Watching the Boys Part 13

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Watching the Boys Part 13I quickly glanced over and made out the silhouettes of Mister Grossa and Bryan standing just inside the bedroom. Both of them, their cocks erect, staring directly at me. Bryan had a lust filled look on his face as Grossa smiled deviously at me. His arm hidden from view behind Brian as my boy made small pushes back against the man’s hand. Grossa was finger fucking my boy right in front of me, and Bryan loved it. The room was dark but I could see Bryan’s hair all messed up, at first I thought he had put hair gel in his hair, and then I realized it was cum. “Hello Frank, Bryan wants to tell you something.” Grossa said in a deep low sexy voice, which made my cock, grow instantly hard. It felt like a dream as my glassy eyed nine-year-old son slowly walked to the side of the bed with Mister Grossa following close behind. Grossa keeping his hand in place behind my son’s ass, no doubt still held his fingers in place deep inside my boy. Bryan, Grossa stopped, and where now standing right next to me along side the bed. They both reeked of sex. Bryan stood staring at me and Leaf, taking in our nakedness with Leaf curled up next to me sleeping. My son had a look of wanting in his eyes, almost sadness as he took in how Leaf was cuddled up next to me. I realized my boy, my son, and my own offspring that I’d rose since he was a baby, wanted me more than ever, and I wanted him now too. Our eyes met and I smiled warmly at him. He smiled back as I opened my arms for him to join me. “I love you daddy.” Bryan said as he climbed onto the bed and settled down into my arms as I hugged him close to me. “I love you too son. I don’t know what I would do without you.” I whispered into his ear as I stroked his smooth sticky body. My hand moved up and down his perfectly smooth back, then slowly over his pert boyish ass. I then ran my fingers down in-between his wet butt cheeks. My fingers then ran into what felt like a rather large butt plug lodged inside his boy hole. My fingers encircled it, and then grasped it gently. Then I gave the plug a gentle twist. “Mmmmmmmmmph…” Bryan tilted his head up and looked at me with lust-filled eyes. I could feel my heartbeat speed up as we held each other for split second, but it felt like a lifetime. Then we both plunged into a passionate kiss as we melted into each other. Kissing like the long lost lovers, we were as we finally made the connection both of us so desperately wanted but I wouldn’t admit too. My boy was so warm, and felt so smooth in my arms as we made out. Bryan moaned into my mouth as I manipulated the butt plug inside my boy’s ass. We were both extremely hard now as my son rubbed his body against mine, humping against each other. Bryan suddenly pulled back from our kissing. “I want you to be part of my new family daddy.” Bryan said breathlessly. “I saved up their loads so I could share them with you.” Bryan cooed. “You need to eat their cum all out of my ass.” Bryan said as he ground his hard boy cock against my stomach. “It’s the first step to becoming a part of the family.” Bryan said with a glint in his eye. “Did you want to?” Bryan said with a hopeful look in his eyes. I smiled at him, knowing I wanted to share what he had become a part of more than ever now. “I would love to my boy. Anything for you.” I said with a lust-filled tone as we leaned into each other and tongue dueled again like lost teenage lovers. Leaf was still sleeping soundly next to me as my naked, cum covered nine-year-old son repositioned himself on my chest, facing away from me. Bryan’s boy hole finally came into view as I got to see what was buried in his ass. It was a huge white butt plug, firmly lodged inside his sphincter, keeping who knows how much cum inside him so it wouldn`t leek out. My son’s ass looked so hot with that huge toy lodged inside it, his boyish ass lips stretched obscenely around it. Bryan sat back, his ass just inches from my face. I steadied his hip with one hand as I grasped the butt plug with my other hand. “You ready Bry?” I said, as I got ready to pull out the plug. I was rock hard at this point and I suddenly felt Bryan’s nine-year-old hand grasp my leaking cock. “Yeah…” Bryan replied as I felt him lean forward a bit followed by the sensation of his hot breath on my cock head. Then he plunged his mouth down onto my cock making me gasp out. My own son now had his daddy’s cock buried in his mouth. That thought pushed me over the