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Subject: Watching The Boys Prequel Chapter 2 Just a note to readers of this prequel. I am a different author from the writer of the original series. I was so inspired from his tale that I began putting together a prequel to tell Jamal’s story before he met Frank, his boys, and their friends and family. I had been following the original story for many years and have reread it many, many times, believing it is one of the best stories posted on Nifty. A reminder to readers that Nifty needs their donations to provide these wonderful stories — in your own words. http://donate./ Nifty Erotic Stories Archive Over 360000 documents spanning fty/ Now onto continuing Jamal’s journey. From the first chapter: “That was so good, baby boy. You did good, Cam. I’m so proud of you. You gave Daddy Jamal a great nut. A special feeling from a special boy. I know you felt the same, am I right, baby boy?” I spoke to him in a whisper as I continued to hold him tight, his head nestled into my neck. He didn’t need to speak. I knew what he was feeling. He was bonding as his tiny white body melted into my muscular arms. He just nodded into my neck, murmuring to me, “Yesss yesss. Daddy Jamal. You are so right.” I barely made out the words, he was beginning to doze off, but there was no mistaking the boys satisfation. As Cam fell asleep in my arms, I thought to myself how hot this encounter with him really was. I’d been getting my nut on the regular since I was 12 years old but the heights this white boy brought me sexual satisfaction was beyond belief. No neighborhood girl or fag gave me the rush or endorphins that Cam was able to bring me. I was confident I did the same for him. Sure, we were high from the shotgunnin’ and, sure, the kief in the joint brought us into another dimension, but it was the act of corruption that brought it all together. We only explored each others contrasting bodies, not proceeding beyond mutual maturbation, but there was jus’ somethin’ about sharin’ a nut with a cute little blonde boy made me dizzy with lust. Cam was clearly out of it so I carried him to the back room and laid him on Dee’s king size bed and cuddled up to him, keeping him tight in my arms. Our naked bodies, black and white, intertwined and still breathing a little heavy from the intense moment we shared moments ago. I started to doze off myself when I heard Uncle Dee entering the house through the kitchen door. Dee put the groceries away and was calling out to us, which alerted both of us. I called back to Dee, telliin him we were resting in the bedroom. Cam was now wide awake and he looked into my eyes as we heard Dee working in the kitchen. “That was so intense, Jamal, it just felt so good,” he said as his bright baby blues gazed into my brown eyes. He was no longer bloodshot but there was the unmistakable glaze of his high still present. “I know baby boy, that was really somethin’ special. We’ve bonded. We have somethin’ super special between us. We shared a nut together. You’re such a special boy, Cam,” I replied intently as he smiled and flashed his shiny brace face to me. There no words coming from his pouty lips so I kept talking to him, “You never felt anything so special with anyone before, I bet, baby boy. I givin’ you love you ain’t got never before, am I right in saying that, Cam?” “OMG, Jamal, you are so right about that, so so right. You made me feel so special and loved. You shared your weed with me. You held me. You made me feel so good, Jamal,” the boy responded in a way that was so sincere. There was meaning to his words and I wanted to take him further. “No one ever gave you the kind of affection I gave you, baby boy. Not even your father. Chad ignores you all the time. He’s too busy for you and your brother. I’m thinkin’ he doesn’t even hug you at all, right, Cam?” I told the little blonde as I held him even close in my arms, pulling him tighter and kissing him on the forehead. He seemed reluctant to respond and I was wondering if I was going too far for his own good. But he eventually opened his mouth and spoke, “I know Jamal, it makes me sad that he won’t even talk to me.” “I know baby boy, but don’t you worry, don’t be sad. Daddy Jamal is gunna be there for you. We are gunna grow even closer and build a deeper bond. Daddy Jamal knows what you need. Your father has done good in raisin’ and supportin’ you, but boys like you need special lovin’ from a black man, special attention from a black daddy. White boys need like you need it.” I was really layin’ in on now, using words to completely own him. Young teens like Cam are a hormonal wreck and I knew my words would make his heart flutter. