Undercover Basketball Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: Undercover Basketball is a multi-chapter work. The story is entirely fictional and is only a reflection of the author’s fantasies. The story contains a significant plot, which does not always involve sexual activity. I encourage you to get into the plot, as well as the sex. I am confident that you will find the plot intriguing, as it is full of twists, and the sex exciting. Hope you enjoy!

Katie Martin limped down the stairs of her house to the basement. It had been a long, hard basketball practice, and she desperately wanted to take a shower. The hot water would feel good on her slightly twisted ankle, and she needed time to decompress after another disappointing practice. It had been the third time she had twisted her right ankle since basketball practice had begun three weeks ago. Coach Barker, the head coach for the girls’ basketball team at Preston High where Katie was an eighteen-year-old junior, had totally ignored her injuries all three times. Each time, he had just acted as if nothing had happened, and then got on Katie’s case for not running the sprints hard enough at the end of practice.

Katie was vying for a starting position this year, a very great accomplishment at the basketball powerhouse of Preston, Iowa. Both the boys and girls teams had won the state championship last year, and had won a total of 22 between the two teams in the last 29 years. However, from the first day of practice, Katie saw that this was going to be a very difficult task. This was not because she did not work hard enough or because she did not have the skills to be a featured player on the team. It was known by the school, community, and even the administration, Coach Barker did not always pick the most talented or the hardest working players to play. Not everyone knew. Only those that chose to know knew of the “scandal.” Often times, John Barker would play the girls whose parent was on the school board and/or the girls from wealthy families that would offer him country club rounds, expensive vacations, or even cash. It was also evident all the girls who played significant roles on the team were quite good looking. One might think that choosing the core members of a team like this would severely hinder the team’s success on the court. However, at Preston High, this was not the case, as the school seemed to have an inexhaustible wealth of basketball talent.

All of these factors contributed to the fact that Katie would not start for this years Preston team. In fact, she would probably hardly see the floor, despite the fact that she was the best shooter on the team. Katie did not come from a wealthy family. This is not to say that her family was poor. Her parents both made nice incomes, and her family was in the middle-class socioeconomic status. The Martin household was nice, but did not compare at all the families that lived on “The Hill.” The families that made their homes on The Hill were very wealthy. Doctors, lawyers, and successful executives made their homes on The Hill. This was the rich kid territory. Not only did Katie have her lack of wealth working against her playing time, but her appearance and attitude did as well.

Many of the girls that played for Coach Barker were the “girly girls” off the court. They would come to school with perfect hair and makeup every day, wearing designer clothes all the time. Typically, these clothes showed the bodies of the high school girls very well. Tight fitting shirts and jeans, short shorts, skirts, and dresses, and the always-present low cut blouses that often showed ample cleavage of many of the basketball players were the norm. This was just not Katie. Katie was a very pretty girl, with a slender, but athletic build. She would typically wear athletic shorts and a t-shirt to school, with her long blonde hair in a ponytail and little to no makeup on her face. To top things off, Katie had absolutely no interest in flirting with Coach Barker. Many of the other girls on the team would make a point to see Coach Barker during the day, just to “say hi.” However, this friendly gesture usually involved heavy flirting. The girls knew that John Barker liked it, and that it could help them see more playing time on the floor.

As Katie made her way to her bathroom in the basement, she began to think about her status on the team. She desperately wanted to be on the floor this year, as she knew she could make a huge impact for the team. On the other hand, she did not want to give in to the shallow coach. The last thing she wanted to do was become a flirt, just to show she could shoot jump shots in a game. The hot shower was good for Katie physically, as her ankle felt well when it was over. However, all the thinking about basketball and Coach Barker made her very upset. It made her so upset that she was crying and did not even bother to wrap herself in a towel as she left the bathroom. This was something that she did quite often, but she would always open the door a little first to make sure there was no one else izmit escort in the basement before she made her way to her room on the other side. This time, though, she was so emotional that she opened the door and just began walking to her room, audibly crying the whole way.

