We Meet A Partner While Camping With Kelly

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Accidental Nudity

It was Memorial Day weekend of 1998. Kelly and I were thirty-eight and had recently bought a small motorhome. We were camping at a state park, which we preferred as the sites were more spacious and had more trees than what we’d found at private campgrounds.Friday evening was absolutely beautiful. Kelly and I sat at our small campfire until after midnight just enjoying each other’s company and being outdoors. By the time we went to bed we were exhausted. Even so, we both slept naked, just to maintain the threat level! The sun rose way before we did.Kelly was spooned loosely back against me. She woke up first and felt my tent peg poking her in the butt. She bent forward and wiggled a bit and by the time I came to, my cock was half-way inside of her. I woke up with a big stretch and that shoved me in all the way.We quickly kicked off the bedding and had a nicely paced morning fuck. I had my hands on Kelly’s hips and was using my own hips to thrust my cock in and out of her very wet little twat. Our fuck lasted for close to ten minutes when Kelly reached a climax. No loud screams, just a muffled moan into her pillow.I gave Kelly a chance to recover and then used some very strategic moving to hit the needed friction without shaking Kelly or the motorhome apart. I got myself there and just held deep and still inside her pussy as I filled it with a large load that I had been building for a week.I had just slipped my dick out of her and rolled over when I heard a soft knock at the door. I hopped up and slid on a pair of elastic waist shorts. There was a guy at the door and he wasn’t a park ranger so I was quite confused.He introduced himself as Paul, our next-camping-site neighbor. He was out for a walk and noticed our awning over the picnic table had nearly come down during the overnight rain. He was offering to help me get it back up as more rain was on the way.I appreciated the offer and ten minutes later we had things back together and secure. Unfortunately, I had an awning full of water pour out and drench me during the process. It wasn’t freezing cold or anything but it was damn brisk for a morning wake-up!Paul seemed like a genuinely nice and helpful guy and I asked if he would like to come in for a cup of coffee. He accepted. Kelly had been in şişli escort the shower and I caught a glimpse of her bare ass as she ducked around a wall into the bedroom.Paul had a seat at the dinette as I explained to the unseen Kelly what I’d been up to and introduced Paul. Quickly enough, Kelly emerged wearing a white T-shirt and, I found out later, a G-string. Kelly’s nipples were still hard from our fuck and clearly poking through the T-shirt. The shirt itself was thick enough that you could just barely make out a darker area around her nipples.I had told Kelly about being drenched and it was catching up to me and I was ready to shiver. I left Kelly in charge of making coffee for our guest and I hopped in the shower.A couple of things to know about Kelly. She is a wiggle butt and can barely sit still. She’s always moving around doing something. The other thing is that she loves to flirt.Over the next ten minutes, while I showered, Kelly never sat down. She was back and forth in the kitchen/dining area getting things out of cabinets, reaching out and over to open/adjust window shades, turning on the radio and finding music.The net of it all was this: Kelly had kept her nipples hard. She had exposed nearly her whole butt to Paul. He could see that her thong was basically swallowed by Kelly’s labia from the backside to about halfway through her slit. It covered her clit and not a whole lot else. The tiny piece of floss running through her crack was enough to cover maybe 10% of her butthole.Paul would have had to have been blind to not have been checking out Kelly’s body as she gave him every opportunity to do just that. Did I mention how distracting Kelly’s 34F boobs could be as they swayed around inside her T-shirt? Looked like a sack of cats!When I joined the two of them it sounded like they had become fast friends. Kelly eventually sat down on the couch opposite Paul and me at the dinette. She started out sitting cross-legged with her feet on the sofa. It wasn’t long before she was sideways on the sofa with one knee bent up showing her leg from her sexy toes up to her bent knee to her hip to nearly her waist before being covered by the T-shirt.Not long after, one foot was on the floor, the other knee in the air with escort şişli that foot on the couch. I could actually see where her