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Subject: Watching The Boys – Part 3 Watching The Boys – part 3 By: Graphsmuse This story contains graphic sexual scenes between males under 18. If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states you are not allowed to read this story by law. This story is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to person’s living or dead, or to events that may have occurred, is purely coincidental. The author claims all copyrights to this story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed, except by the web sites to which it has been posted, without the consent of the author. And don’t forget to donate to Nifty. Help keep these stories free and available! Support Nifty! My cock was hard again. What was on this DVD? I had to know. I opened up the DVD case and put the disk in the player. I had a high end entertainment center installed across from my king size bed so I could watch movies. I sat back on the bed and clicked on the flat screen with the remote and waited for the DVD to start playing. The screen lit up with the red colored title card, “B’s Cherry” then faded out. Then the screen faded up with the image of Bryan standing in the classic superhero pose, his hands on his hips wearing the Superman costume I bought for him last Halloween. The stretchy spandex one piece was a tight for the boy, even when I bought it for him a year ago. But I bought it so it would show off his cute sexy boy body, and Bryan loved the feel of the spandex so he didn`t complain. But Bryan has grown since then and now the costume fits really snug on him. Then I hear Jamal’s voice off camera as the image roams over the tight outfit. “Here is our hero, ready to fight the evil plans of his arch enemy Lex Luthor. A villian who fights dirty and knows all of Superman’s weaknesses.” “I’m Superboy, not Superman!” Bryan giggles at the camera. “Oh, sorry. Superboy!” Jamal replies. “And especially how Kryptonite will leave our hero powerless and begging for mercy.” As Jamal holds up a small white piece of rock like substance in front of the camera. “What’s that?” asks Bryan. “Kryptonite silly boy, but that’s for later.” Jamal continues as the camera refocuses on Bryan. The boy giggled at how well Jamal is playing along with the game. “Now fly away and Lex Luthor will try and capture you.” Jamal says. Bryan smiles widely and does his best flying pose. “Up, up and away!” yells Bryan, as the boy runs out of frame with his red cape following him. The image immediately jumps to a shaky hand held image as the camera chases Jamal and a giggling Bryan around the house. His red cape flashing brief glimpses of the tight spandex costume as it strains against the sexy boy body inside it. Jamal is only wearing a loose pair of shorts, his bulge clearly viable down the pant leg of the nylon shorts in some shots. Jamal chases the goggling boy out of the room as the camera stays on a wide shot of the dining room. The camera must have been held by the mysterious man a saw go into the bathroom with my son earlier. A boyish giggling scream can be heard off camera as Jamal captures the boy and brings him back into the dining room. He places the boy in a chair at the end of the dinning room table and ties the boy to the chair. Bryan giggling the whole time. “O.K. Superboy, you’ll now tell me how the secret to your super powers!” Jamal said in a corny dramatic tone. “Never! I’ll never reveal my secret to you Lex Luthor!” giggled Bryan. “Then I’ll have to loosen your tongue boy!” Jamal replied Jamal headed off to the kitchen and shortly brought back, what looked liked, a plate of brownies wrapped with plastic wrap, a small black canister of something, and a tall glass of milk. He placed them down in front of the tied up boy on the dining room table. “These truth brownies will help loosen your tongue boy!” Jamal says in a playful way. “Ha! Your brownies will have no effect on me Lex Luthor!” smiled the brown haired cutie. “These are special brownies Superboy, and you won’t be able to resist me after you’ve had one!” as Jamal takes a large brownie out of the plastic wrap. He then takes the small canister and unscrews it, then taps out some yellowish white powder on top of the brownie. Jamal sprinkles the fine powder all over the top. “What’s that?” asks Bryan. “It will help me get the truth out of you Superboy!” replied a smiling Jamal as he put the powdered brownie up to Bryan’s mouth. “Truth stuff won’t work on me Lex Luthor!” smiled a defiant Bryan as the boy tried to avoid the brownie by turning his head playfully. After a few attempts, Jamal took Bryan’s head and pushed the powdered brownie against the boys lips. Bryan playfully giggled, then opened his mouth and started to eat the brownie. With his mouth full of what was left of the brownie Bryan comments “The brownie tastes funny, but I like it.” as Bryan continued to swallow the rest of the chocolate concoction. Jamal brought the glass of milk up to Bryan’s lips. “Drink up boy! I’ll get the truth out of you one way or another!” replied Jamal as Bryan started to drink the milk. Bryan washed the rest of the brownie down and smiled at the camera with a fresh milk mustache. “Did you get all that Uncle Dee?” Bryan said looking to the someone just off camera. “I sure did little guy.” the other voice said from off camera. This Uncle Dee must be the guy working the video camera and the guy I saw going into the bathroom with Jamal and my son. What have these two men been up to with my son? “Now, will you cooperate with me or do I have to get tough with you?” Jamal continued. “Let’s see if you can catch me again!” as Bryan suddenly pulled free from the loosely tied ropes and dashed out of frame, as Jamal unsuccessfully tried to grab the fast boy, with the camera quickly following. Jamal chased the boy around the house, and after several near catches, Bryan finally fell back onto the couch exhausted with Jamal collapsing next to the panting, smiling boy. “How you feeling son?” asked Jamal. “I feel gooooood.” replied a slightly woozy Bryan, as he stretched out like a cat. The Superman costume straining against his nimble frame. Whatever was in, and sprinkled on, that brownie was starting