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t plannin’ on fallin’ in love with the white boy, but I knew I was seducing the vulnerable young teen so I could use him for my own pleasure. I had no doubt he was fallin’ for me and I wasn’t going to stop him. Cam was finally able to relax and was less reluctant at this point in the conversation and was feeling comfortable knowing that he was going to be safe with me. And he had good reason to feel that way. There was no way I was gunna screw this situation up and was going to do anything to comfort him and make him feel secure enough to move things further between us. I already knew the boy had his pink lips all over Uncle Dee’s dick many times before I came along that morning, but I had bigger goals. I knew it was only a matter of time before I penetrated the white boys little butthole, but I wasn’t sure at that point how I was going to make it happen or how soon I’d be fucking him. I figured it was time for us to get moving again and go out and see what Dee was up to. I pulled away from Cam and we got dressed in a flash. Cam slipped on his soccer shorts and I threw my jeans on. We strode shirtless into the kitchen to greet Dee. Cam walked in front of me and I got my first glimpse of his pert boy butt that was hugged tight by his red shorts. I didn’t hesitate in throwing my hands around his small waist as we gleefully pranced into the kitchen, my thumbs slightly under the band of shorts. “I was wonderin’ when you guys were gunna come outta the bedroom. Hope you guys had a good time while I was out shoppin’. By the looks of things it seems you and Jamal are bonding real tight, Cam. I like to see it.” Dee addressed the white boy and smiled at both of us. Cam was smiling right back at Dee, “OMG Uncle Dee we had a fun sexy time while you were gone. I hope you’re not too mad, but Daddy Jamal shared a joint with me and we smoked up so much. I can’t believe how good it made me feel, Uncle Dee.” Cam spoke hesitantly but was clearly still happy. “Don’t you worry about that weed, Cam. Everyone here in Compton eventually indulges in a little blunt smokin’. You’re a little young to be startin’ that shit, but I’m happy it was with Jamal `cuz he’ll always take care of you. Just like me. In this hood we take care of each other, isn’t that right, boy?” Dee again quizzed little Cam. “OMG I’m so glad you’re not mad, Uncle Dee. I never want to disappoint you or Daddy Jamal. He took good care of me and kept me safe, we even shotgunned so it wouldn’t be so strong my first time. And it felt so good. I’m learning so much from you and Daddy Jamal about takin’ care of each other. It’s so important.” Cam was gleeful at this point as he spoke to Dee, I could see it in his eyes as they sparkled, I could sense it as he was grinning flashing those cute braces. “What’s up with this Daddy Jamal shit, boy? Sumthin’ goin’ on I need know about? ” Dee kept up his questions to Cam. I knew he wanted to know what happened in his room while he was out. “IDK Uncle Dee, it’s jus’ somethin’ we started while you were out shoppin’. I guess I realized Jamal made me feel so special, just like you Uncle Dee. My father don’t even pay attention to me or even talk to me. I’m invisible to him. But you and and Daddy Jamal, uh, I don’t know, uh, it’s just different, I guess, but better.” Cam was confused why he felt this way and was having a hard time explainin’ but tried to continue when he just blurted out, “Plus we can share sexy stuff together! It’s so sexy! Me and Daddy Jamal had a nut together as we stroked our dicks and smoked up and shottgunned and stuff.” “That’s right, Cam. Now you’re gettin’ it. You’re understandin’ what’s goin’ on. Maybe you don’t have your cute little head completely wrapped around the situation, but you don’t gotta worry about that. Me and Jamal gunna do most of the thinkin’ for you and take real good are of you — and you’re gunna take real good care of us!” Dee was forceful yet careful in the words he chose, but it was clear what he meant and the white teen completely understood. As he spoke, Dee was fidgeting at his shorts to adjust his growing hard on. At this point, I we sat down at the kitchen table and I pulled Cam into my lap. My ebony arms circled around his bare chest and I used my hands to rub his smoothness. The contrast of the darks skin of my hands to his whiteness was an erotic site. There was just something about his innocence that made my dick chub up a little bit. My growing horny state of mind had me soon rubbing his little pink nipples. I kissed the back of his neck, quickly giving him a lick before I finally joined the conversation. “Me and Cam bonded back on your bed, Dee. We got real close. The electricity was amazing. All we did was stroke each other, smoke a little weed, and