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Village Ki YaadeDuring my college days, I was a hiking and mountaineering buff. Every weekend, by Friday evening or Saturday afternoon, our group used to go to scale peaks in Matheran, in or around Bombay or long distance. By Sunday evening we used to be back. Once we were on a Bombay University sponsored hikes to Nashik. There we were to scale about 6 – 8 peaks. We were a group of 14 initially, but as the weather was turning bad, with constant rain and thunder, with flood warning, most of the group returned, leaving behind a core group of 4 and finally I was the only remaining who was determined to scale the peaks. I love outdoor life, so did not feel like returning back to the crowded populated city before the due date. While hiking since we are always at remote areas, we usually get to spend our evening at the village temple or at some headman’s or farmer’s house.That day, the weather was a bit clear, even though there were light rain, I started and scaled a peak and by the time I returned it was 4.00 P.M. I had entered a village and was walking along when there was a heavy downpour. The weather was overcast and the clouds were looming heavily above. The chances were that the rains would not be stopping soon. The rain was so fierce that it was falling in heavy drops (cats and dogs) and visibility was also negligible. I was totally drenched, but the rucksack and my sleeping bag was rain proof, so I was trying to find a safe shelter where I could change into dry clothes.I saw a turbaned farmed walking in front and approached him for shelter. Now these village folks are familiar with crazy people like us who come to climb mountains. They have asked us on why we do that as for them it is a regular days work as their farming are on mountain tops etc.. and they climb regularly.Anyway, the farmer was a young fellow probably in his thirties and drenched like me. He asked me to accompany him. After a walk of 10 minutes on the outskirts of the village, he led me to a neat mud house, which had those dry leaves roof. Around the house on the wall and the ground was plastered with cow dung. I had to bend to enter the thatched hut as the door was smaller. On entering in, I found that the family consisted of two small girls (probably aged 2 and 4) and his wife. Now she was thin (or is it lean), seemed like she just had a bath and was wearing an old torn sari and a dirty loose blouse. She was tall about 5’5″ and had sharp features. She had a big metal earrings and a round nose ring. Both the husband and wife were suntanned and their face had creases and hand had calluses which seem to suggest that half their time was spent in sun tending fields. The husband had been returning from field when I met him. The room was large from inside, with a log wood burning in the corner for preparing food. There was a partition in one corner dividing the house into two rooms where I could see some mattresses on the floor.The house was smelling of cow dung and the wet mud smell. There were a lot of smell coming from within and it took me a while to get used to it. They were poor people barely surviving on a daily basis. There was no furniture and the floor was bare.I could feel the stare of the women and the k**s as I stood there taking in the scene in front of me. The husband said to his wife that I would be staying so to prepare food for me too. She was still standing there staring at me. I was feeling odd and out of place. I thanked the husband and inquired whether he drinks. Suddenly his face lit up, he said yes. I then gave him Rs. 100/- and said, can you get a beer for me and he can buy his brand, plus if he can arrange some chicken or mutton and some vegetables. Initially, he expressed hesitancy to accept but then took the money and left. The women was still looking at me while the k**s were pointing at me and giggling. Since I was drenched, I moved to a corner of the hut and then opened my bag, took out my towel, a short and a t-shirt. I scrubbed my hair and body, wrapped the towel around me and removed my wet clothes. When I glanced at the wife, I observed her looking but the moment she realized I was staring at her, she turned her head. I changed into fresh clothes and then combed and powdered myself and felt fresh. I started playing with the k**s. I cajoled them in coming near me and offered them some powder, perfume, pencil and some papers which I carry for taking notes. In a matter of minutes, I had the small one on my lap and the elder one sitting beside me, drawing pictures. I could see a smile on the mothers face. She was making those hand made rotis and cooking it on the chulha. As she bent forward I could see her boobs hanging (no bras – didn’t expect her to have one, no underwear too). It was a clear sight; It was as if she was naked in front of me. She realized I was watching her but acted nonchalant. Since I don’t speak Marathi but can understand the language and she was not well versed with hindi, I was trying to communicate with broken marathi and she was replying slowly so that I understand.After an hour, her husband came loaded with vegetables, chicken and a two bottles of country liquor. He had a lot of change which he gave me, which I in turn handed over to his wife saying that she should buy some sweets for the k**s. She accepted the money and seemed surprised at my generosity. Her husband in the meantime told me that he could not get my Beer. Now I am no fan of country liquor so when he poured a glass for himself, I