to kick in. “I feel sooooo gooood!” Bryan smiled wide with his eyelids now looking heavy. “Come sit on daddy’s lap son” Jamal said to the relaxed boy. Bryan slid over onto Jamal’s lap and reclined back on to the muscular black man’s chest. Jamal started to slowly run his hands up and down the spandex covered boy. Bryan lightly moaned as the large black hands manipulated the boys body. The camera followed Jamal’s hands as they stroked every inch of my nine year old son. A noticeable boy bulge was showing as Bryan became aroused by Jamal’s manipulations. “Feels like you’re the boy of steel.” Jamal whispered into Bryan’s ear, as he centered his attention on Bryan’s hard boy cock. The camera focused in on the two strong black hands, as it manipulated the hard boy nail through the tight spandex. Bryan let out small grunting and groaning sounds as the sensations rippled through his body. “Your now mine to do whatever I want, Superboy.” as Jamal continued to whisper into my boy’s ear. The camera continued to follow Jamal’s other hand as it moved up and started to pinch and massage Bryan’s hard boy nipples through the tight spandex. Bryan moaned out louder this time, as both sensations overwhelmed him. “I shall know your deepest secrets and take them from you.” as Jamal licked Bryan’s ear, which sent shivers through the boy’s young body. “I think it’s time for you to see Lex Luthor’s truth probe.” Jamal then started to work his shorts down while holding Bry in place on top of him. Once released from his baggy shorts, Jamal’s cock immediately flopped up and stood attention between Bryan’s silky spandex covered boy legs. Three inches of Jamal’s eight inch, thick black cock, could be seen rising above Bryan’s hard crotch. “Henchman Dee, you should do the same.” Jamal says to the camera. The camera wobbles a bit as Uncle Dee removed his shorts and tossed them onto the couch next to Bryan and Jamal. “Ooooh, I love your truth probe.” smiled Bryan, as the boy clamped the erect black cock between his silky spandex covered boy thighs. The camera went wide as Bryan reached down with both hands and gently stroked Jamal’s throbbing cock head. Jamal let out a long guttural moan as the boy’s small hands manipulated his sensitive cock head. “Yeah baby, stroke that probe.” Jamal says lustfully. Bryan tilts his head back and the two start to kiss madly. Jamal and Bryan’s hands are a flurry of movement as they start to stoke each others bodies uncontrollably and lust takes hold of them both. The camera pans up and down the two writhing bodies, catching groping hands and excited flesh. Jamal pauses his kissing and looks at the camera. “I think it’s time to take Superboy here up to my secret lair.” Jamal then smiles a wicked grin and the naked Jamal rises up off the couch, lifting up and carrying my limp son towards the stairs and the upstairs bedrooms. The camera following the action the whole way. The screen then cut to a wide shot of my master bedroom with a naked Jamal carrying my son. I see two other video cameras mounted on tripods around the bed. The video then cut to the hand held camera, as Jamal gently lowered Bryan onto the center of the giant king size bed. I also notice a set of four fur lined cuffs attached to chains draped along the top of the bed. Bryan stretched out like a cat, as Jamal laid down next to my boy as he continued to rub his hands up and down the boy’s spandex clad body. Bryan’s lithe body standing out against the bright satin red cape. “I feel warm…” Bryan said with spacey smile. “Superboy is warm huh? Well lets just take off you super suit then.” replied Jamal. Jamal rolled the stretched out boy over on his side and slowly unzipped the back zipper on the boy’s tight spandex Superman suit. Bryan’s sexy back opened up to Jamal and the camera as the zipper was slowly lowered, all the way down, to just above the beginning of the boy’s tight ass. “Time to get Superboy more comfortable.” as Jamal ran his strong hands inside each sleeve of Bryan’s restrictive costume, removing each of Bryan’s arms. Jamal then slowly lowered the restrictive spandex Superman one piece down until the boy was topless with the top part of the costume bunched up around the boy`s waist. Jamal rolled my son back over, so he was face up again with a dreamy smile on his face. The camera captured Jamal’s hands roam all over the exposed boy’s chest as it gently moved up and down as he breathed. “I now have you in my evil clutches Superboy.” Jamal said seductively as he continued to move his hands up the boy’s out stretched body. The picture cut to a wide shot of Jamal as he Gently grabbed hold of the boys wrists and moved the boys arms up over his head. He then placed a black, fur covered cuff on each the boys wrists, stretching Bryan’s arms over his head. The video cut back to a close up as Jamal leaned down to the boys face and muttered to the restrained boy: “And you are now powerless to escape me.” as Jamal brought his lips down to the boy’s lips. Bryan and Jamal started to kiss passionately as my son gave no resistance to the black man’s invading tongue. I was so hard from watching my son give himself so freely to the muscular black man. Even after ejaculating just a few minutes ago downstairs, I couldn`t help but whip out my hard cock and start stroking again. As Jamal continued to duel tongues with my boy, the camera followed his large black hand down, as it slowly made it’s way to the boy’s straining spandex package. Jamal used the palm of his hand, and started to lightly rub in small circular motions over the hard boy nail causing Bryan to sharply inhale and groan through his nose as they kissed. “Mmmmm…aaammmph…mmmmph!” The boy could be heard moaning in the background as he tried to force his tongue as deeply as he could into Jamal’s mouth. The camera still focused on his little boy hips grinding upward into Jamal’s palm. The video then went to a shot of the two on the bed as Jamal lifted his hand off the boy. They continued to kiss as Bryan moaned in disappointment, the boy straining against the restraints while still trying to thrust up and maintain contact with Jamal’s hand. Jamal then started to stoke Bryan’s tummy, his fingers slowly teasing entry into the boys