We Were On A Mission

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There is always tenderness between my mother and me. We are always gentle with each other and spend the necessary time together to make sure the other is pleased and satisfied. But this event is in a different category. This was considered a mission. A job needed to be done. Torture was necessary. We would make this happen.

I had only known Robert through emails; we had never met. After months of our email relationship I went away without notice. But I knew where he was and it was time to meet.

To make a long story short, let’s skip to the hotel room. From there I called Robert and asked if he could come see me. He was surprised at my call because I had “disappeared” and he hadn’t known why. But he came over right after work, and now he was handcuffed (with his own handcuffs, nonetheless – he’s a cop) and sitting helpless in an otherwise comfortable chair. (It’s a story in itself how I got the better of him but I promised I would not let his fellow cops know he had been taken.)

I knelt down on the floor in front of Robert. “Are you OK?”

“So far. Now are you going to explain?”

“Of course. Do you remember when I told you that the first time we met I wouldn’t want you to touch me?”


“Well, this is to make sure that you won’t, because frankly I’m not convinced that you could keep your hands off me,” I said.

I stood up and turned around. “Do I look like you thought I would?”

“Very close.”

“Are you disappointed?”

“Not at all.”

“I’m glad. I have someone I’d like you to meet.”

I saw his eyebrows raise. He was not expecting anyone else. I went to the door to the bedroom and opened it. Without waiting I turned and headed back toward Robert. His eyes stayed on the doorway. When she came through the doorway his eyebrows went up further.

I knelt down again on the floor in front of Robert. She came and knelt beside me. His eyes were still on her and I could tell he was intrigued and very much wanting to know who this was.

“Hello, Robert,” she said. Then she turned toward me, and I turned toward her, and we kissed. Our kisses were very full on the mouth and quite passionate. As we kissed we began to caress each other. We both were wearing long skirts and long-sleeve blouses. Our skirts were wrap-arounds, and as we were facing each other on our knees we untied our skirts and let them fall. We both had on bikini panties but our blouses covered them. We heard Robert groan – the kind of groan that says he’s getting warm inside. Lefkoşa Escort He doesn’t know what to expect. He had no idea if or when we would have him join us. And that’s how we wanted it.

We continued to kiss as I unbuttoned her blouse. When I parted it I began to fondle her breasts through her bra. He saw my hands go in, but he couldn’t see them holding her. I moved my mouth to her neck on the side away from Robert. She turned her head for two reasons: One, so I could have better access to her neck and, two, so she could look into Robert’s eyes.

As she looked at him she took her blouse and opened it all the way – pulled it behind her – and gave him the sight of my hands on her bra as they massaged her breasts through it. She let her blouse fall to the floor. Her eyes were still on his face. His eyes went back and forth from her face to my hands. He was hard and there was a small wet spot on his pants. Poor Robert; he had to make the best of it.

She kept her eyes on Robert as she unhooked her bra and let me touch her nipples directly. Then she began to unbutton my blouse. As she did I looked at Robert, too. When she finished unbuttoning me I pulled my blouse apart as she had done hers and let it slide down my arms behind me. I was not wearing a bra. I kept my eyes on Robert as he looked at my very small breasts and very large and hard nipples.

Now, with our blouses gone, Robert could see our panties. We were both wearing white cotton bikinis. As we kissed again, we each put a hand on the other’s mound. We pressed a finger into each other’s wetness through our panties. We moaned from pleasure while Robert moaned out of frustration; he couldn’t even touch himself. He was hard and could do nothing about it.

We continued to kiss as we each took off our own panties and threw them on Robert’s lap. Then we embraced and laid down on the floor. We rolled around as we each got hotter and hotter, knowing that Robert was enjoying what he was seeing but frustrated that he could not join us. We kissed passionately, we sucked on each other’s nipples, we caressed each other.

Then it was time to eat. I sat on the couch opposite Robert, facing him, legs spread and open for him to see. I stared at him as she knelt between my legs and began to lick me. She stuck her tongue inside me as far as she could. I was quickly on fire. I had been eaten before but never by her. I made it a point to keep my eyes open and looking into Robert’s eyes. He looked Girne Escort into mine, then to my breasts, then to her head knowing that, even though he couldn’t see it, her tongue was at work on me.

