Unexpected Mistress

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This is a story about a submissive husband, and his wife who is reluctant to dominate him. It is a common dilemma for a lot of us. If you are not a submissive man or a dominant woman this story is probably not for you. All feedback welcome. Enjoy!

It all started quite casually. My name is Paul and I am a retired Fireman from New York City. Retirement came at a young age as I am 43. My wife Debbie and I have been married for 14 years. Debbie is 38, and very attractive. She is 5 ft 3 115 lbs has long golden blonde hair, and sparkling green eyes. She is often told she looks like actress Perdita Weeks from the new Magnum TV series. Deb works out almost every day and it shows. I am 6ft 2 blonde hair, and have always stayed in shape as my job demanded.

Debbie is an executive at a high profile clothing manufacturer. She is the bread winner in the family, and works long hours at her Manhattan office. We don’t have any children, as that was agreed upon when we wed. I stay busy doing small repairs and yard work around our two bedroom town house.

Our sex life has waned during the years of our marriage, and lately has been non existent. It is partly my fault. For many years I have not been able to get sexually excited unless Debbie was dominating me in some fashion. She played along with my fantasies for awhile, but she is not into her dominant side. As for her, she’d rather have a quickie fuck, and get back to her work. We both love each other very much, but as you surmise our sexual horizons have hit a crescendo.

Debbie has a long time friend that lives in Arizona. Her name is Meghan, and she is married to Dan. I have met them many times over the years, and like them both. Meghan is a very hot red head, and Debbie knows I have the hots for her. Debbie and Meghan talk on the phone about twice a week, and I am sure there are no secrets between them.

About six months ago, Debbie and I were sharing a bottle of wine on our outside balcony.

“I had a long talk with Meghan today, and it seems her and Dan has a sex life almost as bad as ours.” Debbie said while sipping her wine.

I looked at her a bit shocked and said “Come on Deb, we still have some erotic nights from time to time.”

“Yes Paul, but I am sorry I can’t satisfy you as you would like.”

“Did you tell Meghan about our troubles, and the reason for?” I asked a bit annoyed.

“Quite frankly, I told Meg about your submissive needs and how I can not satisfy them.”

“Thanks Deb, now I feel like a real ass hole!” My voice was raised a bit, and felt violated.

Meghan is fifteen years younger than Dan, who is forty years old. They have only been married a few years, and I always thought they got along great.

“Sorry Paul, but she is my closest friend and understands the trials and tribulations of a marriage.” Debbie was putting her hands through my hair as she spoke.

“What are they’re problems” I asked.

“It seems that Dan has lost interest in sex, and Meg has a very high sex drive.”

I sipped some wine thinking to myself, how young and beautiful Meghan is, and wondered why Dan can’t deliver.

“I love you Deb, and promise things will get better with us. Why not live the life of luxury and allow me to treat you like a queen??” I kissed her and we both feel into each others arms and embraced.

“Paul we have been through this. I would love to be treated like a queen, but I can’t be dominant that way with you. Why don’t you pamper and serve me without me being your mistress? Her tongue slid in my mouth, and we had a passionate kiss.

“Deb the entire turn on is you making me your slave, and at your beck and call.” I moaned.

“Ok, maybe on your birthday I will give you that treat, but in the mean time I still want a good hard fuck from time to time.” I agreed, and sighed about my birthday being eight months away. I guess my fantasy would only live in my dreams.

Let me explain my submissive desires. I am not into whips and chains, or pain and torture. My desire is to serve my wife, as my goddess. To tend to her needs as directed. I am a feet and ass man, and Debbie has the finest ass you can imagine! Her feet are a perfect size six, and she cares for them to the highest degree. Deb has lots of lingerie and high heels that show off her exquisite ass and feet. I have many a jerk off session thinking about her demanding a foot massage, or making me give her a hot oil body massage. When she leaves for work in the morning looking so hot, I sometimes go to her clothes hamper, and sniff and lick her worn panties until I cum. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s the truth. I guess humiliation also triggers me into a sub zone also. It is something that started late in life. I never had submissive desires when I was younger.

The next day after Debbie left for work, I was doing my morning routine of push ups and sit ups, when my cell phone rang.

“Hello Paul, this is Meghan…how are you?”

I answered “Great… and you and Dan?”

She said all was good, and hoped she was not interrupting something.

“Not Kadıköy Fetiş Escort at all, but Deb is at work and wont be home until this evening.” I thought it was strange she was calling my cell and not Debs.

