War For A Rose: 1459: Part Two

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September 1459, Fort, House of Cornish Residence, Training CourtyardBartand had kept himself busy for the last two hours, slashing the life out of a straw target Lady Cornish’s men and guards used to train with.With a sword from the armourer, made of steel a long broad sword he had spent over two hours striking the target with his sword. His arm muscles were taut once again, and glistening with sweat as was his face and chest.He heard the large Oak doors leading into the tower open, and he turned and saw Pixie had come down from the tower. He was happy, and hoping she would forgive him.She was still wearing her white and grey dress, and she was watching Bartand. Bartand noting her attentions on him, began to strike at the target again pretending he did not see her.She watched him for a few moments, before slowly approaching him.”You train a lot don’t you Bar… husband.” Pixie quickly corrected herself, as the Fort’s guards were walking around about their business and overhearing them.Bartand turned, dropping his sword to rest against his leg.”I never stop, my love. Better to be ready for what should come, than be caught off guard because I chose to let my training go. If I did, my family would never forgive me.” He smiled gently, his family being a respected Clan up in the Highlands where training was paramount, and letting yourself falter through training was seen as a disgrace. Lady Lott gingerly approached Bartand, with a few of the guards eyes on her and him. The guards did a poor job of hiding their attraction to Lady Lott, and their arousal as they watched her walk.She knew their eyes were on her, but she had only eyes for Bartand and she wanted his eyes on her.”My love you are sweating so much, that shirt looks soiled. Let me take it off of you.” Lady Lott said gently, as she took hold of the bottom of her shirt, pulling it free out of his breeches.”My love, I don’t believe this is the right place for this. For people to see me…” Bartand protested, Pixie didn’t know why as she pulled on it.Pixie pulled it up, and was unaware of what she was exposing to the air, the sun and the eyes of men and women in the courtyard.The eyes of those in the courtyard were fixed on Bartand’s back, the scarred flesh coming into sight, no longer peeling from years of healing but the marks were still evident. Gasps from the female townspeople trading in the courtyard, were aloud as they watched. Pixie pulled the linen shirt off fully, showing Bartand’s scars for all the courtyard to see; even Lady Cornish watching from a tower balcony.Pixie removed the shirt fully from Bartand’s back, and now she saw what everyone else saw.”I… my love, how did you earn these scars.” Lady Lott stuttered.Bartand said simply.”War.”Lady Lott gently hugged her husband, as she steered him towards the tower.”Lets clean, and dress you my love.”She steered him from the eyes of the guards, and female townspeople towards the Oak doors and pulled them open with the help of a guard nearby.They were soon inside the tower, with the doors closed behind them they mounted the stone steps slowly with no words spoken to the door of their bedchambers.Inside she closed the door, and locked the iron lock. She kept her back to Bartand, as she stared at the Oak door.”Those marks, those scars… from your life as a sellsword?” She muttered.Bartand dropped his head.”Yes, and as a Clan warrior.”Pixie slowly breathed out, as her body shuddered. Bartand could not see her face, but watched as her body shook.”Thats all you have to show for your life is it? Scars.” She said, as if the words cut like a knife through her heart.”Why does this upset you so Ma’Lady, we are just pretending to be wife and husband… you would never truly marry a man like me. I am a soldier, I always have been and you an agent for Mason why do my scars make you so upset.” Bartand retorted loudly.She sighed and turned to finally face Bartand, tears on her cheeks.”Because its you… do you think I want to pretend this entire charade? The real thing would be easier for me to act out, no need of lies. Now Lady Cornish has seen your body, she was on the balcony of her bedchambers. She may have saw my face of shock at what I saw, and if indeed we were married I would have seen your scars on our wedding night. Our charade could be over so soon, if she suspects lies with us. She could have us imprisoned here in her lands, and demand Mason to ransom us. She is not our enemy Bartand, nor is she