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This story is a work of pure fiction intended for adults only. If you are under 18, or if the subject of incest offends you, please leave this page. All characters in this story are consenting adults, 18 years or older.


It was a gorgeous, sunny day. The morning sun streamed through the open windows of my house in wide bands of gold, making the dust motes sparkle as they floated and danced in the beams. My mood was equally sunny. My two teenage daughters, Kali and Bree, were to spend three whole weeks with me, and were arriving that afternoon. I busied myself cleaning the living room, the last of my preparations before they were dropped off on my doorstep. I had been fussing and cleaning all morning, as I wanted everything to be perfect when my two angels walked through the door.

The doorbell finally rang. I stowed my dust rag, and walked to the foyer to open the door.


My two daughters bound into my arms. As their arms squeezed behind my neck, I pulled their slender bodies into mine as their pink lips kissed me all over my face. I was a large enough man to hold my girls up, one in each arm, but in doing so my hands accidently cupped their panty-clad butts beneath their summer dresses. The loving attention of my daughters, combined with the subtly moist warmth that greeted my fingers, encouraged a reflexive and embarrassing erection beneath my khakis.

I honestly couldn’t help myself. I had long been a willing prisoner of my daughters’ ample charms. Kali was nineteen years old, and her younger sister Bree had just turned eighteen the previous month. Their lovely faces were both defined mostly through a pair of beautiful blue eyes, big, bright and playful. Their lips were pink and full, their cheeks, peach-soft and quick to blush.

Kali’s hair was long, a soft golden mane that she pulled back into a sporty ponytail, with wisps escaping to frame her face. Bree’s hair was a warm honey-blonde, and she liked pull it into two cute pigtails which softly brushed at her shoulders. Like their mother, both the girls were petite for their age. Still, their sweet young bodies curved in ways that deliciously filled their short summer dresses. Add to this the vision of their long slender legs, a sight that could only be improved by an occasional stolen glimpse of panties peeking out from beneath a skirt.

To put it plainly, my daughters were sexy and beautiful, and for a lover of young women like myself, there wasn’t another pair of girls on the planet who could stir my love – and to be honest – my lust, more quickly.

I let the girls settle into their room, where they unpacked and made up their beds. After that, it was off to the mall where Kali and Bree modeled several different outfits for me. My daughters captivated their poor Daddy in more ways than one. I squirmed with sexual excitement when they spun around to show me how a particular tiny dress or a pair of short-shorts fit their tight, delectable frames, and I was all too glad to pull out my credit card to encourage the show.

Afterwards, as my poor testicles ached with a blue-tinted throb, it was ice cream and a visit to the neighbor’s horse stables. The girls got to pet the stallions and feed them sugar cubes and apples.

Finally, we got back to the house. I had a pizza delivered, and the girls and I stayed up munching popcorn and watching romantic comedies on Netflix. My daughters had changed into their sexy little nightgowns — very little cloth to showcase the long bare legs of my teenage girls, and as the night wore on, they both had managed to snuggle into my lap. By midnight, it seemed that my daughters had fallen asleep.

It had been a long day, so it was probably past everyone’s bedtime. I was torn between waking them and taking them off to bed, or leaving them in peace as I finished the movie. I chose the latter, but soon enough, the movie was forgotten.

Bree shifted in my lap, and I was greeted with a stunning vision that made my cock instantly hard. Her nightgown had ridden up her smooth thighs, and I discovered that she wasn’t wearing any panties. The cloth bunched up just above her crotch, thus exposing the bare, silken mound of her teen slit. Her little pussy was a perfect pink crease, and it puffed and glistened slightly in the flicker of the romance movie.

It was beautiful.

I’m not sure how long I stared at the glory of my daughter’s delicious young cunt, but sometime later Kali pulled me out of my reverie.


Busted. I startled, and turned to look at my oldest daughter.

I tried to worm out of trouble, “Pumpkin… I … we should get you two to bed…”

My daughter had other things on her mind. “Daddy, I have to tell you something.”

I glanced quickly over at Bree. Her legs had spread slightly. It seemed as if her pussy called to me, begging for my touch. My dick was fully erect at the sight. Kali, bless her little heart, seemed oblivious to her naked sister. She placed her lips closer to my ears.

“I have to tell you a secret, Taksim Escort daddy.”

This was unfolding in unexpected ways. Suddenly my curiosity was piqued. “What is it pumpkin?” I asked.

“Well… remember when we had that talk about boys? You said I could ask you anything, and that I could talk to you without having to worry about… you know… being embarrassed or stuff like that…”

Embarrassed? I sensed I was about to have a sincere discussion about sex with my daughter while her tight little butt was perched atop my fully erect cock and her naughty sister lay half-naked beside us.

