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V This a Few Years LaterWell Our Moms got their divorce finalized and moved in to a very cute smaller three-bedroom house with living room dining room and a big kitchen, well a new school we didn’t mine cause we always had each other. We like sports and we had played women’s lacrosse before on fun team, but now we had a chance to join a real team. We both went for the tryouts and we played pretty rough as before we did before, After the try out the coach came up to us and ask we played before, we told him on a for fun team, he laugh and said that look more serious fun and then said I want you two on the team, we jump for joy and said thank you. In the girls locker room two girl came over to us and ask what the coach ask, we told them and then girl said I believe it you two are pretty good at lacrosse, we told them we had played before, then they ask us if we could give them any pointer to help them, Sandy and I said gosh yes sure love to, Sandy said who got a big open yard, Sara said I guess I do, Sandy said Ok tell us when and where and we can all be there, Sara wrote here name phone number and address down.Ass Sandy and I undress to go in the shower so were Sara and Jenny her friend I ask were did all the other girls go Jenny said Cindy they are ashamed of there bodies they don’t understand that we are young girls and are developing in our own way. Gawd I thought how true. I said Jenny you are so fucken right and the four of us went to the showers; gawd did this shower feel good. Of course my sexy cousin does a passionate kiss on me and Sara says Wow that sexy Sandy, I just said Sara were just were kissen cousins. Sara says yeah but that was more that a kiss a little tonguing too. I just said yeah we like it a little sexual, then I said Sara have you ever kiss a girl deeply. She said Jenny and I have kissed a lot and I have though about sexually a lot, but, but never did it. I ask her Sara could you kiss me, she said gosh yes, then Sandy said Jenny would you kiss me her response was on my gosh yes Sandy. We all lock lips under the shower, I parted my lips and could feel Sara tong sliding in to my mouth soaking wet, I returned the wet kiss with my soaking wet tongue into her mouth, we were into a tongue licking frenzy, I was get wet and wanting her, my hand went down to her pussy and put two finger up her pussy and just went in and out fast, with in seconds I felt the same in my pussy we did this until we both came in a mass orgasm and laid down and just suck each other pussy dry. I saw Sandy and Jenny doing pretty much the same if not worst with Jenny fingering Sandy asshole. Sara and I sat back and Sara turn to me kisses me and said Cindy that was just wonderful I never had an orgasm that wild and good I love it and I love you too. Sandy and Jenny were still going wild so Sara and I went out to the locker and Sara ask up front are you and Sandy that close as we were just now, I just had to say yes we are lovers for years. Sara Wow malatya escort that’s wonderful to have that kind of love we kissed and I said yes Sara it is. Finally Jenny and Sandy come out of the shower quite happy and we just gave them a sexual smile. We all got dressed and left the school gym. As we left we saw Sara and Jenny holding hands. Sandy grab my hand how isn’t that wonderful. Over the weekend we call Sara and ask if they want to practice some lacrosse, Sara said yes with lot of enthusiasm and Jenny here and want to as well. Sandy and I walk over to Sara place and Sara said come for a second, we’ll use the back yard, Sara introduce her Mom who was a very pretty women and wearing short, shorts and a top showing a lot of breast Wow yes, Jenny pop in and we all said hi. Sara said we’ll be out back Mom practicing lacrosse Sandy and Cindy are going to help us play better. Sara Mom oh you two have played be for, we said yes for a couple of years, her Mom that’s wonderful cause the girls just love the game. We practiced catching the ball while running and throwing to a particular person while running as well. It was very hot afternoon and we all were sweating like crazy. Sandy ask Sara if it was getting to hot them she told Sara that we were use to it because of our beach house, Sara said no it Ok and we can go in the pool later. I don’t mine sweating, Jenny said I kind of like all this sweating but to bad we can’t play topless. Sara said let me ask my Mom if we can, her mom came out and look around and I don’t see way not no one can see back here, Wow you girls are sweat, hold it I want to get my camera and take some laughing sweaty pretty girl, Sara Mom a professional photographer. Do you girls mined, we all said No, we group together and she took a few pics, then she said Sand Cindy get real close cheek to cheek and she took some close up, then Sara Jenny you too cheek. Then she said I want to get something a little sexy of you for Ok by you girl we all said sure with Wow enthusiasm. She said pull those shirts out of your shorts and unbutton then, Ok all together open up a little more to show your breast, she took various shots of different angles. She said she’d show them to us later on the computer; go back to your practice as we took our shirt off; Oh Wow did this feel great. Then her Mom said you don’t seem shy of nudity. Then Sara Mom we take showers together at school. We started practicing again Sara and Jenny were getting into the sport and doing very good. Sara Mom was taking a few more pictures of all of us. Sara Mom yell at take a break and I get some ice water for you, Oh Boy Yes, we were playing pretty hard and gawd we were all one sweaty mess. Her Mom brought the ice water out, I ask Sandy to pour a little into my hands and I though it on to my face, I said again then I through it on to my breast. Sandy oh gawd me too, Sara and Jenny follow also Sara Mom was taking pics of all of us. We practice for escort malatya another hour, Sara and Jenny were really getting in to the game quite well and