Vacation, what could go Wrong?

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Vacation, what could go Wrong?As Amy discreetly stroked Ron’s cock through his blue jeans in the back seat of her mother’s station wagon, he concentrated on remaining motionless and quiet. It was getting more and more difficult to keep still, as Amy had been gently tracing the outline of his now very hard cock for almost an hour as they drove southward to Florida.It had been only two weeks ago that Ron and Amy had decided to ask their parents if he could go on the trip. He had been doubtful that his parents would agree, although they did seem to have a fondness of Amy’s mother, Pam. He had overheard them say how sorry they felt for her having to bring another woman into her daughter’s life. Pam had told them that the entire reason for the trip was to allow Amy to spend some time with her father, divorced from Pam for almost 3 years, and meet his new girlfriend. Amy and her dad had kept fairly close since the divorce, and this was the first woman he had wanted her to meet. Amy had heard a lot about her dad’s new companion, and was curious to meet her. Pam, on the other hand, was not looking forward to it at all.Due to her limited vacation budget, Pam had decided to drive to Miami, then take a much cheaper flight to the Bahamian Islands, rather than fly down from Nashville. The fact that Pam had decided to lessen her costs by also inviting her best friend, Beth, did not upset Ron in the least.Beth had gotten divorced about the same time as Pam, and at that time they decided to funnel their anger and resentment from their failed marriages into their frequent workouts at the gym. As time passed, their motivation turned from pent up frustration to a genuine enjoyment in becoming physically fit, not to mention the looks of admiration not usually given to 35 year old divorcees. Their workouts had progressed to the point where they had actually entered one of the regional Ms. Fitness contests, in which the winner would compete on ESPN. While neither of them won, Pam finished second, and Beth fourth, and they both felt well rewarded for all their hard work.Ron could still remember one of his first dates with Amy, barely 5 months ago, and the sight of Pam as she stood in the kitchen, making small talk with him, still wearing the snug tee shirt and tight shorts she had worn to the gym. Pam was maybe 5’3″ tall, and while her body had been nice before she began to work out, it was now not only curvier, but also exceptionally firm. She and Beth did not lift weights to the point of being muscle bound, but it would be most difficult to find any fat on either of their bodies. Pam’s breasts were well proportioned to her petite frame, and garnered a second look from most every male that passed by, but it was her nicely toned ass that really caused heads to turn. Her ass had always been good, and even before her divorce, Pam had known it was better than most women possessed. But after three years of sweat and determination, it was really a sight to behold. Over the past weeks, Ron had hidden his erection beneath her kitchen table on numerous occasions as Pam bent and stretched innocently to retrieve items from the cabinets, unknowingly displaying her best asset to her daughter’s horny boyfriend.He had anticipated more of a reaction from Amy, as her mother was displaying her body, but Amy had acted perfectly natural. As time passed, Ron came to understand that Pam (and Beth) were so used to displaying their bodies around Amy, that none of the three of them seemed to give it a second thought. Due to Ron’s rather sheltered, Southern Baptist upbringing, he had tried to resist the thoughts invading his mind, but often found the tempting sights presented to him too much for his young, untested principles. Ron loved to hang out at Amy’s house, even though he often felt like a pervert for his attempts to discreetly view Pam, and on the rare occasion, Beth. He also often had the problem common to so many teenage boys, a near perpetual erection. For Ron this was no small obstacle, although at the time, he had no idea how unusual he truly was. Ron had taken countless showers with his basketball team, but his penis seemed to be about like all the other guys’. Ron had yet to realize the uniqueness he possessed, for while his friends 2 to 3 inch flaccid penises would grow to 5 or 6 inches when erect, his cock would expand to over 8 meaty inches.Ron and Amy had both agreed when they began dating that they would not have sex, for they both felt premarital sex was a sin. Ron had meant it when they agreed, but Amy was so sexy, and she sure didn’t dress like some pristine virgin. Between her and her mom, Ron’s dick was hard more than not when he visited their house. Amy and Ron remained true to their pledge, and refrained from anything more than kissing for weeks, but eventually the temptation of the flesh began to break them down, and they gradually advanced toward more heavy petting, and were now groping and teasing each other every chance they got. Amy’s girlfriends were not nearly so