Wayside Ep. 04 – Coming Clean

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From the author: I just wanted to say thanks to all the readers out there, especially those that gave my stories a favorite or left a comment. I really appreciate feedback, good or bad. I hope you enjoy the latest chapter!

Coming Clean

All characters are 18 years of age or older

Mr. Frank leisurely wheeled his mop-bucket down the flat hallway, making his late-day rounds. This was a very slow part of his day as the final class period wound down and students and faculty alike anticipated the end of the school day. His wheels squeaked occasionally as he pushed the bucket by the mop handle.

Rounding a corner, he found himself approaching the Nurse’s office. Seeing the door was open, he picked up his pace. He took the open door as a sign that the good nurse would be in her office, and unoccupied. He always looked forward to seeing Nurse Nicki.

He parked his bucket to the side and stepped to the open doorway. There stood Nurse Nicki, facing away from him, bent over an open storage tub, mostly from the waist with her knees slightly bent. She was on the shorter side and was wearing her standard, baggy pink scrubs. While they did nothing to display her firm, curvy body, they were at least loose fitting.

The waistband of Nicki’s scrub pants rode low on her hips. Bent over as she was, her scrub top had slipped up her back, with a good portion of her lower back revealed. Jutting out of the middle of her pink pants was a thin pink thong. It stretched nicely up her soft, pale hips.

Mr. Frank spread his legs slightly so he could adjust his swelling cock. He pictured her juicy, thick butt, jiggling inside the loose pink scrubs as she sorted through clean laundry. After enjoying the display for a moment, he decided he didn’t want to get caught or scare the young blonde nurse.

He squeezed his cock over his Dickies, then firmly knocked on the open door.

Nurse Nicki spun toward the doorway and rose to stand. Her pink, glossy smile reminded him of Cameron Diaz.

“Mr. Frank!” she said cheerfully. “Thank you for coming so quickly.”

He stepped into the office, returning her smile.

“It’s always good to come see you, Nurse Nicki,” he said pleasantly, “but were you expecting me?”

Nicki nodded, her loose blonde bob swinging slightly. “Didn’t you get my email?”

Mr. Frank shook his head, frowning slightly.

Nicki crossed the small office space to sit in her swivel computer chair. She squared up to her keyboard.

“Oh, well I got an order from Principal McNeal. It says here that there has been a change in the insurance carrier and the new plan has special requirements for any adult male with coverage,” Nicki explained, reading the message from the screen.

Mr. Frank stepped up next to her, standing as she sat at the small computer desk.

His eyebrow raised. “What kind of special requirements?”

“Oh, nothing to worry about, Mr. Frank,” she said casually. “They’d like to collect your semen. We just need a sample of your ejaculate today.”

Nurse Nicki spun the chair toward Mr. Frank and was surprised he’d moved right next to her. She found herself at eye level with his crotch. Her eyes rose to meet his.

“Is that right?” he said, looking down at her cute, round face.

A sudden squeal of feedback blared on the school-wide intercom system. The peal subsided to the hiss of static before the clear, loud voice of Vice Principal Withers boomed through the school.


Mr. Frank and Nurse Nicki turned back from the intercom to make eye contact over the rising bulge in his crotch.

A murmured hush of “ooohs” and “ttssk” stirred from Mr. Sterniolo’s Advanced Placement Pre-Calculus class as the message from the intercom went silent. Brandon Burley hunched over his desk, blushing furiously.

Thankfully, the class was small, and the period was almost over. He always hated the sound of that intercom and cringed whenever it shrieked on. His name had never been called for his entire high school career. He’d never had detention.

Mr. Sterniolo turned from the whiteboard to scowl at the small group of about a dozen students. He finished the equation he was working on just as the end-of-school chimes sounded.

“Please work through the Section 7 Trigonometric Functions tonight and be ready for a quiz sometime early next week,” the teacher called over the shuffling students.

A cloud had been over Brandon since this morning and things had only gotten gloomier. He figured he was now definitely fucked and all because of his friend, Steve.

Brandon’s favorite person in the whole school was Mrs. Fletcher, his auburn-haired busty MILF of a biology teacher. He’d been called to her classroom for detention. Normally he’d be excited to spend time with her, especially given the events surrounding her faulty projector.

Unfortunately, he suspected Mrs. Fletcher would berate him for taking advantage of her to exact humiliation from the principal. casino siteleri Then she’d march him down to McNeal’s office and he’d face the fury of a woman scorned. Then he’d be expelled.