I felt dizzy.

I managed to answer, “Yes, I… I remember…”

“You have to promise not to get mad, or tell mom.”

“Kali, what are you…”

“You have to promise, daddy!”

I glanced over at Kali’s half-naked little sister and gulped. “Of course, Kali. I promise…”

She put on a serious face.

“Ok, so last week I was over at Tracy’s house… do you remember Tracy?”

Tracy was another hot little 19-year-old. Who could forget? “Yes…”

“Well, she told me that she and her brother… uh… that she saw his… his… penis. Or really, she asked him to see it, and he showed it to her.”

Jesus! My daughter was now discussing incest! Between that, and my youngest daughter’s salacious display, my cock was painfully erect. I could feel it pressing firmly into my oldest daughter’s cute ass, and I was both horrified and excited at the idea that she could easily feel it throb beneath her. I managed to nod my understanding.

Kali continued, “Well, when Tracy told me, I was kinda… uh, ok… I was kinda jealous. I’ve never seen one… a real live penis I mean, and I wanted to… I… I was really… curious. So I asked her if maybe Jimmy, that’s Tracy’s older brother, if Jimmy would show me his…”

My reaction at this point was admittedly complex. I had the typical outrage of an over-protective father, but this was dwarfed by the sexual excitement I felt at the thought of my daughter sharing in this naughty, incestuous game between Tracy and her brother.

“So, did you see it?” I asked.

Kali nodded her head, “Uh huh. He came in, and Tracy pulled down his pants. It was really hard and standing up. I was really excited and scared too. I never felt like that before. Tracy showed me how she stroked her brother off, and I…”

“Wait. You touched his cock?” I know my voice shook.

My little girl bit her lip and nodded. “Just a little bit, daddy! Please don’t be mad!”

“Shh… I’m not mad. It’s ok. What else happened?”

“Well, me and Tracy stroked Jimmy’s dick, and then Tracy put it in her mouth…”

“Did you…?”

“Oh no, daddy! I got too scared. I did want to, but I got… I dunno… shy. All I could think of is that I wanted to talk to you first. ‘Cuz I promised I’d talk to you about sex and stuff, and I don’t want you to get mad at me or… or stop loving me.”

That was too much for me. My heart swelled with love. I kissed Kali softly on her lips. “I will never EVER stop loving you pumpkin. I’m glad you had the courage to tell me your secret. I thought you handled it all very well. It’s perfectly natural at your age to be curious, and you’re certainly old enough to explore this curiosity if you want to.”

My daughter shifted in my lap, her cute ass innocently milking my hard cock, and hugged me fiercely.

“Thank you, daddy! I knew I could talk to you. I love you so much!”

“I love you too Kali.”

Kali looked over and finally noticed her sister’s predicament. Instead of freaking out, she merely giggled softly, and to my amazement she ran a finger gently up Bree’s slit, “Silly ol’ Bree, you’re all naked!”

My youngest moaned, blinking her eyes. She yawned and snuggled into me. Kali got off my lap, and gently took her sister’s hand. “Come on you little flasher, let me take you to bed.”

With Kali off of my lap, my massive erection pitched a very large, very obvious tent in my pants. Now it was Bree’s turn to leer.

“Daddy… what’s…?” Bree reached out and lightly touched my hard cock through my pants.

I blushed a thousand shades of red, and choked on my response. Flustered and confused, I eased Bree to the floor, and then stood up. I took my daughters’ hands and began to walk them to their room for bed. I was now out of my head with desire for these two delectable creatures, and this conversation was like fuel to the flames. I was panicked and ready to cum in my pants, all at the same time.

Kali answered Bree’s question for me. “Bree, Daddy only gets hard like that because he loves us very very much,” she said.

“Oh.” Bree looked up into my eyes, “Really, daddy?”

I was going out of my mind. The fact that both my daughters’ attention was now fixed on my hard cock only made things worse. If we went any further down this road, I was afraid that things would happen. Naughty, incestuous things. I forced myself to nip this in the bud.

We Ümraniye Escort reached the girl’s room, and I hoisted my youngest daughter onto the bed. I sat down beside her, and I tried to explain things to Bree.

“Well, your sister is half right, baby. It actually means that daddy really loves you both TOO much. He loves you in ways that daddies are not allowed to love their daughters.”

Bree thought for a moment, “You mean like how Tracy loves her brother?”

“You know about…. uh… yes, like that.” I kissed her sweet forehead, the clever girl.

