Wanda’s Story Ch. 24

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Senior year in college is supposed to be the best time of your life. But there was no way you could convince Wanda Catron of that fact. She was starting her senior year at Boise State University in a fog. Her life had started coming apart at the start of the summer, and had fallen completely apart in the past two weeks.

Her college roommate, Astrid Martin, had married Wanda’s brother, Roger Catron. Astrid and Roger lived in Boise, as it was also Astrid’s senior year. Astrid had been Wanda’s lover for the last three years, but now all her love went to her husband.

Wanda had been the slave of Anne Sullivan, but Wanda had arrived home early from her trip around America and heard Anne and her best friend Amber Anderson talking about how Anne had been behind all the troubles Wanda had suffered the previous three years at school. Wanda also found out that Anne wanted to get rid of Wanda, but keep half of her money. Finally, she found that Amber had had a baby for Anne, and Anne in turn used part of Wanda’s lawsuit winnings to enhance Amber’s appearance, giving her massive breasts. Wanda had removed her slave collar then and left Anne for good.

Wanda couldn’t even go home to relieve her hurt, because home was where the hurt was the most acute. For at home, death had come rapidly, unexpectedly, and was Wanda’s fault. Wanda’s first lover, Betty Grant, had come gunning for Wanda, not knowing Wanda wasn’t home. She had shot Wanda’s mother, Lorraine Catron. She had killed Lorraine’s lover and Wanda’s lawyer, J.L. Spillington. She had put that gun inches from the face of Wanda’s sister, Wendy Catron. And finally, in front of the 18-year-old Wendy, Betty had blown her brains out.

Lorraine was out of the hospital, but still very weak. She was at home, being attended by Wendy, Keren Fingers, who was Wendy’s lover and J.L.’s legal assistant, and a live-in nurse being paid for by Wanda.

Wanda had won an $11 million judgment against Betty and a porn company for illegally using her in a porn video. When Wanda had found Betty earlier that summer, she had called Betty’s husband and told him about her porn past. That had caused the husband to kick Betty out of his life. Betty had been a good wife until then, giving the man two children and was pregnant with a third. Now she was dead, too.

With all this on Wanda’s mind, she couldn’t concentrate at school. She finally went to the dean in mid-October and got a sabbatical. She kept to her dorm and holed up for a while, crying a lot and purging herself of her hurt.

Her only excursions were home to see Lorraine, or to the Boise Pavilion to watch the women’s basketball games. Wanda had prime seats behind the Boise bench, where she rooted hard for star player Astrid Martin-Catron, her sister-in-law. Astrid had been the team’s star for two years, and this year the team had added a transfer from Sweden. The new player, Inga, was 7-2 and a dominant force in the middle of the court. Astrid and Inga became Boise State’s answer to Kobe and Shaq, with Astrid feeding the ball inside to Inga for brute scoring power, and Inga popping the ball back out to Astrid for her outside shooting touch.

That season, Astrid averaged a school-record 27.5 points. Ingrid was right behind her with a 24.8 scoring average. Boise won its division in the Western Athletic Conference, then won the WAC Tournament. They even won two games in the NCAA Tournament before being beaten by eventual national champion Connecticut.

Boise’s success was Wanda’s only happiness that year. She returned to classes in the spring, but took a bare minimum to remain an active student, and only got Cs in those classes.

Every break from school was an excuse for Wanda to head home and check on her mother. Slowly but surely Lorraine was mending physically. But she was still hurting mentally, having lost her first and only female lover. Wanda couldn’t help that, because she was also becoming a monk sexually.

Finally, during Easter break, Wanda decided to try and move on. She dropped her lawsuit against Anne after her former Mistress agreed to never contact Wanda again, and Anne returned the remainder of the $1 million Wanda had initially given Anne. Then Wanda started looking.

She went to a Provo BDSM Brunch, but left quickly when she saw Anne and Amber together, seemingly the center of attention at the meeting. She cruised the bars, but only found men wanting her, not women.