edge and sealed any doubts I had about all of this, not that I had any left at this point. I pulled the plug out and quickly covered my mouth over his gaping wide hole. My mouth was immediately flooded with cum. Huge amounts of cum flowed out of him! It filled my mouth as fast as I tried to swallow the many, many loads that had been deposited earlier into my son’s ass. I kept on swallowing, load after load of the salty liquid still filling my mouth as I swallowed. The sweet juicy goodness left by the members who fucked my boy, injecting him with their hot man seed. I pulled back briefly as I encouraged him. “Push out for my Bry, give me all you got!” I moaned, my face smeared with cum and his ass juices. I quickly covered his hole again with my mouth as Bryan did what I asked as even more cum flooded into my mouth. Bryan moaned uncontrollably on my cock as he sucked me completely down his throat. I could feel Bryan push back as I shoved my tongue deep inside him, licking out his insides like a bear licking a honey pot. I tried to get every last drop. Now father and son where completely connected at both ends as we sucked and tongue fucked each other. Me with my tongue buried up my son’s ass and my son with my cock, balls deep down his throat. Milking his daddies cock like the good son, he was. We both grunted and moaned as Bryan’s throat drove me to the edge of climaxing. “MMMMMPPPHH!” SLURP! SLURP! “MMMMMMPHHH!” SLURP! SLURP!…”UUUUNNNGH GONNNA BLOW MY LOOAD BBABY BOY!” I quickly gasped out, then went back to tonguing my boy’s hole …”MMMMMPH!” I couldn’t hold back any longer! I felt my nuts pull tight as tingly sensations ran up from the back of my balls and up through my cock, spreading throughout the rest of my body. I grabbed hold of Bryan’s hips and firmly pulled his ass down as hard as I could against my face, shoving my tongue as deep as it would go. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPHH!!!” I moaned into Bryan’s ass as I started to fire shot after shot down my boy’s nine-year-old throat. Bryan kept milking my cock with his tight throat as I continued to unload into him. The orgasm I was feeling felt like it could go on forever. Finally, I was now connected with my own son like never before. I was amazed that my son had learned to take my cock so deep into his throat for such a long period of time as he kept milking my now sensitive daddy cock. He finally let it slip out of his mouth as I heard him recovering, breathing hard as he regained his breath. I also felt him shudder and push his ass back on my face as his hole tightened around my tongue. I pulled my tongue out and licked around his hole cleaning him up. Bryan shifted himself around again and laid flat on top of me. “I love you daddy.” Bryan whispered again breathlessly to me as we held each other, grinning in our post orgasmic bliss. Both our expressions changed to one of wanting again as Bryan leaned down and started kissing me passionately again. God I loved kissing my boy! Bryan and I continued our hot make out session for a bit longer until we heard a moan from Grossa next to us. We both looked over and saw that Leaf had woken up and was now sucking on Grossa’s hard massive cock. Leaf was truly a gifted boy as he had more than half of the man’s large cock buried down his 15-year-old throat, milking it for all he was worth. “It’s time for you…uuugh… to become part of the family…uuungh… Fffrank.” The large Brazilian man gasped at me with a lust-filled grin. I watched in amazement as Grossa ran his fingers through Leif’s golden curly hair, then he gripped Leaf’s hair in his hands and started pulling the teen boy’s head slowly down onto his cock. I felt my cock go instantly hard as I watched Grossa’s monster cock slip down Leaf’s throat. I could actually see the bulge make its way down his young teen throat towards his stomach. “Leaf is pre…oooghh…preparing me fffor you.” Grossa continued to stare at me in a lust-filled daze. Before I knew it, Leaf’s nose pushed up against Mister Grossa’s crotch. The teen boy’s lips stretched wide around the base of the Brazilian man’s huge member. Leaf had obviously done this before as I watched the teen boy’s throat start to ripple and undulate as it stimulated the entire length of the Brazilian man’s cock with his talented teen throat. “Time for meeee…ungh…to make you…hmmm…a part of out family now.” Grossa grunted and gasped as Leaf stimulated Grossa’s hardness. “Prepare your father my son. ” Mister Grossa said to my son. I looked at