Unsuspected Encounters

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Friday was, as it had always been for as long as I could remember, movie night. My best friend Jaxon would come over to my house with a bad horror movie and we’d pop it in the DVD player, cuddle up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, and make fun of all the horribly dramatic and gory deaths happening on the screen before us. Tonight, however, was slightly different. My parents were out of town; they didn’t know Jaxon would still be coming over, but I doubted they would mind. He’d been over plenty of times, what was one night without any supervision going to do?

I was stepping out of the shower when I heard the doorbell ring, my eyes flickering to my phone in surprise. It was later than I’d thought; how long had I been in the shower? I quickly shook my head (as though that might possibly clear my thoughts), toweling myself off as best I could as I scrambled into my bedroom, hoping Jaxon wouldn’t leave before I could get to the door. I threw on the first bra my hand touched, slipping on a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants (I personally didn’t like panties; Jaxon wouldn’t notice, besides), skittering out of my room and down the stairs. I threw open the front door as though Johnny Depp were waiting there for me, grinning at the boy staring back at me. He was of average height, just an inch or so taller than myself, with thick brown hair and doe like eyes. I was always incredibly jealous of his eyelashes… they were long and thick, the type you see on male supermodels. He was attractive, no doubt, but I’d never really thought of Jaxon in that way. We exchanged a hug and a few pleasantries, Jaxon’s eyes flickering across my recently scrubbed face and soaking hair.

“I have a surprise for you.” His voice was joking as he tugged on a strand of my wet hair, sending a few droplets falling.

“Oh? What is it?”

“You’ll see! Let’s watch the movie in your room, it’s cozier. Your parents aren’t home, right?”

I gave him an incredulous look as he stepped inside, shutting the front door and turning towards the stairs, “Well, alright. And no, they’re out for the weekend.”

“Good!” a mischievous smile flickered across his features, his white teeth flashing for a moment before vanishing behind his lips. He hopped up the stairs, long legs taking him up much faster than I. By the time I got there he had put the DVD in and şişli escort turned the TV on, sprawled across my bed in an almost comical fashion. I smiled, pausing for a moment as realization flashed haphazardly across my face.

“Oh! Popcorn, I forgot all about it. I’ll jus-“

“No!” Jaxon said a little too quickly, making me jump. He smiled apologetically before patting the bed beside him, “No, uh, don’t worry about it. Come here.”

“Uh… alright.” I looked at him oddly before turning the lights off and climbing up onto the bed, sitting a little ways away from him with my legs folded in front of me. My gaze flickered to him as he caught my sleeve, pulling me a little closer. As he did so he hit a button on the remote; I assumed that he hit the play button, my gaze flickering back to the screen as he snuggled up next to me. None of this was strange at all; we’d been doing this for ages. What was happening on the screen before me, however, was NOT something we’d been doing for ages.

A scantily clad woman with large, slightly drooping breasts and proportionate hips was walking across the screen, clad in a v-neck that was entirely too small for her busty frame, and a skirt that proved inadequate. A man appeared soon after, his hair tousled and his eyes fiery, shirt half un-buttoned and hands in his pocket. The two people spoke for a while, the words they used getting dirtier and dirtier. A felt a tingle between my legs and frowned; what was this? The two people on the screen suddenly came together, the man ripping open the woman’s shirt and sucking greedily at her nipples. I sucked in a gasp of surprise, turning towards Jaxon.

“What the hell is this?” I lunged for the remote, but he easily flipped me over and pinned me down.



“Haven’t you ever watched porn?” he looked at me curiously, the grunts from the screen derailing my train of thought. I shook my head slowly, glad that the room was dark and he couldn’t see my blush. He grinned at me, moving slightly so I could see the man lay the woman across a desk, still sucking at her skin in places I didn’t think mouths could go. Breathing got hard and the tingling continued, my eyes flickering back up to the boy pinning me to my bed.

“Have you ever fucked someone?” Jaxon’s voice was curious. My blush turned so red I thought I’d die, but I shook my head, mouth opening up in silent protest as he bent down and began to kiss softly at my neck, “Would you like me to fuck you?” his voice got deep with lust, his teeth dragging slowly across my flesh.

