Unlocking Tally Ch. 04

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“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Rei asked, stopping me before we walked into the book store.

“I’m okay,” I said, wriggling around a bit. “It’s kinda fun. Weird, but fun.”

“That’s the idea,” she said with a smirk. “But I want to make sure you’re comfortable with every part of this.”

“Oh, it’s comfortable,” I retorted. “A bit tight, but comfortable. And besides, I asked for this. I wanted you to…train me?”

“Yep. Proper terminology.”

“Sweet,” I said. “And, so, yeah. I’m trusting you.”

“Good. And just think,” Rei began. She leaned in and whispered in my ear. “None of our friends will have the slightest idea that later tonight you’ll be making me come.”

The feel of her hot breath against my ear, combined with her words, sent a shiver down my spine. It was true. To the rest of our group of friends I was just Tally. The larger-than-average girl who played too many video games, didn’t have a boyfriend, and hadn’t moved out of her parents house. They had no idea about the strange, wonderful path my life had taken in the last few weeks. Ever since a vibrating gag gift had ended up in my possession after my best friend Marie’s bridal shower, I’d found myself discovering more and more of the sexual side of myself.

Which is how I ended up walking into our weekly hangout spot with a plug in my ass.

But I should back up a bit. Earlier in the week, after a particularly awkward sexual experience with a guy, Rei and I had come to a bit of an…arrangement. I wanted to learn more about sex, and she, being probably the most sexually open person I knew, had kindly agreed to teach me. Some ground rules had been set. We agreed to spend the entirety of Saturday together, exploring various sexual activities. After that day, we were free to either proceed with the direction we were headed, or to simply have it be a one-time thing that we never brought up again. She would take the lead as far as the day’s activities went, but, at any time, I could stop if I was getting uncomfortable. It was a good arrangement, except for the final stipulation she put on me.

I couldn’t touch myself until our Date Day.

Before my little sexual awakening, that wouldn’t have been a problem. I used to simply bottle all my sexual frustration inside, only permitting myself to masturbate as a last resort in desperate, shame-filled moments. Since the bachelorette party, though, I’d become fixated on my own pleasure. What had once been a once-every-few-months arrangement had turned into a nightly ritual. And that was on the slow days! For a while there, I had to fake a stomach bug at work because I kept excusing myself to go into the restroom and quickly get myself off. I was like a kid with a new toy, which, I mean, given the vibrating gift I’d received, was somewhat accurate.

So five days without anything?! All the while, anticipating a new and kind of scary sexual situation? That sounded rough. But I did it! Mostly! I almost cheated a couple of times. Just little moments of weakness. A bit of “Oh, I’m just adjusting this pillow. What? It slipped between my legs? Well, I’ll have to adjust myself back and forth a couple of times on it to get it in the right position,” and maybe one instance of “Yeah, I’m letting the shower head linger in that area a bit longer than necessary, but it’s about hygiene. And that’s important, damn it.” Still, I never fully let myself have an orgasm. Not that I wasn’t tempted a time or two.

The research didn’t exactly help.

I do research about everything. I’m neurotic like that. It’s just how I operate. I can’t buy a new game without reading at least five reviews. I can’t eat out at a place without pouring over Yelp beforehand, and, since I was going to be, well, eating out for the first time, a little bit of research into the experience was the least I could do. Most of the blogs I found were innocent enough, with some helpful tips for people engaging in their first experience with another woman. Sound, useful advice. But, well, when clicking around the internet, one link leads to another, and, before I knew it, I’d stumbled upon some more…demonstrative instructional materials. And, honestly, I think those might have done a better job getting me used to the idea than the less explicit versions.

I’m referring, of course, to the wonderful world of femslash.

While jumping right into the notion of me being with a woman might have been a shock to my previously hetero-normative brain, reading how, for example, Buffy and Tara discovered a blossoming romance in an alternate version of season six of the show that existed only in some wonderful author’s mind? That actually helped quite a bit. Sure it was pure fantasy, with an emphasis on the “fan” portion of that word, but, having a base of information for these characters and seeing how they would react to this newfound attraction actually helped to normalize the idea.

Plus, in this world, Tara was quite the authoritative top. That was certainly a treat to read. Sexual Escort Bayan Gaziantep aching notwithstanding.

