We Both Agreed Oral Only?

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We Both Agreed Oral Only?When my husband brought up the concept of going to a swingers club I was appalled. Not for some biblical reason or anything like that, but appalled that he would think so little of our marriage that he would want to do this. It all started when we tried to break the monotony in the bedroom. We tried dirty talking but I really wasn’t that into it. Yeah I would say things like “Fuck me” and “empty your load in me” but nothing of the nature that he would talk about. He would talk about me blowing another guy in front of him or something like that. One time I played along and mentioned “sloppy seconds” and he went over the edge quick.The problem was I used to be that girl. I had very low self-esteem growing up and I did things with guys so they would like me. I even played it off that I was cool with open dating so they would think I was cool. I didn’t realize how it was killing my relationships with female friends (I was dating some of their exes) and didn’t realize that what I was doing was being used. I didn’t mind, because I was orgasming all the time. In that period of time I had two abortions (that my husband doesn’t know about) and to this day I have no idea how I never got an STD. Maybe it was because I was in a small town.When I got married, things started to change. I was less adventurous in the bedroom. I rarely gave him a blow job to completion and anal sex became off the table. I stopped dressing up for him because, frankly, I thought it was disrespectful for him to ask me to wear those things.So, after our third k** was born I got my tubes tied. I had to have a C-section so we figured we would do it right then and there. I thought the idea of sex without the risk of pregnancy would be liberating, but my libido dropped more than ever. It wasn’t like my husband was a slob or anything. To be honest, I was the one who gained weight and stopped taking care of myself. So, at first when he talked about swinging, I thought it was because he wanted to be with someone else. As we discussed the concept, though, I could tell he got very turned on talking about me with another man.When he brought up the idea of a “soft swing” I let my guard down a little. He told me that a soft swing was where you could do oral with someone else, but not full penetration. Granted, I really didn’t want to go down on him much, let alone someone else, but I relented knowing that he was interested and I thought it would be great to have someone go down on me. As he broached the subject more and more, I learned that he had contacted a couple that hosted “swinger parties” and my nerves were on edge. How far was he going to take this? He let me trade emails with the hostess and she put my mind at ease. It was great to see she looked like a normal middle-aged woman. It was also great to hear her say that “no means no” and that it wasn’t an open invitation for people to do what they wanted. She also said that since we were coming as a couple she would make sure my husband “was taken care of” as I had read that a lot of single men leave these places rather frustrated because the ratio of women to men is pretty low. In fact, I guess they charge a big dollar amount for a single man, but women and couples are free – they just have to bring their own drinks.Before I knew it, the day had arrived. We weren’t sure how late it would go, so we arranged a sitter all night. The place was a little out of town, so we booked a room nearby figuring we could either sleep it off or have passionate sex. I had seen several pictures of ladies and couples at these things and one thing was certain – a lot of the women were dressed sexy. In fact, some of the outfits were the same ones my husband wanted me to wear. So, I played along and got into one of those outfits – thigh highs, garters, corset, makeup – and put a dress on over it. I could tell that it angered my husband a tad to see me dressed like that knowing it was for someone else, but not him, but I could tell he was also conflicted. In truth, one of the reasons I did it was to get back at him a little. I knew that in several hours he was likely to have his dick in some woman’s mouth and I didn’t know if I could go down on another guy. It was odd being dressed like I was, knowing where we were going to go and what we were going to do, while tucking my k**s in bed. This party didn’t start until 11:00 pm.We pulled into a rather sparsely populated area, but there was a large gravel parking area and a lot of cars were parked there. I was really nervous, even though I had made myself a large rum-and-coke for the road. I wasn’t quite tipsy when I got there, but I was feeling it a little. We were greeted at the door by Lynn, the hostess. She said her husband was still getting ready and we would meet him later. It was a large house with a large entertaining area right when we walked in the door. A few couples had masks, but most didn’t. It was then that I got my first thought of “What if someone recognizes me” as everything