Wedding Night Payback: Sequel

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Author’s note: Sometime after posting the story Wedding Night Payback, I was bothered by the fact that Jerry’s atonement for his dalliance during his engagement to Tasha, was a lifelong happening. To summarize the story, Jerry was engaged to Tasha. He fucked a co-worker’s wife three times one afternoon. Tasha was livid when she found out and called off their wedding. Jerry persisted in wanting to marry Tasha, and she came up with the idea that on their wedding night he was to watch her get fucked three times before he could consummate their union. Additionally, he was to eat her pussy afterward, and after every time he ejaculated inside her. Being weak, and hopelessly in love with Tasha, he agreed. This story takes up where the original ended.


Jerry complied with his bride’s wishes throughout the honeymoon. All in all, the sex was great. In the couple of years that followed, though, he began to have misgivings.

As time went on, he felt that Tasha’s demand that another man fuck her three times on his wedding night, before he got to consummate his marriage, was over the top. True, he consented, although reluctantly, because he was guilt-ridden by his own dalliance during his engagement, and the wedding was contingent on his acceptance. Also, her demand, again acquiesced to under duress, that he eat her creampie after every ejaculation, caused no small amount of resentment after a time. That was Tasha’s way of ensuring Jerry’s lifelong atonement for his dalliance, and keeping him subservient.

He was not a strong assertive person, he realized. Otherwise, he would not have stepped out on Tasha during their engagement. And, he would not have agreed to her wedding night payback scheme. I should have walked away from her when she made those demands, he told himself.

There were other little hints of disrespect showing up from Tasha. He was determined to level the playing field, and have some fun in the process.

First, he had to talk himself out of the notion that Tasha held all the cards in their relationship. She got away with the disrespect because he let her. They both had jobs, and their salaries were not vastly different. When Jerry began to be aware of his misgivings, he started to squirrel away money for a “getaway fund” in case there was a blowup. By the time two years had passed, he had a considerable amount stashed away.

Jerry decided to get his ducks in a row. Not as far as considering divorce yet, though he did scope out who would be the best divorce lawyer, and had her name and phone number ready so that he could, if necessary, retain her on a moment’s notice.

What he did, was to install an audio/video monitoring system at home, and recording devices on the home phones. He could easily do that when Tasha was away from the house, since he telecommuted for work at least two days a week. Then he installed a voice activated recorder in Tasha’s car.

A couple weeks of monitoring, and he didn’t uncover any evidence of her cheating. But in his plan to recover his self respect, he allowed that the possibility may eventually exist, and wanted to be prepared.

One night, he ate her pussy to orgasm before he entered her. Then they had an intense lovemaking session. After he pulled out, she expected him to go down on her, as he had consistently done for two years. Instead, he told her he was going to shower, and left the bed. Her bewildered look almost made him laugh out loud, but he held it in.

After his shower, he came to bed, and she asked gently, “Honey – why did you not lick my pussy afterward?”

“I didn’t want to,” was his forthright reply. “I love seeing you orgasm the way you do when I do that, but I want to save that for more special occasions.” Then he yawned and promptly fell asleep.

Tasha was perplexed at Jerry’s sudden change of behavior. As she lay there, several emotions coursed through her – insecurity, puzzlement, anger, and determination. Jerry slept well. Tasha didn’t.

Since the disrespect occurred gradually over a long period of time, Jerry reasoned that his recovery would be gradual. He did various things, like wear headphones and listen to music he liked when she was around. It shut her out of his world for a little while. He was less acquiescing in the bedroom, and he consequently enjoyed sex more. All these things served to make him stronger. And they made Tasha less secure.

If she did something that especially pleased him, he would eat her pussy after intercourse. The reward part of it was subtle, but if he was happy, then she would be happy.

Jerry continued in this manner. He knew what Tasha liked, and was a good lover. But he was rationing it out, and building his own self esteem in the process. He began to subtly take the lead in the bedroom. Not always, and not consistently, but enough to slightly stir the waters of complacency.

Tasha had lunch with Linda, one of her friends, one day, and confided in her.

Tasha: I’m not sure what’s going on with Jerry.

Linda: What’s he doing?

Tasha: It’s hard to put my finger on it. He’s gotten unpredictable. He’s become distant, and his behavior has changed in the bedroom.

Linda: Is he a good lover?

