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UNIVERSITY GIRL LEARNS ABOUT SEXIt was pissing down raining and was just driving into my driveway when I saw the young girl who delivers brochures from supermarket to everyone in the neighbourhood’s mail box. She looked like a drowned rat so as I hit the button to open the garage door I wound my window down and yelled out to her to come and get out of the rain.She hurriedly rushed over and came in as I was getting out of the car. She was drenched, her normally gorgeous long blonde hair was soaked and stringy. Her clothes were dripping and clinging to her body and could see her hard little nipples through her thin shirt.”Hang on there and I will get you something to change into” I rushed to the bathroom and got her a robe.”Here take your clothes off and put these on” I hit the remote and lowered the garage door.”Would you like a coffee or tea to warm you up””Tea would be good thanks”” I will go make it while you get those wet clothes off and put the robe on”She seemed releived that I wasn’t going to watch her change ” oh and bring the wet clothes in and I will put them in the dryer”I was in the kitchen when she came in carrying her wet clothes and looking absolutely hot in the white bathrobe.” Why don’t you jump in the shower and warm up while I put your clothes in the dryer and make your tea””OK that will be great I am really cold, thanks”I pointed to the direction to the bathroom and told her there were clean towels in the cabinet.I heard her click the lock on the door and I smiled to myself knowing that soon she will be begging me to fuck her.I had pulled the coffee table over near the sofa and was sitting there with our cups of tea when she came in. She looked stunning as she had combed her hair which was hanging down over her shoulders and the bathrobe was wrapped tightly around her.Julie sat next to me on the sofa and thanked me for helping her out and letting her warm up.She leaned forward to reach for her cup and as she did the robe opened a bit, just enough to see her firm round tit. She caught me looking and smiled but lordbahis güvenilirmi pulled her robe closed again.We chatted for ages about her university studies to be a doctor and was in her first year which I worked out that she was about eighteen.I asked her if she had a boyfriend but said she had recently dumped him.She was becoming more relaxed and swung her knees up onto the sofa next to me and the robe opened a liitle, enough to see her thighs but nothing more.She asked about my relationships and during the conversation started to bring sex into it. She freely opened up to me and said she had sex with 3 boys, two at school and the one she had dumped from uni. She told me that they had only fucked her but she wanted more than just a cock rammed into her and filling her with come.I moved my hand onto her knee and she smiled at me and then leant over and kissed my cheek.I put my left arm around her and pulled her closer and as i did my other hand slid up her thigh and touched her fine hairs. She opened her legs a little so I had access to her tight young pussy.We kissed as I ran my finger over her little clit and up and down her slit parting her now wet flaps. Julie moaned with pleasure as my finger inched into her tight young pussy.She reached down and rubbed my cock through my trousers, so I stood up and removed them and my briefs. Her jaw dropped when she saw my huge 8 1/2 in cock but I sat back down near her and took her hand and put it around it.Julie said ” that is the biggest cock I have seen, I am not sure I can take all that”I told her that I have had younger and smaller girls than her and they took it ok.She seemed to accept that and started stroking it, intrigued that she could put two hands around it.Precum started to weep from its tip and I asked her to lick it up for me. She was a bit hesitant but took little licks at first and then started sucking its head. More precum seeped out and she looked up at me for recognision of her achievement.Julie said that it was the first time she had lordbahis yeni giriş done that as the other guys just fucked her.I told her I would cum soon and that i would like her to take it in her mouth.She hesitated a little and then smiled and lowed her head over my cock and stroked with long fast strokes as if to expediate the process and get me to cum quick.I started to moan, letting her know i was enjoying it and that I was soon to cum.I ran my hand through her damp hair and pushed her head down making her take some more of my cock in her mouth. My balls tightened up and then I could feel my hot load of cum shooting up my cock and into her mouth. Julie pulled away so I put my hand around hers to keep her stroking. My next shot hit her on the cheek and then another on her neck then it was just ozzing over our hands.She looked up at me and had cum running out of her mouth which I wiped off with my finger and put on my lips and kissed her. Our tongues played with the cum and then we both swallowed.Julie said that the initial squirt shocked her but really enjoyed that she made me cum. I cleaned up her face and neck and said we should go to the bedroom as it will be more comfortable. She dropped her robe off, took my hand and we walked down the hall to my bedroom. It had a kingsize bed with lots of pillows as well as a fully equiped bedside table with lots of toys and lube.As we lay on the bed and kissed she was holding my now limp cock and I was running my fingers over her damp pussy, and fingering her first with one finger and then two.”fuck me Robert, I want you to fuck me” but I had other thing on my mind. I wanted to taste that sweet young cunt and lap up her juices.I moved down the bed and parted her legs then I started kissing her feet and nibbling her toes, kissing and licking my way up her legs. She was moaning with enjoyment and telling me how good it felt.I was now licking the inside of her thighs and circling around her pussy but not touching it. She was begging for me to lick her out lordbahis giriş and was pushing my head down but i wanted to tease her more. I raised her legs up higher lifting her butt off the bed and then started to rim her ass. Julie was now out of control, her body wriggling and her breathing heavy so I lowered her down and drove my tongue deep inside her dripping virgina.It was only seconds and she was squirting cum into my mouth, screams of pleasure came from her mouth as the second stream of cum filled my mouth. My tongue flicking her clit maintained her orgasm for what seemed like eternity.She lay there exhausted, puffing and mumbleing about how good it felt.I went into the bathroom and washed my face and by the time I came back she was just laying there with the biggest smile on her face.Julie said” this has been the best time of my life and you haven’t even fucked me yet, fuck me Robert I want to feel that big cock in me.I moved over on top of her and took my cock in my hand and rubbed it over her clit and between her flaps making her groan and she was trying to push up to make it go in but I wasn’t going to rush this as I wanted her to feel every thick inch of my cock.I looked into her wanting eyes and I pushed the head in, she just closed her eyes with the satisfaction that she was finally going to take my cock.I was only half way in when she let out a squeal as her orgasm erupted. I could feel her fingernails tearing into the skin on my back as I drove my cock deep inside her where no other cock had been pressing against her cervix. She screamed again as cum exploded again. Julie was now thrashing around the bed as my cock rammed deep in and out of her.She was covered in sweat and face was red. I had to cum soon or she would pass out.My balls swelled up and shot a huge load into her and i pumped it in and out until the last drops seeped out.Julie lay there exhausted but wanted me to hold her tight while she recovered and caught here breath.She told me she never thought that sex could be so good and was so pleased that it rained today. “It will be a day I will never forget”I told her that she could go if she wanted too but she said she wanted to stay for the rest of the day.We meet like this for months and yes she enjoyed all the toys, I still see her often even though she boards at the university during the week

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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