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“Thank you very much for coming out tonight to see Dross.” The sweating front man for Dross, wearing a gold lame vest and tight pants, strutted across the stage rubbing his crotch. “Here’s our final set. Our new CD, Virgin Poker, and Virgin Poker tee shirts to remember tonight are in the back. At our trailer outside you can get a picture of the band autographed by one of the band members, for a handsome price. And if there are any virgins out there …”. He paused to allow some cat calls and whistles to ring out. “… and if there are any virgins anywhere, stop by our trailer out back and Dross will fix you. Up close and personal, Dross will remove that stigma from your lives.” The audience electrically cheered and clapped.

As the drummer began the last set, Monica turned to Cindy. “So, it is true. Let’s go, now. We can hear from outside.”

“Are you sure?”

“Remember we promised each other? Yes, imagine actually meeting Dross and Vigo…” Monica clasped Cindy’s hand and lead as the two began to weave through the cheering concert audience that was on their feet singing, dancing, and swaying.

Outside their ears rang. They meandered around the building to find a collection of semis and trailers in back. Four young men wore navy blue windbreakers that stated in white, EVENT SECURITY. A line of fifty, mostly females, stood facing a sign on a pole that read PHOTOS AND ETC. Security herded the concert attendees into the line as some roadies constructed zigzag lanes to handle the expected volume after the show. Cindy and Monica watched two canopy tents set up and table and chair brought out for each.

The music finally stopped and cheering ensued. Soon more and more guests filled the chute-like line and finally some staff people came out and some sat under the tents facing the crowd. A sign was posted on one of the tents: PHOTOS $15.00. The other read SECURITY.

“Do you have fifteen dollars?” asked Cindy.

“I only have a ten.”

“I have it. I’m nervous.”

“I’m excited.”

A thirty-ish woman, sporting a black windbreaker that read DROSS STAFF, walked up the line past the girls. Cindy watched her stop and chat briefly with every model like-beauty waiting in line. Some shook their heads and some got out of line and walked to the security tent. They produced something from their wallets and then were escorted inside one of the trailers.

The line became really long. The woman in black windbreaker escorted the tenth woman, Cindy had been counting, to the security tent and then returned to the head of the line. She seemed to be asking each woman in line something and rapidly moved along but once in a while she would send a young girl to the security tent. Monica and Cindy strained to listen to the woman.

“Are you a virgin?”


“Good. Stay in line and get your autographed picture.” The conversation just repeated.

When the woman reached Cindy she answered, “Yes”.

“Would you like Dross to make you into a woman?”

“Yes,” answered Monica. “Me, too.”

The woman looked bored at Monica and asked, “Are you sure?”

“Damned right I’m sure.”

“Are either of you on your period?” Cindy and Monica shook their heads, No. “Good. Report to the security tent and have your ID ready.” Then she turned and stared Cindy. “If you’re sure, go to the security tent with your friend.”

The woman moved on along the line. Cindy hesitated to move. Monica came back and took her hand and led Cindy to the security tent.

A young man in his early twenties sat under the security tent with a black windbreaker that read DROSS SECURITY. He looked up and down at Monica and Cindy. “You’re here for the Dross special service, right? I need to see ID’s that prove you are at least twenty one.”

“I’m only –,” replied Cindy. Monica elbowed her silent.

“Yes, we are both twenty one,” answered Monica.

He pushed a form before each girl. “Just sign a lost ID affidavit attesting to your name and legal age.” Then he pointed to a sign that stated the year of birth for a twenty one year old. After the girls digitally signed the form and the security man took a digital photo of each, a temporary ID was given to each and they were directed to enter the yellow trailer.

Monica walked up the steep, wooden steps and found the door locked. The door was opened from inside and another thirty something woman in black DROSS STAFF windbreaker welcomed them in and shut the door behind them. “You’re both here for the Dross special service, right?” The trailer had a Dross CD playing as background music.

Both girls answered affirmatively. The older woman pointed to a card table with a dozen plastic glasses of wine and said, “Take one. It is a double serving to relax you.” As they drank the woman continued. “You’re here to lose your virginity to Dross, right? I want you to be certain. I don’t know who you’ll meet with but afterwards you’ll have your photo taken with Vigo. Isn’t that exciting? Now, I must say if either of you is not actually Şerifali Escort a virgin then you’ll be dismissed immediately, without ever meeting Vigo. We don’t like liars.” Both girls just stared blankly at the woman. “Okay, follow me, ladies.” She led them down a corridor with eight numbered rooms on either side. “You’re fortunate that you’re the first batch in today. Miss, room number 3 on your left, and you, room number 4 on your left.”