thong got swallowed by her pussy lips. I give Paul credit; although he spent most of his time looking Kelly’s way, he stayed in the conversation.We had been visiting for about an hour when Paul realized the time and decided he better get back to his camper, wife, and daughter. A light rain started just as he was leaving. Kelly gave him a quick hug and made clear he was invited back any time.Soon the rain was one of those steady weekend-wrecking rains. We had just driven the motorhome and didn’t have another vehicle with us. It wasn’t reasonable to think about packing things up enough to drive to town, etc.We puttered around, made lunch and took a quick nap all while I tried to tease Kelly about Paul. She wouldn’t have it and just tossed it right back at me: “You’d get off watching that, wouldn’t you? If you want me to, I gladly will. I liked how he was checking me out.” And on and on it went.We both saw their truck pull out and drive away. I think I saw Kelly’s shoulders slump a little bit. It wasn’t five minutes later when we heard another knock on the door. It was Paul carrying a twelve-pack of beer and a bottle of wine. “I’m not sure what you drink, so I brought both flavors!”Paul explained that camping was his idea and kind of a trial run for their family. His wife (homely) and sullen daughter (homelier) decided to go to the nearest mall and shop. They were clearly hating camping. Paul, however, seemed to enjoy his new friends!Kelly hadn’t changed clothes since he left. I could see his eyes light up when he saw that. An hour later half of the beer and most of the wine was gone. Kelly decided that she was quite warm and frustrated that she couldn’t open the windows due to the rain.So, she stood up and pulled the T-shirt over her head. She sat down for a millisecond and said out loud, “Oh, what the hell,” as she stood back up and pushed the thong to the floor. She sat back on the sofa with her feet on the sofa, spread apart, her knees in the air, fanning herself with her wide-open wet gash aimed right at Paul. He was sitting perhaps four feet away.“Wow… I mean, wow… Damn! I mean wow…” mecidiyeköy Paul was starting to drool.Kelly said, “It doesn’t seem fair that I’m the only one naked.” I stood up and tugged off my shorts. My cock was at half-mast but growing quickly. Paul pulled off his T-shirt and unbuckled his belt and then dropped his shorts and briefs.Paul’s cock was rock hard. Both of us were about the same length. I know I’m a solid six inches. While my dick is very normal looking, Paul had a mushroom head on his. His head was probably half-again as large as mine.Somewhere in the midst of our previous conversations, we had learned that Paul was fifty-four years old. It was his second marriage and her first. Their daughter was his only child.Kelly motioned him toward her. Kelly thought to herself that Paul kept himself in decent shape for his age. Paul seemed to hesitate. Kelly looked at him and said, “I doubt if that cock can suck itself, so get it over here.”Paul stepped in front of Kelly as she sat on the couch. She kept her feet up planted near her cheeks with her legs spread wide. She reached around and used both hands to pull Paul’s butt closer to her. Then she leaned forward and deep throated him on the first gulp and left her nose buried in his pubes for a very long time as her tongue worked its magic up, down and all around his cock.Finally, she pulled back, gulped some air and went right back at it. Paul was moaning and muttering. What I was making out from his mutterings was that this was something he had never experienced before. Later it came out that, indeed, that was his first deep-throat experience.From my viewpoint, I could see Paul was starting to have involuntary thrusts as Kelly was working over his cock. I could also see that Kelly’s slit was running with juice, she was so wet. Between Paul’s moaning and Kelly’s humming on his cock, I could tell they were both pretty damn happy.Kelly kept doing the same thing, gulping air as she needed and spending her time with his fat cockhead lodged in her throat. Occasionally she would stick out her tongue and get in a couple of licks on his balls.Paul was starting to hump her face. Kelly took the signal and started bobbing forward and back on his cock. Paul started to wrap his fingers in her hair. It got intense real fast. They were both moaning loudly as Paul fucked Kelly’s face. I heard Paul groan, “Oh shit, oh shit…” Kelly quit bobbing and shoved her nose against his pubic bone. Paul groaned a couple of more times as his ass had a couple of muscle spasms.

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