Virgin Irish Exchange Student

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Virgin Irish Exchange StudentI was anxious to be on leave after my one-year tour in Iraq. I knocked on the door of my parent’s home and to my surprise this cute young red headed co-ed answered the door. She was standing there in a dancer’s outfit which highlighted every curve of her young fit body; she couldn’t have been over 16. She said Hi, I’m Maureen you must be Al, I’ve heard so much about you being a hero and all. She went on to explain that she was an Irish exchange student studying dance at UofA. My parents had sponsored her studies in the US. I lustfully thought to myself “a dancer, imagine fucking her, she probably has moves that I could only dream about”.Well about a week went by and I took her to a few movies and we went out drinking with my friends. After a few weeks went by and I could tell Maureen and I were both attracted to each other, even though I was 26. We started having “accidental” encounters. She would forget to close the bathroom door so I could see her in her bra and panties. As for myself, I returned the entirety when I stood in the bathroom in just my boxers. Maureen practiced bahis şirketleri her dancing in our basement and I began to find excuses to go and “work” in the basement. Then one day I was watching her “practice” and she began dancing like a pole dancer in a strip club using the basement support beam as her “pole”. The difference was that this girl was a professional dancer and was soon making unbelievable moves around that pole. She might as well have been fucking it.Then she said “you want to see me dance topless like girls do in a real club?” I said “go for it, I will guarantee you have an appreciative audience”. Maureen stood up and made the sexiest pose possible as she pulled down the straps on her leotard revealing a perfectly shaped pair of breasts. Maureen was soon topless from the waist up as she continued to dance seductively around the pole. She then paused to pull take off her leggings and panties as she stood naked in front of me. She said “let’s not k** ourselves were both in love’. Maureen was like a reward to me for all those lonely months in Iraq. My clothes came off illegal bahis in seconds and we both began a long awaited embrace. After weeks of living together the sexual energy was explosive. Our tongue’s intertwined as we French kissed and caressed each other’s bodies. Months of sexual deprivation surged forward from both of us. I knew Maureen was a beautiful redhead, but I had no idea how a dancers body was like a chiseled sculpture, she was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Maureen pushed me backwards on the couch and straddled me. Then she reached behind her back, grabbed my organ and guided it into her firm young pussy. When I slid it into her she flinched and made a loud moan, she was incredibly tight, and I had to make a hard thrust just to get my cock into her pussy. Soon I learned why. Maureen leaned over and whispered in my ear “you’re the first, so be gentle with me, it hurts a little”. I stopped my attempts to thrust into her, instead I moved slowly so she could get used to a man inside her. Then I asked “Maureen is it OK now” she replied “yes” and I began slowly fucking illegal bahis siteleri this young virgin. I went really slow because I was savoring the feeling of a virgin pussy, it was incredible!!! My cock was surrounded by her tight pussy that both massaged and gripped me at the same time. I began to increase my slow even rhythmic thrusts and Maureen began to respond to sex. She began moaning as my cock went deeper inside her, opening her love canal wider with each stroke. Then I could tell the pain of my initial insertion was gone. Maureen began moving her hips back and forth as only a dancer could do, as she rode my cock, her head thrust backwards as her dancer’s movements took over. I knew then and there she was, and would be, an incredible fuck. Suddenly, she was fucking me rapidly as her whole body absorbed my delicious cock. I could tell Maureen loved it. Then she screamed as her whole body spasmed as she had her first orgasm. At the same time I just could not hold back any longer, I thrust my entire cock into her and held it there as I released my semen deep inside her womb. Maureen yelled out “cum inside me, God, keep cumming, it feels wonderful!!” I just kept cumming, it was the greatest sexual experience I’ve ever had.Well, how I spent the rest of my leave is another story, but I think Maureen might become an American citizen pretty soon.

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