just took a quarter glass and kept it in front of me without sipping. The wife was busy cooking a good food and I could smell the aroma of the dishes. She cooked fast and in an hour’s time had the food ready. By now the husband had finished half the bottle and he was going strong. He was constantly talking about his work, fields, inquiring about my programme, predicting the weather etc… His wife was keeping a watch on us. By 7.30 she was ready with the food and I suggested that she feed the k**s first. She laid a plate for the k**s and was feeding them. I sidled upto them and then seeing that she was trying to keep back good chunky meat for us, I dipped into the gravy and put more vegetable and meat for the k**s. I could see that she was taken back with my action. After half an hour she had fed the k**s and put them to bed. She came to join us. My glass was still quarter full and her husband had now finished one bottle and was opening the second. She looked at me and asked me why I don’t drink. I said you drink first and then I will. Now the husband was gone, drunk and I don’t think he had any idea what was going on around him. But he was still drinking. She shied away and said she never drinks much. I offered my glass to her and she took a couple of sips. The glass was almost empty. I filled it to the brim (full) and then tasted the drink myself from the same glass and gave her. isveçbahis yeni giriş She shyly took it and in a couple of gulps finished more than half of it. I again refilled the glass, and tasted the drink myself. It was strong with a real pungent smell. The drink seemed to be burning its way through my throat to my stomach. I gasped and she laughed. I offered her the glass, while doing so my hands brushed against her boobs and she laughed again. I could see that she was enjoying the drink. I filled my glass and taking a few sips from it gave it to her. By this time her husband had finished his glass and poured the last shot, emptying the bottle. He was blabbering now, talking incoherently and swaying. We sat there for some time till she finished her glass and then she got up and laid the food for us. I don’t think the husband knew what he was eating, he was half asleep, his eyes closed and his wife was feeding him. He was sitting beside me and she was sitting in front of him. She was also eating from the same plate while feeding him. To feed him she had to lean forward and through the loose blouse her boobs which were good round shaped was hanging freely. She could see me staring at it and was deliberately bending herself, giving me an eyeful. Finally I lost my senses and in an act of desperation reached forward and handled her boobs. She smiled and pushed my hands off.Finally we ate and it was time to sleep. She led her husband to the curtained portion and laid him down and asked me to sleep at the corner spare space. She blew the kerosene lamp off and lay beside her husband and I opened my sleeping bag and cuddled in. I must have just blinked, when I felt an arm encircling me and trying to cozy unto me. I could feel heavy hot breadth on my face. I realized it was the wife. I could smell her perspiration, food smell and different smell coming out of her. A rustic village belle’s smell. It was total dark and it was very difficult to see and we could only see the silhouette of each other. I embraced her thin body and she was strong. Her hands were moving all over my body. I in turn asked her to remove her sari and blouse. We both undressed and I kissed her. She was like a wild a****l. Her tongue was trying to reach all corner of my mouth. The cold metal of her nose ring was constantly pressing my skin and giving me the charge. She was on top of me and her hands were everywhere. She kissed me all over my face and by this time I had a stiff lund. She spread her legs and slowly started taking it in. I could see, feel her effort, by her closed eyes and the slowness of penetration. She would take in small amount in one time and then relax and then again push to take in more. I could feel her choot wall pressing against my lund and finally she was in all the way. She just relaxed and slept on me taking in the feeling of fullness within her. Then she kissed me and said it was painful. I was pressing her boobs and then had my hands on her buttocks and was pressing it in. My fingers were searching for her asshole. She regained her breadth and then started pounding me . She was moving up and down on my lund and making a hissing sound hsssssssss. Her eyes were closed shut and her hands were pressing on my chest. My hands were pressing her boobs and nipples and also I was trying to kiss and bite her nipples. It went on for some time and finally with a shudder she fell down on me like a spent force. I laid her on her back and then mounted her by spreading her legs. Her choot was tight but due to her lubricants it slid in. I started pumping her, banging and she started responding. Her nails were scratching my back and she was trying to hug me tightly. I kept pounding till I felt myself shooting a whole lot of sperm into her. She also strained herself against me rubbing her choot and squeezing all my cum and she exploded again. I could feel her body releasing her orgasm in waves. Finally her tide passed and we both just lay in each other arms. I slept off and at night I woke up to find that she was not lying beside me and then I dressed up and went back to sleep. I fell into a deep sleep and when I opened my eyes, it was already morning and the k**s were up