Virgin Queen Part 2

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It didn’t take Amelia long after stepping out of her cage to feel the effect of having sex with a Succubus. She felt drained like she hasn’t slept any from the night before, and her limbs felt heavy. Amelia focused all of her attention on the cold hard cobblestone floor below her feet to keep from thinking about Mary’s ass. The way it swayed from side to side as she walked made her want to do forbidden things to it.When her mind became one with that creature, it knew everything about her, including things she didn’t realize about herself. Amelia was so deluded in her thinking that she was unaware that she had feelings for Mary, and that was why she felt so betrayed by her. Now she knew the truth about those feelings and what it all means.The creature didn’t just reveal that truth to her but also implanted its history and sexual knowledge. Amelia had never been with another woman before, yet she knew all the techniques to please one. Staring at Mary’s ass with great confidence, Amelia knew that she could make the girl cum with just her tongue in it.She felt sorry for it and wasn’t angry at it for taking her virginity. Amelia wished that it didn’t happen but knew it didn’t mean her any harm. The creature had an undeniable desire to have sex like her lungs were to breathing air to survive. It let out powerful pheromones that can make anyone around them feel highly aroused. They never force themselves on anyone, and one could still resist their alluring pull.They were not from the dark abyss but the same world as she was. Centuries back, the order she was a part of started a war with them and banished them to the abyss. It was there they were expected to die without anyone to feed off their sexual energy with until they found a way to survive. That was when they started entering people’s dreams to feed off of them.A Succubus only takes enough to survive without hurting them and make the person’s deepest desire come true as a trade. While dreaming, the veil between the two worlds are open, and Succubi can enter into the mind of men. When inside their heads, they can only create a sexual situation that they know about to make them highly horny to feed off their energy.They survived off giving people wet dreams, and unfortunately, greedy merchants exploited them for their sperm. Succubus sperm was in high demand on the black market as a temporary cure for impotence, low sex drive, and used as a sex enchantment drug. These merchants summon them for the sole purpose of milking them like cattle.Their sperm is so potent that only a little was needed to be effective. Amelia knew why she was so horny right now because she hadn’t just swallowed a mouthful of its cum, but also her pussy had a few loads of it in there. What her pussy didn’t contain was running down her legs. Amelia’s body was absorbing it into her system, and she didn’t know what kind of effect it will have on her for being exposed to that large amount.Being on the edge of falling asleep and the hypersexual arousal she felt proved to be too much. Not being able to take it any longer spun Mary around and pushed her against the stone wall. She had been too innocent in the past to recognize that she was attracted to the girl sexually. Amelia hated the girl now for having ruined her life, but that didn’t stop her from what she did next.Running on pure lust and unable to resist the urges anymore, Amelia slid her tongue into the girl’s mouth. She was pressing her naked body against Mary as she kissed her because her body demanded it. Slipping her hand inside the girl’s dress, touching her pussy, feeling it getting wet as she rubbed it. Amelia inserted two fingers into the girl before Mary pushed her away.Amelia was confused because she didn’t understand why the girl wanted to stop. The girl taunted her about wanting to do things with her earlier, but the girl was all talk now that she was willing. She knew Mary wanted it by how the girl kissed her back and güvenilir bahis how wet her cunt had gotten when touching it.”Believe me, I would love for things to keep going in the direction that it was, but you are only doing this because of that Succubus. You are still under that creature’s spell, and it wouldn’t be right letting this happen now. Wait until the morrow to see if your hunger still holds, for I don’t want to give you another reason to hate me,” Mary said with lust and a mixer of regret in her eyes. Amelia watched as the girl went on as nothing had happened between them. She felt the cruel sting of embarrassment from throwing herself at Mary like a cat in heat and being rejected by the girl. Following Mary down the hall, Amelia looked at her fingers that had Mary’s juices on them and, with great shame, licked her fingers clean.She couldn’t believe she just did that, but it tasted so good. The act made Amelia want to crawl between Mary’s legs even more now and licked her delicious tasting cunt. Amelia was glad that Mary didn’t see her licking her fingers, and it was humiliating enough that her abductor witnessed her failed attempt at seduction. It was a bitter pill to swallow in being the most virtuous woman in the world one day untouched by sin and a pussy craving slut the next.Mary brought Amelia to a room worthy of a queen, but it