Used in Public pt. 1

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Used in Public pt. 1″They were staring at me… the whole walk home…” She was still blushing, her gaze only lifting from the floor to his every so often, unable to maintain the eye contact. She was sitting on the edge of the couch, her mostly bare legs pressed together tightly to keep herself from squirming, her arms folded beneath her breasts. Her arms pressed them together, framing them in the dangerously low cut shirt, accentuating her cleavage. The same shirt he’d had her walk home in, spend her whole day in.”Oh? Did anyone say anything..?” He was smirking, but his voice was soft, and she could feel his eyes on her. Seated across from her, watching her, listening to her, drawing out as many details as he could.She swallowed, looking up again. “Well, no, but… I think I felt someone touch me.” She bit her lip, forcing herself to stare into his eyes.”How? Where?” He leaned towards her, his eyes traveling down her body, stopping at her thighs, mostly exposed underneath the very short, and very tight, shorts he had told her to wear. All to prove, he’d said, that she needed to learn how sexy she was. See first hand the effect her body had on men.”My ass, I think someone touched it when I passed through a crowd,” she managed, her fingers tightening against her skin. “Did you enjoy it? Did you react?””I liked it…” She blushed, shifting in her seat, knowing where this conversation was going. The part of the conversation that she craved, and the part that terrified her. She wanted so badly to burst, to beg and plead for him aksaray escort to touch her, to take her. The words were on her lips, the phrases and names that she had molded herself to, that he used for her. The duality tortured her, sometimes.A shy slut, a self-concious whore. Maybe that was what made the rush and exhileration so strong to begin with?He slid off his seat, sitting on his knees in front of her now, his eyes never leaving hers. His hands slid along the sides of her thighs, onto her hips, his lips brushed against her knee. Her heart was racing, her breathing rapid. She moved one hand, stroking his hair, her skin burning where his fingers and lips touched her. “Did you think about them grabbing you like that, keeping his hand their? Squeezing, pulling you back, your perfect ass being guided to him?”She blushed, bright red, her hair hanging down over her eyes, her lips parted involuntarily. “Yes, baby, I wanted him to grope me…””To squeeze your ass, maybe tug on that shirt..? One of your breasts falling out, your big, beautiful tits, your suckable nipples hard, and begging for attention?”She nodded again, gasping audibly, as she felt one of his hands trailing up her side, against her skin, the shirt bunching over his wrist, riding up, baring her as his arm moved. “And why would you want that, sweety..? A woman with a stable job, and a loving, caring boyfriend at home waiting for you; why would you be fantasizing about having your body exposed for strangers? Random men, playing with your tits, squeezing escort aksaray and spreading your ass, trying to get those shorts off, desperate to get your tight, beautiful pussy..?””Because I’m a slut… I’m a slutty girlfriend, and I want to be used,” she murmured, as his hand finally reached and cupped her breast, his thumb brushing against her nipple. It was already hard, aching, she was desperate to pull him up, to bury his face against her tits. “I want to be fucked, baby, and passed around,””Used like a living breathing fucktoy, a cum dumpster? My little girl, just a public use toy…” He trailed off, sitting up on his knees, biting her skin softly.She trembled, wrapping her fingers into his hair, pushing his head down, taking the initiative. She felt his lips parted against her thigh, his tongue brushing her skin, and she closed her eyes, breathing in slowly. “Yes… your girlfriend is just a little slut,” she whispered, licking her lips slowly as he began to kiss upwards towards the bottom of her shorts. “I wanted that man to wrap his arms around me, to grope and squeeze my tits…””Such a dirty girl, fantasizing being touched by strange men…” He smiled against her skin, and lowered a hand, pulling her thighs apart slowly. She didn’t resist him, her legs parting for him.”Mhmm… feeling his hard cock pressed against my ass, my nipples hard, pushing against his hands while he pulled my tits out, guiding me back into an empty shop…” She gasped, her free hand cupping her own breast over her shirt, squeezing aksaray escort bayan it tightly as her boyfriend wrapped his fingertips in the waistband of her shorts.”You’d let him fuck you, just like that? Walking home to your boyfriend, you’d let this stranger fuck you, use you to cum, then send you back to me?””Yes, I’d let him use my slutty pussy, I’d beg him to fuck me…” She slid her hand inside her shirt, rolling her nipple between her thumb and finger, forcing her eyes open to watch him, her hips and ass lifting so he could pull her shorts down and off. She bare underneath, per his rules; no underwear allowed today.”Even if I asked you to hurry home for me, even if I said that I need to cum and need your pussy or your mouth here for me?””Even if you were walking to meet me, baby, even if you saw him do it,” she blushed, her words forced out between her labored breaths, staring down into his eyes. “I’d be bent over, my hands on the wall, my tits hanging out, begging him to fuck my naughty pussy even if you were watching, baby,” she managed, her head falling back, a soft, low moan escaping her lips as his fingers finally reached her throbbing, aching clit.He rubbed it slowly, delicately, his tongue pressing into her pussy slowly, his eyes closing as he licked up towards her clit. “Such a slutty, dirty thing,” he murmured back to her, his fingers digging into her thigh.”I love it, baby, I love cock,” she breathed, biting her lip, squeezing her own breast.”What do you want, love? What kind of cock does my good girl want..?”” I want every kind of cock inside me, every size, I want them to take turns and pump every hole full of their cum, I want you to kiss me and tell me you’re proud of your little girl while someone pumps my dirty pussy full of cum, baby…”

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