seemed so far away with the location and everything. Turns out, nobody did, but it didn’t keep me from looking closely in the eyes of those people with masks.Lynn was a very gracious host. She explained how many bedrooms there were and how the community alcohol area went. She said we could share or use our own. She also talked about the different options on the rooms. Some rooms you could lock. If you wanted to have sex with someone, but just one person, you could lock the door. In other rooms you could be watched and still others you could go to for full participation. In reality, any room could be for anything. You just needed to lock a door and, if you didn’t want to be seen, choose a room without a window. An open room meant that you were willing to consider group options, but you still could say no. We happened upon one couple having sex and there were several people watching them and making out – almost like they were using it as foreplay. I’ll admit that I was turned on a bit, but a tad intimidated by all the people watching.As if reading my mind, Lynn turned to my husband and said, “If you are worried about performance anxiety – and a lot of first time guys are – don’t worry. The ladies here understand and will be happy to go with you to a private room.”I asked about the trabzon escort “soft swing” option we had mentioned before and if it would be difficult to find people to do that with. Lynn responded with, “That shouldn’t be a problem at all. In fact, I am pretty sure there are about 20 guys who would love to go down on you – and you them – right now.”When I enquired why, given that some of these ladies were clearly more attractive than me, Lynn simply said, “New blood. A lot of guys here are here just for some strange and you would be someone they haven’t had before. Don’t worry, Mark,” she said to my husband, “You will more than enjoy yourself.” With that, Lynn handed me a drink and I downed it before she turned back around. A wry little smile crossed her face but she simply said, “Let me introduce you to my husband.”Tom was dressed in a suit that you didn’t just pick up at Men’s Wearhouse. This thing was a $2000 suit and he had the jewelry to go with it. Though he was in a suit I could tell he was built and I even got a little wet when Lynn mentioned that Tom was late getting back from the gym. I could tell that Tom was interested in me and apparently Lynn could too, because she said, “Mark, why don’t I introduce you to some ladies while Tom escorts your wife around.”Oddly, I wasn’t jealous at this point. I could tell that Lynn was watching him and she certainly did have “blow me” lips and lipstick on. If Mark got a hummer from her, I would be fine. More than fine, actually, because she seemed nice. I also wanted some time alone with Tom. Tom escorted me around, but never broke contact with me. It was almost like he was saying, “here is a new lady, and I get her first.” He actually was quite the host – and a gentleman. We didn’t talk about sex, even though it was going on all around us. What was more impressive was that every time my wine glass was empty, a guy in a tuxedo came in filled it up for me. With the music playing, the socializing, etc., it felt like a giant cocktail party. All the while this hot, clearly powerful man was escorting me around like I was the queen of England.When he finally introduced me to most of the people and showed me the house, he asked me, “What is your objective for the evening?” This caught me off guard, and I could tell he realized it by following up with, “I mean, are you curious about the club, here to watch, here to be a voyeur with your partner or here to try something new?”The confident, matter-of-fact way he asked the question put me at ease even more. It wasn’t like he was a horny teenager looking to get some, but rather a confident man who wanted to make me comfortable. I then explained to him that we had made an agreement to soft swing and Tom casually said that a lot of couples liked to do that – at least the first few times. “You get the feeling of being with someone new without emotional connection that face to face intercourse can bring.” He followed up with, “Was there a certain type of person you were looking to meet?”I took the bait. I said, “An attractive, well-dressed man who likes to take his time.” I actually blushed when I said this as he could clearly tell I was coming on to him directly. If he saw me blush in the dim lights, he didn’t let on. He simply followed up with, “Did you want to go to a private room or a more public one?”I honestly hadn’t thought about that. I guess I was thinking my husband and I may be in the same room or maybe privately in adjoining rooms. For the first time I was curious as to what my husband was doing and I asked about checking in on him. Tom seemed to know where he was because in short order he motioned me into a room without a door and I could see the hostess, in thigh-highs and Fredrick’s of Hollywood outfit laying on her back clearly enjoying being eaten out by my husband. Two things were clear – 1) She was enjoying