someone we can trust with our plans.” Pixie explained.Bartand said nothing as Pixie stomped over to Bartand who was sat on the linen bedsheets of the large kingsize bed.”We must be careful here Bartand, we do not know who Lady Cornish truly supports; be it the King or House York. She says she supports the King’s Court, and Mason But if war should come once more, she could turn sides to York. We do not want to be in her company, if indeed York wins another victory against the King. The thought of ransoming us off to York, as agents of House Lancaster could cross her mind. I do not want to lose you, nor my own head for her selfish reasons.” Pixie said sitting slowly, and gingerly beside Bartand on the bed.Her eyes wandered Bartand’s back and chest, noting every scar his body held. Bartand turned and saw her eyes trailing all over his body, even down to his bulge in his breeches but Lady Lott was not hiding it from him.She never looked into his eyes, keeping her gaze on his scars and she began to breath deeply.”Ma’Lady.” Bartand began, before she looked up sharply into his eyes.”No Bartand, not Ma’Lady… you must call me as how you feel, if we are to make this bursa escort charade seem more believeable.” Bartand nodded gently, and leant in almost to kiss her lips but he stopped an inch from her lips and breathed hard himself and leant in to breath in her scent from her hair and neck.She moaned feeling his warm breath on her skin.”My love, my angel.” Bartand moaned deeply as he leant in planting a kiss on her neck, the action made her moan and she felt moist between her legs under her skirts.She felt Bartand’s hand rest on her knee on top of her skirt, and slowly rub deeply.She moaned into Bartand’s neck, hoping no one could hear them outside the chambers; perhaps Lady Cornish had a servant spying on them for proof of their relationship.It did not concern her now, she had Bartand; she had what she yearned for since their chance meeting four years ago and like Bartand she could not shake off her thoughts for him.Bartand’s hand upon her knee, rubbed more before moving slowly down her leg to the ends of her skirts and he gripped them bunching them up in his fist and began to pull it up exposing her stocking-clad legs.His hand pulled up the skirt fully around her waist showing her underwears and the tops of her stockings. Bartand shoved his hand between her legs, and found her wet womanhood through the material and began to rub and grope it.”Oh Bartand my love, feel me. I am so wet for you.” She gasped, clenching her eyes shut in her bliss.Bartand with his hand, took grip of her underwears and tore it open exposing her wet moist womanhood now glistening in the low light of the room and the fire crackling in the corner.”Oh Bartand.”He slid his hand over her moist womanhood, and saw the slight bush she had around her woman lips. He gently pressed his palm against her slit, and felt her dripping for him.Bartand took hold of her skirts and pulled them up entirely around her waist, and took hold of her bodice and began to unlace it slowly allowing her breasts free.I want her naked, I want to see every inch of her; shes not just a quick fuck for me I want to see her entire body and have her forever.He soon had the bodice off, as Pixie flung it across the room and laid on the bed for Bartand. He began to pull up the dress, over her tummy and bare breasts exposing them now to Bartand’s gaze. He pulled it off fully and threw it too, into the pile with the bodice.Her breasts were nice, small but very firm her nipples were standing erect from his touch and gaze alone.The remants of her underwears, Bartand pulled them off down her legs and added them to the pile.He spread her legs wide, as she moaned allowing him to see her glistening womanhood and her moist lips wide open for him. She lay on the bed in just the stockings and her heeled boots. Bartand undid the laces and threw them aside leaving her in only the stockings now.”Gods you are beautiful Pixie, so amazing you have me aroused for you.”She moaned biting her lip, as Bartand dropped low and leant in between her lips to her womanhood. He smelled her juices flowing, and pushed his tongue out and gently licked her womanhood tasting her juices.Pixie jumped up, as if bitten by some creature or bug and stiffled her movements.”Bartand my love, i’ve never been touched by a man like this. A man using his mouth on my womanhood, its taboo.” Pixie bit down on her bottom lip, holding in her impulses.”Everything we do is taboo Ma’Lady, we mascarade as wife