Weekend with Claire Ch. 01

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First attempt at erotica. Please offer suggestions.

Friday night

I could barely control my excitement as I waited at baggage claim. I looked at the airport monitor. My friend’s plane had just landed. A few minutes later my phone vibrates. I look down. “Inside the terminal. See you in a few. So excited to finally be here! :), the text reads.” I smile as her excitement warms my heart.

Claire was my best friend, and it was no secret between us that I deeply wished we could date. I had never met anyone like her, and had dreams of one day being her husband. I stepped into the men’s room for a minute to collect myself. I splashed some water on my face, ran my fingers through my hair. It’d been too long since we had seen each other and I wanted this to go perfectly. This weekend had been something I was looking forward to since before we planned it.

Finally, I see her coming up the escalator. She looked more beautiful than ever. I call out to her and see her run towards me. She throws herself in my arms and just hold eachother tightly- as if we were long lost lovers. I gently kiss her on the neck while continuing to embrace her.

“It’s soooo good to see you,” I tell her.

“Oh John, you have no idea how much I’ve missed you,” she responded, as we break the hug.

We talk either on the phone, via Facebook, or text message almost every day, but to be able to hug the woman I love is like no feeling in the world. We wait for her suitcase, and I carry her bag out to the parking lot, where I put it in my car. It was early evening, and asked her what she felt like doing. We both decided to stop at my apartment to freshen up before dinner. I had made reservations at a really nice steakhouse- one of those restaurants that overlooks the entire When we got to my place, she asked if she could take a shower to get rid of the plane smell. I told her that would be fine and went to the linen closet to get her a towel. I handed her the towel, and she went into my bathroom. A few minutes later, I heard the water turn on. I couldn’t help but picturing the sight of the beads of water soaking into her hair, down her shoulders. Her soapy hands massaging her large breasts, and her naked body becoming soaking wet under the hot steamy water.

My cock began to twitch very slightly as this thought. “Big deal,” I told myself, “So she’s naked. People take showers every day.” I stepped into the bathroom for a second to grab some tic tacs, and I heard a very faint yet very familiar shortness of breath- almost like a soft moan. I couldn’t see her through the , and I knew Claire couldn’t see me, but it quickly became evident that she was masturbating in my shower. This was hardly a surprise to me; being a very close friend, we are illegal bahis open with eachother about the fact that we both masturbate on a regular basis. In fact she would regularly include it in a recap of what she had been up on a given day. We would regularly text eachother along the lines of “OMG, I just had the most amazing me time” (as was our code for).

But here she was, getting off in my bathroom. This was too much for me to bear, so I grabbed some tissue and went back into the bedroom. I could feel my penis rapidly filling with blood until it was pressing against the fabric of my boxers. I lay in bed and unzipped my pants. I kicked them off the bed and peeled off my shirt. Now stark naked, I laid on the bed with my cock was now fully erect; my balls hanging heavily beneath it. I began stroking my cock slowly at first and then faster and faster. It could not have been 30 seconds faster that I felt that familiar feeling deep inside of me that told me I was close to cumming. Picturing my friend enjoying her own orgasm, I shot my load all up my chest, even reaching as far as my face. I enjoyed the climax and slowly began wiping up my cum.

I heard the water shut off. “Shit,” I thought. Claire is out of the shower. I stumble over to the dresser and pull out a clean pair of boxers. Clair emerges from the bathroom clad in just a towel. “Hey, how was the shower,” I ask. “Mmm it was amazing. I feel so relaxed and energized,” she responds. I can tell that her eyes are drifting down to the bulge in my boxers. As I turn around to put my pants on, I see her in the mirror, mulling around the room. I throw on a nice shirt, and am ready to go, but of course Claire takes longer to get ready. Men, you know what I’m talking about. I tell her I’ll wait outside while I give her some privacy, but she insists on continuing to chat while she gets dressed. She drops the towel and exposes her entire body. Unbelievable. Standing in my room is the love of my life completely naked. Her long red hair wresting on her large 36D breasts, flat stomach, curvy ass, and perfectly shaved pubic hair all looked stunningly beautiful.

I can tell that she enjoyed my reaction as she smiles and snickers. She reaches into her suitcase and grabs a pair of panties. As she slides them on, I can’t help but notice her beautiful legs stepping into them. She had selected a simple blue boyshort. So simple yet so sexy. It was exactly what I had hoped to see her wearing. As she pulls out the matching bra, I let out a compliment of her stunning beauty.

“Claire, I know that I’ve never been shy about the way I feel about you, but you look stunning beautiful tonight.”

“Thanks, pumpkin. You look great too. I can tell you’ve been working out.”