was still a prison. The girl didn’t stay long before leaving Amelia alone in it and locked the door behind her as she left. Needing rest, Amelia climbed onto the soft bed in the corner of the room and fell into a deep sleep. The dreams that came to her were lustful ones, and she could sense her Succubus lover had returned to her to satisfy her sexual craving.The dreams that she had were the same as always, but they were more vivid this time. The first one was about her servants bathing her, sliding their hands over her body in sexual ways. There were five of them kissing and caressing her in ways no servant should ever do to their queen. They sucked on her nipples and played with her pussy. When she was about to cum, her dream changed.Amber was now on her throne, watching as an attracted princess with her mother bow to her. It was the custom of the realm for visitors to kiss her ring, and instead of letting them do that, she raised her dress, revealing her pussy to them. The princess kneeled in front of her. Before the girl kissed her cunt, she told her, “To kiss your royal pussy is not just an honor but also a pleasure, my queen.”The people of her court and the princess’s mother watched with pride as the girl sat on her lap. Amelia pulled down the top of the girl’s dress, revealing two small perky breasts before she started sucking on them. The girl played with her hair as she slipped her hand within the girl’s dress, caressing her thigh as she continued sucking on the girl’s breasts. Pushing her hand further up the dress, she felt her fingers sliding into the girl’s wet pussy before waking up on her bed.Standing beside the bed was the Succubus with its large throbbing cock waiting for her to surrender to it. Letting her desire take control sat on the edge of the bed before she started sucking on it. She was bobbing her head in a slow, steady rhythm, savoring the experience until the creature pushed her onto her back. Amelia spread her legs willingly to let herself be fucked by this creature once again.Amelia let out a cry of frustration when she learned that it was also a dream. No longer caring and needing to release the built-up sexual pressure, she touched herself until she came, tweaking her nipples with one hand as the other attacked her pussy with the sole purpose of making her cum fast. Pumping her fingers fast as they would go into her wet tight cunt, she let out a loud moan when she finally came. It was only after laying there for a few minutes, trying to catch her breath from giving herself an intense orgasm that she noticed she wasn’t alone. Mary güvenilir bahis siteleri was standing there with a smile on her face and had bared witness to it all. Amelia would have been embarrassed being caught in an indecent act, but the girl had seen her do far worse.Past the point of caring why she should act modestly around a woman who made her into a sex-crazed slut, she didn’t bother to cover up or close her legs and felt the innocent inside her slip a little further away. Amelia didn’t know how hungry she was until she saw the bowl of stew in Mary’s hands. Jumping to her feet, grabbing the bow from the girl’s hands, she properly ate it like a queen. A queen had a series of rules that they must follow while eating to be elegant at all times. It didn’t matter to her that she was naked or no longer a queen ate her meal with the little bit of dignity that she had left. Amelia’s whole world came crashing down on her, and this small action gave her some strength. Even from all that happened that day, it reminded her that she was still a queen until the priests took her crown away and should start acting like one again.She searched for something to wear and found a beautiful green dress with gold embroidered. She also found a set of undergarments proving that someone does care about a woman’s comfort. The bra didn’t cover her whole chest like the one she always wore and was made out of silk. Amelia couldn’t believe how different the tiny matching panties were from those she wore her whole life.                                                     *******When Amelia woke the next day, she noticed that she was no longer under the influence of that Succubus. The horniness that she felt from the day before was gone now. She didn’t feel the need to have sex anymore like she did the day before. Amelia was finally free of the urges to touch herself, but that didn’t stop her from slipping her hand between her legs.Amelia knew it was too late to preserve her purity, she thought, why not indulge in pleasuring herself when the damage has already been done. She had already lost her virginity and woul lose her crown when the priest found out, so why not give herself some pleasure? It felt good touching herself, sliding her fingers inside her pussy, and playing with her breasts. She wasn’t able to do that before with all the eyes that were always on her.Amelia realized that her crown was only in danger of being lost if the priests ever found out she was no longer pure. Amelia thought, what if they never found out about her sexual activity? She could keep her crown, and technically, sex only counts with another human. If she didn’t include herself, she could claim to be still a virgin but knew that it was a lie to give her hope.It wasn’t just the shame that she wanted to avoid but