Unstoppable Jen

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My name is James, and I’m a sex addicted cuckold.

This is the story of how I was turned and the girl who turned me.

I met Jen while on a weekend visit I stayed at a couples house that I was friends with. Jen was also staying with them, she had apparently left her previous boyfriend and wanted to be around her best friend. The attraction was instant, we flirted all night while hanging out with our mutual friends, as well as drinking a bit. We After our friends went to bed, we made out a little, and eventually fell asleep together on the couch.

We’re both 23 years old. I’m 6 feet tall, thin but tone, and have been told I’m pretty good looking. I have a 7″ medium-thick circumcised cock that never got any complaints.

Jen is 5’2, a very petite brunette with shoulder length slightly wavy hair, a perfect shapely ass. She has great perky little tits (the way I like them!) with amazing always-hard button-type nipples. To really top it all off, she has amazing tear-drop eyes that were the pinnacle of innocence. She is physically perfect to me in every way!

I awoke in the middle of the night to her straddled on my leg and humping it. I smiled. “This one is a keeper!” I thought to myself. We were both fully clothed, but that didn’t seem to diminish her getting off through her jeans. She moaned ever so quietly, almost mousy while pleasuring herself against me. While still humping me, and noticing I had awoken, she undid my belt, unzipped my jeans, and started stroking my cock. She had a sly smile that just drove me over the edge. I got instantly hard, and her cute little hand gripping and jerking my cock was hot! Within minutes I was cumming all over her shirt. She came as well at the same time. We laughed, made out a little and then we both fell asleep.

I had to go home the next day, and not wanting to leave her, I invited her to come stay with me, although I lived a few hundred miles away. She eagerly said yes, and I took her home.

The next few weeks, we explored sex in every position, and then started talking about fantasies. We both admitted bisexual curiousities, and it turns out we both wanted to try it, but neither of us had yet. We fantasized about bringing a girl into our bed and having a wild threesome.

Soon, this would become a reality, as we started talking about making the fantasy real. We worked it all out- We would go to the city and hit the clubs, she would point out which girls she found attractive, and we would introduce ourselves and feel them out for some action. Seems silly now, but at the time, I figured the worst case would be that I go home and still get laid.. What could go wrong?

This tiny, innocent little vixen got me good. We go to a club in the city, and go straight to the bar, have a couple of drinks and loosen up, and she says she wants to dance. We go out onto the dance floor, and little did I know, the whole time we were at the bar and I was focused on her, she was eyeing up the other people and sending her naughtly little signals. Apparently someone picked up on that.

Upon hitting the dance floor, we were immediately approached by a guy. She gave him a very sexy and reassuring smile and turned so that I was behind her grinding, and before I realized what she was getting at, he was on her front side grinding, and she was loving it. We danced maybe 5 minutes before she indicated she wanted to take a break and go back to the bar area.

His name is John, and he was the same height as me, short brown hair, seemed maybe 27-28 years old, and muscular, but not over bulked. We three went to the bar and she and him mostly talked while I just stood there and tried to be a part of the discussion, feeling akward and nervous.

He didn’t take long to suggest we go back to his place to party, and she immediately said YES!

I was shocked, but couldn’t think of any reason to object. I had thought we were going to try and pickup a girl, but she went straight at the guys. She tricked me! Since I had agreed that we would bring both into our bed eventually, I couldn’t complain. So we left the club and followed him home.

I felt like I was playing catch-up the entire time. We got back to his place, where she immediately asked to see the bedroom. It was a small apartment, nice and clean, modern, with good yellow lighting to make it feel very comfortable.

Once in the bedroom, Jen laid down on the bed. He walked over to the other side on her left, and I moved to stand over by her right on the opposite side. I took a quick look around the room for what seemed like only a few seconds, just to take in the decor, and I look down, he’s already down to his boxers and his cock is through the hole in front and in Jen’s hand. Standing there like a statue, I watch as she’s slowly jerking him off, getting him hard, his cock only a foot away from her face!

Not wanting to be the odd man out, I immediately strip as fast as I can and my cock springs out and into her other hand. Now bonus veren siteler she’s laying on her back, and her shirt and bra apparently came off while I was undressing, wearing only her jeans, with a cock on each side of her, and in both her hands. I was really turned on, while intensely jealous at the same time.