experienced as she was, and their sexual adventures were frequently discussed among the group. Amy made a mental note when a couple of the girls talked about how much their boyfriends loved blowjobs, and how it kept the boys from pressuring them for intercourse. The tension between the teens had continually mounted, unitl last Saturday night, when Amy had actually seen Ron’s fully erect cock in all its glory. Ron’s dick had been the first one she had ever seen, much less touched. Even though she had heard her friends say things about their boyfriend’s penis’s being long, or fat, or skinny, she really had no basis for comparison. Amy had been almost as sheltered as Ron (which probably explained why they got along so well), but as a result, she was also clueless as to how unusual her boyfriend’s cock truly was. She had found it extremely exciting the first time she saw how her petite hand grasped its base, most of the shaft still wavering above her hand. As she had tentatively stroked his thick penis, she kept remembering the way her girlfriends had described giving blowjobs. She wanted to please Ron, but still not lose her virginity, so she quickly made her decision. As her head bobbed in his lap, and she kissed and licked all over his fat cock, Amy came to the realization that she was likely enjoying it as much as he was. Stretching her mouth to take the engorged head past her lips made her hot and moist between her legs. Every night since then, when she had first discovered the thrill of licking and sucking on his rock hard cock while parked in the church parking lot, she had sucked Ron off. He always shot so much semen into her mouth, it was hard to swallow it all, but Ron could tell she was getting better each night.Now, in the backseat of her mother’s car, with Pam and Beth just two feet away, talking about various inane topics, Amy continued to stroke and rub up and down the length of Ron’s cock, clearly outlined down the leg of his tight jeans. He was afraid he would cum in his pants if she didn’t relent soon, and as much as he knew he should make Amy stop, it just felt too good. Ron attention was diverted from his crotch as Pam steered her Honda station wagon onto a rest area exit ramp. As soon as the car came to a stop, Beth and Pam made a quick dash to the rest room.As soon as they were alone, Ron leaned over and nibbled on Amy’s ear lobe as he said, “You are making me so horny, I can’t take much more! I wish there was time for you to suck on me before your mom got back.” Amy purred a sexy little giggle, saying, “Good, I love to make you türbanlı hatay escort a little crazy, and besides, you can’t be any less horny than me right now, feel me.” She then guided Ron’s hand up her thigh, under her skirt, to her panty covered pussy. Ron could feel the heat emanating from her even before he felt how completely soaked her panties were. “Why are we driving ourselves crazy like this, it’s pure torture.” Amy gave him a sly grin, and responded, “I have an idea, Beth will eventually go to sleep while mom drives. If you think you can handle it, I will lay my head over in your lap, pretending to go asleep too, then I can give you a super silent sucking, no one will ever know, are you game?”Before he could even consent, Amy told Ron to grab a pair of his baggy shorts from the back, and go change from his tight jeans, giving her easy access to him. Ron couldn’t believe what they were going to do, but he wasn’t going to try and talk her out of it. That was one thing he had liked about Amy from the start. She was always bold and loved to take risks. Now that her sense of adventure had surfaced as sexual escapades, he liked that part of her even more.By the time Ron changed and headed back to the car, some of the granite in his cock has disappeared. His shorts were baggy enough to conceal the still semi-swollen 6 inches of teenage prick bouncing against his thigh. He held his jeans in front of his crotch as he passed in front of the headlights, he didn’t want it to be too obvious he was no longer wearing any underwear. He quickly climbed into the back seat, already shutting the door when he realized Amy was no longer sitting across from him, but she was instead in the driver’s seat. Pam was getting comfortable in the seat next to Ron. He fought the urge to panic, trying not to immediately assume Pam and Beth were wise to their plan. Amy looked back, and seeing the tension on Ron’s face, explained that her mom had decided that since the interstate was so deserted, it would be a good opportunity for her to get some highway driving experience. Amy had gotten her license several months ago, but still hadn’t really driven all that much. As Amy spoke, Ron could feel his cock begin to contract. As Amy pulled the car from the lot, Pam said to Ron, “I see we had the same idea, I had to get out of those hot pants too, hand me yours and I will put them in the back.” She took his jeans and then, kneeling, leaned over the seat back to put both their clothes away. As she did this, the bright lights from the rest area parking lot enabled Ron a clear view