As such, by the time Rei arrived at my house on Saturday morning, I was a bundle of nerves, tension, and inconvenient dampness. We’d decided that, in accordance to the whole “her being in control” thing, she would be in charge of transportation. Just a nice, subtle way of me releasing control to her. Plus, I think she just wanted more excuses to show off her car. It was a brand new, blue hatchback which she’d nicknamed “The Tardis.” I had to admit, it was a nice ride. Although I could have done without her music tastes. She tended to lean toward the Top 40 pop side of things, which would normally have infuriated me. Now, what with the dripping going on between my thighs, the radio was the furthest thing from my mind. She had instructed me to wear a skirt, and I’d hoped the denim number I’d picked out would be sufficient. Which was a weird thought. I was actually anxious to look good for her.

I’d only known Rei for a year or so now, having met her at a local art convention. She’d been showing off her vaguely anime-styled drawings, and had immediately struck up a conversation with me based on what were apparently geek vibes that I give off. She seemed nice, and started hanging out with my group of friends a few weeks later. Or, possibly, we started hanging out with hers. The groups had sort of congealed into one large body of nerdy ladies. A force to be reckoned with, surely.

Still, I’d never thought to look at her in a sexual way before. Not that I had any idea about “what I was looking for” in a woman or anything. But, in this new light, she certainly had the appeal. From a body standpoint, she was short (although everyone is short from my perspective), but with plenty of curves. An asshole might call her “fat,” but I didn’t see it that way. I just saw her shape, and it had some appeal. Besides, I wasn’t really one to talk when it came to weight issues. Let she who is without stretch marks cast the first insult. It was her personality that really appealed to me. She could be loud, opinionated, and downright stubborn at times, but I also knew how big her heart was. She was just full of life and caring, and, honestly, if I was going to take my first steps down this more sapphic path, I’m glad it was with her. We’d agreed on dominance, but I knew she’d take care of me.

When her car finished pulling into the driveway, I quickly got inside. I’d already said goodbye to my family, and had been waiting outside for the past few minutes. Not sure why. Maybe I was anxious to get things started as soon as possible, or maybe there was some part of me that feared that Rei would show up decked out in some leather number and everyone would know what was up. An unlikely scenario, but exactly the sort of thing my brain would come up with. Once I was in the car, though, my nerves were going off like crazy.

“Hey,” I said, shakily.

“How’s it going?” Rei asked, an appraising smirk on her face. “You all ready for today?”

I took a deep breath, then smiled. “Yeah. I think so.”

“Are you sure, though?” she asked as we pulled out of the driveway and on to the dirt road that connected my family’s house to the city at large. “Last chance to back out of this. After that, your cool friend Rei turns into ‘bossing you around doing sexy stuff’ Rei.”

“Do you, like, transform into a car or something?” I joked, trying to relieve some of my nerves with humor.

“Heh, no. I mean, I do…” she stopped herself, then winked at me. “Nah. Spoilers.”

I had to admit, I was intrigued at the spoilers. Mostly because you could pretty much get me interested in any topic by throwing a Doctor Who reference in there, but also because the rest of the day was such a mystery to me. I knew we were going to meet up with friends first, since everyone had agreed to hang out at the bookstore this morning, but after that? Anything, I supposed.

“So…” I began, steeling myself for this new paradigm between the two of us. “What…do you want me to do first? Do you want me to do something? I don’t really know.”

“I have things,” Rei said, looking in her rearview mirror. “Okay, I think we’re far enough away from your place. Open the glove box.”

Ooh, my first order. Fun. I leaned forward and did as instructed. In the small compartment, among the various receipts and car operating manuals, were a bottle of lubricant and a toy that I recognized from Marie’s bachelor party: an anal plug.

I looked over at Rei, who simply nodded at me. Hands shaking, I retrieved the items from the compartment, and closed it back again. The plug was made of glass, and heavy in my hand. It looked nice, with blue swirly bits in there. If I didn’t know its true function, I’d have thought it would make a nice little glass sculpture. All the pretense of humor had left me as I prepared for whatever Rei would say next. The moment seemed to stretch on forever, as every bump in the country road was met by a dramatic thumping of my heart.

Rei was still smiling. “Today, you are my toy. I want you to remember that, even when we’re out with our friends today. So, you’re going to wear that plug today while we’re at the book store.”