shot a great nut together. It brought me and the white karşıyaka escort boy something special. I suspect you and Cam have something special together, too, am I right, Dee?” I asked my mentor, pretending to not completely know exactly the nature of their special times together whenever Dee watched Cam and his brother. “Well we might as well be open about it. Should we tell Daddy Jamal what you and me got goin’ on, boy?” Dee played along with my charade. It was clear all three of us were going down a path together. Cam was descending on a journey with two horny niggas that were going to give him the attention he was desperate to have. I started moving my hands to the boys shorts, and he was hard as a rock. His little boy nail obscenely tenting his red soccer shorts as I pawed my hands over them. “Talk to me boy. Should we let Daddy Jamal in on our special times? Or you think we needa jus show him how you help me get my nut? You wanna show your new Black Daddy how you help Uncle Dee explode? You needa get some more of my black dick in your pretty little mouth right here in front of Daddy Jamal? Speak boy.” Dee was demanding at the point, and I could tell Cam loved it. He craved someone in his life that actually cared enough to speak to him in that way. I doubted his father Chad even made time discipline him. Cam was responding to Dee’s commanding voice. I could almost feel him melt into my lap as Dee’s words were entering his ears. I knew I had to prod him a little at this point. I swept back the little bit of blonde hair that was covering his ears and spoke directly into them, “You gotta answer Uncle Dee, baby boy. He’s got a question for you and he deserve an answer. You needa have some more of his big black dick, baby boy? You need help your special Uncle Dee explode? You need make Uncle Dee nut hard? Don’t you worry about me, baby boy, I’m right here with you. You’re safe with me and Uncle Dee. We know what you need. You need some dick in your mouth, baby boy?” I wasn’t whispering as I talked to the boy. I kept up the rubbing on his boy nail through his shorts and he started to leak like crazy, a wet spot soaking through the silky shorts. Cam finally spoke to us. “OMG guys, I needa suck your dick, Uncle Dee. I can’t believe it, but I wanna make Uncle Dee feel good. I wanna suck it, Uncle Dee! Can I? Can I? Can I?” Dee just smirked at me and pointed the boy to the floor and unfastened the button on his jeans. Cam leapt out of my lap so quick I barely felt him leaving my arms. The little slut needed some black dick bad and it showed! He kneeled in front of Dee and reached his pale hands up to the zipper on the front of the pants that encased 9 inches of black dick. The boy seemed possessed. It shouldn’t have surprised me the way things were progressing. I knew in my head that this was as much about Cam needing to please a male authority figure as it was about his hunger for some dick. “Oh no, boy, that ain’t the way we doin’ this. You’re not gunna be using your hands, boy. Mouth only, boy! That mouth is too pretty to not be used to it’s full potential. You got lips that are pure and pouty and meant to please a horny nigga. Show me how you gunna use that pretty mouth, boy.” Dee barked at him and Cam was only to eager to follow directions. The boy was shaking, fearing he would disappoint Dee. Cam put his hands away and moved his faced directly in front of Dee’s bulging jeans. I could see every inch of Dee’s dick snaking down the left leg of his pants. The boy knew what he had to do. He opened his mouth and let his teeth grab a hold of the zipper in front of him. He bit down tight at the top and slowly started pulling down. He struggled a little, but his eagerness to please Dee worked him through it and before you knew it he had the pants completely unzipped. Dee graciously helped himself out of his jeans the rest of the way, pulling them off, tossing them aside and towering over Cam clad in a tight pair of white Under Armor compression shorts. Dee’s dick was on brick in anticipation of gettin’ some head from Cam. There was no mistaking his 9 inches and the blackness of his dick showed through the shear material. Dee hooked his thumbs under the black waistband of his shorts and slowly peeled them down in front of Cam, lowering them to his ankles and his dick sprung up fast. I just sat there watching, knowing my own dick was getting super hard to watch the white boy properly service Dee. Cam just stayed kneeling, looking up at Dee, his hands on his hard boy dick, exhibiting his horniness for me and Dee to observe. He started pawing himself as Dee moved closer. “Now it’s time to get down to business, Cam. I know you needa do this sexy stuff for me. You gotta make me feel good and help me