Claire finished illegal bahis siteleri getting dressed; a really adorable blouse with fresh clean jeans. We enjoyed a really nice dinner together overlooking Washington skyline, definitely mindful of the chemistry we were feeling. Our conversation at dinner had taken a very sexual overtone; Claire admitting that she had enjoyed masturbating with my showerhead. After dinner, we took the train back into the city to my apartment and went for a walk down the National Mall, looking at the monuments and taking in the moonlight as it reflected off of the Capitol.

By the time we got home, we weren’t tired enough to go to sleep yet, so she sat on the couch while I poured two glasses of wine. Claire and I are both avid wine drinkers, and I had a specific bottle I had been saving for a special occasion, a night exactly like this, a romantic evening with my best friend. We continued to make small talk, asking about work and our career paths. It was no secret that I longed for the two of us to live in the same area one day, and I knew she had aspirations of one day moving to DC to work as a lobbyist.

“I’m so glad you encouraged me to come out here. I’ve missed you more than you know.”

“I’m just glad to have you here. Mi casa su casa.”

After a few more sips, I just held her in my arms and gently took her free hand with mine as we kept talking. We look into each other’s eyes as I pull her head closer to mine, now really thankful for the fact I had skipped garlic with dinner. Our lips meet, as we begin to kiss. I let my tongue into her mouth as I feel her reciprocating. Hardly a make out, but the perfect first kiss.

“I see you learned your lesson this time,” she smiles, referring to the fact that I didn’t get the courage to kiss her the last time I had seen her.

“I certainly did. And it was worth the wait.”

I so desperately wanted to go further with her, but having recently started dating an old friend of mine, the timing was awful. Little did I know how short of a wait that would be. After our wine glasses were empty, we moved back to my bedroom, where we both started getting undressed. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, etc, and came back into the room. Claire was just wearing her panties and was about to climb into the bed, as I stripped to my boxers.

“You don’t mind if I just sleep in my panties, do you?” She asked

“Not at all. Whatever you’re comfortable with. I was just gonna wear my boxers.”

“Haha you’re such a good host.”

By this point we were both beyond exhausted, so both got in bed, hugged and kissed goodnight, and drifted off to sleep. Or so I thought…

After several minutes, I began to hear soft breathing coming canlı bahis siteleri from Claire’s side of the bed. I had been sleeping on my stomach that night, with my head facing her. I squinted my eyes open to see what was going on. I saw very faint hand movements on her side of the bed. Was she masturbating? Sure seemed like it, but hard to tell for sure. I then saw her reach under the covers and bend her legs forward. I couldn’t quite tell what she was doing until she brought out her panties and rested them on the bed between us. It was now clear to me that she was naked under the covers. Her hand motions became faster and her breathing became more intense. She then peeled the covers off herself and was now fully exposed. I knew that fingering herself was not her favorite way to masturbate- she singlehandedly was bailing out the battery industry with her vibrator, but to watch my friend bringing herself off like this was incredible. I watched as her breasts raised and fell with the short intensity of each breath. Her right hands- two fingers at first and then three sliding into her pussy. I could see the wetness of her pussy glistening as the moonlight seeped through the curtains. I gazed as her left hand tweaked her nipples. Her breathing became almost a gasp as she approached her orgasm. I knew she was close as her hips began to buck and her toes curled.

This was the most erotic experience of my life- better than any sex I had ever had. My erection was now raging and begging for attention. Finally, her body began to shake and she let out an audible moan, despite her feeble attempts to stifle them. I pretended that her moan had awaken me, when I really just wanted to put her on the spot.

“Claire? Everything okay?” I asked

“Yeah, I was just horny and having some me time. You don’t mind that I was getting off in your bed, do you?”

“Haha no, it’s just fine. Was it good?”

“Well I didn’t bring my vibrator and you know how I feel about using my fingers, but yeah it was really good. It really helps me sleep.”

I just smiled and reminded her I would be a hypocrite if I pretended to be opposed to masturbating. She sat up and grabbed some of my Kleenex with which she wiped the juices off her pussy.

“Well since you’ve already seen me naked, do you mind if I just sleep this way? I know Paul wouldn’t mind”

“You can sleep however you want, whatever makes you comfortable.”

“Thanks John, you’re so amazing,” she said as she cuddled up closer so me. “I know you have feelings for me, and I know it’s hard for you that we can’t be together, and I want you to know how important you are to me. You’ve been such a great friend to me and I hate that I have to be the one to break your heart.”

I felt her boobs pressing against my chest and the warmth of her pussy against my leg. My erection was still raging, straining against my boxers. She ran her hand down to my cock and felt the bulge it had produced.

But that story is for Chapter 2…

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