costume. The camera kocaeli escort cut to a close up as Jamal pulled back from Bryan’s eager kissing. “You ready Superboy? Are you ready to reveal your super secret powers to me?” Jamal muttered breathlessly to the boy. “Uh uh” was all Bryan could respond as he slowly shook his head no. The lustful, glazed over look in Bryan’s eyes said everything Jamal needed to know. “Then you leave me no choice Superboy,” as the video cut to Jamal’s hand, as it slid down inside the waist of the boy’s tight costume. Bryan moaned out as Jamal’s hand softly gripped the boy’s cock and balls directly. The boy’s high pitched moans became muffled as Jamal thrust his tongue back into Bryan’s small mouth. The muscular man and my nine year old boy began to kiss passionately again. Jamal’s large hand obscenely stretched out the spandex material as he stroked and manipulated my sons hard boy nail. Bryan spread his legs wider as the camera focused on the obscene undulating bulge that moved erotically over the boy’s crotch. Bryan’s hips moved hypnotically with each movement as the boy pulled against the restraints for better leverage. The video went to a wide shot of the two as I watched Jamal play my son like a fine musical instrument. I slowly stroked myself to the lustful words Jamal muttered to my son. “Yeah, you like that, don’t you? You super boy.” as Jamal continued with his stoking. Bryan was really worked up now. “Uuuhhh…mmmmmm…yyy…yeahhh…,” Bryan squeaked out. His body damp with sweat. “Time to get you ready for my truth probe, and find out what you know,” Jamal muttered to Bryan as he moved down to Bryan’s waist. Jamal grabbed the sides of the spandex costume and slowly worked the tight fitting outfit down the boy`s legs. The camera captured Jamal’s hands feeling down Bryan`s smooth boy legs until Bryan was lying stretched out on his back, completely naked, except for his red cape underneath him. The camera admired the sight of the boy stretched out on the king sized bed . His arms restrained above his head with his nude body laid out over his red satiny Superman cape. His little boy cock hard and throbbing as Bryan smiled with a lustful look in his eyes at the camera. Then the camera shifted to the side as Jamal sat between the boys outstretched boy legs with a bottle of lube and what looked like a similar black canister to the one he had in the dining room. Jamal’s cock looked hard as steel as it jutted out from his crotch. He set the items down and took the boy’s legs and placed them on his shoulders. The camera followed Jamal’s large black hands as they stroked up and down the length of the boy’s creamy legs and thighs. Jamal’s hands working their way down until they settled on Bryan’s hard boy cock, stroking and fondling the boy with his large, strong hands. Bryan moaned as the weed and ecstasy laced brownie amplified the feelings of Jamal’s stroking. “Are you ready to tell me the secret to your powers Superboy?” Bryan smiled back through his haze and shook his head back and forth. “Nnn…no…you won’t…mmm…get anything…uhhh…out of me…Luthor,” smiled the horny boy. “So be it, son of Jor-El,” Jamal smiled as he leaned forward with Bryan’s ankles in his hands. Jamal stretched the flexible nine year old boy’s legs back until the boy’s legs were against his shoulders. Jamal then clamped the other two fur lined cuffs to the boy’s ankles pinning the boy’s legs back. Jamal leaned back to admire his work, leaving my son’s ass and hard, hairless boy cock obscenely open and exposed for the camera to see. “Now that is a super view,” Jamal said to the camera as he ran his large black hands all over my son’s white creamy thighs and down to my boy’s small white ass. I groaned and squeezed my cock as I watched Jamal run one of his large fingers up and down Bryan’s exposed boy pussy. The camera pushed in tight on Jamal’s finger as he slowly circled the small hole with the tip of his finger. His finger dwarfed Bryan’s almost nonexistent virgin boy hole. “Looks like I’ll need some Kryptonite to weaken you,” Jamal chuckles off camera, “So you can handle my truth probe.” “But first, let’s get you loosened up with some lube.” The camera went to side shot as Jamal lowered his head and began to lick Bryan’s asshole with wild abandon. My son began to moan out while trying to force his hips upward. Jamal grasped Bryan’s waist and helped force the boy’s torso upward against Jamal’s outstretched mouth. Suddenly, Bryan let out a gasp followed by a low guttural moan which I figured meant that Jamal’s tongue had made entry into the boys tight pussy. Bryan’s moans became louder and louder with the rhythm of Jamal’s head movements. His mouth was stretched out wide over Bryan’s ass, and I could only imagine how far his fat tongue was jammed up my boy’s loosening pucker. Jamal then pulled back, and the camera caught a brief glimpse of my boy’s hole as it stayed open for a few seconds then closed up like a flower. Jamal smirked as he grabbed the bottle of lube and squeezed out a dab of clear goop onto his fingers. The video cut to a view looking over Jamal’s shoulder, down onto Bryan’s exposed ass as he applied the lube to Bryan’s not so tight boy pussy. Jamal spread the clear gel in small circular motions around the wet pucker until he finally centered a finger on the boy’s sphincter, and made small circular motions while applying pressure against the straining muscle. Slowly, Jamal’s finger sunk all the way into Bryan’s tight hole, eliciting a quick gasp from my boy. Jamal kept his finger in the boy’s ass for a moment, but then Bryan’s eyes got wide, his body flinched against the restraints holding him in place, and he started to breath faster. “AAAAHH…my butt…UUUUUH…it…feeeelss…HOT…UUUNGG!” exclaimed Bryan, with a look of panic on his face. “That’s just the lube Superboy, it has real Kryptonite in it,” chuckled Jamal “Just give the lube a minute to work and your butt will feel even better than before.” smiled Jamal, as he slowly wiggled his finger inside the boys ass. All the restrained boy could do was moan, as he felt the building sensations that were starting to emanate from his butt. Jamal watched as the look of pain slowly subsided from the boy’s face and was replaced with a look of