and husband and now I am tasting your womanhood. All of this is hard for me to believe my love.” Bartand mused, as he continued to lick her slit up and down tasting her wetness for him.She grabbed hold of his hair, and pulled him into her womanhood grinding into Bartand’s face.”My love, my Bartand ohhhh more kiss me down there please.” Pixie pleaded, mumbling.Bartand followed her moans, licking and sucking on her womanhood lips. Pixie moaned harder, grinding harder into Bartand’s hungry mouth and rolling her hips. Pixie’s thighs and beautiful legs began to moisten from the arduous movements, she began to sweat from the lovemaking.Bartand continued to kiss her womanhood, taking her womanhood lips into his mouth and sucked. Pixie clenched her fists, and began to beat on Bartand’s back. She wasn’t causing him pain, but he knew he was causing her to do it.”Ohhh Bartand, please I am going to… I feel like I am going to explode here…. ahhhh yes there, there!” Pixie pleaded, and grinded as she flooded the sheets of the bed with her juices cumming like a volcano.Pixie gently slowed her movements, they were still sharp and her legs shook but she slowed down more as Bartand licked up her juices.”Ohhhh Bartand.” Pixie leaned up from the bed, and down to plant a kiss on Bartand’s head.Bartand shook and shuddered from her kiss, but kept strong as his manhood yearned for Pixie.Bartand sat up, and Pixie grabbed hold of his breeches pulling him closer to her between his legs, she sat up fully on the cushions of the bed and took hold of the breeches, and undid one of the buttons keeping her eyes on Bartand’s.With every button undone, now leaving just one left she leaned in close without breaking eye contact and planted a kiss on his hairy muscular tummy.She found one of his scars under the chest hair, and it was long gliding down towards his lower region and kissed it, trailing along it with her lips making him shudder. Bartand moaned, as he watched Pixie undo the last button and with both her hands tore down his breeches exposing his thick hard uncut manhood. She pulled them down fully, as he kicked them off across the room. Pixie laid back on her elbows on the bed, holding bursa escort bayan herself up and legs splaid open she simply stared at Bartand’s maginificent manhood.”By god you are hung as a mountain my love, come here and let me hold it.” Pixie moaned.Bartand shuffled closer, as the bed would allow as Pixie cupped his balls with one hand and her other hand closed around his rod. She slowly turned it left to right, looking at it and brought herself closer across the bed to the manhood before her.She looked up at Bartand’s face, and smiled.”Is this how you like it my love, my mouth upon it?” Pixie asked stroking.Bartand breathed hard nodding.She smiled, breathing hard that she was making Bartand so aroused for her. She moved closer, and kissed his manhood on its head.He shuddered hard, as she took hold of his hand holding tightly.”Its ok I will go slow my love.” She said clenching his hand in hers.She kissed his manhood from his sack up slowly around his shaft to the head once again, she took a deep breath knowing she would need it and threw her mouth around the thick end of his rod, and slowly took in the first three inches into her mouth.He moaned hard, fighting the urge off grabbing her head and face fucking her but he didn’t want to hurt her. This was special for the both of them.”My love be careful.” Bartand told her as she began to move up and down his manhood with her mouth, unable to go past the first three inches.She used her hands on the rest of his manhood, as she sucked deeply on the top of his cock.He moaned hard, trying to keep his stability standing. She sucked now like an eel, trying to shove the manhood into her mouth fully. It was her first cock, but her trainers had taught her what to do to make a man happy and oral was one of them. She moved further down his manhood, attempting another inch she cringed her eyes, and they began to water as she forced the next inch past her gag reflex.She looked up at Bartand, but she kept forcing it deeper. The difference was from her courtesan training, was that it was all classroom based and the ones they taught her about were not as thick nor long as Bartand’s.She cringed, and was unable to go past the fourth inch and she looked up to Bartand’s eyes weeping. Bartand pulled his cock free of her mouth, and she gasped taking in air as she could.”My love, its alright you did very well. You will hurt yourself, if you force yourself