get my nut. We’re gettin’ closer and closer every time I watch you and your brother while your parents are out living their own life without you two. Uncle Dee takes care of you and you needa take care of me! Get your face all up in there, boy! No mouth yet! Just your pretty white face! Make Uncle Dee happy!” Dee talked in the third person to the boy as Cam moved himself up into Dee’s crotch. The black dick in front of him dwarfed his white face. The contrast in color only accentuated Dee’s massive dick. Soon enough, Cam has his face all over Dee’s dick, rubbing his cheeks and mouth back and forth over every inch. The boy had that dick all over his nose and forehead, leaving a trail of precum on his pretty face. His head was so small it basically covered him from chin to forehead. The little fucker was moaning so loud and stroking his boy faster and I thought he might shoot a load too soon. I once again interjected, egging the white boy on, “You’re doing such a good job for Uncle Dee, baby boy, I’m so proud of you keepin’ him so hard. It’s gettin’ you horny as fuck, ain’t it, Cam? Looks like you’re in love with that black dick, gettin’ that precum all over your face, you lovin’ it, am I right, Cam? Makin’ Uncle Dee happy and horny. You’re being a special boy for your Uncle, baby. Keep it up but slow down that strokin’, you don’t wanna get your nut too fast. You wanna make this lovin’ feelin’ last, right baby?” Dee grabbed a hand on his rod and kept rubbing it all over Cam’s face so the boy could speak. Cam licked his lips of the precum gathering there and exclaimed, “OMG Daddy Jamal, it’s drivin’ me crazy. I don’t want to ever stop. It feels too good makin’ Uncle Dee happy, I wanna suck on it so bad. Can I suck on your black dick now, Uncle Dee? Can I, please.” The hormones were rushing through his impressionable teen brain and soaking into his slim body. Cam was entering slut mode. Both Dee and I knew it. “Aight, boy, time to suck. Time to show Daddy Jamal what I’ve taught you. You needa get some black dick in that beautiful mouth of yours. Time to open up,” Dee told Cam. Before he even finished his sentences, the boy had his mouth wide open, his braces sparkling from the overhead light and Dee slowly pushed the purple plum head of his dick into Cam’s waiting mouth. The pinkness of his tongue stuck out to meet the tip of Dee’s dick and extended further to lay against the underside of the shaft. The contrast of the black dick and the boy’s white face was intoxicating for me. As I saw him circle the crown of Dee’s dick with his white boy tongue, I told myself there was no way I was ever going back to fuckin’ around with niggas or the black hoes of the neighborhood. The color contrast and the corruption I was witnessing convinced me there was nothing more erotic than a black man and a white boy. I was getting’ horny beyond control and needed to find a way to get in on the action. I reached for Cam, grabbing at his waist, just to get my hands on the little slut. I wanted to touch him. Damn, I seriously think I wanted to fuck the little white boy but I figured he wasn’t ready to go all the way — yet, anyway! Cam closed his mouth around Dee’s dick and started moving his head up and down on the shaft. He wasn’t throatin’, but he got over 4 inches in his mouth, obscenely stretching his cheeks out. Up and down the little cracker moved his mouth and Dee was diggin’ it, moaning when Cam seemed to go a little deeper. Both Dee and I sensed the boy wanted more, Dee’s moaning really lit up his bright blue eyes as if he was pleased with himself by giving that dick some serious pleasure. As I continued caressing his smooth body, I told Cam, “You’re doing a good job boy, I like seein’ you suck dick so good. You’re a natural cocksucker and you should be proud. You’re makin’ Uncle Dee feel good. I can tell you like makin’ a nigga moan with pleasure. You’re a special boy, Cam. Don’t ever forget it. It don’t matter what your mom or dad say or do, you are a real special boy. Me and Dee are gunna take good care of you.” Cam was just moaning and couldn’t speak clearly with his mouth full of dick, but he appreciated the praise I was lavishing on him. His father never praised him for anything, barely acknowledging his existence. The boy craved the attention and affirmations I was dishing him as much as he craved Dee’s dick. “You’re being so good, baby boy. You jus’ keep suckin’ that dick for Uncle Dee and Imma gunna give that cute body of your some attention. Maybe a lil’ kissin’ all over your sexy body is what you need,” I told him as I started pulling down his red shorts. He didn’t stop suckin’ Dee at all. I didn’t know where I was gunna’ start kartal escort with my pleasuring of his pale body, but as