When she returned to Boise, Wanda went online. She started cruising Escort Bayan lesbian BDSM chatrooms, searching for something, anything. At first she just sat in rooms, barely speaking. Then, one night, the room she was in started a trivia quiz. Wanda found herself getting involved in the game, and found she was pretty good at it.

Soon, a woman named Mistress Angel asked to speak with Wanda privately. Wanda followed the woman into a private chat, where the Angel started speaking to Wanda, asking her questions about her history, her sexual likes and dislikes, and the reasons she was chatting online. Soon Wanda was spending a lot of time online with Mistress Angel.

Finally Angel asked Wanda if she would wear her online Collar. Wanda felt so happy. She had found a Mistress again. She quickly agreed, and asked Mistress Angel for her e-mail address to start sending her daily updates. To her surprise, Mistress Angel gave her the e-mail phunbhoy.

Curious, Wanda called up the online profile for phunbhoy, and found that her “Mistress angel” was in reality some man named William, who had a female slave of his own, giving a link to her e-mail as well. Wanda, disgusted, clicked the link and told the slave about phunbhoy William’s female alter ego. Then she went to her chatroom and exposed “Mistress Angel” as a man. She got rid of him, but found herself alone again.

Again, Wanda searched. She bounced from room to room again. Another Mistress turned her eye on Wanda, and they started talking together. When she finally asked Wanda to wear her Collar, Wanda had already done her homework. This woman, in her mid-40s, lived in Arizona, close enough for Wanda to visit. and she was all woman, too. Wanda chose to take her Collar, and the women set a date for an online Collaring.

Then the woman disappeared from the room and the internet. Wanda watched the day of her Collaring come and go, with no sign of the woman. Wanda sat and waited for a couple of weeks beyond her Collaring date, hoping Shanendoah, her online name, would return. But she never came back, so Wanda started looking again.

She changed rooms often, not finding anything worthwhile. Finally, one day in early May, she found a room called ForbiddenLovesOfWomen. Intrigued, Wanda entered. Right away, the room’s owner, Alluringsweetlady, spoke to her.

“How are you, honey,” Alluring said.

“Lonely,” Wanda answered.

“Why?” came the question back.

Wanda couldn’t explain why, but she felt a kinship to this woman already. Suddenly, Wanda was pouring out her heart to this complete stranger. She told her about the hurt from Anne, and the subsequent loss of love from “Angel” and Shanendoah. Alluring listened without asking questions until Wanda said, “And so I’m here, all alone, hoping for friendship and … oh, I don’t know, maybe more eventually.”

“Please make this your home for a while,” Alluring said. “You’ll find what you need here, I’m sure of it.”

Wanda felt sure also. She felt a stirring while she spoke with Alluring, a stirring she hadn’t felt in a long time. But Wanda was suddenly shy again. This was the room’s owner. Surely she had much more to do than talk with one little girl.

Wanda started coming to the room again and again. Every time she came in, Alluring made sure to talk to Wanda, spending more and more time talking to the now-22-year-old. She took an interest in Wanda’s schoolwork, and slowly told Wanda about her life. Her real name was Donna, she was 31, and she was the mother of of a three year old daughter. She had been married, but was now divorced. And she also admitted one night that she was a Mistress, having one online slave named Footsie.

Slowly but surely Wanda started having feelings for Donna, urges she had not known in a long time. But Wanda had no idea how to resolve these urges online.

But one day a week before school let out, Alluring said to Wanda, “I want you to meet someone. I’m going to make this conversation a three-way discussion, OK?”

“OK,” Wanda said.

“Wanda, say ‘hello’ to Footsie,” Donna said.

“Hello, Footsie,” Wanda said.

But Footsie seemed to ignore Wanda. She wrote “Footsie goes to Mistress Sweet and remove her shoes. Footsie gently massages her feet, licking between the toes to clean her properly.”

“Good girl,” Donna wrote, proving she was not only Alluringsweetlady, but also Mistress Sweet.

“Footsie licks Mistress’ ankles, kissing all around them,” Footsie wrote.

“You may continue,” Donna wrote. Wanda sat quietly, watching and reading her screen.