“Well actually I wanted to talk to you” She sounded bubbly.

“Sure Meg I am all ears.” Eager to find out the basis for the call.

“Debbie and I had a long talk yesterday, and she told me some intimate details about your marriage.”

I cringed on hearing this, knowing what Deb told her.

“Paul, it’s perfectly normal for a man to have a submissive side. I know you were a fireman, and it all goes against your persona.”

“Meg, this is a bit embarrassing, I am sorry Deb confided in you. I feel like a jerk”

“I think I can help Paul, if you hear me out.” Meg spoke softly.

“Go on Meg I am listening.” I didn’t know what was coming.

“Paul, just like you get off on being submissive…I get off on being dominant. It’s a big turn on for me to have a man do my bidding. I know what makes you tick. I also notice you checking out my ass every time we are together.” She was giggling. And went on…

“Debbie doesn’t know how lucky she is to have a submissive husband. God I wish Dan wasn’t such a prude, but that’s another story.”

I cut in and asked “Does Deb know you are calling me?”

“NO, and lets keep it that way.” she said emphatically.

“Ok Meg, no problem. I am so happy to hear you understand me, and don’t think less of me.”

“Less of you, On the contrary, I think it’s great that you have come to grips with your submissive side.”

I was taken back by all of this, and to be honest a bit turned on.

“So Meg, how can you help me with Deb? She refuses to allow me to submit.”

“I think Deb has a dominant side that she won’t let out. With a little push I think she would embrace it. I have a plan that would satisfy all three of us, but I would need your full submission.”

“You mean my submission to you?” I asked

“Yes sweetie, that’s where I get off.” Meg was giggling again.

“Here is the plan: Paul you will follow every order I give you without hesitation. I expect total obedience. It will all be done from the phone, text messages, video or talk. You will treat Deb as I direct and report to me every night. I also know the sub male is much more compliant when he hasn’t cum for awhile. So we will start on the honor system, and your climax will be controlled by me. I know this is a lot to digest right now, and I also know you are probably hard. I am a bit wet talking about it.”

“Wow Meg, you are hitting all the right notes! Can I have time to think about it?”

“Yes Paul. I am happy you take time to contemplate this, because there is no turning back. Tell you what…If and when you agree, I want you to send me some of your favorite stories you wank to, so I can get a better idea of your desires. When I receive the stories, I know that we have an agreement, and we shall start soon thereafter.”

“Meghan this is incredible, my heart is beating like a drum!” I was shaking.

“Oh and Paul…if we speak again its Mistress Meghan.” And she hung up the phone.

Part 2

I was so turned on thinking about all the possibilities of this new relationship. I was sure to submit, but had to be careful not to let Debbie find out. For the next couple of days I collected some of my favorite stories from the web. I put them all in a folder and sent them to Meghan. When I pressed send my cock was hard, as I knew I just submitted to my wife’s best friend.

Meghan was correct about her assertion that a sub is more submissive when he hasn’t cum for awhile. It had been about a week for me, and I was ready to explode. The next day Debbie went to the gym early in the morning when my phone rang.

“Very hot stories Paul, I was very wet while reading them. You have some interesting fetishes.” Meg was amused.

“Well Meg, I let it all out there. Now you know.”

“Paul this is very important it’s MISTRESS Meghan!” she was a bit annoyed.

“Sorry Mistress Meghan, it won’t happen again.” I thought to myself, this is really happening!

“Paul I would hope not, or it will be a very difficult road for you…do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress Meghan, I understand. I apologize once more.” I was getting into a sub zone, and she knew it.

“Good. Did Deb leave for work yet, or is she still sleeping?”

“She went for an early work out, and then she will come home to shower before work.”

“Perfect! I know she likes green tea. You will meet her with a cup of tea when she walks in, then ask her if she would like some breakfast before showering. You should then offer to start her shower when she is ready.”

Mistress Meghan, I am not much of a cook, but I will ask.”

“Good point. You will go on line today and learn how to do basic cooking. One of Deb’s pet peeves is she has to cook.”

“Yes Mistress Meghan, I will.” I was rock hard! Meg hung up.

When Deb arrived home she was covered in sweat Kadıköy Gecelik Escort wearing her yoga pants and light tee shirt. She was a bit startled that I was even awake, not to mention the cup of tea waiting for her.

