Weekend with Mom

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“Go ahead and set down the bags Ethan.” My mother Jackie said, “Isn’t this lovely?” I looked around the bright hotel room we were staying at for the weekend. Ahem had been invited to speak at an author convention. Her book had just been become the year’s bestseller.

“Yeah mom.” I replied, “It’s great.” She nodded silently and looked around. It was obvious things weren’t perfect. Things hadn’t been perfect and from the looks of things, they would never be perfect again.

It had been almost 4 months ago. My parent’s 25 year anniversary. Mom was dressed fancy and everything seemed just right. I had just entered my senior year of high school and was looking for colleges to attend. Then Dad dropped the bomb on us. He was leaving Mom for some 20-something “model” he had been cheating on Mom with for almost a year.

Mom stayed almost completely silent throughout the divorce process. Susannah, my father’s wife had repeatedly asked us to visit but we never complied. I never accepted calls or texts from that bastard. Not after what he did. Mom and I had each other. And unlike my father, I swore I’d never abandon her.

“Ethan?” Mom called, snapping me out of my rage, “You might want to see this.” I entered the adjoining part of the room, finding that there was only one bed. “I’ve called the front desk. No more rooms are available.” I nodded understandably.

“It’s fine Mom.” I said, “The room is great anyway. I’ll just sleep on the couch.” She shook her head. “Absolutely not. That couch is too hard. We’ll make do.” After we go to settled, Mom went to scope out the convention center where she was to speak.

Alone, I got the remote and flipped around on the tv. Finding nothing of interest, I just looked around my laptop. Images of my mother passed through my mind. I jerked faster. I remembered the night my dad left.

She called me to her room and we just held each through the night, as if letting each other know that we still had each other. She was so warm, her 36I boobs in her sheer top squished against me. I had never felt as good as I had that night, Mom nestled in my arms, her gorgeous breasts rising and falling softly in time with her breathing.

After I was sure she was asleep, I slowly lowered my pants, exposing my painfully hard erection. Her gorgeous breasts threatened to pop from her nightie and I went even faster, moaning into my pillow as I came in thick numerous splurts.

I lay back a few minutes, recovering my from my brutal orgasm. I was covered in cum on my chest and thighs and even some had blasted on the wall. After I took a shower, I cleaned up. However, strangely, it seemed there was less cum than had been there when I left. Mom slept soundly on her side and I lay next to her, falling asleep to her warmth.

– –

The next morning, I played the video games I had brought along but images of Mom kept playing through my head. Soon, I was going to town of my cock laying back on the bed. Hearing Mom fiddling with the door, I hastily pulled up my pants.

“How was your meeting?” I asked, trying not to gawk at how amazing she looked in her business suit. Her boobs were held firmly in her specially made bra.

“Oh it was perfect.” She said. She checked her watch and smiled broadly. “Guess what Ethan,” she said excitedly, “The hotel is having a concerto this evening and I made us reservations.” I immediately sighed.

Mom loved classical music. I on the hand could take it or leave it. However, I saw the sadness in her eyes. “Oh,” she said, “I just thought… it could be something to do…” I sighed again.

“Alright Mom” I consented, “I’ll go with you.”

She squealed and pulled me in for a tight hug. The sweet smell of her perfume seemed to calm me and she ordered me a tuxedo from a nearby shop. I liked seeing her happy again, full of the energy and life I hadn’t seen in her since Dad left.

– –

When I returned from the tuxedo shop, Mom was in the bathroom getting ready. As I stripped to my boxers, she came out and I nearly fell over. My usually buttoned-up, hair in a bun mother was arrayed in a dazzling gold dress with her auburn hair past her shoulders. The front of the dress ran down her cleavage just barely holding the beautiful masses on each side.

“What do you think?” She asked playfully to my stunned reaction.

“You… um…” I stammered, “You look beautiful.” She smiled as I finished putting on my tux. The zipper got stuck and I tried to force it up but she came over to help.

Realizing my beautiful mother had her soft hands so close to my crotch was enticing. Twice she moved over my hard-on and I twitched but thankfully she didn’t notice. As we rode the elevator downstairs, it suddenly lurched and Mom fell over into my arms.

For a few seconds, we gazed into each other’s eyes and seemed to draw closer to each other’s as the doors opened to the wide luxurious ballroom. After a few hours of Mozart and Chopin, I had to stand up. However, some others thought I Kıbrıs Escort was about to dance and Mom pulled me onto the floor.