Tasha: God yes! He knows just what makes me cum, and sometimes his foreplay drives me wild.

Linda: What’s the problem?

Tasha: Well… The first couple of years, he ate my pussy after intercourse. Every time. On our wedding night, I told him he had to. And then, suddenly, he stopped. He said that he’ll do it on special occasions.

Linda: And so, what’s the problem with that? You say he’s a good lover, and that he’ll eat your pussy full of cum occasionally. Most women would kill for someone like that!

Tasha: I don’t know what the problem is! I’m feeling insecure about him. I don’t want to lose him.

Linda: Really, Tasha, what you did on your wedding night was way over the top. I’m surprised that he agreed to that!

Tasha: Well, it was that or not get married. He did agree to it.

Linda: What if he’s having second thoughts now? Put yourself in his place. What is he thinking? Does eating your pussy remind him of having to watch someone else bang you on yours and HIS wedding night? It sounds to me like you called all the shots then, and he gave in all the time. Maybe he’s tired of giving in.

Tasha: Oh my gosh! You could be right. Damn! How do I fix this?! Is he getting ready to bail? Does he have his eye on someone else?

Linda: I don’t know, girl, and I hope it’s not too late. Look, I’m your friend, but if he jumps ship, there are a lot of women who would be in line for him. And I’d be at the head of the line.

Tasha: (crying) What would you do if you were in my situation?

Linda: First is to have a talk with him. You might not want to hear what is really going on, but you need to know. And if it IS about your wedding night caper, you’re going to have to find a way to make it up to him!

Then there was some small talk, and they had to get back to work.

It was a few days before anything significant happened. Tasha was steeped in her insecurity, and now, guilt feelings. She was worried that she had pushed too far.

It happened on a Friday. Tasha left work early, so she’d be home when Jerry arrived. He came home, set his briefcase down, and headed to the kitchen. Tasha appeared and interrupted his plans.

Without saying a word, she took his hand, led him to the middle of the living room, and got on her knees before him. Smiling, she unzipped his pants and extracted his cock, which was growing from her handling. She noisily slurped on his member, and soon he was on the edge.

“In my mouth,” she said. “I’ll swallow.”

She went back to stimulating him, and in short order he erupted. Tasha almost gagged at the amount of cum. She gulped loudly, and then opened her mouth to show that she had swallowed.

“Wow!” Jerry exclaimed when he recovered and tucked his cock back into his pants. “What brought that on?”

Solemnly, Tasha replied, “Guilt.”

She stood up, looked in his eyes, and said, “Honey, let’s talk.”

She seated herself on the sofa, and he sat next to her. She took a deep breath and sighed. “Honey… I’ve noticed that you’re becoming more distant. I’m afraid. I’m afraid you’re withdrawing from me and that you want out of the marriage. I don’t want to lose you. Please tell me what’s going on.”

This was a significant departure from her behavior since they were married. Jerry was quiet for a moment, and then replied, “When we were engaged and I strayed, it was because I was weak. When you called off the engagement, I was weak. When you told me what it would take to be married to you, I was weak. I should have said no and walked away. I’m not weak any more. But I feel cheated. I didn’t have a proper wedding night. I should have been the only one. I should have said, no way, we either get around this or we split up. It’s been bothering me, more and more.

“I’m not wanting out of the marriage, per se. But something needs to happen to get us back on track, and hell if I know what it is.”

There were a few moments of quiet, and then Tasha whispered, “I’m sorry. It was a stupid idea to have to get payback. Do you want revenge on me for that?”

“I don’t know. Well, no, not revenge as such. But something is unbalanced and I feel like you had a wedding night and I didn’t. I was second best, and I’ve never caught up. I feel like you want to remind me of that every time we’re in bed. That’s why I stopped eating your pussy after I cum.”

Tasha tried not to cry as she said, “I’m ashamed to say that it was my plan to keep you reminded of that. I didn’t know if you’d stray again, and I guess I didn’t fully trust you. I believe you’ve been faithful, and I want you to know that I’ve been faithful to you. I’ve had temptations, as I’m sure you have.”

She grasped both his hands in hers. “I want to fix this. Right now I don’t know how, and I’ll need some time to come up with options. But as of right now, I’ll never expect you to eat my pussy if you don’t want to. If you ever want to, I’d be glad, but it’s up to you.”