“Wow, thanks Paul I always love green tea after a work out. What are you doing up so early?” She was glowing.

“I couldn’t sleep much, so I thought this would make you happy. Would you like some breakfast?” I was in my bathrobe.

She looked at me with a smile and said “Some fruit would be nice, if you’re offering?”

I cut up some melon and strawberries, and put them on a dish in front of her.

“Paul this is very thoughtful, thank you sooo much.”

“Deb, I am going upstairs, if you would like I could run your shower.”

She looked a bit astonished, and said. “Paul are you a bit horney this morning, or are you trying to tell me something?”

“I want you to be treated like the queen you are, even if you don’t want to be my mistress.”

“Very nice Paul, but please… not too hot!” She smirked and finished her fruit.

I went up stairs and started her shower. I also set up a freshly washed fluffy towel beside the sink. I was definitely getting into a sub zone, and the tent in my robe proved it. I didn’t want to push her too hard. I did as directed by Mistress Meghan.

It was Friday, and a dress down day for Deb. She wore her favorite tight jeans, with a nice two inch sandal. Her blouse draped her body forming a V shape in the front and the back, covering her luscious ass. Her hair was pulled back, and her make up impeccable. Her look was finished with a nice ruby red lip gloss. I kissed her as she left the house, and told her how hot she looked.

“Thanks Paul, I am looking forward to a great weekend. See you about six…love you.”

Right about this time I needed a cold shower. I was determined to stay true and not jerk off. It wasn’t easy! About an hour later I got a video chat call from Mistress Meghan.

“Hi Paul, how Is it going so far?”

Meg looked beautiful, sitting in front of her make up table applying cream to her face.

“Very good Mistress, Deb was very happy this morning.”

“Did Paulie keep his PP under control?” She asked teasingly.

“It was not easy Mistress, but I have been good.”

Meghan was applying lip stick slowly knowing it was a turn on for me. I was dressed in t shirt and shorts.

“Through my conversations with Debbie I know she hates cooking, laundry, and spending the weekend cleaning the house. Those are now your chores Paul! I expect you to learn your new duties fast and efficiently. Do you understand?”

I could have cum in my pants right then and there!

“Yes Mistress Meghan. I will see to it.” I was almost panting.

“I want this weekend to be a care free one for Deb. Try to encourage her to go out with friends shopping or for lunch…while you clean the house.”

Meg did her studies of my desires tremendously. I would have agreed to anything.

“I will make it so Mistress, as you wish!”

“I bet you’re really hard right now Paulie…show Mistress your cock.”

After this I knew there was no turning back, and embraced it. I pulled down my shorts and sticking up proud was my pulsating cock.

“Oh my, a submissive with a nice sized cock…you are a diamond in the ruff! Debbie is a lucky gal. One thing has to go Paulie.”

“What’s that Mistress?” I was so relieved she liked my cock. But still beet red with rush.

“I want you shaved by tonight… everything… your balls, ass, and legs. Deb must have some lotion that will help with that. It will help you to be more submissive, and might even add an inch or so to that gorgeous cock! If you follow all my demands perfectly, I might let you cum next weekend. Do you have any questions?”

“No Mistress, but it might be difficult to hide my shaved body from Deb, but I will do it tonight.” I felt hypnotized

“That’s your problem Paulie. Deb might think it’s sexy… Who knows? And one more thing Paulie…Do you like to be called Paulie?”

“You may call me what ever you like Mistress.”

“Good answer Paulie. The one more thing is about Debs delicates. All of her panties, bras, and stockings, should be separated and hand washed. You like handling her Lingerie, don’t you Paulie?”

“You know I do Mistress. I will be honored to hand wash them.”

“Tonight you should have dinner waiting for her when she comes home. I don’t expect you to be Gordon Ramsey, but pick up her favorite meal from a restaurant, and surprise her tonight. After dinner and you are finished cleaning the kitchen, offer her a nice foot rub while she enjoys a chilled glass of wine. You have a lot to do today…get to it!” and her gorgeous face disappeared from the screen.

There I was sitting in our den with my shorts pulled down sporting a massive hard on leaking pre-cum. If I touched myself I would have shot my load. I had a lot to do, and the day was flying bye.

Part 3

I browsed the internet getting ideas Kadıköy Genç Escort on how to do wash, and what would be best to use for her delicates. I also got some good ideas on fast cooked meals. I called out favorite restaurant and ordered her and me sushi platters, with rice dishes on the side.

