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Welcome Home!You open the door and I push you through, making your stumble..I spin you around and push you up against the wall. One hand holds you there by your throat, the other tears your blouse open sending buttons raining to the floor.I push my mouth against yours and push my tongue in to your mouth, your eyes are wide and startled.I look down at your breast covered by a lacy white bra. It has to go. I force it up, over your fat tits. Your nipples are already growing erect and I start to pinch them making you moan in pleasure and pain.With my hand still round your neck, I lower my mouth and suck as much of your boob in to my mouth as I can, while I undo my trousers and free my hard fat cock.Once it is loose, I kick your legs apart, flip your skirt up and drive my dick inside your wet, bald cunt, balls deep with one trust, opening you up and making you groan.I look in your eyes and say”Now i am going to fuck you like the worthless fucking cum whore you are my Candy slut”.I hammer my cock in and out of you listening to the wet squelch of your cunt as I sink myself in to you.I pull your leg up from the ground, so you are off balance, causing you to “fall” on to my dick, slamming it home, deep inside you.I finally release your throat, but only so I can start to **** your arse hole with my fingers..I bring my hand to your mouth to make you taste yourself and you try to turn your head away.Stupid whore. You should know by now I will get whatever I want.I push myself right inside you and reach up and grab your face, forcing you to turn and face me.”You will suck my fingers that have been deep in your arse slut. And when my cock goes there kütahya escort later you will suck that too, so you had best get used to it.”I squeeze your face and your mouth opens enough for me to push my fingers in. The way your tongue dances around them makes me smile.Time for my cock to take a new hole slut…I pull out of you and let you fall to your knees in front of me.The position suits you slut.I step forward so my throbbing cock, glistening with the juices of your cunt, is thrust in your face.”Open you mouth and suck my dick slut” I demand.You are too slow to respond for my liking..I grab hold of your hair and lift you up, so the weight is off your knees and slap you twice around the face. Hard enough to leave a mark and to hurt you a bit. You scream in surprise and pain. Your nipples get even harder in response. Dirty fucking slut.”You suck my cock when I say slut, not when you are ready!”I drop you back to the floor.”Now suck my fucking cock bitch.”You practically dive forward this time, with your mouth open and begin to give me one of the best blow jobs I have ever had. you use your mouth to fuck my cock, letting me slip in to your throat, not stopping even if you gag and spit.What a good little cock sucking fuck whore you are..I leave you to it for a while, then take control, taking hold of both sides of your head and drilling my dick in to your throat and holding it there while you fight for breath.Even as you seem to get close to passing out with my dick stuffed in your throat, coughing and sputtering and fighting for air your tongue never stops moving and pleasuring me.You were born to suck cock slut.I escort kütahya pull out, let you catch your breath then settle in to a good old fashioned face fucking, driving myself all the way in and out of your mouth. I would be quite happy to cum right now, but I have one more hole to experience first slut.And I want that to last, so I need to take the edge off.I pull out of your mouth and push your head down till my balls are against your mouth. You take the hint and begin to lick them, before taking them in your mouth one at a time and sucking and licking for all you are worth.Its very good, but you need to know just how in control i am. So I push your head further down till you are at my arse hole.Again you take the hint, but not quite so keenly this time. Your tongue tickles but does not enter.I pull you back and growl at you”Slut, pull my cheeks apart and work that slutty tongue right up my bum.”You do as you are told and your tongue goes deep in to my arse.Its very good. I wonder if your going to enjoy having my dick forced in to your arse as much as I enjoy having your tongue in mine.I pull you away from my arse – and I do have to pull. It seems you like being an arse licking slut, dirty little fuck whore that you are.I shove you in to your lounge and force you to bend over the arm of your sofa.I grab your left arm and pin it behind your back, forcing you down so you face is pushed in to the seat and your arse is high in the air.I deliver two quick, hard blows to your bum, one to each cheek to let you know once again who is in charge and that you are my fuck toy to do with as i will, before forcing your legs kütahya escort bayan apart to expose you beautifully.Still holding your arm I lower my head to taste your sweet cunt, licking you from clit to arsehole and back again. Lightly, gently,teasing you, showing you how it could be if you meant something to me other than a hole to dump my cum in to.I wait until you are panting and trying to push back against my tongue, nearing orgasm, before I stand back up and force my cock up your arse.You scream and I push your head in to the sofa to muffle your cries. You beg me to be gentle but I ignore you and fuck your arse hole like I hate it. In and out, harder and harder, faster and faster.You screams slowly turn in to moans of pleasure and you start pushing back against me.”You dirty fucking cum bucket. What a slut you are. I am r****g your arse and you are going to cum. What a cheap worthless whore you are” I whisper in your ear as my dick continues to invade your arse.I move your legs so you are now straddling the arm of the chair and continue to pound your arse. But now every stroke inwards means your clit is pushed against the sofa and it doesn’t take long for you to start screaming again, but this time as you cum.I can feel your arsehole spamming around my dick as I fuck you through your first cum and in to your second and then your third.I can’t hold on any longer and pull out of your arse. I know you want my cum in your cunt. So I pull you to your knees and make you face me.”Open your mouth whore” I say as I start to fire ropes of hot sticky cum over your face and tits before sinking my dick down your throat to have you clean me off.As you choke and gag on my dick and cum I say ” Well whore, if you want my cum in your cunt, I guess you are going to have to get me hard again”You moan around my cock and your tongue starts to move faster and you suck harder.What a good little slut you are

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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