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uncle’s sisterLove with a beautiful sex I am kishore &studying final year in EEE.My nature was always make fun with some one.so all people like to live with me for share their feelings.i went my uncle home evry weak ends becoz there so many friends of my aged. My uncle has 1 daughter saranya & 2 son kumar and sathish. My uncle was a farmer & he is well man to understand the feelings of the younger age, so i like him more.In the starting i had not affected by the beautiful face of saranya because I was always with her 1ly so i was not think about her beauty. All were used hall to sleep in the night so sometimes i had slept with her nearby.she always wear nighty 1ly in the home. One day I was got up at around 1?o’clock. At that time i saw my leg was inserted in her nighty and touched her pussy by sleepy. Suddenly i took my leg from there.My habit is not wear the under wear so my penis became visible at any time. She and me didn’t know swim,that’s why both of them use well for swim.She just wear nighty & underwear only.she jumped into water, the boobs get clearly visibled. Both of them learn by holding the pipe in the well. And i went inside to the well by holding the pipe but she is afraid to do this. At the time of coming up i could able to saw her boobs because of her kastamonu escort nighty became to float in the water.It was happened in 8th at that time she was studying 10th. So i maintain the range of seniority so i gave respect to her always & she like me more when compared with others. But i couldn’t control myself after she attended age in her 10 standard oly becoz she was so lean & not had so much energy becoz she didn’t took so much food,non veg. After attend age she became very beautiful for my eyes. My parents also told me that saranya became very beautiful after attend age.She also told me that “you are looking beautiful da”. I always tried to see her boobs so many times. After attend the age she was not slept much with me & i was also fear to sleep with her..at the time of 10th public leave for me i.e.12th leave for her.i planned to spend more days there.1day night i went bedroom for sleep. She already sleeping there with raised chudidhar showing her belly button it aroused me.next day i was sleep in bedroom sathish came to sleep with me & after few mins she came and sleep next to me.I kindled her activities so she beat my thigh& i was tried to beat but not feel well to beat so i gave no reaction to that. And after she hugged me to sleep, at that kastamonu escort bayan time my heart beat became rise. Her boobs grabs create more heat to me & my penis got bulged & she put her leg on my leg.her knee touched my penis which is bulged & stand against 1/2trouser. She moved her hand near to my penis & finally touched with her finger & slowly she took her hand &leg from there.Then she rolled away from my body. At that time i wored unbuttoned shirts & shorts. after i put my hand her stomach. Her beats also in raised condition. Then slowly i moved my hand to the breast. Then i grabbed her breast slowly. Then i place my head on near to her head. Then my lips touched her face. Her hot breath & my hot breath fused. Then i slowly grab her nipples.she turned opposite side. Then i slowly press her buttocks. Then i feel that her nighty was covered just her buttocks only.Below that all were opened. When i touch her thigh, she moved. Then after slowly i move the nighty to up and i inserted my hand into her underwear.then she turned into my side. I placed my hand on her breast again. Slowly i moved my hand near to her pussy. She also get her hand to her pussy. Then i touch her pussy covered by underwear. She also placed her hand on my hand.it was slightly escort kastamonu wet in condition.Then i pressed her pussy.then she hold my hand and again i give 1 press then she shake her pussy by use of my hand.then i hugged her, my bulged penis touched her pussy. Then she placed her hand on my penis.then i raise my penis. She inserted her hand into my trouser and hold my penis.then i moved her nighty above her breast. Then i lick her nipples. She moaning “ahhh..” then i removed my trouser & placed my penis on her pussy.Then i downed her underwear. Then insert my penis into her pussy. She removed my penis outside. Again i inserted she removed. Her brother turned, and then both of them arranged the dresses she went to hall. At morning I hadn’t show any change in evening she was sitting lonely in the bedroom. All were went temple. So i hugged her from back. She suddenly turned back. I ask her to show her pussy. Then she raised her nighty & removed underwear &It was white in colour with little growned hairs. Then i removed my trouser. She asked please give your sperm & i ask give ur cum. She shake my penis heavily and i erected my sperm on her mouth then i licked her pussy and she grabbed her pussy and after she inserted 1 brush into her pussy and she ejaculate her cum,i drinked it. After, I kiss her lips. Then till now if i went her home means i used to sex with her by using condom.Has reading this story made you horny? Want to sex chat with real life hot women?All the women below are LIVE! and waiting to talk dirty with you!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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