also didn’t want to lose the lifestyle that came with being a queen. She had servants who took care of her every need, wore the finest clothes, and ate the most exotic food, but it would all come to an end if the priests found out about her sinful secret. She would do anything to keep her crown, even if she has to do the impurest of things to make that happen. Whatever she had to do within these walls would stay within these walls.Amelia raised her eyes from a book she was reading to see Mary standing by the door; the girl was ready to reveal some terrible secret about her order to her. It surprised her when she felt the stir of arousal within her and thought the days she wanted the girl sexually were over. The Succubus no longer held any power over her, yet she felt things for the girl that she wished she didn’t.The dress Mary was wearing barely covered her breasts, and if it were cut any lower, her pussy would have been visible. The girl liked to show off her body, and Amelia had to admit that it was a lovely one. Holding onto her emotions, Amelia didn’t want the girl to know how turned on she was by her. Even if the girl was her iddaa siteleri enemy, she still felt the desire to fuck her and let her do forbidden things to her body.”It is time, my dear, that you finally learn the truth about your order. You will need to be lying on the bed completely naked for the magic to work and try to relax while I cast my spell,” Mary said as she walked further into the room.Amelia was about to refuse when the thought of it may be a ploy to summon another Succubus on her made her comply. Placing the book on the table by the chair where she was sitting, she stood up and walked toward Mary. Amelia had experienced many amazing things while being a queen, but none of it compare to having that creature between her legs. All the delicious things that she had ever tasted, that creature’s cock was the best thing that ever passed through her lips.Today was the first time Amelia didn’t have any help from her servants getting in or out of her dress. Without a servant to help, her dress wasn’t appropriately tied and came off with no problem, but her bra took time. It was the first time she ever took one off, and having to undress in front of someone also made her nervous. When her breasts were free, she fought against the desire to touch them.Mary made it clear that she was checking out her body as she was undressing, and it was evident to Amelia that the girl enjoyed watching her remove her panties. The girl stared at her crotch with hungry eyes, making Amber more convinced that this will end in sex. The idea of making love to her capturer aroused Amelia to the point that she was giving off nonverbal cues that she was sexually turned on.Amelia’s swollen breasts with her hard nipples and the seductive way she walked to the bed made things clear enough. Amelia knew that she should be fighting against Mary’s plan instead of going along with it. Climbing onto the bed, She did not attempt to hide her body, leaving her legs open to the woman’s wandering gaze. Letting the woman see her wet glistening cunt was her way of telling Mary that she wanted to fuck.Amelia watched as Mary stripped off her dress, revealing that she wore nothing underneath it; she stared lustfully at the girl’s body. When the girl climbed onto the bed with her, she spread her legs further apart to welcome her between them. Amelia could feel the girl’s thick nipples pressing against her flesh as she positioned herself on top of her. Amelia placed her hands on the girl’s lower back with excitement before sliding them down to the girl’s ass.Seeing Mary’s eyes lighten up with pleasure from playing with her ass made Amelia want to touch the girl more. When the girl leaned into her ear, Amelia expected to feel the sensation of wet lips sucking on it but heard the girl’s voice instead. It was between the girl’s words that she licked and then sucked on her earlobe before giving it a little tug after biting it.”I didn’t abduct you so that I can fuck you, my queen, but we can play a bit if you like before we proceed. Nothing can be between our flesh as our minds connect for the spell to work, which is why we are naked. I do admit that I liked feeling your body against my own and wouldn’t mind bedding my first queen, but we got work to do,” Mary said while teasing Amelia with some sexual attention before stopping.Amelia felt the girl’s hips rotating against her groin as if she was being fucked with an invisible cock. Wrapping her legs around Mary’s body, moaning as if she was being fucked for real. Squeezing the girl’s ass, she uttered out, “Yes… yes, let’s play for a bit!”She hated it when the girl stopped even more than she wanted it to go on. Amelia said out of desperation, “I am your queen; I order you to fuck me right now.” Her words held no power, and it stung hearing the girl laugh at her request. The most powerful queen in this world, Amelia, was now powerless under Mary’s control both mentally and sexually.”Before we start, there are a few things that you should know. You will not be in control but will know what I know, feel and see what I do. Time will pass like it usually does but only in your head,” Mary said, explaining things simply as she could to Amelia.

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