I didn’t know why, exactly, but I was nodding my head.

Jaxon’s teeth flashed in the darkness, his hand reaching down to rub the mound between my legs. I gasped in mild surprise, eyes closing slightly as he bent back down, lip’s touching mine. He continued to rub, his fingers going from hard to soft, my mouth opening in mild surprise as a wave of pleasure rolled through me. His tongue darted in, swishing rhythmically across my own and exploring my mouth. I had no idea what I was doing but I let my body go with the flow, back arching as he slipped his hand down my pants to get better access to my womanhood. I jumped as he touched me there, his fingers cold. They warmed up quickly as he found my clit, pressing and rubbing, pinching and pulling. I writhed under him, hands gripping his biceps as he moved his lips down to my collarbone.

“Take off your shirt.” He grunted quietly, my hands shaking as I pulled the fabric over my head and tossed it away. He stopped touching me to do the same, kicking his pants and boxers off as well. He was half erect, my eyes widening slightly before I was completely distracted by his teeth tugging at one of my nipples.

“Oh…” I sighed softly, his fingers finding their way back below my hips once more. He rubbed for a moment before he traced my opening with his middle finger, eventually slipping it inside. I gasped in surprise as he added another finger, slowly pulling them in and out, wiggling them back and forth, my body shaking violently as a feeling close to having to pee washed through my lower half. He continued to slide down my body, sucking and biting, eventually coming upon my womanhood. He glanced up at me with a wicked grin, his tongue darting up between my sodden lips. I threw my head back and gasped, his lips wrapping around my clitoris. He began to suck gently, my hips moving around as he ran his tongue around my most sensitive area. He continued to lick at me until I was moaning his name, gritting my teeth and tangling my fingers in his hair.

“Oh, oh yes, oh please… oh, Jaxon, fuck, keep doing that, yes, oh…”

His free hand was running along his own member, his erection now straight and proud.

“Tonight’s your night, baby.” He whispered between my legs, my body shaking slightly as he scooted up a bit. I spread my legs a little wider, watching as he positioned himself at my opening. I was barely able to speak, but a small spark of fear prompted me to remind him of my virginity. He just smiled and nodded, reassuring me he’d be gentle.

Carefully, oh so carefully, he slid the tip inside. I gasped in surprise, not feeling any pain (at least for the moment). After making sure I was okay he pushed in a little more, stopping when I cried out; sharp pains mixed with pleasure were washing through me… it was horribly confusing. Inch by inch he sunk inside, a groan slipping from his lips as his balls met my ass… he’d gone all the way in.

“Oh, Violet, you’re so tight…” he sounded a little strained, my legs wrapping around his waist, “I’m going to… mmm, I’m…” he lost his voice and shook his head, pulling out just slightly. I loved the feeling of him being inside me… I felt full, fuller than I’d ever felt before, and I loved it. He pulled out and then pushed back again, making sure I was alright. Once he was certain I wouldn’t start crying he went at it, pulling out and slamming back in. His erection slid against my walls, my back arching as my fingers frantically found my clit, which was burning hot and sensitive to the touch. I rubbed with all my might as he slammed into me, my body shaking, my voice hoarse.

“Jaxon! Fuck! Oh, yes, please, there! Right there, mmm, uhh, YES!”

My fingernails dug into his shoulders as he pounded me, one of his hands finding my tits. He squeezed, groaning rather loudly himself.

Suddenly he pulled out, a squirt of hot, white liquid shooting from the end of his dick and landing on my stomach. I watched as he softened, his body hunching over slightly.

“Did you… did you..?” he tried to ask, but I shook my head. He went down on me quicker than he had before, sucking frantically at my swollen and sensitive clit, my body bucking wildly as I screamed beneath him. Something burst inside of me, a bubble of pure ecstasy, a scream louder than I’d ever managed before slipping from my lips as I froze up. Wave after wave of pure happiness washed through me, my body suddenly slumping as I came down from my orgasm.

“…maybe we should have movie night every night.”

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