John’s cock was nice. It was about the same length as mine, but clearly a bit thicker. I had always fantasized about trying a cock someday, but had seen enough movies to know that they are all different shapes and sizes, and many look bizarre to me. Not Johns. In fact, I thought to myself “what a nice cock!”. Jen clearly felt the same way.

John leaned over and started sucking on her right nipple and she started moaning. I leaned over and gave her a very deep tongue kiss. I had butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I’d never done anything like this before and would have taken things much slower, but Jen and John were clearly leading and I was helpless, and could only follow.

Somehow, I spoke out and told John to kiss her. I pulled off her jeans and she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her pussy was already wet and I dove in and started licking her. She was well shaven with a small and neat landing strip. Her pussy tasted great. I had only eaten her out once before and forgot how good it was. I spoke up again-

“Hey John, taste this pussy, it’s really great!”. John was all too eager to comply. He went down and started licking her pussy, she moaned in delight immediately. I was hard as a diamond, and stuck my dick in her mouth and she was eager to start sucking. John shed his boxers and wasted no time opening her legs and positioning himself on top of her. Once again, I was shocked – Jen opened her legs wide and tiled her pussy up and it touched the head of Johns cock.

All I could think was “This guy is about to penetrate YOUR woman!!!!” I was beset with panic, this was unreal! I couldn’t bring myself to stop it, and watched in both extasy and horror as his dick went into her, first the head, and then her pussy just swallowed the whole thing.

Meanwhile, she never missed a stroke sucking my cock. I was glad we fucked a few times over the last couple of days or I would never had been able to hold my load even this long. I was humiliated that I was so turned on by this.

He pumped her at a good pace, not too fast or slow, or too hard. I appreciated that he was respectful and didn’t try to fuck her into next week. After a few minutes, I again spoke up. “Hey John, flip her over and do her doggy style, she really gets off in that position”. What was I doing? Why did I say that?

He did exactly that. She was now on all fours, right back on my cock, and he went straight into her pussy again. Now she was moaning and the vibrations of her moans on my cock were sending tingling surges I knew I couldn’t withstand much longer. I looked down at her, so tiny, so frail, and yet, taking our cocks like it was her birthright.

John asked “Does she swallow?”, I chuckled, “No, she normally spits it out, but I’m hoping to get lucky tonight”.. I was moments away, and without warning, I came. It seemed to last a full minute. Jen’s lips stayed on my cock, still sucking, still moaning, until I finally stopped twitching. She grabbed the base and gave one long slow pull to get all the cum out. She swallowed it all!

John didn’t miss a beat either, still pumping her from behind while I fell back. I decided to move off the bed and sit on the floor and let them finish. Jen pulled off and asked John to lay on his back, and John was all too eager to comply.

She got on top and grabbed his cock, guided it right in, and while sitting completely upright, Jen started bouncing up and down, with more enthusiasm than I’ve ever seen! I positioned myself behind them and my god, his cock was really thick!! I couldn’t believe how big it was compared to her little frame. I couldn’t believe she was taking it so easily. My god, my girl is a slut! They were both humping furiously at this point, she was near cumming, I knew. She is the girl who only cums on top.

He started moaning as well, and to my disbelief, they came together, He came inside my girl! I didn’t even consider that could or would happen. I assume he would pull out and try to cum in her mouth or something. She wasn’t upset at all about it either. She slowly dismounted him and a good amount of cum leaked out of her pussy onto his cock before she fell onto the bed beside him, completely wore out.

I got back onto the bed and laid on the other side of her. While the whole night was completely unexpected, I was completely turned on. I was ready to go again.

I say to her “Hey that was hot, let’s go again”. She was entirely focused on him, making me feel left out, with her back to me, and replied “Not tonight”. Wha..? I’m young, I’m ready to go again, and being shut down like that wasn’t anticipated.

She bahis focused back onto John, and said “You really filled my pussy up, I never felt anyone cum that much inside me before”. He laughed and thanked her. “James”, she said. I perked up. She rolled over onto her back and opened her legs, and said “I’m too tired to go clean up, you do it”. I honestly didn’t know what she meant, and started to get up to go get her a towel.