it very much and 2) He hadn’t been on the receiving end yet because his cock was as hard as I had seen it in a long time. Maybe had he been getting a blowjob I would have been jealous of him, instead, I was kind of jealous of her.Tom guided my by the elbow and we silently left the room. He looked at me and I said, “A room like that will be fine, and he took me upstairs to what I can only guess was his private bedroom and he opened the door and left it open. He then casually brushed my cheek and leaned in to kiss me. I didn’t think about this until that moment, but my husband and I never really set a boundary on kissing. My first thought was from the movie Pretty Woman and how we shouldn’t kiss because it was too emotional, but I longed to be kissed. Tom clearly took his time and it must have been 15 minutes of us making out before he finally unzipped my dress and it fell off of me. There I was in the lingerie from earlier in the evening and horny as hell. Tom was very pleased with the outfit, but not in a leering sort of way. More like he was impressed with the way it looked on me. We went back to kissing and I undid his shirt and removed it to reveal a hairy chest. I then undid his belt and zipper and he allowed his pants to fall down to his waste. I could tell by the bulge in his underwear that he was as turned on as I was.At this point I would normally drop down to my knees, but Tom would have none of that. He picked me up and gently laid me on my back across the bed rather than top to bottom. He kissed my breasts and slowly and gently began kissing me down my body until he was between my legs. I could feel the moisture in my freshly shaven pussy and gave a slight gasp and shudder when he finally slid his tongue into my cunt. It felt so good as he explored every inch of my pussy with his mouth before I felt his tongue against my clit as he slid a finger in side of me. Suddenly I became obsessed with this overwhelming desire to please him first. Normally I dreaded giving blow jobs to my husband and would usually give them to him first so that I would still be horny and he could go down on me. While I had that going through my head, I also was struck with this incredible desire to show Tom how much I appreciated him. I lifted up his head, looked him in the eyes and said, “lie down on the edge of the bed.” Tom was smart enough to not question me and he did as he was told. I slid off his underwear to reveal a cock that escort trabzon I could tell was a little longer, but a lot thicker than my husbands.For the first time I was nervous with Tom. I was afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to take him all in, but also afraid that I wouldn’t be able to please him. To show him how much I appreciated him, I said to him, “I think I should be down on my knees where I can properly do my duties.” This is something I would have never said or have done for my husband. As much as he enjoyed me being on my knees while I blew him, I hated it. It felt like a servant when I did that. With Tom, however, I wanted to be his servant. I wanted to please him. After running my tongue over his whole shaft and tasting the pre-cum form the tip of his cock, I finally worked up the never to take him in my mouth.Fortunately, the fact that he was much thicker than my husband didn’t stop me from taking him in. Before long I was cupping his balls and burying his cock further and further into my throat. I tried and tried to take it deeper, almost to the point of gagging, but I reached as far as I could and set my rhythm on that depth. While keeping my pace and pressure as consistent as I could, I started to feel Tom tighten up which told me he was getting close to cumming. In true gentlemanly fashion, he said, “Oh God, Andrea, I am going to Cum.!” I think he must have been expecting me to pull off of him, but I kept going and allowed him to release his full load into my mouth. I even kept up the stroking with my hands to make sure that I didn’t miss a single drop. Without choking or gagging, I swallowed his salty load, and continued to suck until I was sure to have it all. I looked up at him and smiled with pride.Tom smiled too, but said, “You are going to be one popular lady around here if you give blow jobs like that and swallow.””But what else would I do? Besides, it wouldn’t be lady like to spit” was my coy response. I didn’t mind swallowing, heck, once it is in your mouth it doesn’t matter. I knew a lot of girls hated to swallow. This was a lesson I learned early on in high school.With that comment, Tom said, “Look at me; I am being a very terrible host. I think it only appropriate for me to finish what I started.” God was I still horny. Even with the time spent giving head, my pussy was still throbbing and I couldn’t wait for him to go down on me again. Tom kissed me on the mouth appreciatively and laid me across the bed again before going to town on my pussy. It didn’t take me long to cum myself, but it was the kind of orgasm that I knew would keep going, so I looked down at Tom and begged him to keep going. In just a bit longer I