Bryan, who was smiling up at me with a wide smile. He was holding my hard kars rus escort cock in one hand and slowly lowered his mouth onto it. I then felt my youngest son start to finger my asshole with his boyish nine-year-old digits. I felt his wet lube covered fingers press against my hole, then slide easily into my clenching sphincter. “UUUUUUGGHH! Oh fuck!” I whimpered as Bryan started working my cock into his mouth, and at the same time, I felt his fingers search, and then find my prostate. Aaaaaaagh! Fuck Bry, that feels so goood!” Bryan was rubbing my prostate so hard, making me groan out in pleasure as I felt my cock hit the back of his throat. Then I felt my boy swallow as I felt the rest of my cock slip down into his throat until his nose pressed against my groin. “Wow! My boy has my entire cock in his throat!” I thought to myself in amazement as I watched the sight of my son deep throating my hardness before me. I then felt him slip in another finger to join the other two. Fuck, he was working my button good! I couldn’t help it. I u*********sly spread my legs open for my boy to allow him better access to my loosening daddy hole. Bryan twisted and rubbed his boyish fingers as deep as he could into me as I moaned out from the sensations his fingers where giving me. I glanced over and watched mesmerized, as my sexy Leaf continued to throat massage Grossa’s massive cock. “uuungh…Bryan take thisss…aaagh…and prepare your father pr…UHG!…properly. ” Grossa moaned, shuttering as he handed Bryan that white box again. Leaf’s expert throat never missed a beat as it worked over the Brazilian man’s hard flesh. Bryan grabbed the box with his free hand and placed it next to him without taking his fingers out of my ass. My boy then reached into the box and pulled out. Bryan smiled at me as he held it up, showing me one of those white “kryptonite” nuggets. He then lowered it between my legs. I felt him pull out his fingers then I felt it being pushed into me. It easily slipped in followed by Bryan’s three fingers again as they pushed the “kryptonite” deep into my loosened ass. It took a few seconds then I felt it. “aaaagh…” I gasped and sucked in some air as the sharp sting suddenly hit me. My ass clinched tightly onto Bryan’s embedded fingers. “I want you to fuck me daddy.” My young son whispered lustfully to me. Bryan suddenly yanked his fingers out of my gripping ass, causing me to grunt. He then got on all fours next to me, his young nine-year-old ass pointing up in the air like a cat in heat. My cock firmed up to a painful hardness at the sight of my boy`s ass waving at me. I suddenly felt so horny. “Put it in me daddy.” Bryan whimpered as he reached back and spread his ass cheeks wide open, his well-stretched pucker winking at me. I quickly got up behind him and nudged my cock against his hole then gradually applied pressure. “uuuugh yeeeah daddy…” I suddenly felt his hole open up as it swallowed up my cock, completely sinking into my boy’s nine year old ass. We both shuddered and held still as his small boyish ass rubbed against me. His warm insides caressing my steel hard cock as I fit perfectly inside my own son. The burning sensations inside my ass was transforming into the need, an ache to have something inside it. I wanted cock in me and I wanted it now! It was as if Grossa could read my mind as I heard him pull out of Leaf’s throat and came up behind me. I could feel him lean over me on my back as his smooth skin made contact with mine. His cock teasing my wanting hole with just the tip of his hardness. “Do you want to be part of our family Frank?” Mister Grossa gruffly whispered into my ear. The lust in his voice sent a sexual shudder through me and made my cock flex inside Bryan. I gripped Bryan as I pushed back a bit against Grossa’s teasing cock. However, Grossa pulled back with me and kept the tip of his huge cock just at my entrance, not allowing it to penetrate me. “Just like your Bryan and Leaf…” Grossa grunted as he pushed forward slightly causing my ass to dilate just a bit. “… and soon Ben too.” I felt my hole open up even more as the bulbous head crept into my ass. “You want this don’t you?” Grossa growled as he teasingly poked and prodded my hole with his head. “Yes…” I moaned low as the sensations from Bryan’s ass and Grossa’s teasing cock where overwhelming my senses. My ass wanted that large cock so badly. “You have to tell me…you want it…Daddy!” Grossa grunted as he pushed hard into my ass briefly, making my hole dilate even more then