The weight of the plug continued to seem enormous. I stared down at the toy. While I’d come to enjoy using the dildo on my ass in my own sessions, this was certainly wider than anything I’d experienced so far. Before today, we’d discussed the sorts of things I’d like to try, and anal play was on the list, along with being subordinate and doing sexual things in a public place. So it’s not like I couldn’t see where she was coming from with this. Still, I was intimidated.

“O…Okay,” I mentioned, going for my purse. “I’ll put it in when we get-“

“No, no,” she interrupted. “You’re going to put it in right now.”

My eyes shot open, and I glanced back and forth across the open road. “Here? In the car?”

“There’s no one else on the road,” Rei commented, waving her hand demonstrably. “But that’s going to change as we get closer to town, so you should probably hurry. Unless you want to disobey me.”

While I didn’t actually know the full scope of what disobeying her would mean, I certainly wasn’t in a hurry to find out. Taking another look around to make sure there weren’t any other cars around, I began hiking up my skirt. Once I did, the cool breeze from the car’s air conditioning reminded me of another of Rei’s requirements for today: no panties.

It felt strange to be sitting on a car seat with nothing on. Without taking her eyes off the road, Rei reached back and grabbed a hand towel from the back seat.

“Here,” she said. “Don’t want to get lube on my nice seats.”

I lifted up my bottom, sliding the towel under me. At least this was a familiar feeling. It reminded me of my first little adventure with my purple friend and the bottle of vegetable oil. Who knew that a somewhat scratchy terricloth feeling would become some weird sense memory trigger?

I scootched down on the seat, propping my legs up on the car’s dashboard. If I was going to need access to my butt, this seemed like the best arrangement. Popping the top off the cap of the lube bottle, I squirted some onto the tip of my index finger. After taking a deep breath, I moved my hand downward, toward my crotch. The wetness situation had only gotten worse, and, with a quick glance over at Rei, I grazed my slit with my other fingers as my hand traveled down.

“Oh…” My attempt at subtlety hadn’t worked out, and a quick moan had escaped.

Rei looked over. “Not until I say so, remember.”

There was no way for me to forget. Regrettably, I ignored my aching pussy, and began applying the lubricant to my puckered anus. Even just that felt great, the pressure on the outer nerve endings of my ring sending little jolts of pleasure to my brain. After applying a fair bit of the gel to the outside, I started pushing my finger into my tight channel.

God, it felt so good to have something inside me again.

After working the lube around as much of my sphincter as I could comfortably reach from this position, I removed my finger. Time to get Mr. Fancy Glass here ready. Trying not to spill any with the jostling of the road, I squirted more of the lube on the tip of the toy and began spreading it across the polished surface. Once it had been thoroughly coated, I took another look around to make sure nobody could see me, and placed the tip of the flared plug at the entrance to my ass. I looked over at Rei once more.

She took her eyes off the road for just long enough to give me a smoldering stare. “Put it in,” she said with an erotically authoritative tone. “Now.”

With that, I began pushing the toy into myself. Much like with my initial experiments with the vibrator, I had to work it around a little bit to get it at the proper angle for entry. Once I did, I felt my hole begin to give way to this new intruder. The sensation of my anal ring stretching to accommodate the larger toy filled me with a new kind of perverse pleasure. I pushed back against it.

“Mmm…” I moaned, as I felt myself expanding against the glass surface of the toy. I looked over at Rei, who was biting her lip with an expression of lust. Lust for me. Nobody had given me a look like that before. It was all I needed, and I felt myself getting wetter and wetter as I continued to push on the base of the plug, working it into my ass.

“Gah!” I let out a half-sigh, half-moan as I felt the final bit of the plug push through. It was in. Every sensation in my body seemed to reverberate against the incredible full feeling in my ass. My breathing became heavier as I adjusted. I could feel my hole contracting around the narrow shaft of the toy. After a few seconds of this, I wiped my lube-coated hand off on the towel and moved to sit back up.

“Good girl,” Rei said. “But don’t get up too fast.”

Unfortunately, I’d already scooted up a bit. I could feel the strange sensation of my movements shifting the base of the toy that was still sticking out of me. Every tiniest fidget seemed to set off a chain reaction of delicious pressure in my hole. “Why not?” I asked Rei.