If she were not crying, Daniel probably never would have noticed her walking across the room entirely naked. But, she was, so he did notice. Daniel was a family friend of the Martin’s. He was a senior at the local college where Carol, Katie’s mom was an admissions counselor. Daniel’s mom and Carol had been best friends when they were in college together (not the same school that Daniel attended) and had remained in touch over the years. When it came time for Daniel to go to school, Carol began recruiting very heavily. At first, Daniel did not want to attend the small, private school, but he eventually caved in. Daniel was studying to be a high school chemistry teacher and coach, and was set to do his student teaching at Preston High the following semester.

As Katie moved across the room crying over her situation, Daniel looked up from his reading. He could not believe what he was seeing. Just as Katie was about to enter her room, she spotted Daniel staring at her. She was so shocked that she just stood there and did not say a word. To Daniel’s surprise, Katie made no attempt to cover herself in anyway. She just stood there and stared back.

“Is there a reason for you standing here naked,” asked Daniel.

This question seemed to jumpstart Katie out of the trance she had put herself. It was as if she just then realized she was standing naked in front of Daniel. Katie quickly turned and darted into her room, still not saying a word.

Katie was in her room for at least half an hour. During this time, Daniel could not go back to his reading. First, he could not get the image of Katie walking across the room naked out of his head. Over the four years he had been in college, he had gotten to know the Martin’s quite well. In fact, he referred to the Martin’s as his “second family.” Daniel would often take his laundry to their house to avoid paying a dollar fifty to do a load of laundry on campus. He attended church with them on a regular basis, and would go over just to get away from the stress of college. Even though he had gotten to know the entire family very well, Daniel had gotten to know Katie the most.

Whenever he went to the Martin’s house, Daniel always talked with Katie at great length about many things. The two shared many of the same interests, especially sports and music. Both Daniel and Katie enjoyed playing sports, and both were accomplished saxophone players. This gave the two an instant connection. Even though he was five years her senior, Daniel felt that Katie was a very good friend. At times, Daniel had looked at Katie as the younger sister he never had. Daniel had two younger brothers at home, but had always wanted a sister. Other times, Daniel looked at Katie not as a sister, but just as a girl. However, not just as any girl, but a girl he was attracted to. When he thought of Katie in this way, it made him nervous, as he was about ready to graduate college, while she was still in high school.

Now, after seeing Katie as he had, he could not see her in any other way than a girl that he found very attractive. Daniel had always thought that Katie was extremely pretty, if not gorgeous. Now, it was definitely the latter that he felt about Katie’s appearance. When he saw her standing naked, he saw many things he had never even dreamed. Katie’s complexion was perfect. Her skin was a light brown, achieved through a few trips to the tanning salon. (Although Katie was not a girly girl, she did like to keep a slight tan through the entire year.) Although she was not that tall at 5’8”, her legs seemed to go on forever. Not to mention the fact that they were perfectly toned from the countless hours she had spent in the gym with a basketball.

What really took Daniel by surprise were the features that, up until now, had never been in his view. As soon as he had looked up, Daniels eyes immediately fell on Katie’s butt. He had always known that Katie had a strong athletic build, but did not realize that her ass was as built as they came. The ultimate heart-shaped ass was firm, yet had nice size and curvature to it, not like the skinny girls that had no ass at all. Not just Katie’s backside took Daniel by surprise. Her chest also stunned him. It was not the shape, nipple size, or orientation of her breasts that had him dumfounded. It was just the sheer size of them. Daniel was used to seeing Katie in a sports bra with a t-shirt over the top. The t-shirts that Katie wore were not the super tight ones that showed every curve that many high school girls liked to wear. Instead, they were quite loose, like something you would expect an athlete to wear. Because of this, Daniel was taken aback when he saw how large Katie’s breasts were. He had always expected madeinizmit.com that they were just an average B cup at best. When he was staring at her body, he had seen the most beautiful set of full C cup breasts ever.