backed off. “Aaaagh…oh gawd YES! Fuck me Grossa!” I cried out desperately as I watched Bryan smile warmly, waiting for what was about to happen to me. “Once I start there’s no going back.” Grossa continued, whispering in my ear. “Fuck me pleeease…I want it sooo badly.” I moaned out staring into Bryan’s eyes. My boy gazed back at me, noticing my need to be connected with what my boy had been through and was now a part of. “Address me as Master.” Grossa said firmly, pressing his swollen head against my twitching sphincter just enough to feel my hole stretch even further. “What am I?” Mister Grossa commanded, pushing harder against my hole then backing off. “Master…please fuck me Master.” I whimpered out. “Do you accept what you are about to receive?” Master Grossa said with a slight thrust of his hips. I felt the tip start to push through, stretching me further than Bryan`s three fingers.. “Yeees Master! I accept! Please fuck meeEEEAAAAAAAAGHHH FUCK! AAAAAAWWW GAAWD!” I couldn’t help but succumb to the feeling of new Master’s hard 10 inches being thrust fully into me. The force was so strong it pushed my cock deeper into Bryan causing my boy to moan out too. Fuck I felt so full! He was so much bigger than Jamal, stretching me deeper than Jamal ever did. “AAAAGH!..Oh Gawd Bry… Uuungh fuck…AAAAGH!…mmmmmm…oh..Daaad…fuck me daaad…” A mixture of grunts, groans, and wet slapping noises filled the room from all three of us. Master Grossa was setting the pace with his ten-inch monster as we started to sync up as we fucked. “Fuck yeah Frank!” SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “Welcome to my family!” SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “AAAGH! AAAGH! UUUGH! FUUCK MEE MASTER! OH GAAAWD!” I’d never been as thoroughly fucked in my life as I felt Master Grossa’s monster cock re-arrange my insides. Bryan was watching me with a dazed look of lust on his face, making slight boyish grunts and moans with each hard thrust he felt from Master Grossa through me. I quickly leaned down and started kissing my boy in wild abandon with Bryan returning the kiss just as passionately. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “mmmmm…Ooooo ggwwaaad feels so gooood…” I finally blurted out as I broke off my kissing with Bryan. “Leaf likes…” “UUUGH!” “…watching you…” “AAAGH!” “…get fucked Frank!” “AAAGH FUCK!” I glanced over and saw Leaf watching us in a sexual daze, stroking his impressive teen cock. “So fucking hot…yeeeah fuck him Grandmaster… fuck him with your fat cock…,” Leaf mumbled to himself, as he watched Grossa pound both me and Bryan hard. “Yeah, you hear that Frank? Leaf wants you taking all of my cock.” Master Grossa grunted into my ear, as he got more forceful with his fucking. Leaf and I locked eyes as our Master said that. We kept watching each other as Grossa continued to pound me into Bryan. SLAP! … SLAP! … SLAP! … SLAP! Suddenly Grossa stopped. His hard 10 inches buried deep in my quivering ass. “Frank, I know you want him.” Master Grossa whispered into my ear “I know you want Leaf as your son.” The words that Master Grossa just said flashed through my head. Hitting me like a ton of bricks. “And I know Ben and Bryan would love to have him as a brother.” Master Grossa said with a smile. “Don’t you Bry?” Grossa continued as he looked at my boy beneath me. “Mmmm yes…” Bryan moaned out with a smile as he weakly nodded his head. “Let’s bring Leaf into the circle.” Grossa said as he held on to me as he sat back pulling me out of Bryan’s boy hole as Leaf scrambled into place between my son and me. I watched my son spread his smooth nine-year-old boy legs wide to accommodate his future brother. I watched Leaf lean over my boy and then heard both boys let out a long moan, the signal that Leaf’s hard cock was now sliding deep inside my boy. I watched Leaf’s back start to contract as he started slowly fucking his cock into and out of my boy. “Join with your new son Frank” Grossa whispered into my ear as I watched the two boys fuck in front of me. I did want Leaf as my boy. I wanted to care for him as if he was my own son. He was such a beautiful boy. I was now realizing I was starting to fall in love with this blonde teen beauty. My cock was rock hard as Grossa and I leaned over the two slow fucking boys. Leaf slowed his thrusts as I nuzzled the tip of my cock between his flexing ass cheeks. Pre-cum accumulated in his crevice at the thought of bringing Leaf home to meet Ben. “Yes, Master…I would love kars rus escort bayan to have Leaf