lust. Jamal took the bottle and spread more lube directly around his inserted finger as he started to work that finger in and out of the boy. Jamal could feel Bryan’s ass loosen up even more and took advantage of it by sliding a second finger into the boy’s tight hole. Bryan’s eyes closed, his mouth opened with a gasp, as the feeling of the second finger being added overwhelmed his body. Jamal suddenly removed his fingers, leaving Bryan’s ass wide open. He then quickly took the lube, and squirted a generous amount directly into the boy’s gaping hole. The sudden feeling of the warming Kryptonite laced lube caused Bryan to moan out. His sphincter closed up tight, sealing in a large amount of lube in his quivering boy hole. Bryan breathed heavily as his arms and legs strained against the restraints. “That was just the first stage Superboy, now I’ll weaken your ass with real Kryptonite.” said Jamal as he grabbed the black canister and took out, what looked like, a small white rock. He then slid his lubed up finger back into the boy, followed quickly by a second finger. A look of pure lust flashed across my boy’s face as the large black fingers stimulated his boy colon. Jamal noticed Bryan’s hole was significantly looser this time too. The Kryptonite laced lube was doing it’s job. Jamal removed his fingers and placed the white rock on the boy’s quivering pucker. The camera captured him slowly push the Kryptonite into the boy’s ass with his two lubed up fingers, burying them deep into Bryan’s boy pussy. Bryan started to moan and wail as Jamal worked the nugget of the dissolving Kryptonite against the walls of Bryan’s boy pussy. “AHHH!…JJJAMAL…IT REALLLY BURNSSS!!! Cried out Bryan. The camera captures his body really straining and flexing against the restraints. “Sssshhh baby Superboy, that’s the Kryptonite draining your powers, and to make it ready for my truth probe.” After a few minutes of Jamal’s manipulations, Bryan’s demeanor changed from discomfort to overwhelming lust as the boy tried to push back against Jamal’s finger. The nugget had now been completely dissolved inside the well lubed boy pussy, which was now loose and pliable enough for Jamal to side in a third finger. Bryan grunted lustfully at the growing fullness in his ass. “You like that now boy?” Jamal asked huskily. The only reply was “Dddon’t …stop.” The video cut to Bryan, his eyes closed with a look of pleasure on his face as Jamal rotated his three large black fingers inside the boy. Jamal could feel Bryan’s ass opening up like a flower as the boy moaned louder in lustful pleasure. “I think your ready for my truth probe Superboy.” The camera pulled wide as Jamal continued to stimulate Bryan’s ass as with his fingers, stroking his hard, eight inch cock with his other hand. Jamal quickly removed his fingers while he leaned forward on his knees as he positioned his cock over the boy’s open hole. Jamal then lowered his cock until the large mushroom shaped dome was nudging against Bryan’s opening. “The moment of truth Superboy!” Jamal announced as Bryan groaned with a look of anticipation. Bryan had been able to get three of Jamal’s large fingers in him, but I didn’t think that my nine year old boy would be able to tackle the monster that Jamal was packing. Jamal started to lean his weight forward as the large shaft started to press against the boy’s loosened hole. The image cut to the hand held camera as it showed Jamal’s hard cock slowly enter the boy’s tight ass. “Unnnnnnaaaaahh! Bryan moaned out as he felt Jamal’s cock slowly slide into him. Jamal couldn’t believe how nice and tight the boy felt as he continued to slowly push himself into the restrained boy. The camera cut to a wide shot as Jamal’s body got down closer and closer to the moaning boy. Until Jamal’s body was tightly pressed against Bryan`s small boy body. Bryan let out a loud moan as Jamal bottomed out in him. The video then cut to the hand held camera, as it focused in on Jamal’s balls, now pressed firmly against the boy`s ass. His hard eight inches now fully inserted into the small nine year old body below him. The camera cut to a wide shot of the king sized bed. I could only see my son’s restrained arms and legs jutting out from the top, the rest of him hidden by this large grown man leaning over him. The video cut to a close profile of Jamal and Bryan’s faces. Jamal purred into Bryan’s ear “Mmmmmm…the truth probe is completely in you now Super Bry.” Jamal groaned out as he felt the boy’s pussy grip his hard eight inches in response. “Such a tight, special boy.” The video cut back to Jamal’s cock, as it started to slowly pull out of the boy. Bryan could be heard gasping from the withdrawal of Jamal’s large member as it slowly rubbed against the walls of Bryan’s tight boy hole. Sending fantastic sensations coursing through his young, restrained body. “You like daddy’s cock?” Jamal can be heard in the background, as the camera captured his thick black cock sinking back into the boy, to the hilt. “Yyyy…yeeessssss…J…Jamal!” Bryan moaned out as the camera cut to a wide shot, showing his arms and legs pulling against the restraints. The picture then cut to a side close up shot of Jamal and Bryan’s faces as Jamal continued his dirty talk. “No baby Bry, I’m your daddy now.” as Jamal maintained a slow thrusting rhythm in and out of the boy. “Say it for me son, call me daddy.” Jamal replied inches from my gasping boy’s face. Bryan’s eyes and mouth were wide open as Jamal started to thrust hard and deep into the boy. The motion of Jamal’s body, looked like he was crushing my son underneath him, as I heard my boy grunt with each thrust. Overwhelmed by the fucking he was getting from Jamal’s hard eight inches, Bryan finally blurted out: “MMMMMM!…YES!…DADDY!