Kali frowned, “But Tracy and Jimmy love each other very much. I don’t think that’s bad.”

“Well,” I said, “I don’t think it’s bad either pumpkin. It’s just that almost nobody in the world agrees with you or me, or Tracy and Jimmy for that matter. Almost everyone thinks it’s bad. If the wrong person found out about them, well… they’d be in big trouble. It’s just the way a lot of people are, Kali. They say that families aren’t supposed to feel like that, or do the things that Tracy and Jimmy do. It’s called incest, and our society says it’s not allowed.”

“That’s not fair,” Kali snorted.

“Yeah,” said Bree.

“No, it’s not fair,” I agreed, “but lots of things aren’t fair.”

I got up to leave. I wanted to be alone. I wanted to masturbate in the worst way.

The girls were having none of that.

“Can we go to your room and snuggle?” begged Bree.

“Please Daddy?” Kali joined in.

Then both in unison: “Pleeeeeeaaase?”

I sighed, my will crumbling with every moment. “Just for a little while,” I said.

They were soon sprawled out on the top of the bed, and looking incredibly hot in their cute little nightgowns and long legs. The hems were riding exquisitely high up their slender thighs. I was looking at two beautiful teenage queens, and my resolve to make them leave crashed directly into my desire to treasure these charming young ladies. I’m sure by now you can guess which side won.

I turned off the light, and turned on some sparkly colored lights on low. The room was bathed in a warm, romantic glow. I climbed between my daughters, and immediately they spooned into my body on either side of me. We remained quiet for a little while; the only sound was that of our heavy breath.

Kali broke the silence. “Daddy,” she asked, “I know what they’re doing is wrong, but you won’t tell on Tracy and Jimmy, will you?”

“No, of course not pumpkin. Your secret… and theirs, is safe with me.”

Kali looked at her sister, “And you won’t tell either, will you Bree?”

She shook her head, “Nuh uh! No way!”

This calmed Kali down.

Then it was Bree who broke the silence. “Daddy, I know now that it’s bad, and that people don’t like it, but in my heart, I’m glad you love us too much.”

“Baby… I…” I loved my daughter too much indeed.

“Me too.” said Kali, “I liked feeling your… feeling you so hard under my butt when I was in your lap. It made me excited and happy. I loved it.”

I was lost. I couldn’t fight these girls any more. “I love you both very much… you’ve just made your old dad’s heart go all mushy.”

My daughters giggled. Then Bree said, “Look Kali, daddy’s still loving us too much!”

My erection was rock hard, and embarrassingly obvious.

Kali, looked worried. “Doesn’t it hurt, daddy… in your pants like that?”

“A little, I guess.”

“Poor daddy!” said Bree.

“Oh daddy,” Kali moaned in sympathy.

I tried one last time, “You girls should go to…”


“Yes, Kali?”

“I’ve got an… idea. Do you promise you won’t get mad or tell mom?”

“Um… yeah, of course. I promise.”

“Well,” my eldest daughter sounded very serious. “I think you should take your pants off. That way you’ll be more comfortable, and…”

“Baby, I don’t…”

“Please daddy?” Bree pleaded. “I know we’re not allowed, but what if it was a secret? Then you could show me your… thing… like Jimmy showed Kali.”

“Bree,” said Kali, “daddy and Jimmy call it a ‘cock.'”

“I know,” she giggled. “I’m just not used to saying bad words around daddy. But I’d still like to see his cock. It’s not fair that you saw one, and I didn’t.”

Kali agreed, “I want to see daddy’s cock too.” She looked up at me and said, “And if we promise not to tell anyone, then it won’t be bad that we all love each other too much, right?”

Then again in unison: “Pleeeeaaaase daddy?”

Well, that was all she wrote for me. It was time to cross the line I’d been dreaming about all day. I kissed them both on the forehead, and said, “Ok young ladies, just this once, if you promise to keep this a BIG secret.”

My daughters agreed. With that, I began to unbuckle my belt as the girls held their breath.

Kali whispered, “I liked watching Tracy take off her brother’s pants. Can I take yours off for you, daddy?”

I nodded my approval, and the teenager went to work unbuttoning my fly. The girls let loose a small gasp as Kali slowly unzipped my pants, and my cotton-clad bulge pushed its way up and beyond the confines of the restrictive zipper. I moved my hips, and my jeans were tossed to the floor. Kali looked into her younger sister’s eyes.

“Do you want to pull daddy’s underwear down?”

Bree nodded with a wide smile, “You’re nice, Kali. I love you!”

“I love you too sis!”