Afternoon was upon me, and I still had to pick up dinner, and a bottle of wine. I decided to get in the shower and remove all my body hair as directed by Mistress Meghan. There was a container of Nair hair remover, and I rubbed it on my pubic and balls. I am not a hairy guy, so I was looking really smooth. Up my ass I went with it, getting all the hairs. I shaved my legs, and then used the Nair, and I was completed. I looked at myself in the mirror, and must admit I liked the look. My cock was sticking straight up!

I dressed in sweat pants and T shirt, and off I went to pick up dinner. I also got a small boutique of flowers for the table. Deb would be home in an hour and all was set. Then my cell rang…it was Deb.

“Hi Paul, I am famished. Do you mind if we just order pizza tonight?” She sounded tired.

“Come home babe, and we will decide.”

“Ok, should be home soon I left early. Love you.”

This is great, I thought. She expects pizza and will get her favorite sushi.

When Deb walked in I had the table set with a candle. Her wine was chilled on ice.

“Paul this is amazing!” she was stunned.

I pulled her chair out for her, and poured her some wine.

“A girl can get used to this.” she mused.

After dinner she started to get up to clear the table. I hugged her into the den and sat her down. After removing her sandals I said “Just relax my love, I will clean up.” and poured her another glass of wine.

“Thank you I was on my feet all day and they are killing me.”

I hurried and cleaned the kitchen, and returned to the den with a bottle of foot moisturizer. Deb was watching TV and sipping her wine. Her feet were on the ottoman. I knelt down on the floor and started applying the moisturizer.

“Paul that feels terrific. You are amazing!”

I worked her souls on each foot, then slid my fingers in-between each lovely toe. She was moaning with joy, and I continued this for almost an hour. I noticed her glass was empty, and automatically got up and filled it. She held out her glass and noticed the tent in my pants.

“It seems you are enjoying this just as much as I am.” She was smiling.

She grabbed my cock through my sweats, and pulled me towards her. I almost came right there. I pulled away, and said “This is your weekend Deb.” Then I got back down on my knees and continued to rub her feet and calves. Deb had a very contented smile on her face, as she continued to moan with delight.

“This couldn’t have happened on a better night, I am exhausted.” Paul you’re the man.

“I was thinking Deb…Why don’t you go out with Abby and the girls for some shopping and lunch tomorrow?”

“Oh that would be great Paul, but this house is a mess, and needs a thorough cleaning.”

I loosened her belt and unbuttoned her jeans, and casually slid them off her. She held on to her wine tightly so not to spill it, but put up no resistance. To my delight she was wearing a red thong, which disappeared in all the right places. I positioned myself in between her legs on my knees, and continued her massage. She put her feet on my shoulders.

“I want you to enjoy the day out; I will take care of the house.” I was rubbing her knees and thighs and my breath was getting heavy. Deb looked amused.

“Paul there is no way you can do all those chores, and you know I am very particular.”

She bent her knees a bit, and I was very close to the sliver of thong that went into her honey pot.

“I insist. You can even inspect my work when you come home.”

She uncharacteristically put her right foot to my mouth, the wine was taking effect. Her scent was present and intoxicating. I opened my mouth to accept her toes, sucking on each one slowly. Her nails were a crimson red, and she was moaning with delight.

“Mmmm I might take you up on that offer.” Then she put her left foot to my lips, pushing her toes into my mouth. I licked and sucked savoring every minute. She was sipping her wine looking down on me. I was in sub heaven!

Her feet were back on my shoulders, and she starred into my eyes.

“Do you like my thong Paul? I know it gets you hot. It was in and out of my pussy and ass all day.”

I just moaned with lust. She slowly opened her legs wider, and pulled my head into her honey pot. Deb was soaking wet, and I buried my face in her pussy. It was a musky odor, that wasn’t clean but not too dirty. I pulled her thong to the side, and slowly licked up and down. Deb was gasping. I continued teasing her with my tongue until I found her clit. I took my time licking all around it. When I finally put my lips to her clit, she lost it! Deb was screaming in ecstasy. I never heard her so loud. She came all over my face, and I tried to lap up all her glory.

Deb was coming down from her orgasm, and she put her feet back to my face casually smearing her cum.

“God Paul, you certainly hit the spot. I am totally drained. It’s been a long time since you visited down there, you should visit more often.” As I licked her cum from her now wet feet I said.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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