as my son.” I groaned out. “Goooood, my proud daddy.” Grossa said as he made a hard thrust into me forcing me forward. I heard Leaf, and then Bryan grunt then both moan as I felt my cock pop through his sphincter muscles and slide fully into my new son. “Now we start…” Grossa said as he braced himself over Bryan, Leaf, and me. Keeping his hard cock buried deep inside me. “We call upon you in the guise of Eros…” Grossa chanted as he gave a firm thrust with his hard 10 inches. “Kindler of desire, Bringer of love…” Fuuuck …Master Grossa’s cock felt good as it slowly stroked my insides. Combing that sensation with the feeling of Leaf’s smooth skin below me was bringing me quickly to the edge. “…to join us here and witness the bonding of Frank, Bryan, Leaf and our family.” Grossa started to grunt as his thrusts became firm and deliberate. His ten inches pistoning in and out of my now well-stretched and wanting man pussy. “Do you Frank…” I concentrated on Grossa’s voice as he steadily long dicked me causing me to hump the moaning boys below me. “aaaaaaaaggh…mmmmph…uuuuugh…aaaaagh…” The Noises of the boys intermixed with Grossa’s chanting. “…join us here of your own free will…uuugh” Master Grossa was getting into the fucking now. “…to acknowledge before…mmmm…Eros…” “…the bond that is shared between you…oooh fuck…and our family.” Grossa grunted. I heard Bryan moan out, then I felt Leaf’s boy hole grasp hard onto my cock. Which caused my ass to spasm and grip Grossa’s hard spear. Each thrust of my new Master’s rigid cock bringing all four of us closer to orgasm. “Repeat after me everyone…” Master Grossa said in a shaky controlled voice. “Heart to thee,” Grossa thrust hard into us. “Heart to thee.” The three of us beneath Grossa repeated. “Soul to thee…” Grossa grunted as he thrust into us once again. “Soul to thee…” We chanted in moaning unison. “B..Body too theeee”Grossa groaned out as he picked up the pace of his fucking us. “Uuugh…aaagh…shhiii…Bodee to thee…” We blabbered out as Leaf started to fuck both Bryan and I at the same time bonding with his new father and new young brother, bringing them to a much-needed orgasm. “Forever and always…” Grossa whispered, as he continued his hard fucking of the three of us as he tried to hold of his cum. “uumm…maaaa…nnngh… forever aand always…” All three of us said weekly as we felt Grossa start to really pound into me. Leaf increased his thrusting back and forth between Bryan and me. My son was now moaning uncontrollably, his eyes closed tightly as Leaf sucked hard on Bryan’s neck. We were on the edge of losing control. “So mote it be!” Grossa suddenly roared as he started to fuck hard into me. AAAAAGH…SOO…UUUNGAAA…MMOTE…AAAGH…IT BEEEEEEAAAAAAGGHH!” “Fuck your new brother Leaf!” “Oh god! So hot!” “FUCK YOUR NEW SON FRANK!” “UUUUGGH GAAAAWD!” “Can’t hold it…” “AAAAGH! GONNA…” “UUUUGH! FFUUUCK!” I felt Master Grossa give one final loud grunt as his cock finally unloaded deep inside me, filling my hole with shot after shot of his hot cum. I felt Bryan moan and grip Leaf harder as my youngest boy was ravaged by a massive orgasm. I felt Leaf`s body react as his teen boy pussy gripped me hard, milking my cock, as he started to unload his seed into my son. Leaf’s milking boy pussy sent me over the edge as I let out a loud grunt and started to unload my love frosting into my new son. The four of us ground our bodies together, bonding, as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over us. All four of us slowly humped ourselves down from our combined orgasms. Our deflating cocks enjoying the warm wet tightness of our freshly seeded holes. Low moans and heavy breathing filled the room as we eased down from our sexual highs. “We thank you Eros, for your presence here this day, and ask, as you take your leave, that you leave in each of us, the ability to be a bringer of desire, and kindler of love and the ability to each be a Sensual Lover, and desirous one.” Grossa chanted in a calm low tone as he regained his breath. I then felt Grossa slowly pull his deflating 10-inch cock out of my well-fucked ass. The sudden vacancy of his meat caused me to let out a gasp. Bryan, Leaf, and I slowly rolled onto our sides as me and my sons stayed connected. Our cocks still hard and buried in each other even after Leaf and I had both popped. I now felt connected to my boys. My youngest boy Bryan and my new son and new lover, Leaf. I also felt I had broken down a wall inside me and a completely new side of me was revealed. I felt like a changed man. The three of us slowly drifted off to sleep, complete, and as a family. “Fraaank’ I heard faintly as I felt a hand caress the side of my face. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Grossa, now dressed, leaning over me with the warmest smile on his face. Our trusty Bell Hop, Paolo was standing behind him in dressed in his uniform. I hadn’t notice Paolo had left before Grossa and Bryan showed up. “My dear Frank, you did well.” Grossa said in a whisper, so not to wake the boys. “You’re a good man Frank. Thank you for giving Leaf a good home.” Grossa said with glowing sincerity before leaning in and kissing me, at first gently then we both started kissing like long lost lovers. God this man was sexy. Grossa pulled back from our kiss, a hint of wanting splashed across his face for a split second then vanished behind his warm smile. “Make me proud Frank.” Grossa whispered again. He then stood up and walked towards the hallway with Paolo following him, Grossa paused at the door and turned to look at me. “Bright blessings to you and your new sons.” Grossa smiled one last time before vanishing out of view with Paolo quickly following behind him down the hall. I was now alone with my two sons in my arms. That warm thought relaxed me as I drifted off to sleep. The warm morning sun woke me up. I felt so rested after the wonderful night I had before, as I stirred out of my slumber I glanced around and noticed the bed was empty. Then I heard a muffled noise coming from the hallway. “mmmmph…” It was the unmistakable noise of a boy moaning. I couldn’t tell if it was Bryan or Leaf. My cock grew hard as I got up to follow the noise. I stood in the hallway and listened. The sound of the shower running became clearer. “uuuuugh!…sooo good…” Leaf’s voice echoed faintly from the bathroom. My curiosity got the best of me as I slowly opened the bathroom door and peeked in. The humid air from the shower hit me first, then the unmistakable sounds of slurping and sucking, along with the moans from Leaf and Bryan filled my ears. “Uuuugh fuck yeah Bryan…eat my ass..” “mmmmph…mmmmph…” Then I saw them, under the spray of the shower, both Bryan and Leaf framed perfectly by the open shower door. Leaf was leaning against the tiled shower wall, his ass arched up with Bryan’s face buried deep in-between those perfect teen cheeks. Leaf’s eyes were closed tight, his mouth open, as he moaned uncontrollably, while his new younger brother ate my load out of his ass. I slowly entered the bathroom trying not to make any noise. My cock was now rock hard as I quietly sat down on the toilet seat and gently stroked my aching hardness while taking in the sights and sounds of my boys in the shower. “Fuck Bryan, that feeels sooo good.” Leaf moaned out as he kept pushing his ass back on my youngest boy’s face. Suddenly Leaf straightened up and turned around, his hard teen cock making little bobbing movements in time with his heart beat. Leaf pulled Bryan up, kissing fiercely, and then the teen positioned the nine year old so his back was against the shower wall. Bryan whimpered as Leaf lifted the boy’s ass up and impaled the boy onto his hard five inches. “AAAAAAAGGGHHH!” The nine year old moaned as Leaf slide fully into him with one thrust. The blonde teen froze in place, holding his hard five inches deep inside my youngest son. Leaf then glanced at me and smiled as I continued slowly to stroke my leaking cock watching them. “It’s getting cold.” As Leaf reached back and slowly slid the glass shower door closed. I could still see them through the steamy glass as I watched Leaf lean into Bryan, kissing him hard then just started fucking Bryan relentlessly under the spray of the hot shower. Bryan held onto the shower nozzle above while wrapping his coltish legs around Leaf’s waist as the teen pounded my young slutty son’s ass. “AAAGH!…FFUCK!…UUUGH!…GAAWD!…YEESS!…UUNGH!…” Bryan’s loud moans echoed through the bathroom as Leaf ravaged his younger brother’s hole. The steam from the shower was starting to fog up the shower doors making it harder to see what my boys were doing. Soon, all I could see were two humping shapes accompanied by the low moans of Leaf, intermixed with Bryan’s high-pitched wails. “UUNGH!…UUNGH!…GAAWD!…UUNGH!…UUUGH!…The intensity of the moaning rus kars escort coming from the shower increased as the fucking intensified. Suddenly Bryan’s hand slapped hard against the glass, followed by one of his feet as he braced himself to fuck back on Leaf’s thrusts. I stroked harder as I watched the two shapes start to move faster and faster. The room quickly filled with the rapid sounds of Leaf’s hips slapping against Bryan’s ass and thighs. SLAP!