…YOU’RE MY DADDY!” Jamal smiled and passionately kissed the boy as he started to really hammer his cock into Bryan. Their tongues dueled between gasps of air, as the two lost themselves in their lustful coupling. “YOUR”RE MY DAAADDY! YOOOUR”RE MY DADDY! YOUR”RE MMMY DAAADDY!” Bryan yelled out in time with each hard thrust of Jamal’s cock. I continued to stroke my rock hard cock to the sounds of my son’s verbal betrayal. I felt disgusted kolej escort with myself, but too turned on to stop, as I continued to watch the unrelenting deflowering of my son. The video changed to a wide shot of Jamal as he pounded my boy, the wet sloppy sounds of sex echoed though out the master bedroom. The sounds only interrupted by the voices of Jamal and my boy as Jamal continued to seduce my son. “Frank never plays with you does he?” Jamal said, as the picture switched to a close up of Jamal and Bryan. “Nnn…NO!” Bryan gasped. “Frank’s never home, never here for you, is he?” as Jamal continued with his deep thrust. “NNNO! Bryan said with a look of longing. “Frank doesn’t like you hanging around when his business friends are here does he?” Jamal continued. “UUUH! NNNO!” Bryan responded. “UUUH! You like feeling like this, don’t you my son?” Jamal continued as tingling sensations began to build behind his balls. “YYYES!” Bryan replied with pleading eyes. “My friends will always want to play with you…MMMM…and make you feel good and special…OOOOH…and loved. Would you like that my boy?” Jamal said as he raised his upper body off the boy for better leverage as he continued to pound his hips into my boy. “MMMYYYEESSS DADDY!” Bryan groaned out. Jamal suddenly thrust forward and stopped, as he buried his hard eight inches completely inside the boy. Looking down on my son, Jamal smiled at the boy impaled on his cock. `Will you give yourself to me? Will you be my son, sexy boy?” Jamal said, as he slowly ground his hips into the boy. “YEEAH! UUUH! MOOORE!” was all Bryan could answer. “Yeah what boy?” Jamal replied with a hard grind against Bryan’s ass, making the boy grunt sharply then groaned out. “YYYEEESSSS DDDAAADDDYYY! “You’ll be my bitch boy?” as Jamal jabbed and ground his cock into Bryan again as he said it. YYYEEESSSS! DADDDYYY! YESSSSS!” Bryan moaned out breathlessly. Jamal then glanced at the camera and motioned with his head to the top of the bed. “O.K. Dee, unhook my son so he can give himself to me freely.” The image cut to a wide shot of the king sized bed with Jamal and Bryan lying on it, the silky red Superman cape spread out under them. Uncle Dee went up to where Bryan’s arms and legs were latched to the chains and unhooked all four cuffs, releasing Bryan. The black fur lined cuffs remained on my son’s ankles and wrists. As soon as Bryan’s arms and legs were released, they immediately wrapped around the dominate black man’s waist and shoulders. Bryan’s Superman cape clung to the boy’s sweaty body as he hugged Jamal, trying to get more of Jamal’s black cock in him. Jamal lowered himself back down on the boy as the side camera captured the two contrasting bodies grind against each other. The black man and the nine year old kissed passionately again, tongues dueling in a wild show of unbridled lust. Jamal picked up the pace of his ass pounding, and really started to pump into Bryan. The sounds of slapping flesh increased. Jamal started to mutter uncontrollably to Bryan as his oncoming climax approached. The next few moments were like a blur as I watched Jamal fuck my son. I was as close to cumming as Jamal was. “YOU LIKE THAT BOY?! YOU LIKE DADDY”S COCK?!” “OOOH YYEEESSS PLEEEASE!” “UUUH! YOU WANT MY FUCKING COCK BOY?! MMMH!” “YEESSS! YESSS! HARDER DADDY! Bryan yelled out. “AAAH! YOU”RE MY SON NOW BOY!” as Jamal’s hips were a blur. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” My son screamed out as Jamal rabbit fucked Bryan with all eight of his steely hard inches. “OOOH SHIT! FUUUCK! TAKE MY LOVE FROSTING BOY!” Jamal grunted as he slammed into the boy as his cock erupted deep inside the boy’s battered bowls. Bryan’s legs gripped harder against Jamal’s lower back as the boy forced himself back onto the erupting cock. “That’s right my boy. My new son. Take my seed.” Jamal said, out of breath as he continued to flood the insides of my boy with his sperm. I started to cum all over myself as I watched Jamal’s ass muscles flex and clench as he pumped his love frosting into my son. My stomach sank as I just realized I lost my son to Jamal’s monster cock, as it claimed my boy with it`s sperm. The image on the screen became still as the two spent bodies recovered from their amazing coupling. Jamal and the boy locked in a passionate embrace on the king sized bed . The image then cut to side shot of the two as they kissed and cuddled with each other, each covered in a layer of sweat. “How you feeling son?” Jamal inquired. “I’m thirsty Ja…” Jamal puts a finger to Bryan’s lips as he interupts the boy. “Who am I?” Jamal asks. Bryan pauses, then a wide smile comes across his face. “Daddy” “That’s right son,” replied Jamal. Keeping his hard cock inside the boy, Jamal reached over and grabbed a water bottle and a blue pill off the side table. It looked like a Viagra pill. “Swallow this, it will help give you energy,” as Jamal popped the large pill in his mouth and gave my son some water from the sports bottle. Bryan swallowed the water like a dying man in the desert. “How was that?” Jamal asked, as he stroked back the boys sweat soaked hair. “Mmmm…good…thanks daddy,” said my well fucked son with a smile. “You liked daddies cock?” Jamal smiled “Mmmm…Yeah, it feels good.” Bryan replied as the camera captured my son, as he still clung to Jamal’s body. It looked like my son still craved for more from Jamal`s cock. “You want more cock my little bro?” Jamal asked as he cuddled the gripping boy. “Oooooh…Yes daddy.” Bryan pleaded. The video cut to the hand held camera as it looked down the front of Uncle Dee’s body. His hard nine inch black cock sticking straight out from his body as he leaned to over Bryan’s face. Bryan’s eyes lit up with a greedy look as he took in the sight of Uncle Dee’s massive tool. “You want to taste Uncle Dee’s love frosting son?” Jamal asked. Bryan nodded yes as Uncle Dee lowered his cock to just above Bryan’s face. “Why don’t you go ahead and show your Uncle how much you love his cock.” Jamal said as he sat back giving Uncle Dee room to play with Bryan. The boy, still impaled on Jamal’s slowly deflating cock. For the second time I heard this Uncle Dee speak. “You like my cock, boy?” Uncle Dee said with commanding tone, his voice sounded deeper than Jamal’s “Yes Uncle Dee, I like your cock.” as Uncle Dee started to rub the