He gathered his books and shouldered his backpack. Brandon could see Steve waiting for him outside the open door, on the other side of the hallway. His old friend, Steve. Were they still friends? He almost wished they weren’t.

If Brandon came clean to Mrs. Fletcher about what he knew, that Steve was actually the mystery ejaculator, he’d be off the hook. Could he do that to Steve, since his childhood friend had grown to become more of an overbearing jerk these days? Would Brandon be better off without Steve as his friend?

“Hey nerd, heard about detention. Sounds pretty rough,” Steve said.

Brandon said nothing and they began to walk together down the hallway. His mind had been running over all the possible scenarios since the incident that morning. There was no way out of this that didn’t involve Brandon or Steve taking the fall.

As they approached Mrs. Fletcher’s classroom, Brandon pulled Steve to the side.

“Mom texted me. She’s going to pick us up later,” Brandon said dejectedly.

“Oh great, so I gotta wait around too?”

Brandon gawked at him. “You’re the one that pulled your funny little prank,” Brandon said harshly. “Why shouldn’t I just rat you out?”

“Come on buddy! You know I’m one strike away from getting kicked outta here and graduation’s right around the corner!” Steve countered, as loudly as he dared. “You’ve been on the straight and narrow your whole life, dude. They’ll let you off with a slap on the wrist.”

They both looked around suspiciously.

“And you can’t rat me out, man,” Steve added.

Down the hallway, Mrs. Fletcher appeared in the open doorway to the classroom. She was looking in their direction, her arms crossed over her chest.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Brandon admitted. He left Steve standing alone.

“Right this way, Mr. Frank,” Nurse Nicki offered, rising from the desk chair. She led him through the small office to the examination room. The brightly lit room was the standard set-up: a reclining examination table, topped with crinkly white paper, a small cabinet with assorted medical supplies on top, and an identical desk chair from the one she had been sitting on. The room had a door and a half-wall window with drawn blinds, but they were not fully closed.

Frank followed her in his quiet way, making no attempt to calm his stiffening cock. It was at full mast, straining the front crotch of his workpants.

Nicki crossed the room and opened a drawer. She turned to Mr. Frank and used her most cheery, professional nurse’s voice.

“Here is the sample container,” she said, flashing her glossy pink smile. “If you could just…” She held out the lidded cup to him. Without a consciously doing so, her eyes moved to Mr. Frank’s bulge and she flushed.

He succeeded in stifling a chuckle. He also succeeded in flexing his jutting erection. Nicki blushed further. It looked like a small animal inside his fly.

“Ah!” she clapped her hands together, laughing awkwardly. “Hahaha… Ah, yes, sorry, I tend to daydream at times…”

He regarded her with a neutral expression. “You want me to shoot my load in that cup?” he said in a flat, frank tone.

“Mr. Frank, this is a professional office,” she chided, but her smile stayed in her eyes. “Yes, we need to collect your sample, in this cup. At least up to the fill line.”

She handed it to him. Her pale, slim fingers brushed his thick, dark calloused ones. Nicki’s hand trembled slightly as she passed him the clear, lidded cup. She hoped he didn’t notice. The sample collection cup was barely bigger than a shot glass, but slightly wider and slightly shallower.

“Got anything bigger? It’ll be a mess in this…”

Nicki had to turn on her heel, she blushed so hard. She couldn’t fight the image in her mind of her fantasy: his imagined, hard penis, spitting pulse after pulse of thick spunk. Pale gobs were overflowing the cup, splattering onto the floor. In her brief fantasy, the cup was held by slim, delicate fingers. With pink fingernail polish. The same shade she now wore.

“There are napkins on the table,” she reported, trying to keep her voice as steady as possible. Stepping out of the door, she closed it behind her.

Steve found himself lingering unexpectedly that day as school released. Throngs of students surged past him in the hallways, spilling out into the sunlight through bar-handled double doors. Kids shoved into them with a KATHUNK! and the doors swung open, flooding the florescent-lit hallway with bright, natural sunlight. They’d swing shut during the brief pauses with a CHUNK!, only to be reopened with gusto. KATHUNK!

Excited conversations flowed freely during this part of the day. Rushing to practice or some extracurricular club, or just happy for a few hours of reprieve between the end of the school day and the beginning of chores at home, dinner, homework, students bubbled from place to place.

But not Steve. As the repercussions of güvenilir casino his earlier prank had settled on his shoulders, he felt uneasy. He dunked his hand into his left pocket, fingering Mrs. Fletcher’s panties. The soft, wonderfully smelling piece of fabric was a talisman of his newly stirred-up problems. He and Brandon had tricked Mrs. Fletcher into blowing him, and Steve had callously came all over the place.