down on it.”But Pixie continued to cry, Bartand was unsure why as she sat on the bed with her she sat up.”I’m so sorry my love, I have failed to please you.” Bartand gently touched her hands and held them.”My love you did nothing of the sort, you did not fail to please me.”Pixie swung her head. “I did fail you! I was trained to please men, come the time but this was my first time sexually with a man. My training failed me, the training given to me by Mason’s teachers to become a Courtesan. I failed to please you as a man as I was taught to, I failed you.”Pixie dropped her head, and continued to weep as Bartand held her head close to his chest trying to comfort her.He held her, kissing her head as he comforted her.There was a knock at the door, as the two lovers kissed and cuddled.”Ma’Lady, and Sir. Lady Cornish requires you attendance in the great hall for dinner. The meal has been set.” The male voice called from behind the door, it was the man servant to Lady Cornish.Lady Lott smiled and looked up at Bartand. “Time for dinner my love, and the company of Lady Cornish.”Bartand squeezed her hand.”Are you sure my love, we can always make our excuses and stay in our chambers if thats what ya’ wished?” Bartand asked.Pixie wiped her eyes clean of her tears and smiled.”That would not be Lady like, nor Sir like of us Bartand. We must treat with Lady Cornish, as the laws of guests should be followed.”Pixie smiled and kissed Bartand deeply on his lips, sliding her tongue in touching his own before pulling free of his lips.”Dress me, and I will dress you my love.” She added with a giggle seeing his thick manhood lay free between his legs.They both stood, and told the man servant waiting behind the door they would be few minutes as they wished to dress for Lady Cornish’s company.September 1459, Fort, House of Cornish Residence, The Great HallBartand and Lady Lott had dressed for supper with Lady Cornish; Bartand in a whie silk shirt, a clean pair of brown leather breeches. He chose not to wear his swordbelt, as a sign of respect to Lady Cornish and her hospitality as a guest under her roof. Lady Lott chose an elegant blue and white dress, the top half of the dress was light blue and the bottom clear white. She had her hair up and braided around her ears and up into the bun her hair was rolled into.She had taken a liking to the luxaries in the bedchambers; and found a make-up set, to match her dress Lady Lott powdered around her eyes with light blue eyeshadow. The pair of them descended the tower’s staircase, down onto the ground floor of the Fort and were greeted by the same man servant sent to find them. He was wearing a new crimson red robes, set with a black leather belt around his waist.”Ma’Lady, Sir Bartand. My Lady awaits you in the great hall for supper, please follow me.” The man servant said turning on his heel and began to walk towards a pair of two large Oak doors. Bartand and Lady Lott followed the man servant as quick as they could, as he opened the doors before them and ahead of them was a long large stone table so smooth and well shaped it had to be the hand of a good stonemason.Lady Cornish was sat at the far end of the table, at its head awaiting them escort bursa with a chair left and right of her for them. But Lady Cornish was sat speaking to a tall fair haired man standing beside her seat, and it seemed they were in deep conversation.”Emmmm one moment Sir, Ma’Lady.” The man servant hurried into the great hall and walked up to the pair of them, and spoke to Lady Cornish.”Please send them in, I believe they will want to hear this too.” Lady Cornish said aloud, for them to hear her. Bartand and Lady Lott took the invitation, and entered the hall walking towards Lady Cornish and their seats.Bartand was the first to spot the man speaking to Lady Cornish more clearly now; he was wearing steel plated armour, chainmail around his arms and legs ending up around his neck. The rest of his legs and arms he wore gauntlets, and knee guards. He wore a matching steel helmet, with a pointed shiney helm gleaming in the light of the fire behind them. He wore a white rose sigil upon his steel breast plate.He’s a Yorkist, what in the name of god is a Yorkist Knight doing here? Is Lady Cornish a traitor to the King’s cause? Is she handing us over to York as prisoners? Bartand mused, his head spinning thinking of the reasons for a York soldier being in Lady Cornish’s company.Bartand slowly approached the man on his side of the table, he had a shortsword sheathed on his hip and on his other