The doors revealed a small changing room with a chair. “Okay, put your ID’s and all of your clothing, except your shoes, into the white laundry bag. Then put on the white terrycloth bathrobe. When you done with your wine, deposit it into the waste can. Wait here until I call you. If have to use the potty or want another glass of wine come back to the front and see me.”

Cindy sat in the room with her door shut, stunned. Was she really going to do it? It seemed events were rolling without her control. “Cindy?” a harsh voice called. “Can you hear me?”

“Yeah, Monica.”

“Isn’t this exciting? We finally get to meet Vigo and get fucked by him.”

“Yeah…” Cindy heard Monica bustling. Cindy decided she had better change. Her mind raced with all kinds of images.

After awhile, the waiting became boring. Cindy could heard more virgins being brought in to fill the empty changing booths and the canned speech given. “Cindy? I’m tired of waiting. I’m gonna get more wine. How about you?”

“No, I’ve had enough. I don’t want to pee all over Vigo.” Monica chuckled and her door opened.

Sometime after Monica returned, Cindy heard the lady knock on her door and ask, “May I come in?”

“Yes.” Cindy stood up.

“Stand up. Shoes on? Yes. Nothing on underneath? May I check?” Cindy nodded. The lady brushed aside the robe to quickly view Cindy’s pubes. “Good. Everything should be in your laundry bag including your ID. Come out and stand in the hall.” Outside Cindy saw the other girls, all a bit older than her and nervously waiting in white bathrobes. The woman repeated her process until she finished all eight.

“Does anyone need to pee? No? Okay ladies, please open the door of the other room with the corresponding number. Kneel on the kneeler and make sure your robe is not under your knees. You can adjust the table to your comfort. Control lever is on the right. I’ll start this just as soon as I can.” The lady walked down the aisle and after inspecting each girl, shut each door. Then she tapped on each door separately and said, “I’ll need that robe, please.” Cindy slowly removed the robe leaving her naked but facing away from the door. Cindy looked at her stupid self in the mirrors on the side walls. She decided to stare at the poster of Dross in front of her and then closed her eyes.

Dross music played as Cindy heard new footfalls as a new batch of girls followed and entered into the dressing rooms. Cindy was anxious and the waiting was excruciating. “Monica? Monica, how are we going to leave without our robes? Are we supposed to dress in here?” But Monica did not answer.

Finally, there was a tap on the door and as Cindy turned around, the door opened and a naked young man entered. “Turn around,” he ordered. Cindy looked straight ahead compliantly. He lowered the control of the table to floor length. “Put your hands on the table to hold yourself up.” Cindy was now on all fours but with her hands on the table and lower than her knees, she felt awkward and very vulnerable.

“Who are you?”

“Dross. Spread you knees further apart.” Cindy spread her knees a little further apart. The man grasped her thighs above the knees and jerked her legs gapingly apart. “Like that.” Then he smacked her butt so it stung. “Listen to me next time.”

“What’s your name?”

“Ah… So nice. I love your ass.” The man roamed his hands along Cindy’s sides and circled the curves of her butt. Then he went up and down her thighs, outside and inside.

“What’s your name?”

“Ah, my name is Sol, as in King Solomon.” He dragged his knuckles along her crotch to get her wet. “This is your first time?” He changed positions.

“Yes,” she whispered.

Sol moved in close to her body. “Well then, why don’t you reach down between your legs and put in Mr. Happy yourself?”

Cindy arched her back to reach down and felt his awaiting stiff penis. It felt electric in her hands. Very gently she guided the missile into her target. He began hard thrusting. “Ow,” she cried and sweet tears flowed from her eyes. The feeling of a tornado wracked her body and in five minutes it was over. A low buzzer sounded.

“Stay still. The matron will call you out when she’s ready.” The young man got up. “Wow, you are bloody. Dross will like that.” Then, he left.

“That’s it? No kiss?” Cindy felt like crying but her door was soon opened by the matron.

“Come on out. Bring your bag.”

“But I’m not dressed.”

“Come on out. Move it,” the matron repeated and then she opened the door to Monica’s booth.

Cindy quickly looked at Göztepe Escort the other girls already standing in the aisle naked but for their shoes. The first girls held their bag in front of their crotches and folded their other arms v-shaped to conceal their breasts. Cindy did the same. Out of morbid curiosity, she watched each girl that emerged from her booth and noted the blood in their pubic area and blood streaks down the inner thighs before adopting the attempt of modesty.