‘Fuck that felt good though. She sucked my dick like no girl ever has,’ Steve thought. It made his face burn with jealousy, knowing that only moments later, his dorky friend, Brandon, had enjoyed her pussy, even came inside her.

He wondered how detention was going.

‘If her mouth was that good, I wonder what she can do with that sweet MILF pussy. It made Burley nut immediately,’ Steve thought, considering his recent girlfriends. Even having sex with them was nothing compared to Sandy Fletcher’s epic blowjob. And those girls had never let him cum inside. His mind wondered to Brandon and that naturally made him think of Brandon’s mom, Cathy.

Cathy’s soft smile, her gentle touch, and Steve always wondered about her body. But, she was happily married and Steve was just a boy compared to Brandon’s dad, so he let that fantasy slip his mind. Instead, he thought of a more practical idea.

Maybe he could peer into Mrs. Fletcher’s classroom. See what Burley was up to. Maybe even get some compromising pictures in the process. He could then pursue Mrs. Fletcher without Brandon. Maybe even fuck her.

He turned to the doors at the end of the hallway. The crowd had thinned and both doors swung shut with a CLUNK! Steve strode toward them briskly. As he reached them, he firmly palmed the bar handle on the left side door. KATHUNK!

Sunlight bathed him as he stepped out. He retrieved the sunglasses from his vest pocket and popped them on. Mrs. Fletcher’s classroom happened to be on the east-facing side of the school, which would be perfect for looking outside-to-inside as the sun set. It wasn’t quite that late, and Steve had no concept of this advantage, but he knew the windows in Mrs. Fletcher’s classroom faced the back of the school and he headed there at a long-strided lope.

Brandon approached Mrs. Fletcher. She was standing tall on purple high heels with her hands crossed under her breasts. In her glossy white short sleeved blouse, which was buttoned to the top, her DD chest stuck out like mountains. They looked enormous, looming over the shorter Brandon as he stopped in front of her. Her plump pink lips were closed tightly, and he watched them part slowly.

“Well, come in,” she said curtly before turning away from him and crossing the front of her classroom to her desk. His eyes fell to her ass in her purple-reddish skirt.

“Be sure to close the door.”

It thudded shut behind Brandon and he turned to Mrs. Fletcher. She had resumed her arms-crossed-under-tits pose, standing next to her desk. She wore shiny plum ankle strap block high heels. Her legs were encased in dark hose which led to her knee-length plum pencil skirt that matched her shoes. The blouse she wore looked almost painted on. It was a button up, collared white blouse that stretched over her chest in an inviting way.

“Have a seat, Mr. Burley.”

Brandon scurried to a seat at a desk in the front row.

Sandy’s day had not been pleasant. She was feeling conflicted and a little backed into a corner. Now she needed to get to the bottom of things.

“Are you ready to come clean?” Mrs. Fletcher asked him, pun completely accidental.

“It wasn’t me, ma’am,” Brandon said softly.

She walked across the front of the room slowly, her heels clicking. Brandon’s eyes were glued to her.

“There is no use in denying it, Brandon.” She peered out of the window on the door, into the hallway. Then she pulled the blind down on the door’s window. She turned back to him.

“You were sloppy this morning and some of your cum was left on the scene. On the desk, on the cup itself…” Mrs. Fletcher crossed back to the middle of the room in front of Brandon.

He wondered what she was implying. A DNA test?

“I tasted it,” she said simply. “It had that same nutty flavor that I remember from a week or so ago… in the janitor’s closet…”

Mrs. Fletcher trailed off, her eyes distant. Did he see a hint of a smile?

“It hit me like a shockwave when I tasted the errant ejaculate. They say certain things trigger memories, some senses stronger than others. Tasting your cum, my mind flashed right back to that AH-mazing…” Sandy stopped, cleared her throat, then continued. “I almost had an orgasm just from the taste.”

Brandon shuffled nervously in the small desk in the front row. He had no idea where she was going with this. Mrs. Fletcher stood in the middle of the room with her legs spread slightly, looking down at Brandon. She put her hands on her hips.

“I’m going to need a fresh taste,” she said, her face a stern mask.

“Ma’am?” Brandon croaked.

She began unbuttoning her blouse.

Nicki tried to focus on her spreadsheet, entering in known allergies for various students from canlı casino parental forms. Mr. Frank was still in the examination room behind her. It had been all of two minutes, but to her, it felt like an eternity.

