had no more to give, there was no more speed to his hips, no steam to his piston, and with a cry he began to fill her body with the seed she so craved, pulse after pulse squirt after squirt, his hips forward his tool hard against her guts each glob of his hot white cream pulsing into her like grease from a gun.She began to scream as she felt his last thrust holding itself against the end wall of her sex, the seed hot and potent as it pushed itself from his tool and spewed into her in a torrent, she climaxed again, and again each time harder and more intense. They clung together her nails digging into his shoulders as she screamed her way to oblivion.She came too to find him still embedded, still on her chest still kissing he, she had only been gone milliseconds but she knew he was not to be denied as again he began to move, slowly so slowly once more, she hissed at him “do your worst Teddy you know I`m not beaten yet” and again as she floated away she repeated, “I am not beaten yet!” he smiled as she again returned, by now he was in his stride once more, bump, bump, bump, bump, regular consistent steady, her bruised interior aching and painful now but she was determined not to be first to say stop. Bump, Bump, Bump she began to scream again and again he began that hard last thrust. His climax triggered by her scream her belly filled with his seed once more, it was just sublime, painful, climatic and wonderful all rolled into one, she again made it over the top, her fingers in danger of breaking into his fleshy shoulders, as she gripped him while her frenzy gripped her once again. Desperately she clutched at her consciousness, and managed it, but only just. He collapsed onto her like a spent force, so she rolled him onto his side; the monster tool slowly tore itself from her body, it was painful progress, aided by the thing losing its stiffness if not its girth.She staggered from the bed and too the bidet where she sat slowly draining herself of his seed, desperate to regain her breath, and regain her sanity.She returned after the water jet had done its duty, drying her sex on the towel, and then returning to her man, who lay a spent force, snoring. Her belly felt bruised inside and she could hardly walk for the soreness, but she put on a brave face and her track suit, then called him saying perhaps that`s one all Teddy boy shall I take you home !

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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