She snapped back “That’s NOT what I meant! Get your tongue down there and clean up my pussy, now!”. I was so humiliated. I didn’t know what to say. I felt outraged, berated, and yet, something in me couldn’t deny her. I felt like someone else was now controlling me. My head was going towards her pussy and my brain was screaming for me to stop, yet I kept going. Before I knew it, she tilted her pussy up and shoved it onto my mouth.

I licked. I lapped up the oozing cum, every drop of it. Mixed with her cum and juices, it tasted good, sweet, and musky at the same time. I was already hard again. Rock hard. John was kissing her and fondling her tits while I was cleaning her pussy, and she was moaning and started writhing. After a couple more minues, Jen suddenly said “James, stop.”, I did.

She told me to clean off John’s cock. I was stunned. There he laid, on his back, his cock had gone limp, leaning against his belly. Jen had come a lot on him, and his own cum combined left his cock glistening with juices. Still stunned, Jen kicked me with the heel of her foot, and said “I told you to clean off his fucking cock! Now do it, or I won’t be getting you off anymore!”. I was mortified. She was a great lay, and I thought this was my soul mate. Now she’s turning me into her sex slave, a toy for her amusment. In my humility, I couldn’t seem to say no. I couldn’t even stick up for myself. I was hers to do with as she pleased, although I didn’t really know it at that point.

I moved over on the bed, got between his legs, and took his cock in my hand. It was mostly limp, and I put it in my mouth. I started sucking, although I had never sucked a dick before, I have had enough blowjobs to know how it’s done. I slowly sucked, then licked up the juices on his shaft. I put it back in my mouth and sucked some more. He was getting hard again. I was hard as a rock.

“Good boy” Jen said. “Now go lick my pussy some more”. I did, and Jen decided she wanted to suck his cock for herself. While I was licking her and sucking on her clit, Jen gave me a clear view to watch her suck on Johns cock. She worshipped it like I had never known. She stopped every couple of minutes to berate me, and tell me that if my cock were as thick as his, that I would have got the same attention. I started to protest, but she quickly interrupted me, “shut up, whore!”, and I did.

She was sucking him erotically, then stopped again. She looked at me and said “you know I don’t really like cum much. You used the situation to get me to swallow earlier, and now you are going do the same. Get up here!”

With her tiny hand wrapped around John’s cock, she guided it into my mouth and while I sucked him, she jerked him in my mouth. She looked up at John and said “So are you having fun helping me make James my cuckold bitch?”.. he laughed and said “I’m glad to help out”. Jen laughed with him, and then told him to cum whenever he’s ready.

John didn’t need much prodding. I could feel his cock swelling in my mouth and instinctively knew he would nearing the end. Then it happened. His cock seemed to stiffen up for several seconds. I didn’t miss a stroke, and kept sucking up and down, swirling my tongue on his head, and then I felt him shoot. The first spurt hit hard at the back of my throat, then each spurt after was just creamy and filling my mouth up a little more with each spurt. I lost count, it seemed like he came forever. I had to swallow to keep my mouth from getting too full, and he was still cumming!

At last he subsided. My mouth still half full of cum, I just kept my lips wrapped around his cock. It is a very nice cock. I am ashamed that I liked this. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Jen moves her hand back to the base, and squeezes and pulls it forward to drain every last drop before pulling it out. I swallowed it all. She smiles up at him and licks around the head as he slowly goes limp.

Jen looks down and sees my rock hard cock and laughs.. “Oh I almost forgot, you need to cum, don’t you?”. I nod and squeak out a wimpy sounding “Yes, Jen. Please can I fuck you now?”.

She laughed cruelly and said “You aren’t fucking me bitch! If you want to get off, get yourself off. That’s right, start jerking you little bitch!”. And once again, while my mind was screaming at me not to let her command me, I grabbed my cock and started jerking.

When I started getting near orgasm, she says “Don’t you dare cum yet”. I slow down and look at her with pleading.. She says “And where exactly did you plan on shooting deneme bonusu your load?” I responded, “Well, I thought I would cum on your stomach or tits”. She once again laughs cruelly, and tells me, “No, you aren’t cumming on me, and you aren’t cumming on John either.”. Slightly enraged I ask “So where in the hell am I supposed to cum??”. She tells me to wait, and starts whipsering with John.