“Footsie kisses Mistress’ calves.”

“Higher, baby. I’ve spread my legs for you.”

“Footsie licks Mistress’ thighs. She smells Mistress’ pussy, but patiently holds back, like she has been taught.”

“Good baby, get me ready, honey.”

“Footsie slowly removes Mistress’ thong. Footsie stops to smell the crotch of her Mistress’ thong, savoring the aroma of her Mistress.”

“How does that make you feel, baby?”

“Footsie wants you so much, Mistress.”

“Strip, baby.”

“Footsie removes her obi, Mistress, revealing her body to you and your friend,” she wrote, admitting Wanda’s presence for the first time.

“Describe your body, baby.”

“Footsie has chocolate milk skin, with dark areolas and pert nipples. Her dark shaved pussy is currently puffy with desire for Mistress. Girl’s dimensions are 36c-28-34. Her photo is in her profile, and Mistress has a much more intimate photo girl was happy to provide her.”

“Good baby. Now you may indulge your pleasures.”

“Footsie smiles, then spreads Mistress’ legs farther apart. Footsie licks her sweet white pussy lips, teasing with the first few licks, harder with the next. She keeps her tongue along the outer labia, not daring to go inside Mistress yet.”

Wanda as startled to find her hand between her legs, rubbing herself softly. She felt wet, but also felt like a voyeur. She made the effort to remove her hand and continued to read. The two had proceeded a bit, and Wanda started reading at where they were.

“Footsie finally drives one finger into Mistress, adding it to her tongue. She is licking Mistress inside and out.”

“Yes, baby, don’t stop,” Donna wrote.

“Footsie adds a second finger, making Mistress’ pussy stretch open. It’s so much easier to lick now.”

“I’m so close,” Donna announced.

Suddenly Wanda was typing. “I come over and kiss Donna hard, our lips meshing, our tongues curling together.”

“Oh, yes, Wanda,” Donna wrote. “Now I’m cumming!!”

“Footsie licks all of Mistress’ cream as she cums. Footsie never misses a drop.”

“Our kiss gets more passionate with your orgasm,” Wanda wrote. She was getting excited now. Her hand returned between her legs, and the pussy that had been forlorn and lonely for most of the year came alive under Wanda’s gentle touch.

“Strip, Wanda honey,” Donna wrote.

Wanda pulled her clothes off, then wrote that she had. she quickly described her body. “I have light brown skin, with large 38c breasts topped with erect nipples. My pussy is shaved, and my ass could use to lose a couple of inches, but it’s very spankable.”

“Footsie likes,” she wrote. “Her hand moves to rub Wanda’s pussy.”

“My hand joins yours, Footsie dear,” Donna said. The two women kept describing the feel of Wanda’s pussy, and Wanda tried to get her hand to emulate their descriptions.

Wanda had never participated in an online sex session, also known as cybersex. For most of her adult life, Wanda had partners available for face-to-face, pussy-to-pussy, bump-and-grind, down-and-dirty sex. Having been without a partner for almost nine months, this was a thrill for Wanda.

Her hand flew in and out of her own pussy. finally, she could hold off no longer. Her free hand typed “Cumming” and the girl came, gushing over her hand, her chair, and the floor. Her mouth opened and moaned very loudly, adding to her excitement. Slowly she came off her orgasmic high and looked at her screen.

Both women were typing her name, wondering where she was. Wanda feebly typed “I’m here,” then smiled as each woman said they were worried about her. “I haven’t cum in a while, that’s all,” Wanda said.

Donna, who knew Wanda’s history, said “I understand, honey. And how do you feel now?”

“Much better, Ma’am,” Wanda typed.

“Then let’s continue. Go get your favorite toys, girls,” Donna ordered.

“Footsie has to go, Mistress,” Footsie said. and she logged off.

Wanda ran off and opened her suitcase. She returned with a large vibrating dildo, and reported she had her toy. She described her toy to Donna. It was an impulse penis power vibrator, 7 inches long, 1 1/2 inches thick, and with seven speeds of vibrating power. There were bumps on the end for even better stimulation inside her body.