of Pam’s body. The shorts she was now wearing were quite short and tight. As she leaned further and further into the back of the station wagon, now looking for a pillow, just a hint of each firm, tanned ass cheek peeked from beneath the white nylon shorts. Ron couldn’t tear his eyes away. He was helpless to admire the way her firm, shapely thighs curved inward ever so slightly at the juncture of her cheeks, and then how the sexiest butt he had ever seen in his young life was straining to escape from the confines of her shorts. His cock grew hard again almost at once. Ron’s trance was broken by the sound of Beth’s voice, “Hey, Pam, grab me a pillow too if you can.” Ron turned to the front, and briefly locked eyes with Beth. He thought she had the slightest grin on her face as he gaped at her like a k** caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He felt his face turning 20 shades of red, and he held his breath, hoping Beth would not say something right then and there about what she had seen. Pam then settled back in her seat, passing a pillow up to Beth, and then leaning her own pillow against the door for some sleep herself. Beth turned back and didn’t say anything. As he rode on in silence, Ron slowly convinced himself that maybe Beth had only seen him staring at his girlfriend’s mom for only a second, or maybe she hadn’t even noticed where his gaze was directed at all. After several miles, Ron quite worrying about Beth having busted him ogling Pam. If she did, she did. The way she and Pam dressed half the time, they couldn’t expect a red-blooded teenager not to notice them, even if they were old.Pam tried to get comfortable against the doorframe, but she just couldn’t get to sleep. She was desperate, and knew she had to sleep a couple of hours so she would be up to finishing the drive in the morning. Finally, she turned to Ron, noticing he was still awake, she said, “Ron honey, if you don’t mind, can I lay this pillow over on you to get some sleep, if I can just stretch out a little, I think I can catch some Zs.” Ron, reeling in his guilt of having been nailed mentally undressing Pam earlier, had been purposely thinking of basketball, school, anything but the three women in the car with him. Thank goodness, for a least as Pam placed the pillow across his right thigh, his cock was completely flaccid, tucked safely away from the pressure of Pam’s head as she settled against the pillow. With Beth safely asleep, and Amy concentrating on the road, Ron attempted to check out Pam’s body again. Although he knew she was curled up next to him, the darkness of the night kept him from being able to really see much. He figured it was for the best, and eventually lay his head back to sleep himself.Some time later, the beginning of the sunrise help wake Ron from a very realistic dream that he and Pam were doing it doggy style, right there in the back seat. It took him a few minutes to realize where he was, and that Pam was still asleep with her head in his lap. The dream had given Ron a complete hard on, and it was pressing up against the pillow right beneath Pam’s head. Evidently, Pam had shifted her body during her sleep, so that her head was positioned closer to the middle of his lap. The thin pillow had shifted as well, and while it still separated his boner from her cheekbone, the edge of the pillow was barely past her nose. The result was that Ron could feel the steady rhythm of Pam’s warm breath against his thigh. He tried to concentrate on anything but Pam, and her breath, hoping by some miracle that his cock would shrink down by the time she woke up. But it was no use. He could actually feel his rock hard cockhead pressing into Pam’s cheek. It was at such an angle that he thought he may be able to press it to point down his thigh, and lessen the pressure. He decided he would just try to shift his leg a little, hopefully without waking her, and then press his cock down, away from her face.As Ron was planning his strategy, Pam was lying there, fully awake. She had been awake for several minutes now, struggling with the conflicting reaction she was having to Ron’s young, obviously hard, and apparently very large cock pressing against her face. Her first reaction had been to bolt upright, but she didn’t want to make a scene and embarrass the poor boy. He was so sweet and innocent, she was sure it would mortify him if she acknowledged his erection. Her plan had been to nonchalantly awaken and remove her head from his lap as if nothing was out of the ordinary. But in the seconds she remained there, planning how she would handle the situation, she realized she was beginning to feel more than a sense of concern for Ron’s feelings. She could feel a stirring between her legs. She had noticed Ron stealing a second glance at her and Beth before, but he seemed so young, she had just never thought of him having a physical reaction to her. Besides, she had grown rather use to men, and boys for that matter, admiring her body. türbanlı hatay escort bayan She had come to accept it, and sometimes even enjoy it when men took second, and even third