I yanked the shorts down his legs and over his feet, I noticed how cute his little white toes were. That was where I was gunna start! Drive that boy crazy with a little foot action! Dee immediately knew where my thinkin’ was at and he pulled out of Cam’s mouth and told us to follow him to the bedroom. When we got back there, Dee laid on his back, pointed at his dick, and Cam slowly crawed up and got suckin’ right away. The boy was further down on the bed, laying on his stomach and his toes were at the feet of the bed. I leaned over and started kissing his left foot slowly. “That feels funny, Daddy Jamal, mmmmm” Cam told me but got right back on Uncle Dee’s dick. I began licking his toes, sucking them, giving them light kisses with my plump lips. The boy was squirming just ever so slightly but was diggin’ this foot action as his white toes moved in and out of my mouth. Cam and Dee were both moaning and I reached up to massage his calves as I kept workin’ my mouth on his foot. The light blonde hairs growing on his lower shins and calves were further evidence of his decent in early puberty. My eyes were wide open as I continued working, leering up at his naked boy butt. His cheeks were so smooth and pale, so inviting to a horny nigga like me. “You’re doin’ such a good job for Uncle Dee, baby boy. I’m gunna try something different that I think you’re gunna like it a lot! You ready for new experiences, Cam? It’ll make you feel real good, baby,” I told him, “you keep that cute mouth on that black dick for Uncle Dee and Imma send you to another world!” I knew what I was going to do. I got up and moved to the boys side on the bed, my face near those cute white cheeks. I pawed at them with my dark hands. The were more than a handful but not by much. My fingers reached the crevice of his ass and slowly started spreading him so I could see what I was workin’ with. My jaw dropped as I gently pulled him apart. “Damn, baby, look at the nice pussy you been hidin’. You can’t be keepin’ that pretty hole from me like you been doin’. You got a nice pink one there, Cam. I gotta give that pussy some kissin’, needa get me a taste of that real quick!” Cam pulled away from Dee’s dick in amazement at my words. I doubt he’d even thought about ass licking. It clearly never entered his young mind before as he told me, “You’re gunna do WHAT? To my WHAT? Are you serious, Daddy Jamal???” I needed to assure him that everything was okay, telling him, “Don’t’ you worry about nuthin’ baby boy, Imma take good care of you and I know you’re gunna like it A LOT! What you got there is a pussy. You think it’s a butt, but it’s a pussy! Boys like you don’t know what they’ve got until a horny nigga shows them. You trust your new black daddy, dontcha, boy?” “I know, Daddy Jamal, I know I trust you with all my heart. I just never though of such a thing before, but I know I like your kisses so much! Maybe it’d feel good for you to kiss my pussy!” Cam replied confidently. “That’s right, Cam, Imma treat you right. You just get back to suckin’ that dick for Uncle Dee and Imma treat you good!” I affirmed what we both had already said many times over and he just nodded his head and put Dee’s dick back into his mouth, bobbing up and down, softly pleasure Dee’s dick with his mouth. I didn’t wait a moment longer, I spread his cheeks once again, exposing that pretty little boy hole. He kept up his cocksucking and gazed at his boy pussy. He was so fresh and pink. Untouched. So virginal that he didn’t even realize what he had or how it could be used. He was hairless and the brightness of the color of his rosebud drew me in. I went for it. I threw my face into his hole and just started licking at. Fuck that boy tasted good! There was a newness about it, but damn, it was delicious. Up and down I spread my tongue all over his pink hole. The licking was getting him all wet. I could tell he was getting’ into it! My action on his boy pussy had him moanin’ and groanin, but he didn’t want to stop blowin’ Dee’s dick to speak. I just kept up my feast and Dee finally broke the silence, “There ya go boy, you like getting’ your pussy licked? You like havin’ a tongue eatin’ you all up? Is Daddy Jamal doin’ a good job making our special boy feel good? Yeah yeah, I know you like it, all white boys havin’ their pussies ate. You’re a lucky boy. Now get your mouth in my balls and get `em all wet for me, baby. Those black balls are full of cum and I need have you help me nut, I’m getting close, Cam!” Cam obeyed and lowered his face to Dee’s balls, flattening his small tongue on the black sack. Dee started strokin’ his dick as Cam was working his nuts. My eyes darted up to meet Dee’s, and I saw that demon look in his face that all horny niggas have when they