As we danced, I couldn’t get over how beautiful she looked, her head laying against my chest as we swayed gently along with the couples. She smelled so good and she felt so warm against me as her hands rubbed up my arms. As the last song ended, we looked into each other’s eyes again.

It seemed unreal as our mouths met, her soft lips pressing fervently to mine. The kiss was long and sweet, our tongues colliding together. As the last chord was struck, the other attendees exploded into applause, snapping us from our kiss. Mom looked shocked and she suddenly pulled away and smoothed her dress.

The rest of the night was silent and awkward as I and Mom basically avoided each other. The next morning, I awoke to find Mom gone and note saying she had gone to check out the beach. As I showered, the events of the previous night ran through my mind.

When I finished Mom returned and I nearly fell over. She had on a hot orange bikini which tops were nearly swallowed by her soft orbs. She stood contemplating her words and I sat, knowing it would be serious.

Sitting beside me, she held my hand. “Ok…” she said, collecting her thoughts, “About yesterday…”

I nodded. “I know Mom.” I said, keeping my eyes down, “It was completely my fault and it was wrong. I’m sorry I kissed you.”

She lovingly rubbed my back. “It’s not that baby. I know you have urges. And… I admit have some blame. It’s been so long since a man has… shown he loved me…”

I turned to look in her eyes, which wasn’t easy since her beautiful breasts were just a few inches from me. “I… felt so jealous and… unloved when your father left with that dirty whore.” Mom said angrily, “I would see couples walk past me and mummy friends telling me about their happy marriages. I felt so alone.”

I kept listening. “I’d see you leave with your girlfriends each day. You’d come back home, angry over how they would leave you for some other boy. I always wanted to help you in some way. But I never knew how. That is… until yesterday…” she rubbed the bulge in my boxers.

I tensed as she squeezed my cock. “I had felt your attraction to me since you were little. But yesterday, I could see that fat cock straining to break through your boxers when I showed you my dress. And I think…” she said, untying her bra, “We should express how we feel.”

I watched as the soft huge masses came into view. My dick twitched as she ran her soft leg up my thigh. “Do you… want to touch me baby?” I hesitated but moved my hand up her toned smooth leg and she moaned as she traced her fingers through my hair.

I felt the wetness in her panties as I brushed my fingers over her spot and she moaned again. I moved the panties over and pushed a finger inside, amazed at how tight it was. Her wet pussy clenched my fingers and she groaned loudly, tracing around her right tit.

I wrapped my mouth around the left tit, sucking and flicking it with my tongue. She cried out as she came, her juices surging over my hand. We kissed madly and soon we were on the bed, Mom stripping off my clothes and smiling widely as my cock came fully into view.

“You want Mommy to help you with this baby?” She asked in a gentle voice, slowly stroking it. I moaned at her warm touch as she fondled my balls. “Oh my god!” She exclaimed, “When was the last time you drained these?”

“Just this morning.” I replied as she began to stroke me.

“Looks like you’ll need some serious help…” Mom said as she slowly brought her mouth over my knob. It was so arousing, I began to cum just as soon as her lips made contact.

“Wow…” Mom said as my cum dripped from her chin, “It tastes just as good as the night we got here… all that thick cream she blew out while staring at me while I slept.”

She gave a swirling lick around my head before taking me in again. The lips that had kissed me goodnight all through my childhood were really sucking my cock.

I began to pump my shaft down her throat. Though I expected her to gag but she took all my length expertly, pulling her mouth back to my head before slurping back down to my base. Her large full breasts bounced quickly as she deepthroated my thick shaft.

“Fuck!” I yelled holding her head to my groin as I gushed at least 6 shots down her throat. She pulled off and licked the cum dribbling down my shaft before giving a final suck to my balls.

I pushed her back, my dick aching for me. She watched me with her beautiful eyes as I slowly lowered her panties, exposing her beautiful pink pussy, her folds already wet with lust. “Eat my pussy baby,” she pleaded as she ran her fingers through

my hair, “Please.”

I traced my tongue along the outer lips, just barely inserting my tongue before I licked along her whole sweet cunt. She moaned as I began to rub her with two fingers and then began to go in slow circles with my tongue.

She Magosa Escort moaned loudly, gradually increasing in volume as I went faster. Taking her clit between my lips, I applied a small amount of pressure and she arched her back, allowed to squeeze her juicy ass. She curled her toes and dug her fingers into the sheets as she came, crying out as her juices flowed from her orgasm.