looks her way, but this feeling was different. The sense of power she felt she had inadvertently gained over Ron, as well as, she reluctantly admitted to herself, the taboo of having her daughter’s teenage boyfriend respond in such an a****listic, involuntary manner was having quite an effect on her. She had quit thinking about a plan of disengagement, but was rather content for the moment to enjoy her totally unexpected reaction to this situation. Ron, however, seemed to have other plans. In one fairly smooth movement, he shifted his leg slightly, reached his hand beneath the pillow to his crotch, and pressed his cock downward away from her face, further down against his thigh. Pam initially decided this would be the perfect opportunity to “awaken” from a deep sleep, but then she realized the consequences of Ron’s actions. Evidently his shorts had ridden up his thigh during the night, and as a result, the head of his penis was poking out of his leg opening, past the edge of the pillow, only inches from Pam’s face. As much as she told herself it was wrong to stay there, feigning sleep, she couldn’t resist getting an up close view of Ron’s dick in the hazy light of the dawn.Pam had been with exactly six different men in her lifetime. Sometimes she felt like a slut when she thought of being with that many men, but Beth would always tell her to stories from her past to make Pam feel downright puritanical. Maybe that was one reason they were becoming such good friends, Beth was doing a lot for Pam’s self esteem. Beth seemed to have taken on as a personal mission the goal of convincing Pam sex should be fun and enjoyed without all the complications of a serious relationship. She had certainly help Pam mold her body into such form that she could basically get any man she wanted into bed. It was just that Pam wasn’t yet converted into a one- night-stand type of woman. In fact, she had not had sex with anyone since the divorce. Therefore, the sight of Ron’s teenage prick, swollen hard, and throbbing with a purplish color only an inch or two from her nose was making her mind and body react in ways she would never have intended. None of the six penises she had seen in her past had been as big as Ron’s dick appeared to be. She could actually see the lemon-sized head pulse a deeper purple each time Ron’s heart pushed blood through his young cock. Pam had to force herself to concentrate on keeping her breathing nice and steady, so as to still appear to be asleep. As a result, she was pretty sure her breath was washing over the beautiful dick in front of her. She certainly didn’t want Ron to know she was awake, and aware of the situation, but she couldn’t resist the perverse thrill she got by purposely focusing her damp breath onto his organ.Ron’s initial self-congratulations as to his deft maneuvering quickly turned to near panic. Although his line of site was obstructed by Pam’s tussled hair, he quickly realized what had happened when he felt his hot cockhead exposed to the cool air inside the car. Luckily Pam had not woken up when he shifted things around, but now he could feel her damp breath only inches from his swollen cock. The early morning sunlight allowed Ron to scan up and down Pam’s curvy body as she lay sleeping on the seat next to him. He quickly decided that wasn’t helping matters, as he saw the tanned curve of her waist exposed as a result of her tee shirt having bunched up toward her breast. His gaze was broken when Ron noticed Beth stirring in the front seat. Not wanting her to bust him again, he quickly looked back toward the road, as Pam’s hot, moist breath lingered across his cockhead. He knew he had to wake her up without her seeing his prick. So in one motion, he gently reached his hand to her chin, and as he turned her face upward, away from his cock, he scooted the pillow and his shorts down his thigh with his left hand. At the same time he began to speak to her, Amy, and Beth about waking up for a stop at the next Cracker Barrel for breakfast. He kept the pillow over his crotch, and he was certain Pam had been sleeping so deeply that she didn’t realize she was awake until she was sitting upright next to him.As soon as Pam scooted back up to sit next to the opposite door, she felt a wave of guilt rush over her. She had purposely taken advantage of her daughter’s boyfriend without his knowledge and deliberately teased him. She kept telling herself it was wrong and disgusting, but she couldn’t quite force herself to erase the feeling that had overtaken her body, virtually against her will. She knew she hadn’t planned any of what had transpired, and she rationalized, nobody really was hurt in anyway. As long as she kept it to herself, no one would ever know what she had done. After all, Ron thought she was asleep the whole time, she was sure of that. She had gotten to know Ron pretty well over the months Amy had been dating him.His overwhelming characteristic was shyness, followed closely by politeness, and she was fairly sure those traits along with his religious upbringing would ensure he was probably feeling as guilty