Jerry knew the discussion was over at that point. “Let’s have dinner out, and then see where we are.”

Dinner was subdued, though they did polish off a bottle of red wine. Jerry didn’t know at that point, if his marriage was over, or what he wanted to do about the unbalanced situation. Tasha didn’t know how to fix the problem, although a few very unpleasant ideas were going through her head.

When they got home, she pleaded, “Jerry, take me to bed. If all you want to do is hold me, I’ll be happy.”

He sensed her need for security directly from him, so he led her up to the bedroom. They stripped and got under the covers. She snuggled up to him and he held her. The last thing she whispered to him before dropping off to sleep was, “Jerry – I’m sorry.”

Jerry awoke several times during the night. His mind was restless. He was in a quandary. Tasha’s confession was entirely forthright, with no sugar coating, and he believed that she really did want to restore the balance. He had to ask himself several questions. Can I just forgive without resentment down the line? If I can’t should I set her free? Is she the same person she was when we got married? Do I need to experience different pussy to restore the balance?

The wedding night had been terribly humiliating for him, even though he did agree to it. He had to admit that the swallowing blowjob Tasha gave him earlier in the day was uncharacteristic of her. But then there was that pussy eating scenario. Could he get past that if he told her she doesn’t have to do anything?

Tasha, for her part, slept well. She felt secure snuggled up to Jerry, basked in his strength, and she was able to put off thinking about “it” until the next day. She did have to admit to herself that revenge was not the way to go. She remembered reading somewhere, “revenge is like cracking open an egg shell and finding nothing inside.”

The following morning, Tasha set out to create a list of her options. She wrote them in the order they occurred to her.

1. End the marriage and set Jerry free.

2. Have one of my girlfriends take him to bed more than once.

3. Watch while he fucks one of my girlfriends three times, and lick up his cum from her pussy. In other words, do what I demanded of him on our wedding night.

4. Ask him if we can just put it behind us, and I’ll be the best wife ever. I don’t think he’d go for that.

5. End the marriage and get remarried to him and give him a proper wedding night.

6. Wear my wedding dress and have a pretend wedding night. Kind of lame.

The “elephant in the room” stayed in the house and would be there until Tasha came forth with a solution.

That night, she cuddled up to Jerry as she had the previous night. His hands wandered over her body. Soon he heard her breathing deepen. He felt her pussy, and it was creamy. She got on her back, and he got on top of her. Her eyes were wide, excited, and wanting. She couldn’t resist taking his cock in her hand and guiding it to her pussy.

“Ahhhhh,” she moaned as he penetrated her. Slowly and deeply, he pumped inside her. “Oh, Jerry,” she whispered. It was truly making love. Eventually he crossed the line and recklessly spurted a torrent of cum inside her. He went to sleep in her arms. She was satisfied, too.

A few days went by before Tasha worked up the courage to talk about “it” again.

“Jerry – I have a list of possible solutions to the wedding night problem. Would you take a look and let me know which one you’d like to do?”

Jerry looked at the list and said that he’d have to think about it for a while. Option 1 would be expensive and he didn’t have his eye on anyone. Options 2 and 3 had possibilities. Option 4 wasn’t going to happen. Option 5 was too expensive in terms of time, money, and effort. He looked at option 6 – “Wear my wedding dress and have a pretend wedding night” and agreed that it was lame, but that gave him an idea for a couple of other possibilities.

He looked at their wedding album, and the notes and preparation. “Aha!” he said to himself. Now the idea he had could fall into place. He gave it more thought, and did some more research and preparation. Then he made several phone calls.

A few days later he told Tasha that he wanted to talk.

“Who did you have in mind for options 2 or 3?” he asked.

Tasha’s heart sank. She thought she had prepared for his wanting some other pussy to balance things, but now that it was looking to be more than a thought, she had a feeling of despair. Then it occurred to her that these feelings were no stranger to Jerry. But he had acquiesced anyway. “Gods, that man must love me!” she thought to herself. “Yes, he said he was weak, but he still did it for me.”

Returning to their discussion, Tasha stammered, “Well, there are a couple of possibilities. You know Linda, don’t you? She’s single, so it wouldn’t mess up a marriage.” Except maybe ours, she ruefully thought to herself.