All these images continued to float around in Daniel’s head. But, what really had him thinking was the crying that had caught his attention to begin with.

“Why was Katie crying so profusely?” he asked himself.

The longer he thought about it, the more confused he became. There could be a million reasons why she was crying as she was. In all of his thinking, Daniel had lost track of time. He suddenly realized that Katie had been in her room for over an hour. He decided to investigate the situation. He figured that he was the last person that Katie wanted to see right now, but he felt that it was the right thing to do. Daniel made his way to Katie’s door. At first, he was a little hesitant, even nervous, to knock on her closed door.

“Katie, can I come in?” Daniel asked as he knocked on Katie’s door.

At first, there was no answer, but after a few seconds, he heard a small sound coming from the room.

“I don’t know that I want to talk with you right now,” Katie said in almost an inaudible voice.

“I know you really don’t want talk to me now, but it is important that we discuss what happened.”

“Well,…, okay, I guess.”

When Katie said this, Daniel opened the door slowly, and saw Katie sitting on her bed, hugging a pillow with her knees pulled up to her chest. This time, she was dressed in her usual athletic shorts and t-shirt, with her long blonde hair in a tight ponytail.

Daniel entered the room, pulled the chair out from Katie’s desk and sat in it, facing the bed. Daniel knew that he should avoid the nudity for now, so he asked why she was so upset earlier.

“Katie, why were you crying earlier?”

With that, Katie looked up at Daniel, and just burst into tears again. Daniel was not sure what he should do. His first instinct was to try to comfort her by giving her a shoulder to cry on, but he was not convinced of that plan of action because of the happenings of just one hour ago. He had to do something, though. Undecidedly, Daniel stood from the desk chair and walked cautiously towards the bed. He knew that Katie desperately needed a friend at the time, he just was not sure if he was the friend that she wanted.

When he reached the bed, he sat on the corner, as far away from Katie as he could. When he turned to look at the crying girl’s face, he could tell that she was not anxious about him moving closer. In truth, she seemed relieved, as she put the pillow down, swung her legs off the side of the bed, in order to sit next to Daniel. The two sat side by side on the bed for what seemed like an eternity to Daniel.

“There has to be some reason you are so upset,” Daniel managed to get out.

Katie did not want to respond. She was still a little embarrassed from before. She knew that Daniel was someone she could confide in, but felt that it was a little strange now.

“Basketball,” was all she said.

Daniel did not know what to make of this answer. He knew that Katie loved playing basketball. She had since she was in the fourth grade. He assumed that it had something to do with her potential playing time (or lack thereof). He had also heard from students and community members about Coach Barker’s ways of choosing his players. Up until now, Daniel had dismissed the statements, but was now beginning to feel that there might be at least some truth to them.

“Does this have anything to do with Coach Barker and your playing time?” Daniel asked quietly.

Katie looked surprised at first. She could not understand how Daniel would know what was going on. She decided she might as well go ahead and tell him the whole story since he already seemed to have a good idea.

“Daniel, I am one of the best players on the team. No other girl can shoot the three like I can, and my defense has improved so much. He (Coach Barker) won’t even give me a chance. Just because I don’t have money, won’t put on makeup and flashy clothes, won’t flirt with him at school, and won’t go to bed with him, I don’t get to play. It just isn’t fair.”

When Katie finished her venting, she jumped at Daniel and wrapped her arms around him. Her head dove for his shoulder, as she began to bawl once again. Daniel was a little alarmed when Katie moved so close to him. He was also still trying to make sure he heard Katie correctly; when she said that she would not go to bed with Coach Barker. He had heard once that Coach Barker was sexually involved with some of his players, but dismissed the allegation entirely. As a future teacher, he did not see any way that a future colleague could take advantage of his students that way.

“I know it isn’t fair,” Daniel began. He wanted to tell Katie that everything was going to be all right, that Coach Barker was not so shallow, and that she was going to get to be the featured guard on the team. In his heart, he knew that John Barker was a disgusting coach who would take advantage of any girl he could.