“I need something to wash.” “I need to get dressed.” “I wanna go home.” Demands were peppered toward the matron.

When the last girl emerged from her sex booth, the matron walked down the line and turned to address her charge. “Congratulations Ladies. You are no longer girls but women. Vigo is the king of Dross here and he wants to review his subjects and assure they are well satisfied. Afterwards you’ll clean up, dress, and depart with your picture of Dross. Bring your bags and follow me.”

The eight new women picked up their bags and dutifully followed. They walked from one truck trailer to another backed up truck trailer with the join taped off for privacy. The matron halted her charges and disappeared behind a curtain. Monica gently pulled aside the curtain to reveal the next room. Cindy peered over her shoulder.

Inside, the matron stood silent and watched as two models, that Cindy had recognized from outside, attended to Vigo, clad only in his gold lame vest. One model straddled Vigo’s hips and pumped away on top of him. He lay upon an oversized, stuffed, reclining easy chair. Cindy smiled as she watched as the model pump up and down and her body shuddered with each thrust, especially her breasts – larger than any of the ex-virgins in waiting. The other model stood bent over kissing Vigo as he fondled her breast. Soon Vigo’s face tightened, his body became stiff, and he uttered a cry of akin to pain. Cindy and Monica looked at each other and laughed. The model on top rolled off and began to cuddle. Five band members, ten models, mystery solved, reasoned Cindy.

The matron spoke up, “Ladies, it’s time for you to leave.” The models immediately rose to stand.

“Aren’t they beautiful, sister? Hey, don’t listen to my sister. You all stay here with me. You’ll like this next part. Here, sit beside me, one on each side.” Vigo moved the chair to the upright position. He sat there as if a naked king with his naked queens.

The matron went back and pulled the curtain away. She grabbed the hand of one of the girls and motioned for her to follow and then to sit with her legs astraddle the couch arm to highlight the blood. “Remain still for a moment,” said Vigo. An innocent red light went on and then off. “Are you a Dross fan?”


“Good. Thanks for coming to the concert.” He smacked her butt and then turned to the model on his left. They kissed and drank between audiences with the ex-virgins.

One by one the ex-virgins made their way for their turn with Vigo. With three left, the Matron looked at Monica and then at Cindy. “You two are friends? Then you can go together, last.” She led the remaining girl out to Vigo. The next batch of ex-virgins arrived and stood behind Monica and Cindy.

“The life of a rock star,” Monica sighed. “Getting paid and getting laid.”

“Hold it. Stop right there,” shouted Vigo. The girl looked embarrassed as if she had done something wrong. “Not enough blood. Can we get some more blood?” A roadie came out and squirted ketchup from a tube into her crotch hairs and down her thighs. She shuddered with the cold and began to wipe it. “Don’t touch it, please. You can clean it up next station.” She posed for the unseen camera and the process was repeated.

Cindy’s jaw dropped as she recognized Sol as the roadie. The matron nodded for Monica and Cindy. Once again they were stopped and Sol the roadie carefully squirted ketchup strategically. As they approached Vigo, Monica said, “Hi, Vigo. We loved your concert.”

“I did, too. I have all your CD’s.”

“Great girls. Sit facing the wall clock.” As Monica sat, she reached back and grasped Vigo’s dick. Vigo was stunned. She turned and said, “Now take the picture.” Vigo forced a smile until she released his wet and sticky penis. Monica spoke again, “Can I go down on you? My friend here will do the babe.”

Cindy’s mouth dropped. The model grinned.

“Thank you, but no. Come see me next time we’re though this town.”

The matron continued for her brother, “We have a tight schedule here and can’t stop. Ladies, take your bags and go through the blue doorway.”

Monica turned to blow a kiss to Vigo. He barely looked at her. The model on Vigo’s left smiled and gently shook her ample boobs as she air kissed Cindy.

As they went around the corner Cindy slapped Monica on the arm. “Are you crazy? That girl thought you were serious.”

“I was serious. We both could have done Vigo, see?”

“That roadie with the ketchup? He’s the one.”

Before them was a long corridor with Ümraniye Escort three doors each marked REST ROOM and another roadie with a DROSS SECURITY windbreaker. The ladies immediately tried to cover themselves. “Hey,” Monica whimpered to the attendant with embarrassment.

“Use the restrooms to dress and clean yourselves up. Nice to see you again, from the front this time.”