Jerry nodded, “I think she’s a good choice. I think a one night thing with you, me and Linda would work. I have no desire to tie you to a chair and make you watch, but maybe you could participate as well.”

Tasha was feeling light headed. “Yes… okay. Please, not in our bed, though.”

Jerry waited a moment before answering. “Okay. We’ll do it at a hotel.”

“And then we’ll be all good?”

“No, not quite.”

Tasha put her head down on the table. She whispered, “Oh, my God!” several times. After a while she looked up.

“What else?” she squeaked.

“I noticed that the wedding vows you wrote, didn’t have the phrase forsaking all others.”

“I know. It would have been the worst hypocrisy, considering what I had planned.”

“Well, you asked what else, so after our night with Linda, we renew our wedding vows in front of a pastor, this time WITH ‘forsaking all others.’ And then, with you in an entirely different wedding dress, we have a week at a resort in the Azores to get reacquainted.”

Tasha got her color back. She smiled. She got up, grasped Jerry’s hand, and led him to the middle of the living room. She got on her knees, unzipped his fly, and worked on his boner until he erupted in her mouth.

After she swallowed, she smiled again and said, “Thank you, honey.”

Jerry still had the recording equipment in place, and was monitoring the devices occasionally. He wanted to be sure that Tasha wasn’t going to sabotage the threesome.

Tasha brought Linda on board with the plan, and the three of them had lunch together a few times to get Linda and Jerry better acquainted. They set a date for the “special night” for one month in the future, and Jerry then went about the task of arranging the time, place, and officiator of their wedding vow renewal. He also made reservations for the resort.

Tasha was increasingly nervous as the time drew near, and Jerry suggested that they both abstain from orgasms for the two weeks prior, so they’d be more than ready when the big night came. Tasha reluctantly agreed, remembering that a two week period of chastity for Jerry was a one-sided condition of hers for their wedding.

God, Tasha thought to herself, how could I have been so bossy as to do all that to him for our wedding? Any man would have to be crazy to say yes to that. Yup, crazy in love, and look what I did.

On the big day, Tasha was a bundle of nerves. She tried hard to keep her insecurities from surfacing. She wondered if Jerry was going to like Linda’s pussy more than hers, or decide he wanted to be with Linda instead and call off their session with the pastor. Then she wanted to fall into the earth when she realized that those same thoughts no doubt consumed Jerry on their fateful wedding day. Yet he still went through it. He wasn’t so weak, she concluded.

Tasha figured that whatever happened would be her penance for her caper.

The three of them met in the hotel dining room for dinner, and they kept the conversation light. Jerry wondered what was going through Linda’s mind, how much she’d be into the event, and if she and Tasha were going to touch.

In the hotel room, Jerry realized that he had to take charge and orchestrate the evening in the hotel room. He lightly kissed Tasha, then Linda, and suggested that Tasha remove all her clothes. “Linda, please lie down on that bed,” he instructed. He led Tasha to the second bed and had her lie down. “I’m going to eat Tasha’s pussy first,” he announced, and got between her legs. He breathed in the familiar erotic scent of Tasha as he licked her. It took only a couple of minutes for her to crest, as she had refrained from orgasm for some time.

Then he took his clothes off, went to Linda’s bed and removed her panties. Her blonde pussy was aroused, and Jerry put his face close up. Linda’s scent was different from Tasha’s, though erotic in its own way. He eagerly licked and kissed her pussy as she groaned and squirmed. Her groans got louder, until she unabashedly screamed out her orgasm.

Jerry immediately entered her and sank in all the way. Because of all the sexual tension, he enthusiastically fucked her. She clearly enjoyed it and was uninhibited in her vocal outcries. Jerry surrendered to his orgasm, and thrust in all the way as his cock pulsed and spurted.

Jerry stayed firm inside Linda’s pussy, and they rolled over so that she was on top. Gently rocking her hips, she giggled and teasingly kissed him. When he got harder, she energetically rode him as she would a galloping horse. Linda was completely absorbed in her pleasure, and after several minutes of riding, loudly crested. It was then that Jerry recklessly spurted for the second time.

It took several minutes for their breathing to become normal.

Linda dismounted Jerry and lay back on the bed. Jerry went over to Tasha and cuddled with her. At that point, he didn’t know her inner thoughts, or if things would get better or worse. Tasha tried to smile, and whispered, “Do her one more time, and then please be mine.”

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