tip of his cock all over Bryan’s giggling face, leaving a trail of pre-cum. “You just like it?” Asked Uncle Dee quizzically, as he circled Bryan’s lips with his purple cock head. The camera, angled down on the boy from Uncle Dee’s point of view. “Mmmmm, I LOVE it!” blurted out a smiling Bryan. “Show your Uncle Dee how much you love his cock.” replied Uncle Dee off camera. Bryan stuck out his tongue as he tried to capture the bulbous head in his mouth. Uncle Dee teased Bryan with his fat cock as he slapped it against the boy’s outstretched tongue. The boy had a look of pure desperation as he tried to lick the large head with his tongue. The video cut to a wide shot of the bed, showing Jamal as he removed his now deflated cock from the boy, and quickly replaced it with three of his fingers. Bryan let out a loud gasp as the thick fingers sunk into him. “Aaaaaammmmph!” Uncle Dee took advantage of Bryan’s wide open mouth and stuffed his cock head inside, stifling Bryan’s gasp. Then the video cut back to Uncle Dee’s hand held camera looking down on the boy as Bryan’s mouth was stretched obscenely wide to accommodate Uncle Dee’s fat cock head “You love your Uncle’s cock, don’t you?” Uncle Dee said in a husky voice as the first few inches of his cock started to briefly dip down into the boy’s mouth, Bryan gagged briefly as Uncle Dee’s cock hit the back of the boy’s throat. Then Uncle Dee would pulled out to the head , then dipped it back in again. “Mmmm… huuumph” Bryan responded with a lustful look in his eyes as the cock hit the back of his throat again.. “Fuck you have a hot mouth boy.” Uncle Dee said with a shudder. “You wanna have Uncle Dee’s love frosting in you, boy?” Uncle Dee asked. “Mmmm… huuumph” Bryan muffled back. “You want me to add my Love frosting with yo daddy’s?” Uncle Dee continued. “Mmmmm…hhhuuummmph” replied the stuffed Bryan. “All right boy, turn over and stick yo ass in the air.” commanded Uncle Dee as his cock popped out of Bryan’s mouth. The boy gingerly moved onto his hands and knees as Jamal kept his fingers deep inside the boy. One of the side cameras captured Jamal as he admired the upturned boy’s smooth ass, running his free hand over the boy’s creamy white butt cheeks. Bryan let out a moan as his over stimulated ass responded to Jamal`s hand and fingers. “You ready for this Dee?” smirked Jamal, as he glanced at Uncle Dee then gestured with his head toward Bryan. The boy was now on all fours on the bed in front of Jamal, with his chest pressed against the bed and his ass raised high in the air, like a cat in heat. “I sure is.” Uncle Dee replied huskily, as he stood next to Jamal, stroking his hard nine inches. “I think it’s time for me to bump the boy hard.” said Uncle Dee as he picked up the black canister and fished out another nugget of white Kryptonite. Jamal removed his fingers from Bryan’s upturned ass. Dee immediately popped the white nugget into the boy’s wide open hole and watched it disappear down inside the boy’s well lubed colon. “Let’s make sure that`s nice and deep.” as Uncle Dee stood behind Bryan and guided his cock to the boy’s hole. “Ummmmnnnh! Uncle Dee, I feel something hot in my butt!” Bryan groaned out. That’s nothing boy, feel this…” as Uncle Dee started to push his large cock head against Bryan’s already stretched boy hole. Jamal had fucked Bryan well, but I could tell that Uncle Dee’s cock was really going to test the limits of my son. Ummmmmaaaaaaagh! Bryan yelled out as the boy’s senses were overwhelmed by the combination of Uncle Dee’s large cock sliding into him and the burning sensations of the dissolving Kryptonite. The video switched to the hand held camera that Dee had passed off to Jamal. The screen showed a close up of Uncle Dee’s hard nine inches as it slowly slide in to Bryan’s upturned ass. Uncle Dee didn’t stop still he had all nine inches buried, balls deep into the boy. “AAAAHHH! UNCLE DEE! UUUUUUUUNNNGH! SOOOOO BIGGG!” as Bryan strained against the large black flesh tube buried in him. “Fuck, baby boy. That’s what’s gonna happen to you now. Can you say that for me boy?” Uncle Dee said with a devious smile as he pulled out an inch and slammed back in. Bryan grunted from the thrust. “Say Fuck for me boy.” as Uncle Dee grabbed hold of Bryan’s hips and gave another slight nudge with his hips. “Say you want to be fucked.” said Uncle Dee again, as he pulled out a bit further and thrust back in more forcefully, causing Bryan to finally moan out. “Fffuck Uncle Dee.” The video cut to the side as Uncle Dee started to slowly move his cock in and out. Bryan had his eyes closed with his mouth open, gasping for air as he gripped the pillow beneath him, his red Superman cape bunched up around his shoulders. “I can’t hear you boy! Fuck what?!” as Uncle Dee could feel the boy’s ass loosen up with each jab of his cock. “Ffffuck! Uncle Deeeee! FUUUCK MMMEEE! UUUNGH!” Bryan finally moaned out as his body started to feel the effects of the dissolving Kryptonite in his ass kicked in. “FFUUUCK MMMEEE UUUNCCCLE DDDEEEE!” Uncle Dee felt the boy start to push back against his ever increasing thrusts. The boy’s lust started to take over as he drove his stimulated ass back onto Dee’s nine inches. The gripping sensations of Bryan’s boy pussy caused Uncle Dee to ground his hips against the boy every time he bottomed out. “You like that boy?!” said Uncle Dee as his voice became low and husky. “MMMMM YEEEEAH! FFFUUUUCK MMMMEEE UNCCCLE DDEEE!” Bryan moaned out. “You like my black cock boy?” grunted Uncle Dee, “You like it filling you up?” Said Uncle Dee as he started to fuck the boy faster. YYYEEAAHHH! FFFFUUU…CK! UUUUNNNH! HHHAARDER!” Bryan cried out lustfully. “Yeah, take it like a bitch boy!” Uncle Dee’s pelvis was now smacking into Bryan’s hot ass each time he slammed into the boy. “UUUUGGH! FUUCK ME! FUUUCK ME! FFFUUUCK MEEE!” Bryan wailed out as Uncle Dee held onto Bryan’s small upturned waist as he went to town on konak escort the boy’s hole. The video quickly cut to a hand held shot showing Uncle Dee’s heavy balls as they smacked the boy’s underside as Uncle Dee drove into the boy hard and fast. I could also see Bryan’s boy cock in the shot, as hard as steel as it bounced with the rhythm of the hard fucking. “YEAH, THAT”S IT BOY! MMMM! YOUR SUCH A GOOD FUCK!” Uncle Dee yelled out with his head tilted back in ecstasy as he thrust into the boy like a mad man. