Unfaithful Alicia Ch. 01

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Hi, it’s Alicia again, I trust you all read: Alicia’s Story Ch. 01? If you have, you know all about me.

In this story, it’s about the first time I cheated on my husband (Yes, the husband I met in Alicia’s Story).

So, please enjoy, and please leave feedback.

And to describe what I’m wearing, I have on a powder blue dress with a matching blazer and matching heels with a 3-inch heel. White satin bra and no panties (I felt like being a slut today.).

I sit in a local bar, which is less than a mile from where I live. I had a horrible day at work, and I just want to drown my sorrows in a beer and maybe do some shots.

I polish off my 3rd beer when I notice the bar tender place another beer and three shot glasses in front of me.

“Um…can you read my mind?” I ask, giggling.

“No,” The bartender says “the man behind you asked me to line this up for you, on his tab, all your drinks tonight are on him.”

I turn around and I raise my beer to the man behind me. He looks like a nice enough man, he’s about 5’10, very fit, looks athletic, and he’s wearing a grey suit, and he has a bald head.

I finish off my shots and I walk to his table.

“Just so you know, sir, I’m married.” I say, only slightly slurring my speech.

“Yeah, but, you wouldn’t be at my table if you were happily married.” He says, placing his foot between my legs, he smiles when he notices I’m not wearing panties.

“Listen, Alicia…” He says.

“How do you know my name?” I ask, stunned.

“You’re on TV, but, your name isn’t the only thing I know, I know about your former life as a prostitute, I know about your many arrests, I know a lot about you…Alicia.”

“Well, you know my name, what’s your name?” I ask, trying to keep my composure.

“My name isn’t important, what is important is my 4 roommates who are dying to have me bring you illegal bahis home so we can fuck you, have you ever been with 5 guys at the same time?”

“5 guys?” I ask, my mind spinning.

“Don’t sound surprised, whore, you have 3 holes and 2 hands, that’s perfect to satisfy 5 horny guys tonight. Think about it as your going back to your whore ways.” He says, smiling broadly.

“And you just think I’ll go along with this? What’s my incentive?”

“I’ll give you $4,000 to do all 5 of us, plus I bought several ounces of cocaine, I saw drug possession charges on your record, so, I assume you’ve done drugs in the past.”

“Yes, I’ve done drugs in the past, if you make it $5,000 and I get to keep whatever drugs we don’t snort, oh and I get money for a cab ride home, if you agree to all of that, you have a deal.” I say, feeling more confident.

“It’s a deal.” He says, he motions for the bartender, who brings over three more beers and six more shot glasses.

I quickly pound the shots as he drinks the beers.

Once they’re all done, he puts his arm around my waist, and helps me to his car, once in the car, he slides me $5,000 in cash, plus an additional $50 for a cab fare.

About 20 minutes later we pull up to a nice looking house, and he tells me to get out.

He lets me in the house, and I see his four roommates, all men.

One is extremely muscular, with long red hair, another has a crew cut and is a little chubby, another has medium length blonde hair, and the other is a short, stocky bald headed man.

As I stand there taking in my situation, the tall bald man grabs my ass as he walks by.

“Strip naked, do it now, whore.” He orders

All the other men lower their pants, and I see some of the largest cocks I’ve ever seen.

I take my blazer off and lift my dress over my head, now I just casino siteleri stand in my white satin bra, which I quickly unhook and let my augmented double D breasts pop free.

All five men stand up and take turns kissing me and rubbing my tits and pussy until I’m wet and ready to be fucked.

The man with the long red hair sits in an easy chair and tells me to sit on his cock so it’s going up my ass.

Slowly I sit on his cock until his all the way in my ass, he feels like he’s about 12 inches in length.

Next, the tall bald headed man comes up and he enters my pussy, thankfully he’s wearing a condom.

The man with the medium length blonde stands at the top of my head and slides his 13 inch cock in my mouth, thankfully I don’t gag easily anymore.

The man with the crew cut, I grip his cock with my left hand, and the short bald man, I grip with my right.

All the men high five each other, and slowly begin fucking me.

I’ve never been so full of cock in my life, it doesn’t even matter that I can feel that my pussy and my ass have been torn open.

The man in my mouth, the head of his cock keeps touching the back of my throat, and I can hear him moaning already, I hope he’s close to cumming.

The man in my pussy starts fucking me harder, so does the man in my ass.

Even I begin moaning, am I really enjoying this abuse?

The man in my mouth begins gagging me as the head of his cock keeps touching the back of my throat, and I can feel his balls on my forehead.

All three begin fucking me faster, as I start stroking the other two men faster.

“You’re real tight, Alicia. Isn’t she tight, fellas?” The man fucking my pussy says.

All the men agree and they all slap five again.

“She’s so tight, I’m going to cum soon.” The man in my ass says.

I’m getting fucked so hard, poker siteleri I’ve already cum twice so far, I think to myself.

The man I’m stroking with my left hand is ready to cum first, and he shoots his load all over my stomach, then quickly enough, the man I’m stroking with my right hand cums next, and he decides he wants to cum on my face, of course some gets in my eyes, but, he was nice enough to get me a tissue. All that’s left are the guys in my holes, and they’re talking about switching positions after they cum.

The guys I stroked off are already back playing video games, and I don’t have to worry about them.

The man throat fucking me cums next, and he cums hard, he cums so hard his cum runs out of the corners of my mouth, but, somehow I manage to swallow the majority of his load.

“I get her pussy next…” He says, after he wipes his cock off in my hair.

That just leaves the guy fucking my pussy and the guy in my ass.

And the guy in my ass is beginning to hurt me, he’s really torn me open, and it doesn’t help that he keeps reaching around and twisting and pulling my super sensitive clit, thankfully he says he’s close to cumming.

“You’re gonna make me cum, you filthy whore…UNHH!” He grunts as I feel him shoot his load deep in my ass.

The man in my pussy pulls out long enough for me to get off the other man’s cock, he of course wipes his dirty cock off in my hair.

“Get on all fours.” The other man says as he rams his cock back in my pussy, he now firmly grabs my hips as he begins fucking me fast and hard.

All this fucking, I’m getting exhausted, but I know I have to please these men.

Finally, after another 5 minutes of fucking, he’s ready to cum, thankfully he’s wearing a condom because I feel his cock jerk and erupt inside me.

I flip onto my back and lay on the floor for a minute.

The men toss me my clothes.

“Take a shower and get the fuck out of my home.” The tall bald man says, thrusting the $5,050 into my purse.

A half hour later, I’m freshly showered and in a taxi home, I’m already thinking about the next time I cheat on my husband.

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