felt another wave coming on and I realized that I was having a multiple orgasm for the first time in years. All of a sudden, the dirty girl who married my husband started to come out and the dirty talker came out with her.As my third orgasm started to build I announced, “I need to have your cock in me NOW!!” I don’t know what I expected, Tom had just come in my mouth 15 minutes ago, but I was desperate to have that thick cock in me. Tom did not disappoint. Maybe he took a blue pill or something, but when he stood up I could see that his cock was ready for me. He slid his cock into me with on full thrust and quickly I started to build again. Tom kissed me as he buried his cock in me and I announced, “I need my cunt filled up.” Tom lifted my legs up and started to bury his cock in me from a more or less standing position. It was here that I got my first surprise of the day. I wasn’t expecting it, but when it happened, I got even more turned on. While Tom was burying his cock in me another guy came over and slid his cock into my filthy mouth. It was apparent he had been with another woman because I could taste her pussy on his cock, but I sucked on that baby and closed my eyes as he released his own load into my throat. That time I gagged, as it was a little bitter, but I wanted to show Tom how great I was in bed and I swallowed that load down as well – at least what went in my mouth. The rest was all over my face.When I opened my eyes I realized that there were 10 men in the room, all naked and looking like they were ready to have their shot at me. I must have clenched up when I saw this or went into slut mode because Tom felt my pussy grip his cock and unloaded his 2nd load of the night into me. But I needed more cock and within seconds of Tom letting loose, another guy stepped in and said, “I have always wanted sloppy seconds with a hot slut. I couldn’t resist. I didn’t want to resist. The second uncovered cock of the night was sliding into me and I could feel it ride through Tom’s cum.”Oh God,” I yelled, “Bury your cock deep in me. I need more cum inside of me. “I would have been more vocal, but I heard someone say, “She’s a swallower” and I soon found another cock in my face. This one wasn’t as big, but the position was awkward and I couldn’t get him in while the other guy was fucking me. I was giving him a half hand-job, half blow-job and I could tell he was in the point between teased and frustrated. I didn’t care, I was orgasming again and I could feel more and more fluid run out of my wet cunt and into the crack of my ass. That guy sure made a mess as he pulled out.As I turned my attention back to the blowjob, I felt two strong hands readjust me and prepare to enter me. Wanting to give the cock in my mouth the attention it deserved, I didn’t pay attention right away, but as the thickest cock I ever felt started to enter me, I looked up and saw that it was a guy from my office building. This was not someone I knew well, but it was someone who had tried to hit on me months ago and whose advances I shut down. He knew exactly who I was. As I looked in his eyes, I not only saw the look of lust, but the look of someone who had gotten to open his Christmas present after weeks of sitting under the tree. I wasn’t about to resist, and god did his thick cock feel good while at the same time stretching me out in ways I had never felt. Once again, I sort of ignored the cock in my mouth as I stared into the eyes of my lover. I rubbed his chest in a loving fashion and tried to pull his head into kiss me – something he resisted because of all the cum on my face. As he looked into trabzon escort bayan my yes, something switched and he said, “I knew you were the slut I fantasized about” and started pounding me as hard as he could. I was about ready to cum again myself, but he pulled out of me and stuffed his cock in my mouth. “Swallow it, you bitch.” I almost gagged with the volume of cum he filled my mouth with, but I took it all down. The look of satisfaction on his face was not just of a guy who busted his nut, but the look of a guy who finally got the hot chick in school.The other gentlemen I had neglected with my mouth asked if I would be interested in riding him. I nodded my approval and he slid on the bed. I crawled on top of him and despite the fact that there must have been cum on my face, he kissed me as passionately as ever. I felt so in love as he made out with me, even though I was clearly just getting off. As I stroked a little I slid up his body and rode him more or less cowgirl style. As I said, he wasn’t as big as others, but by sitting up, he certainly could penetrate me more. I came again and out of pure exhaustion, I fell back over him, all the while he was playing with and sucking my breasts. This man seemed so patient, passionately so. He would look me in the eyes and kiss me like he was my long-lost boyfriend. I went with it because my husband hadn’t looked at me like that for years. Our passion went from fucking to love-making and he took his time and my pussy flowed freely.It was then that I saw Tom again and