“Katie, I am not going to tell you that everything is going to work out, because in life, things rarely work out the way you want them to. You should not have to change who you are just to play the game that you love.”

“What am I supposed to do then?” Katie began. “Should I just go along for the ride, knowing that I am never going to get to see the floor? I know that Jessica and Rachel are going to start in front of me. Jessica’s family is so rich that they pay Coach Barker off every month, and Rachel has sex with him in his office at school. I will never play unless I start doing that too”

Daniel was scared to death when Katie said that.

“Katie, if you ever even think about having sex with that man, just so you can play basketball, I will beat you silly. There is no reason you should have to do that. Are you sure about Coach Barker having sex with this Rachel girl?”

“Well, ya, she talks about it all the time at practice. She says that she ‘pays her dues’ at least once a week in his office. Some of the other girls have said that they have heard them in his office together.”

Curious to find out how far this escapade went, Daniel decided that he needed to ask more questions.

“Is Rachel the only girl that has sex with Coach Barker, or are there others?”

“Rachel is the only one that talks about it, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he was fucking more, lots more. Daniel, I think that he was trying to get me to have sex with him. Last week, I went to ask him why I wasn’t getting to play in practice. At first, all he said was that other girls were working harder than I was. I wanted to tell him that he was right, that all the others were working harder than me in bed, but I kept my mouth shut. Then, he told me that if I wanted to get more playing time that he could give me some extra, physical activities so I could improve. He told me that he could help me with them one-on-one. When he said this, he put his hands and my shoulders and got right up in my face. I thought he was going to kiss me, but the bell rang and I ran out.”

“Katie, you are doing the right thing, trust me. You should never compromise your own values for a person like that. I just wish there was something I could do.”

Throughout the conversation, Katie had kept her arms loosely wrapped around Daniel. Now, Daniel turned towards Katie and embraced her in a tight hug. Katie reciprocated by doing the same. This was not unusual for the two to hug. However, this was not like any of the hugs that Katie and Daniel had previously shared. This was at a much higher emotional level than ever before. Both Katie and Daniel felt that the relationship between the two of them had changed. They were just not sure what to think of the change.

“Are you feeling a little better, now that you have talked about it?” Daniel asked.

“I think so, at least a little better about this basketball situation. Daniel, thank you for being such a good friend right now. I am so glad that you wanted to talk to me. There is still that other issue…”

Daniel was happy that she felt better, but he did not know what the other issue was. He had gotten so caught up in thinking about the awful person that John Barker was that he had totally forgotten about seeing Katie in the nude.

“Oh, yes, that issue,” Daniel said. “Listen, I really don’t know what to say about that either. Obviously, you were very upset and did not think about there being anyone else in the basement, especially me. I am sorry if I was staring, but I was quite surprised, that is all.”

“Daniel, I understand. I should have been more cautious. I just don’t want there to be anything ‘weird’ between us. But, you kind of hurt my feelings with what you just told me.”

Daniel was not sure of what to make of this. He thought he had approached the situation as best he could. As he was thinking of a way to respond, Katie interrupted his thoughts…

“You said that you were staring at me because you were surprised. I kind of hoped you were staring because you liked what you saw…”

This threw Daniel for an entire loop. He could not believe what Katie had just said. He had always found Katie quite attractive. However, it was never something he had intended on acting upon. Plus, Katie had never been one to flaunt herself or her body. She had always seemed quite shy about it, in fact. She had never shown any indication that she was attracted to Daniel. Daniel had always thought that Katie looked at him strictly as a friend. Now, Katie was coming on to him, or at least he thought she was. What Daniel did not know was that Katie had fallen for him. She found him very good looking, just as Daniel saw her. She loved looking at his 6’1” body, especially when he was wearing his “teacher clothes.” Daniel enjoyed dressing sharp, as he knew that it made him look good. Katie found that dress pants and a tie made Daniel look especially hot, and often dreamed about him after she saw him like that.

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