Sandy said let do a two on two game. Sara Mom came out to watch us, gawd she has sex written all over her, I caught a glimpse of her feeling inside her shirt to her breast, quite. By now we were exhausted and called it quits. We were so soaking wet our short were wet too, Sandy said oh gawd that pool looks good, Sara whispered to us want to go skinny dipping we all said. Mom Sara ask do you think we could go in the pool naked.Her Mom said why not you all haft naked now, but leave all those shirts and shorts out in the sun to dry. Off came all the shorts, Wow no one is wearing any panties Sara Mom commented I see all of you are like my daughter never any panties. We all walk to the pool no one could run any more. My gawd we all said this is just wonderful and we all gave Sara big wet kiss, I look up and there was Sara Mom with the camera caught us all kissing Sara, then she said now that was wonderful and sexy. Sara Mom asks us if we like some ice tea we all said yes and she put camera down and walks off to the house. We were all kissing and ass grabbing like a bunch of silly girls. Sara came up under and grab Sandy, I could tell by her face right by her pussy, Sandy let out a Oh My Gawd Wow. I could tell Sara Mom saw that as she put the tea down and said I’m coming in there with you girl Ok, We all said s sure Mom, she laugh at that as she took her top and then her shorts Wow what a pretty body and a well trimmed hairy pussy Jenny see Sara your Mom doesn’t wear panties either. Sara Mom just said I hate them, and dove into the water and came up next to Sara and gave here a sexy kiss; I thought I wonder if they do also. We swam around awhile flocking and kissing, Sara Mom came up in front of me and kissed me real hard and slips a little tongue in to my mouth and I respond with the same, she smiled as she swam away. Sara Mom climb out of the pool, gawd I though what a sexy ass, and yell come have some ice tea girls. Funny I though here we all are sitting here naked with Sara Mom and naked as well. She was saying how wonderful it was all us girls getting know one another all so well. Sandy Cindy would you girls like to stay for dinner, we said I guess so, I’ll have call Mom to let her know. Sure and tell her I’ll bring you home cause it well be dark and a little late. Sara Mom started taking a few more pictures, Ok girls I want to see fore asses, we turn around an stuck our asses in the air, then she said stand up hands up in the air, Now I want to get twosome tit to tit we all laugh and did each one of us. Come Sara and Mom let me take a few of you two. Sandy Ok a full frontal, Ok now a big kiss, Wow Sara Mom was doing a nice passionate wet kiss, Sandy took a few different picture then she snuck up on then and took a good close up of them kissing and you could see some tongue malatya escort bayan there for sure. I said Sara get down on the ground and get between your Moms legs, sneaky Sandy took a picture of Sara Mom legs spread showing her pussy, Sandy Oh yes that’s good. We all walk to the house naked and we pick up our shorts and shirts, they were pretty much dry but Sara Mom took then and put them in the dryer for a little while. Sara Mom stay naked with us. I when and called Mom and told her about having dinner here and that Sara Mom was bring us home. Mom said sure have her come in for a minute I like to meet her I said Ok Mom. Sara Mom was on the computer downloading the pictures. She came into the room and picture came out good, she turn to Sandy you’re sneaky and laugh I couldn’t help it was just there for me. Sara Mom said she promised the girls pizza how that we said wonderful we love pizza too. She called up the pizza place and ordered two pizzas, one half anchovies that was ours. We went in to the computer room and we were looking the entire picture she took, Geeeessss nothing but tits pussys and ass’s, they really came out real good. I said Wow Jenny your picture come out the b**st real sexy and pretty smile, she laugh and smiled and said thank you. Oh here is Sandy’s sneaky and sexy photo of me and there was Sara Mom legs spread and showing all of her pussy, Sara said Wow Mom now that’s very pretty, thanks Sandy and gave her a big wet kiss. Then the doorbell rang Sara Mom said oh shit let me get dresses, you girls stay here. She call us into the kitchen we sat down naked and Sara mom got naked again as well. I told her you’re the same as or Mom always naked as we ate I told her about the beach house, she said now that sounds really wonderful I could handle that. The pizza was really wonderful the best we’ve had in a long time. After dinner she drove us home and I told her t6o come in for a minute Moms like to meet you, she said sure. Our moms introduce them selves I’m Tammy Cindy Mom, I’m Lin Sandy Mom and Sara Mom said I’m Bonny Sara Mom and this is Jenny Sara house guess for the weekend. They sat down and were talking for a while and we went up to our room, Sara said four people three bedrooms I said well yeah our Moms sleep together and we sleep together, Wow that’s nice I wish Jenny and I could sleep together all the time and we do it naked too, Jenny said Sara I’d **** you every night, Sara said that’s Ok by me we all laugh, we show them some picture of the beachouse, no naked people though except us two. Jenny said what a wonderful tan two get. Then some pictures of the beach, Sara and Jenny just said On My Gawd that is just beautiful it looks like it goes on forever, Girl come on down your Mom want to leave. We all went down and said good-by. Did you two have good day we said absolutely YES. We said Mom she is one sexy women, Mom said we figured that ourselves, and she told us about the sexy and sweaty pictures she took she said she’ll e-mail then to us. I said I wonder if she’ll send the pussy pic Sandy took. We ask if you think you could invite them to the beach house sometime. Mom said I don’t see way not I love have them for a while. We both screamed Oh Good.

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