and playing and she was cooking breakfast. The farmer was already up. I sheepishly got up as I was feeling guilty for getting up late. The k**s were watching me and I just playfully lunged at them. They squealed and ran. The parents looked at me and smiled. I looked at her and she gave me a lovely smile.The rain had not stopped and it was really raining cats and dogs. I stood looking outside and asked the guy whether there was any chance for me to climb two more peaks. He laughed and said – no chance. Wait till the rain subsides and then try. I asked him if there was any place for me to stay. He said that saab, if you don’t want to stay with us in this hut then shift otherwise please stay with us. His wife was intently listening to our discussion and when I agreed to stay, I looked at her and she had her naughty smile on the face.I told the guy lets have some more dishes today and paid him 100 Rs. more. I said, bring drinks but try for beer for me and buy 2-3 country for all of us. The mention of liquor seemed to brighten him. Her husband waited for some time, informed and seeing that the rain was not stopping, informed that he would be going to the field to check the state and then buy the goods and try to be back by 3.00 to 4.00 P.M. and then went to buy the foodstuff and probably to get a smoke, I took my clothes off and wore my towel and went out in the rain for a bath. I had the soap with me. The k**s also joined and we all enjoyed. The wife also joined and time and while playing with the k**s she was intentionally sliding by me, pressing herself to me and finally she asked the k**s to go in and dry themselves. I had an erection and my towel was clearly showing the bulge. We went to the back of her hutment and then she raised her saree and slept on the wet ground pulling me on top of her. My lund was immediately in her choot and I was fucking her. She also had her legs around me and her hands was pressing me to her. We pounded away and in a short time I came. We got up and then I after bathing in the rain entered the house. I came in and wore warm clothes. I hung my wet clothes t dry inside the house. By this time the lady had also come back, I realized she also had soaped herself with my soap and her shoulder long hair was wet and tied in a cloth. Her sari was drenched. She went behind the curtain to change, and I could see her silhoutte through that.Now I was left alone with the k**s. The wife’s name was Shobhabai. I started playing with the k**s. Shobhabai went towards the chulha and was busy preparing the lunch, making rotis and cutting vegetables for curry and sabji. After a couple of hours she joined the k**s and isveçbahis giriş Shobhabai joined us. Whenever we had a chance we were brushing against each other. Finally I made the k**s sit and to draw pictures. Shobhabai was watching that with interest. I sidled upto her and placed her hand on the bulge in my pants. She squeezed it without looking at me. I slid my hands under her buttocks from behind. She shifted her position to allow me to slide my hand under her sari. As I wrote earlier she was too poor too afford any bra or panties. I started playing with her choot. The k**s were busy doing their work and even if they had looked at us they won’t have realized as the sari was totally covering my play. Her hands in between would streak out and press the bulge. She was all wet down and I could feel her heat growing. I told her that why don’t you collect a bucket of water from outside. She got up and left and I asked the k**s to work and followed her out. There was no house nearby and the rains were making visibility less. We went to a side wall and we started kissing each other. I raised her sari and pulled her towards me. I lifted her and now her legs were entwined around my buttocks and my lund was in her choot. I started banging her against her house wall and she was moaning. Her head was limp on my shoulders and she was riding along with me. We were only worried that the c***dren should not come looking for us. Finally I could feel her shudder and limpness. I put her down and then guided her hand to my lund. I asked her to masturbate me and shyly she started doing it. In an instant I had released my cum in her hand. She wanted to wash it off in the rain, but I suggested that she taste it. She had never done that before she said, so I forced her to eat all my cum and kissed her. She had not swallowed the cum so her saliva was mixed with my sperms. We went on passionately kissing for few minutes and finally with the continuos pushing of my tongue in her mouth she managed to swallow my cum. She straightened her sari and then both of us went in. Inside the k**s were still at work. Now anytime we got we were touching each other. Finally her husband came loaded with goods and when he gave me the balance. I gave it to Shantabai saying that that is for her and the k**s.Evening came and this time she completed all her chores by 6.30 and had fed her k**s. Then she put them to bed immediately. Today the husband had two bottles of beer and three bottles of country liquor. He was already through one bottle and was on his second. I had finished one beer bottle and was waiting for shantabai to come. As soon as she joined us, I poured her on full glass of country liquor. She took it and finished half of it in one shot. Then we were talking. Her husband as usual was chattering and seemed drowned in liquor. Shanatabai also finished her glass and I got another drink for her. We were careful not to appear close as the