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Was all I heard, mixed in with the sounds of Uncle Dee and Bryan’s moans and grunts. The side camera captured Bryan, as he tried to hold his ground, but Uncle Dee started to push the boy across the bed as he fucked him. “FUCK BOY! TAKE MY COCK!” Uncle Dee moaned out loudly as his thrust became short and quick. “TAKE MY FROSTING BOY! AAAAAGGGH! YEAAAAHHHH!” as Dee slammed his hips into the boy with one final thrust. Bryan grunted as he felt Uncle Dee’s hard nine inches stretch the deepest depths of his boy pussy as the man’s monster cock started to fire shot after shot into Bryan. Uncle Dee was hunched over Bryan, his ass muscular black ass clinched and contracted as Uncle Dee pumped his cum into the spent boy. Off camera a cell phone went off and I heard Jamal’s voice as the image stayed on the motionless bodies of the man and boy on the bed. “Yeah, were upstairs. The front door is open.” there was a brief pause in the conversation, “Yeah, he’s been bumped,” I heard Jamal say. “He’ll be good for a few hours.” chuckled Jamal’s voice, “Yeah, upstairs.” added Jamal, as he finished the conversation. The video changed to a wide shot of the bedroom as a quite hush fell over the room. The man and boy on the bed trying to catch their breath. Heavy footsteps could be heard coming up the stairs and towards the bedroom. Then there was a knock on the bedroom door. Jamal opened the door and four more large muscular black men entered the bedroom. They greeted Jamal with hugs and first bumps. Uncle Dee looked up with a smile on his face, still mounted on the boy. “Yo bros, you gotta try this kid out.” as Uncle Dee slowly lifted himself off Bryan. “He’s one hot fuck!” as Uncle Dee slid his deflating cock out of the boy’s upturned ass. Bryan let out a slight whimper at the loss of Uncle Dee’s cock. Bryan rolled over onto his back with a dreamy look on his face. Bryan’s legs were pushed back as the hand held camera pushed in on a close up of Bryan’s well fucked boy pussy as it oozed out cum. “Damn, look at that hole!” said one of the new guys off camera. A hand entered the shot as two fingers entered the boy’s leaking hole. I could hear Bryan moan with pleasure as his drugged up ass was stimulated with two large fingers, then quickly followed by a third. The video cut to a wide shot of the king sized bed, which was now surrounded by four large naked muscular black men stroking impressive 8 to 9 inch hard cocks. I could see Bryan with a big smile on his face as he glanced around to all the men surrounding the bed. “O.K. Bros, he’s all your.” I heard Jamal say off camera. The four black men slowly moved onto the bed and started to kiss and stroke my boy all over. I saw the one guy with his fingers in my boy, lower his head down and start to eat the boy out, resting my son’s legs on his shoulders. Another of the men buried his head into my boy’s crotch, sucking on the hard boy nail. The other two blocked my view of my boy, but it looked like one guy had feed his hard cock to my boy’s mouth as the other guy caressed the boy all over. The screen was filled with four black bodies, with Bryan’s legs sticking up, the only visible part of his body showing. The sounds of sucking and Bryan moaning and grunting uncontrollably filled the master bedroom. My cock was so hard now. I hit the pause button on the remote. I had to stop watching this. I closed my eyes and tried to regain my composure and clear my head of the images of my son being fucked. I opened my eyes and looked at the frozen image of my son’s legs sticking out of a pile of naked black men. Then I noticed the time still left on the dvd. There was still another four hours left on the time bar at the bottom of the screen. “Oh my god!” I thought to myself. “My boy was fucked for another four hours?!” I quickly turned off the flat screen and just sat there in shock. What happened in my house since I’ve been gone? I’d seen Jamal and Bryan fucking like old lovers in the kitchen and the dining room first thing this morning. Then saw Jamal and Uncle Dee take my boy into the upstairs bathroom to probably fuck him some more in the shower. And then after watching the DVD, my head was spinning. I looked around my bedroom, the scene of my young son’s loss of innocence. His spandex Superman costume in a ball in the corner, the cum soaked red cape still laid out in the middle of the king sized bed. I hated myself for being so turned on at the sight of my boy being turned into such a boy slut. As I sat there trying to figure out how to handle my feelings, and the situation my boy was in, I heard a faint high pitched boy moan come from down the hallway. My hard cock ached at the thought of what new sexual situation could be going on with my son. I was now thinking with my cock as I followed the lustful sounds of my boy as they reverberated through the dark upstairs hallway. The sounds became clearer as I neared the doorway of my younger son’s room. I peeked around the door way and there on the bed was Uncle Dee and Bryan. Bryan was sitting naked on Dee’s lap, with Uncle Dee holding my boy in a gentle hug as he sat back against the headboard of my son’s bed. His large body looked out of proportion for the boy sized bed. Bryan was facing away from me but I could see Uncle Dee’s face, his eyes closed, his large black hands rubbed up and down on Bryan’s smooth white back as he enjoyed the closeness of my son’s body. Bryan had his feet planted on either side of Uncle Dee’s legs, like he was squatting. An unusual position I thought to myself as I watched them in that position for a few minutes, as the man and my son enjoyed each others bodies. Then I heard Bryan make a low guttural moan, the same moan that drew me to his bedroom. My mouth opened in awe as I realized why he had made that sound. I saw my boy slowly raise himself up off Uncle Dee`s lap, as Uncle Dee’s thick hard nine inches started to slid out of my boy’s ass. He had been sitting on it, fully impaled, the whole time I was watching him! “Oh yeah baby boy, work your Uncle’s