about what had happened as she did. As Pam thought it through, she realized that part of the thrill had been the very fact that Ron was like he was. To know he was likely trying as hard as he could not to react to her, and that he responded anyway was what had really made Pam’s juices flow. The fact that he likely had the biggest dick she had ever seen was the added bonus to the whole situation. Pam finally decided it had not been that big of a transgression, and she closed her eyes to replay the entire scene in her mind. As much as she had enjoyed teasing her innocent victim, she promised herself she would not let anything like that happen again.The steel rod in Ron’s shorts managed to soften enough for him to slip from the car to the Cracker Barrel restroom without being noticed by anyone. Once safely in a stall, he firmly stroked his cock back to life, envisioning Pam once again with her head in his lap, only in his fantasy she was leaning closer and closer to his prick, until her tongue swiped slowly up his exposed shaft, and encircled his swollen head. This image was all Ron’s tortured dick needed to erupt into the ball of toilet paper he held in his free hand. After his pent up sexual frustration began to subside, Ron began to feel guilty for thinking of Amy’s mom in such lewd acts, He could only imagine what she would think of him if she knew what had happened in the car, and what he had just pictured her doing to him. He promised himself he would try not to let her invade his fantasies the rest of the trip, and besides, his plans for the week ahead with Amy should alleviate any need for fantasies of any kind.The remaining few hours of the drive to Miami went uneventfully, and by the time they had parked the car and gotten to the airport terminal, they still had a couple of hours before their flight. Beth and Pam went shopping in one of the airport boutiques, leaving Amy and Ron alone for the first time since they left Nashville. As they strolled through the concourse, Amy said, “I can’t believe my mom ruined the little adventure I had planned for the car. I was so hot, and then to have to drive for three hours. I feel so sorry for you; I had been teasing you for so many miles. And then when my mom laid down with her head on türbanlı escort hatay your leg, it is a good thing you weren’t still hard, she would have felt it for sure.” Amy looked at Ron’s face, and knew from his expression immediately, saying, “Oh my god! Tell me you didn’t have a hard-on while she was laying there.” Amy’s smile as she said this helped Ron feel a little less awkward as he responded, “Well, no, I mean I didn’t at first. Then I fell asleep, and I had a dream about you.” He lied, knowing there was no way to tell her of his actual dream. “When I woke up, I was pretty hard, luckily your mom was sound asleep.” “It’s a good thing,” Amy said, “I don’t think mom has even seen a naked man since the divorce, no telling what she would have done.”Ron wondered exactly what Amy meant by her last comment, curious as to if she had expected some type of disgusted reaction, or did she mean a sexual response by her mom. Surely not the latter, but what if…Ron’s thoughts were interrupted when Amy continued, “I sure know what I would have done if I had been her. I would have slipped your big dick out and sucked as much as I could into my mouth, then licked it and kissed it like a great big lollipop.” Hearing Amy talk like that was getting Ron excited, even as he looked quickly around to make sure no one could hear what she was saying. “You better stop talking like that Amy, or else I will get arrested for indecent exposure,’ Ron said, directing her gaze to his crotch with a nod of his head. “Oh my, I really should do something about that, don’t you think, I mean our trip has only begun, I sure don’t want you to spend the rest of it in the Miami jail because your dick was poking out of your shorts.” They both giggled at her comment, even as Amy led Ron by the hand to try and find a place to be alone.”I thought I had noticed these on the way in,” Amy said as she led Ron to a section of cubicles designed for business travelers to access their email accounts. “Let’s try the one in the corner.” They walked past all the other cubicles, until they reached the one in the back corner. The only access to this particular one was the way they had just come, and the way it was laid out, only a portion of the person’s back using the computer would be visible from someone walking by. This section of the airport was not too crowded at the moment, so when Amy pushed Ron down into the seat and dropped to her knees, half her body beneath the console, he was pretty sure no one had noticed them. As Amy unbuttoned his shorts, Ron admired the sight of her body before him. Amy resembled her mother greatly, she was a little more lean than Pam and her breasts may have been a little bit smaller, but her ass was not far from that of her mom. He had seen many boys at school practically knock each other over to get in position to walk up the stairs behind Amy on game days, when she was wearing her