husband was nearby and we did not want to take the risk. Finally the second bottle was over and he was totally drunk. Shantabai, brought the food and fed him with her hand, and finally when she realized he was done for the day, took him inside to sleep. She came back. I pulled her on my lap, my lund was hard and she could feel it. She raised her sari and guided it in her choot and then we both were talking and drinking. She knew how to handle drinks and must have had about 3 glasses. By this time my second beer was over. Shantabai in a playful mood filled her mouth with her liquor and in the process of kissing, fed me the same. As I wrote earlier, that drink was too strong for more and I gasped. She laughed and was moving up and down my lund. Slowly and playfully we kept onto task and finally in a shattering climax I came. I could feel her releasing hers an instant after my release. Possibly my hot release triggered her orgasm.She brought the food and we both ate from the same plate. Sometimes she used to feed me and I used to feed her sometimes. At one time, I had taken my food and orally transferred it to her mouth.As soon as the food was over, she turned of the oil lamp and there was total darkness around. She joined me in my sleeping bag and we both started kissing each other. I turned around in 69 position and started sucking her choot. This was a new experience for her as she (told me later) had been never eaten nor sucked before in her choot. She started hissing and buckling under me. I could feel the heat building in her. In the meantime I made her suck my lund and play with my balls. She was now pressing her choot to my face and rubbing it. She pressed my head hard towards her choot and was crazily grinding her choot on my face. I could feel her cum seeping through and entering my mouth. She suddenly forced and shot a string of liquid on my face. The first experience I had where a female ejaculated like a male. I lapped up all her juice and then pulled her alongside me. I asked her to suck my lund. She seemed hesitant to suck it (no earlier experience). I caught her hair and forcibly entered her mouth. She gagged on it but finally got the feel of sucking and swallowing. Her mouth was trying to devour my lund while her tongue was caressing it. I was helping her in massaging my balls while I was playing with her breast / boobs. I came instantly and I could see that she was choking, gagging with the flow. She took my lund off her mouth and was trying to get up to spit it or wash her face, but I stopped her. I made her swallow the whole cum and then asked her to clean my lund. She did that when she realized that I really wanted her to do that. I whispered to her that if I can drink her juices and clean her choot she should also learn to clean a man’s lund. We kissed again and then lay side by side. The night was still early and she was whispering sweet nonsense in my ears. I was playing with her buttocks and balls while she was kissing me and alternatively playing with my lund , taking it in her hand and shagging it.This went on for some time and slowly again we were both hot now. She climbed on me and directed my lund in her choot. She had become an expert in fucking. She bounced up and down and we must have been doing it for about a long time and finally with a violent thrust she came. I could feel her shattering climax because at that time I released my whole load and felt really spent.We slept in each others arms for some time. At midnight or thereafter, I could feel my lund rising and being engulfed by a wetness. I woke to find her giving me a blowjob. I waited for some time and when I was hard, I lay her on the ground and then mounted her. I placed her legs on my shoulders and deeply penetrated her. She was now in for a wild ride. We must have fucked for a long time and then both of us came together. I slid beside her and put my fingers in her choot. I scooped isveçbahis güvenilirmi our mix of sperms and her cum and I offered her to taste it, She was hesitant and I sucked my finger and then kissed her. She responded wildly and I transferred the mixture to her mouth. Finally I dressed and slept and did not know when she left.Morning I woke up early to find that the rain had subsided. The farmer was busy to go his field. I asked him whether he can be my guide to themountains and evening we can be back, I heard him discussing the matter with his wife and finally he came and told me that since he has to be at the fields, he can’t come. But his wife had suggested that she can be my guide and from the mountain top she can collect woods and grasses which they can sell or use at home to raise money. I was planning to climb two peaks and was expecting to return only after 6.00 P.M., since the husband expected me to return and stay with them, I agreed and gave another Rs. 100/- for the evening fun. He took it instantly and seemed very happy. I marveled at his wife’s shrewdness. We started immediately and once we had left the village far back, we started walking very close. She was leading the way and the swing of her buttocks was igniting a passion in me. I looked around and seeing nobody around, I walked near her, embraced her from behind and she said be careful. I said don’t worry, nobody is around. She directed me to some trees and shrubs nearby which would hide us from the road. I made her bend doggie style and raising her saree had my lund in her. I went on pumping and finally spurted all my sperms in her. The ground was wet but she just sat down and looked