…SLAP!…SLAP!…SLAP!…SLAP!… “AAAGH!…AAAAGH!…AAAAGH!…AAAAAGH!…AAAAAGH!…”The boyish moans intensifying as the shapes started to fuck more forcefully. Bryan went quiet as the sensations his ass was receiving overwhelmed his young senses. SLAP!…SLAP!…SLAP!…SLAP!…SLAP!… “Yeeeah, feel your new b*o’s cock fucking you…” Leaf grunted breathlessly. “AAAAGH GAAAWD FFUUCK MEE LEAF! ” Bryan’s hands and feet pressed harder against the glass shower doors as Leaf and Bryan’s shapes made a few last hunches then slammed forward. “AAAAAAAAAAUUUUUNNGH!” The orgasmic moans from both boys mingled together as they climaxed as one. Watching and hearing my boys cum together pushed me over the edge as I unloaded a huge load of my daddy love frosting all over my stomach. Orgasmic waves washed over me as I slumped back on the toilet seat, slowly stroking my now sensitive, cum covered cock. I watched the shapes of the boys behind the steamed up glass doors slump and relax as they recovered from their massive climax. Bryan’s hands and foot disappeared as he wrapped his arms and legs around Leaf as the two tenderly kissed under the shower. I quickly stood up, walked over to the shower stall, and got in behind my two sexy boys as they made out under the spray of the water. They didn’t even notice me as I grabbed a washcloth and a bottle of body soap and started lathering up my two horny boys. I took in their beauty as I caressed their smooth bodies with soap. The boys finally broke off their kissing and enjoyed my cleaning of their bodies. As I washed Bryan and Leaf’s bodies, my cock grew hard again. It hadn’t recovered like that in years and now it wanted more as I started to wash Leaf’s strong back and down to his tight teen ass. “You want me to fuck you son?” I whispered into Leaf’s ear as moved up and stood behind him. My cock now firmly pressed between his smooth soapy ass cheeks. My hands reached around and started to soap up his stomach and chest. “You want me to fuck you like the lil slut you are?” I continued. Then I felt Leaf arch his ass up, causing my cock to align perfectly with his boy hole. I helped Leaf position himself by holding him under his balls, almost lifting the teen up onto my cock. “Is that a yes? Daddy wants to know…” I teased his hole with the tip of my hardness. “Uuuuugh! Yes Daddy! Fuck me good daddy!” Leaf finally mumbled out. “Anything for my boy.” I said as I pushed forward long and deep. Burying my seven-inch cock deep with one long thrust, giving Leaf no time to react. “AAAAAAAAAGGGGHHH FUUUCK YYEEEAAH DADDDIEEE!!” “Yeah… you like daddy long dicking you?…” I grunted into Leaf’s ear as I pounded his 15-year-old ass. “…don’t you?” I said more firmly and emphasized my point by thrusting hard into my Leaf and holding it balls deep in him. “Aaaawwww gawd YES! Please fuck me, please fuck me…” Leaf moaned out as I felt him push back against my cock, his ass muscles clamping down on my dick, milking it like the good boy he was. “Please fuck me what…?” I said with another hard thrust up into him. “Uuuugh…pleeeeasse fuck meee Daddy!…uuuunnngh!” Leaf groaned out as he really started to push back on my cock. I leaned into him and whispered into his ear. “I love you son.” I whispered huskily as I started fucking him hard. Leaf started moaning and groaning with each thrust. Bryan was on his knees fisting his little boy nail watching us the whole time during all this. He looked so in awe of his dad and new big brother going at it. He leaned forward and took Leaf’s hard cock into his mouth as I fucked Leaf from behind. I slowed my fucking as a new idea flashed across my mind. “Bryan, stand up and turn off the water.” I gasped. Bryan quickly did as he was told. He stood up, facing away from us and turned off the lukewarm water. “Hug you’re brother.” I whispered into Leaf’s ear. The older teen then pulled Bry’s hot 9-year-old body into his, his hard teen cock now rubbing in between Bryan’s ass cheeks. “Mount your brother…slide your cock into your younger brother…make him yours again.” I whispered into Leaf’s ear. I could feel Leaf lining up his cock with Bryan’s sphincter. I helped hold my wet slippery boys as they slowly merged. I then heard a low boyish guttural moan come from Bryan signaling Leaf’s cock was now in him. That and feeling Leaf’s hole grip me a bit harder as he flexed his cock into Bryan as he penetrated the boy. I reached around both boys and pulled them tightly against me. “My boys.” I thought to myself as I started fucking into Leaf and Bryan. “These are my boys.” I smiled as I hugged them tighter and really started to get into fucking them. Uuungh!