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Subject: Uncle Will’s Houseguest 37 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill UNCLE WILL’S HOUSEGUEST Chapter 37 As Andy showered, he couldn’t help thinking about the prospect of being semi-naked as a waiter for two groups of men. “Georges wants a party this month and all the men will see photos of me naked and wanking off,” he said to himself. “Claude suggested I should wear only a toga at his party next month. I imagine the toga is likely to be cut short, allowing me to show off my naked bum and my cock quite easily. Both parties will be thrilling.” The sound of a door closing and Uncle Will calling out brought Andy back to the present. “I’m having a shower. I’m almost finished!” Andy shouted. He turned the water to cold to get rid of his erection and had to muffle a scream. A few minutes later Andy went through to say hello to his uncle with a towel wrapped around his waist. “Hi. The bathroom is free if you want a shower now,” he said. “Thanks, Andy,” said Will. “Did you have a good day?” “Yes, thanks. Patrick was a bit annoyed about me spending time with Jean and his friend rather than with him but he will get over it,” replied Andy. “Where are you going for dinner this evening?” “La Côte à l’Os in Rue James Close. It’s a while since I’ve been there but I had a really great meal last time,” replied Will. “Do you know if you’re eating out or if Jean is cooking?” “He didn’t tell me but I don’t mind either way,” replied Andy. “Well, I think you’d better get dressed just in case you are eating out,” said Will. “And you probably shouldn’t meet his Jean’s friend wearing only a towel anyway.” Andy laughed. “I’m going to get dressed now.” Shortly before 7pm Will checked that Andy had his key as they said goodbye outside the apartment. “I have it. Do you have yours?” smiled Andy. “I do.” Will kissed Andy. “Have fun and behave yourself.” “I’m not sure I can do both,” grinned Andy. “I hope you’re lucky at the poker later.” He watched his uncle enter the lift and then walked along the corridor to Jean’s apartment. Jean was quick to answer the doorbell. He smiled at Andy and gave him the customary kisses on both cheeks. “It’s lovely to see you, Andy. Please come in.” Andy walked ahead of Jean into the living room and a man wearing glasses raised a hand and smiled at him from the sofa. “Meet my friend, Mico,” said Jean. “Mico, this is Andy, my young Scottish friend.” Mico started to get up. “No, please remain seated, sir,” Andy said as he hurried towards the man and held out his hand. “I’m pleased to meet you.” “I’m very pleased to meet you, Andy,” smiled Mico. “And please call me Mico.” Andy nodded and smiled at the man as he checked him out. Mico had a friendly face, receding dark hair with some grey through it, and he wore dark-rimmed spectacles. He was a bit overweight and his short-sleeved shirt revealed hairy arms. “Okay, Mico. Thank you.” “I’ve heard a lot about you, Andy. Please sit beside me.” Mico patted the cushion next to him. “I like your shorts.” Andy was pleased that he had worn a pair of shorts that showed off most of his thighs. “Jean hasn’t told me much about you but I hope we will become good friends.” “I hope so too.” Mico smiled and patted Andy’s nearest thigh. “You have come from Toulouse. Was it a long train journey?” Andy asked Mico. “Quite long – seven hours with a change of trains in Marseilles,” replied Mico. “I had enough time to have lunch at the station in Marseilles and I reached here about four o’clock. It was a nice journey.” “Good. You speak excellent English,” said Andy. “I have a good friend who lives in England, in Preston to be exact,” responded Mico. “I have passed through Preston a few times on the train to London but I’m afraid I don’t know the city,” Andy said. “No problem. I haven’t been to Scotland. I must put that right soon,” smiled Mico. “Andy, what can I get you to drink? Mico and I are having a pre-dinner kir,” interrupted Jean. “Nothing for me at present, thank you,” replied Andy. “I am happy to enjoy the company of two charming gentlemen.” Mico laughed. “You are the charming one…just as Jean told me.” Andy smiled at Mico and then turned back to Jean. “Something smells good. Are you cooking the dinner?” “Yes, I thought it would be more relaxing to eat at home,” replied Jean. “I’m cooking cassoulet – using a traditional Toulouse recipe in honour of Mico’s visit. Have you had cassoulet before?” “No, I haven’t but I know it’s a dish made with haricot beans and pork,” Andy replied. “That’s correct. I even have Toulouse sausage in it so I hope you will like