I only catch a few of John’s responses, as his voice at a whisper is louder than hers. I hear things like “I’m too spent for that” and “Sure, I’ll do it in the morning”, and finally he nods in agreement and gets up and starts fumbling in a drawer. After a few moments of rustling around in one of his dresser drawers, he pulls out a dildo shaped like a dick. It’s roughly the same size as I am, and I know my eyes got wide as I realized what that was for.

“Get on your back” Jen commanded. I did. John handed her some lube, and she lubed up the dildo. “Spread ’em” she says, and I spread my legs open, giving her access. She didn’t bother to explain, and just started working the dildo into my ass. “You wanna get fucked huh? Well, I’m gonna fuck you good, and then you can cum”. Oh my god it hurts. I groan, loudly. She replies “Oh you can take it, don’t be such a little bitch”. In and out, it’s filling me up, stretching me out, unlike anything I could imagine. I’m clenching my teeth from the pain. She’s being gentle, at least. I’ve seen far less gentile acts in pornos, but my god, that dildo is BIG!

I remained rock hard. She now has the whole dildo worked up my ass and is sliding it in and out. It’s becoming easier to take, the more I relaxed my ass, the easier it became to take it. She uses her free hand to squirt some lube onto my cock and starts jerking it. “You better not cum yet” she says.

Now I realize that I’m exactly the cuckold slut she says I am. It feels good. Being fucked while having my cock jerked feels too good. I am a whore I think to myself, partly in resignation, and partly still in shock about not realizing this about myself.

The pace increases. John is laying next to me, on his side facing me, just watching with a big grin on his face. He’s eyeing up Jen again. I know that lust well. Her body is impossible to resist. I look down and that dude is hardening again, stroking himself, watching her lustfully fucking me with that big dildo.

She finally notices his cock and smiles. That damn lusty sinister smile. I’m a quick learner, I know what she’s planning next. She stops jerking my cock, and moves back. She tells john to get between my legs, and once he does, she grabs the lube and soaks his cock with it.

Earlier that night, I would never in a million years have guessed that I would have eaten a load of cum from Jen’s pussy, then blew the guy and swallowed another load, and then to find myself with a rock hard cock, on my back, legs spread, and a big muscular guy about to stick his big dick in my ass.

But that’s exactly what happened. My eyes shot open all the way and my mouth was a giant “O” as he just shoved his whole dick up my ass. I’m sure it would have been a comical face if not for the pain and suddeness of it all. Jen laughed, of course, and then started playing with John’s nipples from behind, encouraging him and talking dirty into his ear. This got John going and before long he was pumping my ass like it was a pussy. She moved next to me, laid on her back and started rubbing her clit, talking dirty to the room at this point.

“James, jerk your cock while he fucks you” she said at some point. I did. She is moaning now, nearing another orgasm, I’m barely holding back my own.. I really don’t want to cum first and be finished and still getting fucked. I hold back.

Luckily, Jen’s masturbating and dirty talk show was all John needed, and he started fucking me harder. It was actually feeling pretty good; much like the dildo, once I relaxed and especially when I started jerking off, it was feeling really good. I was being fucked by this stud. I’m a little bitch.

Jen says something while talking dirty about dressing me up in makeup and high heels and me being every guys bitch for her.. John starts cumming in my ass! I can’t feel it shooting, but I feel the warmth and the filling up. He slowly comes to a stop, and I cum. My cums shoots up and hits me right in the face. One spurt, then two, I open my mouth in surprise and the third spurt shoots right in. I just get even more turned on and keep spurting all over myself. I never came so hard, ever.

I was covered, in my hair, my eyes, my stomach and chest. I swallowed my own cum, and I liked it. Jen was working her clit furiously and came only moments after I stopped.

John pulled out and I felt that unique sense of cum dribbling from my ass. John fell over next to Jen.

After a few moments of silence, outside of heavy breathing, Jen laughed hard and proclaimed that since I’d been such a good little bitch, that I could continue to please her and her lovers in the future.

I only got the opportunity one more time with her, but the damage was done. I knew that for the rest of my life, I couldn’t just have ‘normal’ sex, I would always want to be that cockslut cuckold bitch she made me into.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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