hip he wore a dagger.Now Bartand was wishing he had brought his swordbelt with him, damning his persistence in following the code of guests.Lady Cornish was smiling, which put Bartand and Lady Lott on edge.”Ah Bartand, Lady Lott please meet Sir Reynolt, loyal bannerman to the King. He is the King’s tax collector, and he is here to collect my Lord husband’s taxes to the King to raise an army it would seem.”Bartand noted how she spoke, as if implying something to Bartand without alerting the Yorkist soldier.Bartand searched the stone table, for anything that could be wielded as a weapon if he had to fight this Sir Reynolt.”Pardon me Sir Reynolt, but what seems to confuse me is if you were indeed collecting taxes for the King why do you wear the white rose of York on your breast plate. Those on royal business in the name of the King wear royal colors and carry royal banners. You Sir, carry the colors of House York and not the royal color. Where is the King’s Red Rose? You should be carrying his sigil, unless you are collecting taxes in the name of King Henry VI and handing those same taxes over to House York. That sounds almost believeable does it not Sir?” Bartand questioned placing his hand on the table, notably only a few inches away from a silver metal plate that he could use as a weapon.The Yorkist tax collector clenched his grip on the pommel of his steel shortsword preparing to unsheath it.”I’d advise you Sir, not to impede us in the King’s business. The penalty of such an offence against our great King is execution.” Sir Reynolt spat back angrily.”Indeed it is, execution is the punishment for impeding King’s business if that were the case. You are not collecting taxes in the King’s name however, you are collecting them for House York to pay for their own army to fight the King.” Bartand added, inching his hand closer to the silver metal plate.”Bastard I would keep my mouth shut if I were you, I am here to collect the King’s tax and I will do so with whatever force I deem necessary to do so.” Sir Reynolt clenched his fist around the grip of his sword.”And do tell Sir Reynolt, how many men have you brought along with you to collect said taxes?” Bartand asked now less than an inch of his finger away from the silver metal plate’s edge.The Knight looked around the room noting that there were two of Lady Cornish’s guards on the doors leading out of the great hall armed with steel swords and spears, wearing plated armour.”I have brought thirty of the King’s men with me to collect these taxes, and they are prepared to meet out the King’s justice on those refusing to give their taxes to the King.” Sir Reynolt interated, intending to put the fear into Bartand with the number of soldiers he had brought with him.Bartand simply smiled.”Thirty men, that is quite a force. This Fort, has a garrison of over one hundred men-at-arms and guards who are loyal to Lady Cornish and the King. Care to see who will survive a prolonged siege of this town; your men or Lady Cornish’s garrison. I dare wager my coin on the guards of this town, against your men.” Bartand said, gripping the edge of the silver metal plate in his hand ready to throw it at Sir Reynolt and hopefully knock him to the floor allowing him the chance to attack him.Sir Reynolt began to unsheat his sword, he had made his choice.”You were warned, this town will be looted for the coin needed for the King’s army!” Sir Reynolt shouted, unsheating his sword but Bartand was quick with the silver metal plate lifting it and striking Sir Reynolt in the face with the plate knocking him to the floor, and a spurt of blood decorated the floor beneeath him.”By the King’s decree!” Sir Reynolt screeched attemtping to get back on his feet, but with all of his armour on it was too much added weight.Bartand was over the table at knelt at the man’s side, clutching a sharp kitchen knife from the table at his throat.”Now I would advise you Sir Reynolt, leave with your men or I will slit your throat from ear to ear, and massacre your men outside of these walls. Choose what is more important to you; your taxes, or your lives. Choose fast.” Bartand said sternly, holding the knife still against Sir Reynolt’s throat.”I AM HERE ON THE KING’S ORDERS!” Sir Reynolt mumbled.Bartand smiled, but his smile was full of melovance and spite as his hand pressed the knife closer to Sir Reynolt’s throat.”The charade is over Sir Reynolt, you are not here in the King’s name nor are you here to collect taxes for the King.

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