“You did so well getting that plug in place, and we’ve still got plenty of time before we hit a main road,” she paused for a moment, looking me up and down. “Play with yourself.”

“Here?” I responded, echoing my earlier concern. I mean, the plug was one thing, but the more sexy fun times we got up to while driving, the better chance we had of getting caught. Or, as the non-sexy part of my brain reminded me, getting into some sort of accident.

Rei gave one of her cute smiles. It had a whole new meaning in this context. “I gave you an order, didn’t I?”

“Yes…” I gulped. “Mistress?” I hadn’t meant it to come out as a question. I broke character for a second, which was tough, given the large toy still lodged firmly in my ass. “Can I not call you mistress? It’s kinda weird. Do you mind? I’m sorry.”

She just giggled at me. “Yeah, it’s fine. Call me whatever you want.”

“Right now, I want to call you butt face, with all the trouble you’re getting me into,” I jokingly grumbled.

“Maybe later,” she replied. Another wink. How foreboding.

I slid back down in the seat. I was going to do this. It was an order. That didn’t mean I had to put on a show for anyone who happened to pull alongside us. Still, my lady bits were practically a puddle at this point, aching for any sort of attention. In accordance with my usual starting ritual, I began running my fingers through my blonde pubic hair, moving my hand closer and closer to my mound. My heart beat sped up with each motion, until, finally, I made contact with my outer lips.

“Ah, god, yes,” I moaned. All of the anticipation had taken its toll, and now each tiny motion of my fingers was sending waves of pleasure through my body. I was already slick with my own juices, and began rubbing along the outside of my pussy, stroking myself up and down. The car became filled with the wet sound of my fingers making their moves across my damp crotch.

“That’s it,” I heard Rei moan from the driver’s seat. “Play for me.”

Her words sent a shiver up my spine, and I began rubbing myself faster and faster. Each shockwave was made all the more intense by the contrasting feeling of pressure being brought on by the plug. I dipped a finger inside myself, feeling the hard surface of the toy through my inner walls. Though the angle was difficult inside the car, I bent my fingers upward, rubbing against the upper wall of my pussy. While my right hand was busy doing that, I quickly licked my fingertips on my left hand, getting them nice and wet. Dipping that hand down, I began making small circles around my clit.

“God, Rei. Oh my god, yes,” I moaned.

“That’s it, sweetie,” Rei gasped. “That’s it. Make my car smell like your hot cunt.” Looking over, I could see her rubbing herself through her jeans with one hand, while the other remained on the wheel. Probably not the safest move, but, at that point, I was much too far gone to care.

My pleasure had built up to the right point, and I began actively touching my clit now, rubbing it with my fingers and intermittently pinching it. It felt so damn good, and my body was alight with wonderful sensations.

“So, Tally, tell me…” Rei began. “Did you keep your side of our deal?”

I looked over to her, barely able to concentrate. “Huh?”

“I told you not to play with yourself until today,” she continued. “Did you obey me?”

“I…well…” I began, still furiously pistoning my fingers in and out of myself. I’d added a second finger now, and the dual pressure between that and the plug in my ass was making it difficult to make decisions. The truth seemed like the best idea. “Kinda.”

“‘Kinda?'” she asked. “Come on, now, Tal. Did you or did you not do what I said?”

“I…I touched myself a little,” I admitted. I had to be truthful, otherwise there was no point. I could only hope the punishment wouldn’t be too bad.

“How did you touch yourself?” she asked me.

“I…oh, god.” A third finger had been added to the equation. I felt so damn slutty. Out in the open air (kinda; in a closed car, but still), openly masturbating in front of the same friend I used to chat about Dragon Age with. And now, I was telling her… “I humped one of my pillows. And…” Oh, I was getting close now. The sounds of my fingers going in and out of my pussy began echoing more and more with the slick squelching of my juices. “I used the shower head on myself a little.”

“I see…” she said. There was a long pause as she focused on the road. After a few seconds, I felt the car start to slow down and veer to the side. I paused in my vaginal efforts.

“What are we doing?”

She didn’t reply. We came to a stop on the side of the road, the tires crunching on the dirt. I pulled my fingers out of myself just as Rei opened up her car door and got out. I could only look on in confusion as she walked around the car to my side.

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