My youngest daughter hooked her fingers into the waistband of my boxer briefs. With a slow, deliberate motion, Bree lowered the cotton shorts until my swollen cock popped free, twitching and dancing before the astonished blue eyes of my two daughters.

All three of us let out an audible gasp.

“Oh daddy,” Kali whispered, “It’s beautiful. It’s so much bigger than Jimmy’s, and prettier too.”

Bree’s eyes were still wide, “It’s awesome!”

“Isn’t it, Bree?” asked Kali, “I knew you’d like it.”

I stroked my daughters’ soft faces, “I’m glad we can share this secret time together.”

I kissed Kali’s forehead, and said, “Pumpkin, why don’t you show your sister how you stroked Jimmy’s cock? That would make Daddy feel good.”

She smiled wide. “Yes, daddy.”

Bree clapped her hands. With her sister paying close attention, Kali wrapped her hand around the girth of my engorged rod. Her palm was impossibly warm and soft, a touch only a nubile teen could possess.

Her brief time spent with the incestuous Tracy and Jimmy had paid marvelous dividends. My daughter gave me a wonderful handjob. With her face rapt in concentration, her hand slid up and down my shaft. Kali’s strokes felt amazing, and as her fingers crested my sensitive crimson dickhead, they began to glisten with the silvery pre-cum bubbling from the tip. I moaned with ecstasy at the sight of my sweet daughter busily fondling my dick, shivering at the wonderful thrills her hand was sending through my body.

Bree giggled, “Oh, daddy really likes that Kali!”

“Do you, daddy? Does that feel good?

“Oh yes,” I whispered, “That feels absolutely magnificent, Kali.”

My eldest daughter turned to her younger sister. “Would you like to play with daddy’s cock, Bree?”

Her sister smiled brightly, her eyes still glued to my well-tended manhood. “Oh yes please!”

Kali guided her sister’s hands to my waiting shaft. Bree had paid close attention to her Kali’s technique, and, clever girl, she managed to copy it fairly well for her very first handjob. It was especially adorable and sexy when she started using both hands.

“Like this daddy?”

The sight and sensations of my youngest daughter stroking my cock rendered me speechless, and I could only moan my appreciation.

Kali giggled, “Daddy loves it, Bree! I can tell! What about you? Do you like playing with daddy’s cock?”

“Mmmm I love it!”

“That’s awesome. I knew you’d like it. If you keep masturbating him, pretty soon he’s going to shoot his cum.”

Bree looked slightly frightened.

“Oh, don’t worry,” said Kali, “it’s nice, all warm and gooey. Kinda salty.”

By this point, I just had to laugh at my teenage daughter’s sexual sophistication.

“And how do you know what cum tastes like, little lady?”

Kali blushed a little, but answered honestly, “I watched Tracy suck off her brother, and he came in her mouth. Then Tracy kissed me, and I could taste Jimmy’s cum on her tongue.”

“Oh, so you’re kissing girls now as well?” I shook my head with a chuckle. “Are there any other confessions you’d like to tell your daddy?”

While still working my dick with her hands, Bree offered, “Kali showed me how to kiss, daddy, and also how to masturbate. Sometimes we like to kiss and play around and masturbate each other.”

“I see. Well, I’ve got an idea then. Why don’t we all take our clothes off? Sex play is more fun if you’re naked, and that way I can watch you two kiss and masturbate. Maybe you girls will let daddy play with your pussies too?”

My young daughters stripped naked in a flash. I almost fainted at the sight. Both the girls were so beautiful with their perfect little teenage bodies. They were shaved completely clean. Their tits were smallish, but pert, their nipples puffy-pink and very swollen, standing erect with sexual excitement. I’d spent the entire day wanting to see my daughters’ naked bodies, and the fulfillment of that dream did not disappoint in the least.

Now splendidly nude, my youngest daughter resumed her handjob. Her eyes sparkled with wonder and excitement in the soft romantic light.

“It’s silly that incest is supposed to be bad. This is so wonderful.”

Kali moved next to her little sister. She put her hands on Bree’s shoulders, then leaned in and kissed her sister. I watched in awe as they softly made out with my cock twitching in the foreground. Kali then moved her right hand between her sister’s thighs. Bree let out a small gasp, and then spread her legs to allow Kali better access to her cunt. Her big sister pressed her finger between the puffy folds, massaging the neat pink seam. Bree was very wet, and her teen-sex glistened as it spread open to welcome her sister’s touch.

How I had managed to hold out this long is beyond me, but the moment I witnessed my two girls engaged in incestuous lesbian play, my balls began to bubble.

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