I smiled up at him like a schoolgirl. “I guess I went a little too far?””Not as far as I’m concerned,” was his response. “The question is how far you are willing to go with me?”I knew what he meant and I wasn’t about to resist. I didn’t say I thing, I just nodded my head and smiled at him as he walked around behind me. Tom placed the head of his yet-again, erect penis and pushed it slowly into my clearly lubricated ass. My husband and I had anal sex before, and I had it with a few guys before him. It had been many years, though, and this was a first for me as I was still riding the guy below me.I felt full, but not in pain. More so, I felt in love as I had two strong men in me. The extra tightness or just the sure magnitude of the event seemed to bring new life to the guy I rode. He pulled my face towards me and kissed me deeply as he came in a long and somewhat stuttered orgasm. I thought it would be awkward for him as Tom continued to go to town on my ass, but the man below me continued to kiss me. As Tom buried himself with one full thrust, I lifted my head up and caught my husband watching me. I could not tell if he was pissed or turned on, but just then a guy who was jacking off shot a load across my face and all over my hair.Tom dismounted me with a slight “pop” and motioned for the other men to follow him out of the room. There was no doubt to the other men in the room that he was in charge, and based on the fact that my asshole was still open I knew he was, too.My husband was the first to move. I felt frozen there on all fours, even as the door quietly shut and clicked. Tom walked around me as if taking a look at a car he may purchase. I was ashamed that I had broken the rules and even more ashamed that I had cum dripping out of every orifice. He didn’t say a word; he simply undid his pants and stood behind me. With quite a shock to my system, he took his right and slapped me across my right butt cheek. I screamed a little, but did not move. With one full motion he slid his dick into my cunt and grabbed my hips.He then started with the dirty talk. “Oh, I knew you were a nasty little slut. Here you were supposed to let some guy eat you out and I find you fucking a bunch of them. You liked it, didn’t you? You liked being a whore.”I couldn’t deny it. I loved it. “Oh yes. I liked letting them use me. I loved having all those cocks inside of me.”I had no idea how long he was watching, but he must have seen enough. He pulled out his and stuck it in my mouth. I sucked away at it even though I knew the cum from at least 3 guys was coating it. He continued to talk dirty to me, but I was lost in the passion. I hadn’t wanted to suck his dick like that in years. Before long, I thought he was going to blow and I prepared myself for another salty load, but he stopped. He slid back behind me and started to fuck me again. “You like giving me sloppy seconds.” He bellowed.I got even more into character. “Seconds? How does it feel to have all those guys loads of cum inside your wife’s precious little pussy. I know you like knowing you are pushing their cum deeper into me. I let those guys cum deep in my pussy and you liked it you sick freak.”Again, I thought he was going to blow, but he held off. It was then that he quickly slid his cock out of my pussy and buried it hard in my ass. Either because Tom’s cum was drying or I was just so stretched out, it hurt like hell. I felt like my ass was being ripped open, but I didn’t resist. It had been years since I let him fuck my ass and I wasn’t going to stop him after he watched me fuck Tom like that. I loosened up a little, but the grimace was still on my face. I actually buried my face in the sticky sheets trying to make the pain more bearable. The more I seemed to groan, the harder he pumped, until at last he pounded me in several quick and rhythmic strokes and shot his load in me.With a feeling of both pain and relief he pulled his cock out and I just lay in that position. It was then I felt him grab my hair and pull my mouth to his cock. I wasn’t about to resist and he took his slimy flaccid cock and stuck it in my mouth. I thought he just wanted the control of making me clean it, but he started to get erect again. While I didn’t give it my all, I still tried, but there was no way he was could to cum again? Who knows how many times he had already cum that night.As quickly as he started, he stopped and came again into my mouth as I swallowed his cum, then he helped me to my feet without saying a word. I looked a mess. My thigh highs were ripped and my corset was down at my waist. Fortunately, my dress was neatly hung up on a hook and he helped me put it on. He then casually escorted me to the door.We didn’t see any of the hosts and I am not certain if I would have said goodbye. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but it was time for us to leave. Tom didn’t say two words to me until we got back to the hotel. Once there he pointed to the shower and said, “Clean up.” I then crawled into bed and fell asleep right away.

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