are close to nuttin’. I knew he was close, he was moaning like man possessed as he slowly stroked up and down his dick. I kept licking the boy’s pussy deeper and deeper, wondering how close Dee really was to cumming. As I buried my face deeper in Cam’s hole, I threw caution to the wind and spread the boy as wide as could. I dove in deeper and excitedly pushed my long tongue into his hole. Inside of him, I wiggled my tongue around. I wasn’t sure how Cam would react to my invasion, but he surprised me by pushing back into my face, throwing my tongue even deeper inside his pussy. “Oh. My. Fuckin’ God!!!!!!!!!” “What are you doing to me, Daddy Jamal? I can feel you inside me! It feels so good and funny! It feels so sexy! What are you doing to me????” Cam exclaimed to me as he threw his head back away from Dee’s nut sack and turned his neck around as far as he could to look at me. He was smiling, his mouth wide open as he talked, obviously in sexual bliss from having his boy pussy rimmed for the first time ever. “Ngmmmhhhhmmmmm,” he was just inconceivably moaning from being ate out. I just peered my eyes up to meet his and told him as best as I could as I kept darting my tongue inside of him, “I’m tongue fuckin’ you little boy! Fuckin’ your tight little hole with my mouth! I knew you were gunna like it, Cam! You always needa trust you black daddy! I know what’s best for you!” I kept urging him along, encouraging him and affirming what a good boy he really was. There wasn’t any doubt in my mind I’d be fucking that pink hole someday soon, and I suspected he’d be the one to suggest it first. But in the meantime, I reached up and pushed his face back around into Dee’s crotch, “get that mouth back on Uncle Dee, baby, you’re doin’ such a good job, Cam, keep suckin’ that dick, be a good boy and Imma keep eating your pussy for ya!” As he got back on Dee’s dick, I resumed my meal and Cam kept pushing back on my tongue, his slim body beggin’ me to do deeper again. I swirled all around his insides, putting him into overdrive with lust. I wanted to go deeper into him, but of course my tongue could only reach so far. I knew I had to try a finger or two to get at that special place that was too deep to touch with my tongue. “MMMMMNNNNggMgg,” Cam was moaning as he lathered his tongue and mouth all over Dee’ nine inches, “Oh fuck Daddy, that feels amazing, I can feel you go deeper when I push back. MMMMMnnnnng.” Dee knew exactly what I was thinkin’. He reached his hands under a pillow and discretely grabbed a bottle of poppers and a dirty sock. He looked down at Cam, right into his eyes and showed the boy the bottle as he shook it fiercely. “I know you want Jamal to go deeper in that tight pussy, baby, but we gunna needa help you out a little bit, open up that hole so he can reach a real special place in there that’ll make you feel like a special sexy boy. Imma open up this bottle and put it under your nose and then I want you to inhale a couple times, take in the vapors so Jamal can touch you deep. I don’t want no questions or words, just inhale the bottle. It might make you feel funny, but it’ll make you feel like a super sexy white boy when breath it in. Remember, Cam, when you trust me and Jamal, good things happen. We always make you feel good.” Dee unscrewed the unlabeled brown bottle and brought it down to Cam. The boy was up on all fours, craned his neck, and brushed his blonde locks to meet the bottle. Once it reached his nostrils, he took in a big breath of the vapor. Dee urged him along, “That’s a good boy. Take in the love portion. Breath it in boy. Now inhale again, boy. It’ll help you get sexy for me and Daddy Jamal. When you get that potion inside you this time, hold it in for five seconds, boy. Keep the sexiness inside you while I count down.” Dee instructed the docile boy along as he moved the bottle to his other nostril. Cam sucked in the vapor even deeper that his first hit. He held in the poppers as Dee counted down “5 ………… 4 …………. 3 ………………………………………….. 2 ………………………………………..1 …………………………………………………………………now breath out boy.” Cam let out a big breath and it wasn’t but a moment later when he was clearly completely soaking up the poppers through his tight teen body. “Fuck, Uncle Dee, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, that feels so good. I feel so sexy jus’ like you said I would. OMG I can feel myself getting horny as fuck. Give me more, please Uncle Dee??? More, more, more!!!” Dee obliged kastamonu escort the boy and put the bottle under his nose again, taking another deep hit. As the poppers flowed through him, Cam dove back onto Dee’s black dick, taking more inches than before. The boy was clearly tryna throat the monster dick and the vapor was helping him along real