at me longingly. I sat beside her and we passionately kissed for some time. Since time was short, we were again on our way. We met occasionally a few villagers and some women and they used to greet us and talk to her in marathi. Some of the ladies stared at us and passed some snide comments with her and all of them were laughing and enjoying the jokes at my expense. I just stood there . Then again we were on out way. Sometimes when we felt really hot, we used to kiss and finger each other. It was easy to finger her pussy as she was wearing loose sari and blouse and nothing underneath it. When we reached the top of one peak, I again fucked her and we spent some time caressing each other. Then I helped her to collect some firewood’s (which they normally collect to sell in the market for cash). By the time we climbed the second peak and was back it was 6.00 P.M. I helped her collect a lot of woods and also carried some for the fun of it and it was hard work and I was tired. On reaching home, I saw the k**s impatiently waiting for their mother. On seeing her they came running out and the next couple of hours she was preparing evening food and also taking care of them. I also spent my time with k**s after changing into fresh clothes. Around 6.30 P.M., her husband came and he seemed happy seeing the large pile of woods. He thanked me on knowing that I helped and carried the woods. Thenhe sat down for drinking. I immediately filled a glass of country liquor for wife and beckoned her to join. She came picked her full glass andgulped down half of it, so I refilled it and gave her. She had to cook some non-veg which the husband brought so she took her filled glass to the chulha site. I kept an eye on that and whenever she finished her glass, I saw that I had it refilled. The husband was having a good time, drinking to his hearts content and finally as earlier was totally drunk and blabbering. He more or less was asleep after completing two and quarter bottle. She finally finished cooking, fed her k**s and finally her husband and then came to sit with me. Since the rain had stopped and the weather was nice, we sat outside watching the surroundings. She was still having her drinks and I had my beer. She asked me what I did and when she learnt I was a student, she wanted to know whether my parents were very rich, I just laughed and said no. She enquired whether life in City was better and would it provide well paid jobs for her husband and family. Could she find some jobs in city. She slowly started with her life, her marriage and her life. She liked me because, I was not snobbish and had treated the whole house as my own. The way I played with her k**s and the time I put more food for the k**s made her like me. She said, after a long time they were eating three times a day and enjoying life for the past three days.She enquired whether there was any help I can give, if her family came to Bombay for jobs, since they owned about 5 acres of field and it was not enough to feed the family for even 6 months. I am always a sucker for such stories and I embraced her. I told her that let me start working and I would try to help them. I would always be an uncle for her k**s and possibly try to get them do well in life with schooling and bettereducation. I can probably help with some money later. While talking her eyes were also filled up and I made her sit on my lap. We remainedembraced for a few hours and then since she could feel my hardness, she bent and took it in her mouth. I was caressing her hair watching the clear sky and the world beyond. After some time, I lifted her face and kissed her and made her sit on my lund. She raised her sari and my lund was in her choot. We sat facing each other and also sharing our drinks. Her blouse was open and I had taken my shirt off. Our body when pressed was erotic since the bare skin was pressing against each other and her boobs were squeezed on my chest. She was also caressing my face and kissing me all around. Finally both of us came together. We stayed like that for a long time. I asked her whether she had sex before. She said they were born poor so when young the local sahukaars (the landlords) used to forcibly have sex with them. She was good looking those days so was always fucked by somebody or the other till she got married. After marriage, she said this was the first time she felt like having sex and she had enjoyed it a lot. Finally we went inside to have some food. Late night again we coupled together and finally both of us went to sleep.I stayed with them for a few more days, during which I saw their fields. Did all my climbing and yes, couple of days it rained badly too. I hadspent all my money there and hardly had enough to reach back but I gave her all I had and after taking their address, I left. There are always the truckers on highway who gives free ride, so I reached Mumbai safely and the past week became a dream in the long run.I kept in touch with that family by visiting them occasionally (once a year), used to give a lot of present and I was the k**s favorite uncle.Once I had invited the family to Mumbai. My interest in her for sex had waned a long time ago as she was a typical hard working village belle and looked the same. Those young time when I was a hiker, any pussy or choot was always exciting so had fucked her but later with more affairs and girlfriends, she was the past. But she always seemed excited in my presence and just to make her happy used to fuck her.

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