Nicki had a thing for black guys. She always had, growing up. But her parents were very conservative and would not even consider allowing her to date until she was a senior in high school. And she was by no means to fraternize with people outside of her race.

She didn’t think it was a rebellion thing. Who knew, maybe it was. But that wasn’t really part of her personality. Nicki was cheerful and bright and usually happy. She loved her parents. Her life was kind of like Legally Blonde, except that Nicki had gone for nursing instead of lawyering.

But she couldn’t deny it. She was also very attracted to black guys, typically older ones. When she learned how to masturbate, her fantasies meandered a bit. Soon, she found that her orgasms came faster and more powerfully when she thought of a dark-skinned lover. Though she’d lost her virginity to a white guy, she had slowly transitioned to black men. Nicki couldn’t remember the last time she’d slept with a white guy.

“Focus!” she whispered aloud, shaking her head, turning her loose blonde hair gently.

She entered more allergies, working her way down the list.

“…Jennifer Anistan, poison ivy… Kagney Kox, animal dander…” Her eyes started to dull as she typed on.

“…Jenna Maze, peanuts… Nicki Haven, black cock…” Her eyes widened and she gasped, shocked that her hands had typed her own name and listed her deepest fetish. She hastily deleted the entry.

Nicki’s mind wandered to Mr. Frank. She wondered how long it had been. He was an older guy, maybe he was having problems? She should probably check, just to make sure.

She got up from the chair and crossed to the examination room. The door was closed, and the blinds were down, but they weren’t quite turned fully. She leaned in close to her side of the window, her breath fogging the glass.

Through the horizontal slats, she could see glimpses inside. Mr. Frank was seated on the examination table, which was reclined to a comfortable angle, facing the wall to her right. His eyes were closed. Her gaze scanned down. She saw that he had taken the liberty of removing his clothes and wore a hospital gown, but it was backwards, with the opening in the front. His dark skin contrasted with the white of the gown.

His eyes were closed, his face calm. Her eyes scanned down. His bare chest had sparse white hairs. Her eyes continued. From his torso, his black cock stood stoutly, one hand slowly stroking it. His feet were slightly parted, and she could see his big, dark balls hanging loose in their sack. Her view was mostly of the underside of his cock and she noticed the long, thick tube running up the bottom of his shaft. The shaft itself was also long and thick, jutting out from his tall, lanky body like another member. It even looked big in Mr. Frank’s large hand. The underside of his circumcised head was lighter in color, almost pinkish, and tapered slightly from the girth of his shaft. To her, it looked like an upside-down heart. The hole at his tip was wet and a small shiny trail made its way down into his moving hand.

Her wide eyes took in every detail as he casually stroked himself. The small collection cup sat un-lidded on the table next to him. Its shape reminded her of the head of his cock, though his knob was probably slightly larger.

Suddenly, she saw that Mr. Frank’s eyes had opened.

She gasped and quickly leaned back against the smooth wood of the closed door. Her heart was pounding in her chest. Her nipples were rock hard, and her thighs were slick inside her loose scrub-pants. She knew her little pink thong was soaked.

Had he seen her? Oh god, what if he’d seen her? She’d be fired for inappropriate behavior!

Nicki forced herself to breath and tried to relax. She put an ear to the thick door but heard nothing. As slowly as she could, she leaned over to the window and carefully peered through the narrow openings in the blind slats. She could only see the wall behind him. Nicki dared another half a step and saw the top of Mr. Frank’s bald head. Another slight shift, and she saw that his eyes were closed again.

“Whew,” she sighed, letting herself relax.

She hadn’t been caught. Probably. The image of his looming black shaft was burned in her eyes as if she’d accidentally glimpsed the sun. Her previous black lovers all had nice-sized cocks and it was hard to compare them mentally with the one she’d just seen. It certainly looked on the larger side, in her experience.

The young nurse realized she was having a strong urge to hold it, among other things. She bit her pink, glossy lower lip. It certainly wasn’t an issue for a nurse to insert a catheter or help a patient urinate. The penis was just another body part. Her education was not completely specific about assisting with a semen collection. Helping a male patient masturbate was not part of her training. But… ensuring the patient’s general health certainly was. What if he overexerted himself? She’d forgotten to note the time he started, so didn’t know exactly how long he’d been at it. If he fainted, she’d have to dress him normally. Could she handle that? He was a tall guy and she might need to call for help. And he’d be exposed. How embarrassing.

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