good. As he worshipped Dee, I reached up and spread his knees. Being up on all fours, Cam was givin’ me good access this time around and I dove right in, starting on his perfect hairless white ball sack, licking him, feeling his tiny nuts on my tongue. But that wasn’t what I was lookin’ to do. I hadda get a finger inside him and teach the boy what he had inside that beautiful pussy. “Uncle Dee gunna give you some more poppers, baby boy. Keep that love potion flowin’ in ya. We don’t want this sexy feelin’ to end, so we gunna do it a different way for you that’ll make sure you keep bein’ sexy for us, Cam.” Dee knew exactly what I was thinkin’ as I went back to lathering Cam’s balls with my insanely wet mouth and tongue. Dee took the bottle, poured a little bit of the liquid on the sock and folded the sock up right. He handed Cam the sock and told him to hold it up to his nose and keep it there. The boy did exactly as Dee instructed and started a constant stream of poppers to his brain, turning him into a weak and subservient white teen slut. Cam was dizzy with lust as I brought my right middle finger up to his pink hole. I circled around it and the poppers were clearly loosening him up. He kept breathin’ in the love potion as I started darting my black finger into him. In and out, I slowly went deeper, knowing exactly what I wanted to touch inside that beautiful boy pussy. Cam was gasping and moaning into the popper soaked sock, “Oh Daddy, that feels so good in my pussy. So so good. I can’t believe you’re doin’ this to me. I can’t believe how amazin’ it feels.” I took his words as the cue to go deeper with my finger. I pushed all the way in and just held it there. I wiggled around until I felt his special place with the tip of my digit. I rubbed around it, driving Cam absolutely crazy. Just like when I had my tongue in him, he started pushing back on my finger, grinding his white cheeks all around my finger that was invading him. Uncle Dee, for his part, had his legs spread and was strokin’ his dick as he watched me defile Cam with hand. Dee and I looked at each other in a knowing way — we both nodded and understood we had a hot little teen boy slut on our hands. He once again spoke to the boy, “Keep breathin’ in that love potion, boy. Keep that sock on your face and you’re gunna feel real sexy soon. You’re a hot little fuck and you got a nigga’ real horny seein’ you gind on Daddy Jamal’s finger. Keep it up boy. Breath in and grind. Take it all in and you’re gunna feel real sexy, boy.” As I kept finger fucking and rubbin’ his special spot, he spread even wider. Cam’s knees were stretched beyond what I thought was possible, but knowing the poppers were doing their job keepin’ him wanting more and needing me deeper inside him. Though he was still technically on his knees, there were far enough apart that his boy balls nearly were touching the sheets of the bed “OH Daddy, what are you touching in there? Keep rubbin’ me in there. OMG, Daddy, it feels so good when you go deep and rub me there!!!!” Cam was getting excited as he spoke. He was out of it from all the poppers feedin’ deep into his brain, but he didn’t have a care in the world. He was just soakin’ up the attention me and Dee were givin’ him. His boy nail was hard as ever, not even hanging but pointing up against his smooth white body, and leaking precum onto the sheets as I kept up rubbin his spot. My finger stood still inside him, but the tip of my finger kept moving over his boy gland. “OMG Daddy Jamal, I feel like I’m gunna get my nut and I’m not even strokin’ my dick. This is the best ever. Daddy you make me feel so sexy!!! I wanna be your sexy boy!!!. Fuck. Rub me. Rub me fast, Daddy, I feel like I’m gunna cum!!!!” Cam arched his head back to face me and was practically screaming as I manipulated him with my finger tip. I knew the boy was close to exploding hands free. I was in control of his nut and there was nothing he could do about it. It was time to take the boy to sexual heaven. Dee reach out to Cam, pulled his head back so they were face to face. He pulled the popper sock from the boy’s petite white hand and stuffed it into the boy’s mouth, forcing him to inhale the vapors with every breath he took. Cam’s boy pussy was as loose as it was gunna get so I took a chance and started working a second finger into him. Soon enough I was jabbing him faster and faster, pounding his boy button with every push into his pink hole. It sent him into the heaven I needed him to feel. After a few more thrusts, I began to feel his hole tighten up around my fingers. He was motionless as his ass contracted quickly on my digits. The sight of my black fingers in that quivering boy pussy was amazing. “I’m cumming, Daddy, you’re making me