We kissed passionately, feeling all over one another. I groped her soft breasts while she reached between us and began to stroke my cock in small circles. She lay on her back, her hand still holding my shaft tightly. “I want you inside me,” she said, “right now.”

I positioned myself between her legs, feeling the heat of her pussy on my dick. I took a deep breath and began to push inside, my balls soon against her ass. She ran her hands up my arms and up my chest, pulling me down for a hot kiss as I began to thrust inside her.

“Fuck this!” Mom said suddenly, “Don’t make love to me. Fuck me!” I lost all the gentleness. I began to pound harder than ever, cupping her huge tits as they bounced wildly in pace with my vigorous fucking.

“Oh fuck yes!” She screamed, keeping eye contact with me as she rubbed her clit. Mom loved as I fucked her deep and hard, letting out encouraging moans as our bodies slapped together. I raised her legs and began to fuck her even harder.

“Yes!” Mom screamed as she dug her nails into the mattress, “Give me all that fat cock!” I fed her pussy with the hardest and longest thrusts I could muster, not letting go of her tits. She began to spasm and her pussy tightened. “I’m cumming baby!” Mom yelled as her juices flowed over my cock and down my balls.

I refused to slow down, fucking into another orgasm. I took her tit in my mouth, flicking it with my tongue, fucking her as hard as I could. “Yes Ethan! Suck my tits!” she pleaded while my balls were slapping her.

She pushed me onto my back and kissed me, filled with lust. I groped her boobs as she mounted my throbbing shaft. I watched the beautiful sight of my dick disappearing into her smooth pussy and the look of intense sexual driven pleasure on her face.

“Fuck!” Mom cried loudly once I grabbed her hips and pulled her down full you onto my cock. She kissed me again as I rubbed her ass, her tits squished between us. She began to bounce unusually fast, her ass slapping down onto my thighs.

We both moaned as she rode high up enough to nearly let me fall out of her before falling back onto my balls. I moaned as she held onto my chest, her arms squeezing her huge melons outward. I instantly held onto them and she moaned even louder, her head lay back as she began to cry out.

“Yes! Oh fucking shit!!” Mom cried out, “Let’s see that artificial hussy take a cock even near this size! God knows your father doesn’t even come close!” I gripped her ass as she continued to rant but as I began to match her thrusts, she screamed the heavens, squeezing my pole with her pussy muscles.

It was amazing seeing her tight mature cunt wrapped around my shaft, her juices having made my sack glisten. “Oh fuck!” Mom screamed, “If I had known you had this fat monster earlier, I would’ve fucked you a whole lot sooner!”

I bit down on her right nipple as she began to cum again. She rolled her hips and began to bounced faster, our sweaty bodies clashing in heat. We kissed as we continued to force ourselves against each other, our tongues exploring every inch of the other’s mouths.

“Fuck do you hung bastard!” she ordered, “fuck me good!” Leaving my cock buried inside of her, I pushed her into her back and began thrusting like my life depended on it. “Fuck me Ethan!” Mom pleaded, “Keep going!”

I didn’t have to be told twice as I held onto edge of the bed and watched as my cock pounded into her cunt. She could tell I couldn’t last much longer and she lovingly touched my face. “I want your cum in me baby. All your hot spunk.”

I could barely see because it felt so good. “B-but what if y-you get pregnant?” I asked as I began to slow down.

She wrapped her legs she around me and said, “Then that’s a sign of our love.” she said, moving me inside her, “wouldn’t you like to see your busty mom big and full of your baby?”

I smiled and began to fuck her faster, my balls clenching and tightening with every desperate thrust. We were both moaning and yelling loudly, the bed threatening to tear right through the wall.

Next, she furiously pushed my cock into herself while I held firmly onto her shaking orbs. My cock went deeper and deeper into her tight hole and she cried for more. We kissed nonstop, enjoying the pleasure we brought each other. I mauled at her left tit as she bounced hard on my cock, fitting all of it inside her.

I always figured she would’ve been having an affair. She was gorgeous and every guy at her office lusted after her. She was brilliant at fucking, rapidly building speed and slamming her tight cunt back down onto me. “Do you like that Ethan? Your Mom enjoying Girne Escort your cock in her pussy?”

I groaned an agreement and she went faster. Her massive rack jiggled uncontrollably as she came, waves of cum washing over my cock. “I can’t believe I’m finally fucking you!” I exclaimed and she laughed.

“I’ve always wanted you to know how much I care about you Ethan.” Mom replied as I squeezed her orbs, “Now this is the best way I know how.”