“My name is Monica, remember?”

“Oh, yeah.”

As they emerged, Cindy was furious. “I’ll take the laundry bags,” the roadie said. “Make sure nothing is left inside.” As they gave him their bags he gave them their pictures with Vigo. “Here’s your souvenir to remember this night with Dross. Remember, what happens with Dross stays with Dross.”

“Good night,” said Monica with a smile.

“Can you believe it, girls? I have to go back in five minutes. They have us roadies poking virgins every twenty minutes. Did you see that damned line outside? I swear I’m gonna die tonight.”

Outside the new ex-virgins walked in the cool night air to Cindy’s car. “Oh god, I hurt. This is the worst night of my life.”

“I hurt, too. This is the best night of my life.”


The idiot light began to blink and Cindy wondered if she would make it home. Only fourteen miles lay between her job in town and her home, as she called it, in a leaky camper behind an old farm house, that only the cheapest rent could command. The old beast managed to arrive at the old farm house but a strange car blocked the only driveway to Cindy’s camper out back.

Cindy stopped her car behind the car in the driveway and shuffled up the three steps to knock on the front door. “Lauren? Lauren, I’m coming in.” Cindy was always invited in.

Cindy entered the parlor, heading for the kitchen when a heavy man with a beard appeared from the bedroom hallway. “Who might you be?” he asked. Lauren didn’t many guests and no male guests but her son, Cindy’s ex-husband.

“I’m Cindy. I live in the camper behind here. Is that your car blocking my way?”

The man put down his beer and tossed the keys to Cindy. “Move it yourself and bring the keys back.” Cindy dropped the flying keys. Lauren appeared from behind the man.

“Cindy, this is Saul. He’s moving in until he can find a good job again.” Cindy bent down to pick up the keys.

“That maybe a long time, Saul. This is a farming community and farmers don’t pay well. Anyway, it’ll nice to have a man here for awhile. Lauren has been doing the manly chores.”

“Hmmm.” Saul watched Cindy leave out the front door to move his car. Cindy sized up this bum. He had no intention of performing any manly chores.

After Cindy moved Saul’s car in the backyard next to Lauren’s car and then parked her own before the camper, she returned to the house to drop off the car keys.

“Cindy, I have decided to have you attend our Thanksgiving dinner next week. You must come. It will be good for you to see your kids again.”

“Oh no, Lauren. You know how stressful it is for me. David ridicules me and he’s poisoned the kids to hate me. And, I can’t stand his smarmy new wife. Don’t drive me to drink again.”

“Well Cindy, Lauren told me you were a juice head. Said you did a stretch, too. I guess we have a lot in common.”

“I don’t think we have anything else in common, Saul. I’m not coming for Thanksgiving and that’s it.”

“I want everyone to meet Saul. I insist you come and I’ll send Saul to drag your ass to dinner if you don’t come yourself. And you can’t hide at work because I know Party Favors is closed for Thanksgiving.” Cindy looked disdainfully at Lauren. Saul grinned and saluted Cindy with a can of cheap beer.


“Cindy! Come now! We’re ready to sit down!” Cindy sported a new blouse and a skirt, something she rarely wore, to impress her kids. She arose from her kitchen chair in the camper and shuffled into the main house. Her two children greeted her coolly and mechanically. David, stood next to his new wife and greeted her as if he was a politician vying for votes. Only Shelly greeted her with an air kiss to the cheek and held her hand politely as she smiled warmly, inquiring about Cindy’s wellbeing. Shelly looked perfect, perfect for David. Better than Cindy had ever looked.

The adults, save Cindy, were served wine and beer and, as usual, David and his mother were drunk by the time the bird was finished. David and Lauren had been airing the family dirty laundry to Saul, tearing up Cindy in the process. The kids had heard it all before.

“After her second DUI,” prattled David, “this one with injuries to the other party, Cindy was sent to prison for two years. I had to think of my kids so we divorced and I found Shelly. She’s been so good to the girls.”

“As a felon,” added Lauren, “its very hard to get a good paying job so, I felt sorry for Cindy, she’s still family you know, so I rented her the camper out back. It’s a nice place to live and the rent helps support me. I only have disability coming in.”

“And whatever mom can squeeze from her son,” David offered with a fake laugh.

Tears flowed down Cindy’s face. Shelly spoke up. “Enough about Cindy and the family. Mom, Cindy and I will clear the table and bring out desert. Saul, mom said you used to be a musician. That sounds fascinating.”

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