cheerleading uniform. Now, as she pulled his now erect cock from his shorts, her tank top fell away from her body, giving Ron a sexy view of her firm, well shaped boobs as they strained to escape from the lacy bra that looked to contain no more than half of each tanned globe. Amy wrapped one hand around the base of Ron’s dick. Every since last weekend, when she had first grasped his penis, Amy had found she always grew excited at the sight of her tiny hand holding his thick shaft. Ron was nervously glancing over his shoulder, not wanting to be discovered. Even though he knew no one could see Amy without walking almost inside their cubicle. He inadvertently let out a gasp as he felt Amy’s lips begin to plant soft, moist kisses all over his dick. He looked back to her, watching as she had her eyes closed, grasping his cock with both hands, as she deliberately licked and kissed up and down his prick now jutting from his open fly. The expression on her face was as if she were totally lost in her actions, completely unaware they were in the middle of the Miami International Airport. Perhaps the nervousness Ron felt for that very reason was delaying his orgasm. He looked past her face, noticing how Amy’s skirt had ridden up her thighs exposing her purple panties. When he looked back to Amy’s face, there eyes locked, and as if she was reading his mind, she removed one hand from his cock, even as the remaining hand began to stroke up and down his shaft, in unison with her slowly bobbing head. She dropped her hand to her panties, and slipped it past the waistband to touch herself. Her hips immediately began to move in response to the action her fingers were obviously taking beneath the cotton panties. Seeing the purple material move over her knuckles, as she appeared to be fingering herself, seemed at the time to be a sexier sight to Ron than if she had been totally nude. Ron’s balls were growing tight to his body, as he gazed at his girlfriend fingering herself with the same passion with which she began to stroke and suck on his dick. They had both been trying to remain quiet, but as Amy’s body rocked harder and harder against her hand, and her mouth sank deeper down Ron’s cock, she let out a muffled moan. The sight before him, the sound of her moaning, and the danger of the situation, was quickly pushing Ron past the point of no return. Then, from nowhere, as he was watching Amy’s mouth devour his cock, Pam’s face appeared in her place. “I don’t think mom has even seen a naked man since the divorce, no telling what she would have done,” Amy’s words from a few minutes ago flashed through his mind as his image of Pam’s face, sucking on his cock seemed to actually convey her pent up need. Ron had not intended to think of Pam at this time, but now he seemed to have no choice but to envision Amy’s mom sucking hungrily on his big hard prick. In his mind he could see her rubbing his cock against her cheek as she said “Ron, I need some cock so bad, it has been too long, I don’t care if you are Amy’s boyfriend, your cock is just so fucking big and hard, please, can I suck on it some more?” With that, he erupted into Amy’s mouth with a tremendous orgasm and as he shot load after load into her mouth, he managed to force Pam’s face from his mind and concentrate on his girlfriend. Amy was doing her best to swallow it all, but as her own orgasm overtook her, she pulled Ron’s still spewing cock from her mouth and pressed her face against his thigh in an attempt to conceal her moaning. Several streams of semen shot across her tank top before she could regain her composure and suck him back past her lips to drain his remaining cum. Ron pointed out the pooled cum slowly soaking into her top. They quickly came to the conclusion they had nothing to wipe it up with, then Amy gave Ron a wicked little grin and said, “Well, this should give you something to think about for our plane ride to the island,” and she stood up slightly, reached beneath her skirt and pulled her panties down, and off her legs. “These are way too wet for me to wear anyway,” she said with a grin, then she wiped up the remaining semen with them, wadded them up and stuffed them in Ron’s pocket.They both stopped by the restroom to straighten up some before meeting back up with Pam and Beth. Ron was beating himself up once again for his improper thoughts about Pam. He tried to convince himself that since it was unintentional, he shouldn’t feel so guilty about it. And besides, he was probably u*********sly thinking of Pam due to the earlier incident in the car. Plus, Amy’s ambiguous comments about her mom’s likely reaction to finding him with a boner had obviously played a part as well. Ron knew that whatever the reason, he just had to try and prohibit himself from viewing Pam in a sexual manner for the rest of the trip.Amy and Ron arrived at the boutique just as Beth and Pam came walking out. Ron knew at once his plan to limit his sexual thoughts about Amy’s mom would be a losing battle. She and Beth were wearing knew dresses..More to come..

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