I and my Mom had spent years in sexual tension. Now we were finally doing it, together the way it should be. She flipped onto her side and I rubbed my cock on her folds, collecting the sweet juices. I then rammed into her ass and she screamed.

“Oh yes Ethan!” She begged, “Fuck me!” I gleefully fucked my well developed Mom and we kissed passionately, our hormone drenched bodies forcing us to keep going despite the feelings of wrong. We ignored them and fucked even harder, kissing and licking each other all over.

“Oh god! Oh fucking god!” She cried loudly, “I’m cumming!” She pulled down onto her and I went faster, having her spray her juices onto my sheets. I pounded even harder inside her as we kissed and she screamed into my mouth. I slurped and slobbered on her huge boobs as came yet again.

For 3 hours, we fucked brutally with both trying to make each other cum. Again, we looked into each other’s eyes as we kissed, feeling the world was moving around us and our sexual adventure. My cock slammed hard into her pussy and she tightened as she held me close.

She kept moaning as I reached where her former boyfriends hadn’t. “Oh shit! Oh fuck!” She screamed as she wrapped her legs around me. She came hard again pushing her pussy against me. I planted my arms above her head and started driving in even harder.

She raised her legs for me and allowed me to get in even deeper until I was balls deep. “Oh Ethan!” She screamed, “Your deeper than anyone has ever been!” I excitedly pounded harder, her masses bouncing wildly. She then wanted to do it doggystyle.

Getting behind her, I roughly pushed into her anal cavity, grabbing onto her tits. “Oh Mom,” I moaned, “It feels so good!” She moaned an agreement and threw her tight ass back against, slamming into my aching balls.

I moaned as I drilled into her, wrapping her long hair in my hand while I slapped her soft ass. “Oh yeah!” she yelled, “Fuck my ass!” I was fucking her rougher and rougher, her soft butt slamming against my balls. We were like animals, releasing beastly grunts each time we made contact.

I threw her onto her back and swiftly rubbed my cock onto her pussy. She squealed in delight and we kissed again as I entered her. We moaned as her walls closed around my cock, coating it with her juices.

Every movement I made, I needed more of her and we kept kissing and sucking on each other, leaving hickeys but we didn’t slow down. My cock slammed into her womb each time and she clawed my back yelling, “Fuck me Ethan! Fuck me harder!”

I went as hard as I possibly could, her juices seeping from her pussy onto the bed. “Yes son!” She pleaded as I groped her beautiful soft boobs and plunged m deeper into her. “Ah!!” She screamed as she began cum. “No one fucks like you little Ethan! No one!”

She bombarded me with a string of dirty talk and I could feel myself about to cum. “Ohhh yes!!” I cried as I held onto her tits and slammed hard against her. We kissed madly. She then gave me an amazing titjob. Then she blew me off and rode me in reverse cowgirl while sucking on her own tits.

I was back to fucking her pussy and asked “Am I better than Dad?”

“Oh fuck!” She moaned, “Much better. He has to pull out 6 times every 5 minutes.” I started fucking her harder and thumbing her clit and she begged for it even more.

I held her legs above my head and pounded furiously into her. “Oh fuck! Yessssss!” She screamed loudly and pinned me down as I squeezed her beautiful boobs. “Does it feel good Ethan?” She asked as she lowered her pussy onto me.

“Oh fuck Mom!” I groaned, “It feels great!” She went faster. “You feel great too baby. So good.” We 69’d, went reverse cowgirl, I went between her legs and we did doggystyle again. As we went in missionary again, she screamed, “Oh god! Ethan! I’m cumming again!”

“I want you to fuck me forever.” She begged and I screamed as I banged hard inside her. “Oh fuck yes!” She screamed, “Give me that hard cock!”

I blasted my load inside her and she kept fucking back at me to drain my balls. “I love you Mom!” I yelled as my spunk flooded her pussy and she held my mouth to hers.

“I love you too Ethan.” She said, “So fucking much!” Our bodies both shook and spasmed as her pussy held my cock, forcing me to shoot my entire cum storage into her. “Hmm…” she chuckled while watching my spent cock fall from inside her. “My little Ethan. With a fucking horse cock.”

We lay next to other recovering. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do that?” She asked to which I shook my head. “Remember when I used to bathe you when you broke your arm playing football?” I then nodded.

“I knew then some girl would love to take that shaft inside her and I often wanted to use it.” I remembered in the bathroom when I were smaller, she would always massage it gently and tell how much I meant to her.

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