Donna typed, “Slide it in, honey.” Wanda did as ordered.

“Turn it on low.” Wanda did, and moaned at the slow vibrations shuddering against her pussy walls.

“Move it in and out slowly. This is my hand moving the dildo, Wanda.” Wanda followed orders, sliding it in slowly. Her desires grew with the motion.

“Speed it up, two levels.” Wanda did, and moaned intensely at the added vibrations. She continued her in-and-out movements. She wanted to close her eyes and let go, but Donna was typing again, and Wanda wanted to follow her orders.

“Speed it one more, then put it on your clit.” Wanda did, and her moan became a scream of pleasure. She came then, heedless of all of her training, heedless of everything except that she had not cum, not masturbated, since the previous August.

“Drive the dildo back into your pussy, and speed it to high.” Wanda again followed orders, filling her pussy with the dildo. It slid quickly to its full length, the entrance made easier by the cum flowing in her body. She turned it on high and left it in.

“Cum as often as you need, Wanda. You need to cum.” Wanda then closed her eyes and let go. Wave after wave of releasing orgasm flowed over her. One, two, three, then she lost count and reveled in the joy of her body responding to sex again, even self-sex.

Finally, she pulled the dildo out of her pussy and started typing again on her computer. “Oh, Donna, my Alluringsweetlady, thank you thank you thank you!”

“Why?” Donna said, adding a little smiley face with its tongue sticking out to her question.

“I came and came and came. It was like my first time all over again. I’ve been reborn, and you are my mother, my lover, my partner, my friend.”

Donna smiled on her screen, and told Wanda that many more such sessions were to be expected between them.

The school year ended, and Wanda knew she needed another year to finish getting her degree. she signed up for classes, and drove back to Provo. When she got there, she got a call from Roger. His wife, Astrid, had been selected in the second round of the WNBA Draft by the New York Liberty, and they were moving to New York so Astrid could play professional basketball. Wanda wished them well, then hung up and focused on her remaining family.

She had come home every chance she could the past year, and would remain home all summer. Lorraine was getting stronger every day, and was also healing emotionally, although she was refusing to venture out with anyone on a date. Keren Fingers had moved out a month previous, and Wendy was now dating a local boy, learning about heterosexual love.

Wanda stayed with her mother as much as possible. She set up her personal computer in the room on the other side of the hall from her mom. She spent every moment not with Mom online with Donna. The two of them were growing closer, as were Wanda and Footsie. The only frustrating thing about Footsie was that she seemed to disappear right when she had built Wanda up to orgasm during their cyber sessions.

Finally, after another frustrating session with Footsie, Wanda complained to Donna. “Ma’am,” she said, “I can’t take Footsie running out just before I cum. What’s wrong with her?”

“Oh, my little one, I must have forgotten to tell you,” Donna wrote. “Footsie still lives with her parents, and hasn’t come out about being a lesbian yet.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Ma’am. I know that must frustrate you as much as it does me.”

“It does, Donna. Which is why I want to ask you something.”

“Yes, Ma’am?”

“Wanda, will you be my online slave? Will you serve me, and love me, and me mine?”

Wanda’s heart leapt. After her first two, abortive, attempts at online romance, she had not even considered looking for a Collar. She was just happy to be friends with the wonderful Donna Mettert. And now, she was offering a Collar. Donna’s eyes filled with joy.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Wanda typed. “I am yours, my Mistress Donna, now and forever!”

The rest of the summer was spent online with Donna, serving her, loving her, and learning about her. Donna sent Wanda some pictures of her, nude. She had curly blonde hair down to her shoulders. She had very small tits (like Amber used to have, Wanda thought ruefully), and a small ass to boot. The only drawback was that Donna was mute, her vocal cords having been severed in an accident when she was four.

In late July Donna admitted that she was four months pregnant from a one-night stand she’d had. She was a mall manager back home in Arkansas, and she was growing deeper and deeper in love with Wanda. Not surprisingly, Wanda was growing deeper and deeper in love with Donna, too. And Wanda planned a surprise for Donna.

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