I could feel an orgasm coming. I started to slowly raise and lower my pussy against her mouth as she licked me. Faster and faster it became. I couldn’t hold back sound any longer. I started to moan softly at first but louder as I came nearer to an orgasm. I pushed her face down to have her tongue inside me and began to use my hand against my clit. I was only seconds away from an orgasm; I could feel it; I was loud; I was violent with my hand on my clit. My other hand pulled her face into my pussy. I was humping and humping and finally reached the very top. I stayed there – pussy in the air – while I shook and shook.

I settled back down to the couch. She got up and went immediately to Robert and kissed him on the mouth to share my juice. While she kissed him she felt his hardness. Then she picked up our panties from his lap, let him smell them for a moment, stuffed them down his shirt, and returned to the couch. She sat down and I ate her in much the same way she had eaten me.

This was the first time I had eaten her and she tasted wonderful. While I ate her she played with her own nipples and kept eye contact with Robert. As I continued eating her I wanted her to masturbate as I had done. I wanted my tongue inside her while I watched her own hand on her clit. I watched her fingers go back and forth as my tongue probed into her pussy.

Finally she said, “Go kiss him – now.” I went to Robert as she continued masturbating. I kissed him so he could finally have her juices like he had mine. I also felt his hardness and the wet spot on his pants. I rubbed him through his pants as he tried his best to hump my hand. He wanted to have an orgasm even if it were in his own pants.

But I stopped. I went back to the couch and sat down next to her and began masturbating with her. I quickly reached the top. “I’m going to cum again,” I said.

We both had our fingers inside our pussies. We both were pinching our own nipples. We were both looking into Robert’s face. We both began to hump the air as we both began to climax.

In the middle of our orgasms we began to kiss again, then finger each other’s pussies instead of our own. We rolled to the floor, ground ourselves into each other, and kissed and felt each other all over until we were doing a sixty-nine. Magosa Escort Our tongues went into each other together. When she went deep into me I went deep into her. When she concentrated on my clit I concentrated on hers. I found myself with my thumb in her pussy, a finger in her ass, and my mouth on her clit as she did the same to me. And that’s how we had our final exhausting orgasm together.

The last orgasm left Robert completely out of our thoughts. As we lay on the floor afterward our breathing returned to normal and we sat up. We looked at Robert. He was frustrated. We went to him and together we smothered him and each other with kisses. We both felt him all over, giving him a massage through his clothes. He was still hard but that was his problem.

“Robert, this is Sandra, my mother. Mom, this is Robert.”

“Hello, Robert. I’m so glad to meet you.”

He didn’t look too surprised. I think he already knew who she was; either that or he at least had a good idea.

I felt his hardness again. Poor Robert. I unbuckled his pants and pulled them off. Then his underwear. “My, my,” I said. There was pre-cum galore. I took him into my mouth. He immediately started to pump himself up and down. He was hard and I felt him throbbing as I licked his shaft. My mother had her head next to mine. We had already talked about how we wanted to do this. I kept a slow rhythm letting him slide in and out of my mouth. It was not too long before I knew he was about to cum. As soon as he started I made the noise to my mother. After the second definite spurt into my mouth I let my mother take his cock into her mouth for the rest. I kept his cum in my mouth as I went to him for a kiss. When we kissed and he saw that I had come to share his own cum with him he went wild. His body went berserk as my mother kept sucking and I kept kissing. My hands were also everywhere they could go on him.

Soon he went limp and we backed off. We were all exhausted.

I went to his ear. “Robert, we’re going to make our getaway now. You can keep our panties.”

We each put a new pair of panties on and modeled them for him as we did. Then we put the rest of our clothes on.

I took Robert’s pants, removed everything from the pockets, threw them in the tub and turned on the water.

We then handcuffed his feet to the chair, undid the cuffs on his wrists, and threw the key across the room.

“See you later, Robert. We hope you had fun. We’ve got a plane to catch.” With that, we left.

Actually, we had driven. We only said we had a plane to catch to throw him off in case he thought he could follow us. As we drove north we were laughing about how much fun it had been and how we completely fooled him so he wouldn’t be able to find us. Unfortunately, we were wrong, but that’s another story.

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