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Used again…Bruce, Daniel and Charlie was three delinquents that tortured me all through high school. Any time they wanted to have boy sex, I was their target, they would take what they wanted when they wanted. Sometimes all three, sometimes one or two.I tried to keep away from sites that I new they hung out, Bruce was one that all ways seemed to be able to get near me some where. The last time Bruce had tricked me, he took me over to his sisters house where he and his drunken uncle had taken advantage of me.Bruce had lied to me saying that he would teach me wrestling moves and how to fight back. This rouse worked tell Bruce had me beneath him and my legs spread around his body. Bruce’s grown uncle was sleep in one of the bedrooms and came out after Bruce had entered my tender bung and caught us in the act.Snatching me up by my foot, his uncle finished what Bruce had started, he mounted me on the living room floor and then stood up and carried me off to the bed room still lodged deep in my bung hole.This day Bruce saw me in my back yard and approached the fence, once I saw him I tried to get back to the door. Bruce called out to me and said ‘…you want me to come around the front and tell your folks what you bahis siteleri canlı do, or you want to come over here and talk to me…’Fear filled me as I slowly walked over to the fence, Bruce spoke hurriedly ‘…my uncle, whose house we were over, wants me to bring you by the house again…’I looked at him and softly said ‘…I ain’t going…’ Bruce smiled and said ‘…have it your way, your folks home, I need to talk to them…’Terrified I asked ‘…what do he want…’ Bruce came closer to the fence and whispered ‘…he wants to fuck your stupid ass some more. What you think he wants, meet me at the corner in ten minutes…’ Bruce turned and walked away.Yeah I met Bruce and the two of us made our way over to his sister’s apartment. Once in side Bruce’s uncle was sitting on the sofa with a towel wrapped around his waist drinking a beer. Bruce smiled and said ‘..well Uncle’ here he is all yours…’ His uncle looked at me half smiled and told Bruce ‘…come back in an hour…’ He pointed to the shelve and Bruce retrieved a couple of folded up bills smiled and left saying ‘..have fun, I’ll be back…’Bruce Uncle stood dropping the towel and walked over to me saying ‘…you know why you are here, we canlı bahis got less than an hour and I ain’t got no time for stupid shit…’ He reached out and took hold of my t-shirt and said ‘…so get your sweet ass naked and on your knees…’I glanced down and saw that his penis was rock hard and glistening ‘…yeah I’m all lubed up for your tight ass today so don’t make me wait long…’ I started to undress as tears of shame and fear filled my eyes.Bruce uncle said as I started to remove my tennis ‘…keep your shoes and socks on…’I managed to get my shorts and underwear off and get on my knees, he went around behind me and squatted down rubbing his massive tool up and down my butt crack.He took hold of my his and pressed bulbous head against my tender anal opening. With a grunt and powerful thrust, he slipped his huge penile glans into my rectum as I cried out in agony. He said ‘…it’s in your ass now bitch, you might as well enjoy it…’I whined and whimpered as he slowly pushed and pulled his massive tool back and forth in and out of my butt hole. With half his tool buried deep into my bung I heard a door creak. I froze with fear as I heard a female voice say ‘…you ready for me now baby…’ bahis siteleri I couldn’t see who or where the voice came from only his reply.’…yeah bring your ass over here and do what I told you to…’ two very light skinned legs and feet came before me and as I looked up she stooped down and slid under me taken hold of my head she pushed my face down into her raunchy smelling cunt. Bruce uncle said ‘…that’s right baby let my boy bitch eat your pussy…’She rubbed my face around her smelly cunt smearing her juices all over my face, I didn’t find out tell later that they had sex before we got there and her cunt was full of his seed. She raised her knees up and planted her feet on the floor hunching up to my face as she smeared her vagina with my face.Bruce’s uncle grind his huge penis deeper in to my anus causing me to gasp in pain and get a mouth full of their combined spunk. I never knew who the girl was or what relationship she had to them. For the next hour they abused me something awful.I was made to lay on my back as she straddled my face and rode my mouth while Bruce uncle rammed his enormous tool into my bung. She would lay on top of me with my legs bent back to my shoulders licking their spunk off my face as Bruce uncle slipped his tool into our three exposed holes.Once Bruce returned his uncle and the girl laid next to me while Bruce took his turn sexing my bung. Then I was made to suck them all till they were satisfied and I was allowed to leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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