dick.” I heard Dee whisper into my boy’s ear. Bryan raised himself half way up the stiff black pole before lowering himself back down onto Dee’s massive nine inch black cock. Bryan let out another low, guttural moan as he lowered his boy pussy back down onto Uncle Dee’s massive cock. Burying it up his boy hole again. My cock ached in my boxers as I watched my boy slowly ride up and down Uncle Dee’s thick nine inches. As I stood there in the hallway spying on my boy, transfixed with the show that Uncle Dee and Bryan were putting on, I felt two large arms wrap around me. I was so distracted by the image of my son being fucked, that I didn’t notice Jamal come up behind me. He reached around and grabbed my hard cock through my boxers and it took all my strength to stifle a moan. I could feel his muscular body as it pressed against my back. “Yeah, you like watching your boy getting fucked don’t you Frank?” Jamal whispered into my ear as he pushed my boxers down and started to stroke my bare hard cock. I could feel him rub his hard eight inches against my bare ass. I wanted him to stop, but I was so worked up I couldn’t help myself and gave in to the sensations Jamal was giving me as I continued to watch my son ride Uncle Dee’s hard pole. “Your boy loves black cock Frank, but you probably figured that out already.” said Jamal as he continued to slowly stroke me. Soft wet squelching sounds were now coming from the bed as Bryan picked up his pace on Dee’s hard nine inches. Each time my boy bottomed out he made a soft high pitched groan. “Your boy sounds so sexy when he gets into a fuck.” Jamal said as he licked my ear. ” I wonder if it’s like that for the father too?” I could feel Jamal’s hard shaft start to poke at my butt crack trying to find my tight sphincter. His cock felt wet against my ass, like it was pre-lubed. Then I felt him push his cock hard against my hole. I started to panic as he applied pressure against my hole, but he held on to my hard cock with one hand and clamp his other hand over my mouth as he slowly worked his cock into my ass. I let out a muffled grunt as I felt Jamal’s cock enter me. My ass felt like it was on fire as Jamal slid into me, the lube helped a bit. But then lube felt like it was burning my ass. Jamal continued to make short hunching movements as he worked more and more of his eight inches into me. “Yeah, that’s right Frank, your ass is now mine.” Jamal whispered lustfully into my ear as he forced the rest of his cock into me. Fuck, I felt so full! “How did my boy do it?” I thought to myself as I watched my son, who was now easily bouncing up and down on Dee’s cock. His ass a blur, as he bottomed out on Uncle Dee’s thick nine inches each time. Both man and boy now moaning loudly as they fucked. How the hell was my boy able to fit Uncle Dee’s nine inches into his small nine year old body? “He’s mine now Frank, your boy now belongs to me.” Jamal said as he started to slowly pull out and thrust back in to my burning ass. The sensations changed in my ass as Jamal fucked me. I had the overwhelming urge to push back on his cock. “Yeah, you like the booty bump.” Jamal grunted into my ear as I couldn’t help but work my ass against his hard cock as Jamal’s cock started to move faster and deeper into my ass. “Bryan is now my son, he belongs to my cock, as do you boy,” as Jamal increased his thrusts. “Your now mine,” as Jamal jabbed deep onto me, banging against my prostate as he milked my leaking cock with his hand. I then noticed Uncle Dee staring straight at me as my boy rode his cock. He smiled and started to thrust up hard into my former son’s ass each time Bryan bottomed out. Bryan’s moans got louder as Uncle Dee`s pace increased. “He’s my boy now Frank, and all my friends love fucking him.” Jamal gasped as he fucked harder into me, his climax slowly building in his balls. I moaned into his hand at the thought of my boy being dominated by all the sexy black men I remembered seeing on the video. The sensations in my ass felt so good as I pushed back to get as much of Jamal`s cock in my ass. I couldn’t understand why I was enjoying this, my ass couldn`t get enough of Jamal`s cock. “Looks like daddy likes being booty bumped too.” smiled Jamal. I watched Uncle Dee grab Bryan’s hips and start to use the boy like a human flesh light. Ramming unmercifully into my boy. Bryan started to yell out in a daze. “UUUNNGH! UUUNCLE DDDEEE! FFFUUUCK MMMEEE! UUUNGH! UUUNGH! UUUNGH!” Bryan wailed as he braced himself on Uncle Dee`s shoulders. “He was your son Frank, but now he`s mine,” Jamal whispered breathlessly in my ear. “My new son is such a good boy slut, he loves cock so much.” Jamal repeated as his thrusts started to pick up and he started to twist my cock in his hand. I was so close to popping. Suddenly Uncle Dee let out a large roar, as he thrust up hard into Bryan and impaled the boy completely down on his cock. Uncle Dee’s grunts and groans signaled he was pumping my boy full of his love frosting. Uncle Dee stared at me with a smug smile on his face as he shot load after load in to my boy. This sent me over the edge and I started to cum all over the carpet. My gripping ass sent Jamal over the edge as he unloaded his cum into my not so virgin ass. As Jamal came down from his climax he whispered some final cryptic words in my ear. “You’ll never touch your boy sexually. He belongs to me now. He’ll enjoy servicing me and my friends from now on.” Jamal said coolly. I felt Jamal’s cock slip out of me as he released me. I slumped to the floor in the hallway, exhausted and used as I felt Jamal’s cum start to leak out of my sore ass. “Go clean yourself up boy, I have unfinished business with my new son.” Jamal said as he stepped over me and entered Bryan’s room and closed the door. I felt utterly dominated and powerless. My youngest son had been turned into a boy slut. And now I had been fucked by Jamal while I watched my son get fucked in his own room. What was I going to do when Ben get’s home? Would Jamal leave him alone? How would Ben react it he found out about what’s happened in the house since he’s been gone? My situation had not improved. “Oh shit” I thought. Comments: ail

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