…Mmmmmmgh!…oooh fucck…uuuuungh …uuuuuungh…” The sounds of three of us fucking echoed in the shower as we bumped and ground ourselves against each other, edging closer to our i****tuous group orgasm. I had my knees slightly bent as I fucked up into Leaf, causing him to thrust forward into Bryan. Leaf tilted his head back and I quickly shoved my tongue in his mouth as I held Bryan tightly against Leaf with one hand while stroking his nine-year-old boy nail. The whimpers and moans coming from my sexually joined boys were pushing me closer and closer to the edge. “A A A A A AAAAAAAAGGGHHH!” Leaf cried out as I felt his ass clamp down tight on my cock. Then I felt his ass muscles contracting as he shot another load of cum into Bryan’s ass, the second time in less than 30 minutes. “Oh fuck! Oh, FUCK! OH FUCK! AAAAAAAGGGHH!” I held onto my boys as my mind flashed white, and sensations were shooting all over my body. I felt Bryan’s cock spasm in my hand then heard him cry out in a high-pitched groan. We all sunk slowly to the shower floor as we laid there slumped in a heap as the boys and I tried to catch our breaths. “Thanks for the morning fuck dad.” Leaf groaned with a wide smile back at me as my deflating cock slipped out of his loose teen ass. “Anytime son.” I replied as I leaned in to kiss him gently on the lips. “How about you Bry? Did you enjoy it too?” I said to Bryan who was laid out next to Leaf, still mounted on the older teen boy’s still amazingly hard cock. “Yeeeah..” Bryan sighed contentedly with a dreamy smile on his face.. “You boys hungry? I asked. “Yeeaahh” they both giggled out at the same time. “Let’s head downstairs and worry about cleaning up later.” The boys took the hint and slowly stood up on wobbly, coltish legs, and then the three of us made our way downstairs naked, with cum still leaking down the insides of both boys’ legs. It was a sight to see. The boys headed into the kitchen and started grabbing bowls and spoons for cereal. I headed into the dining room and noticed a manila envelope with a name on it. The name said “Leaf Kayden Torgils”. “We got a bowl for you dad.” Bryan announced as Leaf and Bryan headed to the living room with bowls, spoons, and a carton of milk along with two different boxes of cereal. I paused as I watched their hot little bodies walk by me. “OK, I’ll be right there.” I cleared my throat as I broke my staring off my hot boys and concentrated on the yellow envelope in my hand. I opened it up and pulled out a stack of very legal looking papers. It was Leaf’s adoption papers. In addition, a plane ticket for Leaf to fly back to Los Angeles with us. “How did they get this all together so fast?” I thought to myself as I thumbed through the pages. The sound of an incoming video call request from my laptop jarred me out of my stunned daze. “We got it dad.” Bryan yelled as he switched the input on the TV over to the laptop. My Skype page popped up on the flat screen, it was Ben calling. I looked at the clock and it was eight in the morning here in Miami. That means it was five in the morning there in Los Angeles. What`s he doing calling so early? I put the papers and the plane ticket back in the envelope and a sense of pride washed over me. Leaf was my son now. “OH MY GOD!” “WOOO GOOO BRAD!” Slurp! Shlorp! Slurp! I glanced up and my jaw almost fell out. On the screen was Ben and Jonny getting skewed side by side by four muscular, sweaty black men. In the background I could make out some of Ben’s soccer teammates also being fucked hard by more large daddies. “Who is that?” Leaf gasped as he pointed at the spectacle on the screen. “That’s your brother Ben on the left, and that`s Jonny on the right.” Bryan said proudly, I also notice his little boy nail was hard again. “Oh wow, they’re both hot.” Leaf said in a more low husky tone as he started lightly to stroke his now steely hard teen member. Both boys leaned back in the couch and started stroking each other’s cocks without taking their eyes away from the screen. I looked down, my cock was hard as a rock again, and my boys were beating off watching their other brother get skewered along with half his soccer team. “Oh shit.” I thought, as my cock grew hard.

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