cum so so haaaaaaard! I can’t control it, your big fingers are makin’ me nut, Daaaaaaaddddddddyyyy!!!!! Makin’ me nut so so so goooooooooooooood!!!” He screamed at the top of his lungs as he shot his young teen nut solely from getting his special spot rubbed and jammed from my fingers. His petite body was moving in every direction as he exploded. His load was quite impressive this time, still watery and boyish, but damn he shot a lot. Dee was still strokin’ as the boy exploded, but seeing Cam’s still withering his body around my fingers put him over the edge. He didn’t even have to work his hand fast on his black dick to make it happen, it was the sight of the white boy cummin’ from bein’ finger fucked that pulled the nut right out of him. I was impressed as Dee’s load shot out into the air from his spread legs. His balls were tight against his body as he nutted. Cam was lookin’ up in amazement as Dee’s cum fell down onto his face. The boy put his face down into the sheets but the Dee’s nut keep spurtin’. The blonde hair on the back of his head was soaked and it dripped down his thin neck and the top of his back. “There ya go, boy. You did good takin’ care of me. You were a good boy today takin’ those black daddy fingers in your pussy, lettin’ me see you feel all sexy. Your white boy sexiness got me nuttin’ in no time,” Dee said to Cam. As soon as Dee finished emptying his balls, we all just laid there on the bed, out bodies intertwined, taking in the moment. I cuddled up behind Cam, spooning him, as he laid his blonde head on Dee’s thigh near the softening black balls that had just drenched his body. The boy was clearly wore out, as was Dee. I hadn’t had my nut yet of course but was my dick was bricked and my purple plum head was fierce as ever, dripping my nigga nectar. I laid my dick in between his white cheeks as we spooned, grinding my black shaft softly against his hole. The scene the three of had just enjoyed had worked me up and was closer to nuttin’ than I had expected. My low hangers were full and needed a release. I wasn’t going to penetrate Cam — this time — but feelin’ his cheeks wrapped around my shaft, knowing his precious boy pussy was up against me was gunna be enough to make me cum hard. I was gentle, holding the white boy close. His back against my abs and chest, my dick softly moving against the hole in between his cheeks. Rubbing the underside of dick head around his rosebud was getting me close as I whispered into his ear, “You’re a good boy, Cam. You know how to make a black man happy. Just remember how good those two fingers felt rubbin’ your special spot and think about how good it will feel to take three fingers, maybe four fingers, or all five of my black digits inside you rubbin’ you deep. Think about it Cam. Think about how good it will feel. Imagine it, boy. Maybe even havin’ a bricked nigga dick inside your pussy. Think how sexy you will feel when we do that, Cam. My big black dick rubbin’ you inside in all the right ways. Mmmmm. Just remember to trust me and Uncle Dee and it’ll make you feel like the sexy boy you are.” I moaned into the boys ear as I kept movin’ between his white cheeks. Cam sensed my heightened state of horniness and despite spurtin’ his boy load only a few minutes ago, his deep desire to please a man took over and he started grinding back at me and moanin, “OMG, Daddy Jamal, I can’t wait to make you feel so good takin’ your dick in my pussy. I wanna make you happy, Daddy.” That’s what sent me over the edge. His words — he wanted to make me happy — were music to my ears. As he uttered those simple sentences to me, my balls exploded. I could feel my nut workin’ it’s way up my shaft as it laid between his plump cheeks, and it shot up onto Cam’s back, splattering all over him. My dick kept spasming at the thought of the corruption that I was giving this white boy. “Damn, Jamal, you just shot without even penetratin’ that pussy. You musta been 100% horny. That nut a big one. We got the boy soaked, hahaha!” Dee said as he watched the action below him. As I came down from my orgasm, we continued our spooning, Cam’s face still resting on Dee’s thigh. I held the boy in arms as we rested. It was now the middle of the afternoon and Dee knew that Cam’s nine year old brother Kyle was going to be home soon from shooting hoops with the neighbor boys. We got up and each took a shower to clean off all the sweat we worked up. Cam took a long shower and came out wearing his soccer shorts once again. We went back out to the front room to watch some ESPN while we waited for Kyle’s arrival. – Next Chapter of the Jamal prequel: Kyle comes home, but does he bond with me, Dee, and his older brother?

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