it,” said Jean. I’m sure I will,” smiled Andy. “I understand you are staying with your uncle,” said Mico. Andy nodded. “Yes, I arrived at the beginning of July, just over three months ago. I will be here for a year while my parents are working overseas.” “And you’re enjoying being here?” asked Mico. “Yes, I love it. I’ve made some good friends,” replied Andy. “How is your little friend from school? He has become quite a regular visitor,” Jean said. “Patrick is fun to be with but I actually prefer the company of mature men.” He winked at Jean. “You know why.” “I think I know why too,” said Mico. “Jean showed me some very interesting photos.” Andy giggled. “Did you like seeing those photos, Mico?” “I did. Very much,” replied Mico. “You weren’t shocked?” Andy wanted a sign that he could be naughty in front of Jean’s friend. “Not shocked. Envious of Jean,” smiled Mico. “I’m hoping I might get the privilege of seeing you wearing less clothing before I return home.” “How about now?” Andy asked. “It’s warm this evening and I would be very happy wearing less clothes.” “I would like you to be more comfortable,” Mico began. He turned to Jean. “Okay with you?” “Yes, of course,” said Jean. “Feel free to take off your shirt or whatever you wish.” Andy smiled and started to unbutton his shirt. “You have a nice suntan,” Mico commented as the teenager’s torso was revealed. “Thank you. I would like an all-over suntan but it’s not always easy to sunbathe nude,” said Andy when he istanbul travesti stood up to unfasten his shorts. “You sometimes wear quite small swim-briefs though,” Jean said. “Similar in size to those.” He nodded towards the skimpy white briefs which came into view when Andy dropped his shorts. “Really? Let me see,” said Mico. Andy stepped out of his shorts and turned to face Mico. With the man’s eyes on him, his semi-hard cock continued to stiffen. He smiled to himself as Mico’s eyes widened then he turned around and asked Mico, “Do you like the rear view?” Mico was itching to touch Andy’s bum. “Yes, it’s very nice. You must attract a lot of attention on the beach when wearing swim-briefs that size.” Andy’s cock was fully erect and really stretching the fabric of his briefs when he turned back to face Mico. “I attract attention when I visit the nude beach near Cannes. Shall I…strip completely for you?” Mico’s mouth was dry. He remembered seeing the nude photos of Andy, swallowed and said, “I would like that very much.” Andy hooked his thumbs into his briefs and slowly pushed them down. His stiff cock got caught and was pulled down for a moment before bouncing back up when it was freed. Andy then quickly stepped out of his briefs to stand fully naked and gloriously erect in front of the man he had met for the first time only minutes earlier. “What are you thinking, Mico?” Jean asked. “I’m thinking he looks even better than in those photos,” replied Mico. He looked up into Andy’s face and smiled. “I also think he’s a very naughty boy.” Andy grinned. “Perhaps you should put me over your knees and spank me.” “Perhaps I should.” Mico laughed. “What do you say, Jean?” “I say it’s time for dinner,” replied Jean. “Are you going to remain naked, Andy?” “Yes, if that is okay with you two,” replied the teenager. “It’s okay with us,” smiled Mico. Dinner was a happy event, although Andy would have preferred to remain on display rather than mostly hidden behind the table. He thought the cassoulet was tasty but perhaps a bit too filling for the sex games he hoped might follow. Despite feeling quite full, he couldn’t resist the mousse au chocolat Jean had made for dessert. Mico regaled Andy with tales of his trips to the Philippines and Vietnam, describing the different cultures, some of his favourite meals and telling him that many of the local boys enjoyed spending time with older men from Europe and America. “I have only been to France and Spain,” said Andy. “I hope to travel when I’m older.” “Where will your next trip be? Back to Scotland?” Mico asked. “Probably Paris. My uncle has promised to take me there in December,” replied Andy. “Ah, Paris. I always love going there,” smiled Jean. “I remember you falling in love with a waiter one time when I went to Paris with you,” said Mico. Jean laughed. “I wasn’t in love with him. I simply thought he was very handsome. The food was excellent and he was an added excuse to return to the restaurant.” “Four evenings in a row!” Mico smiled. “It was lust if not love.” Jean sighed. “Sadly he hardly looked at me.” “His loss,” declared Andy. “He never got to experience the pleasure of your lovely thick cock.” “You are acquainted with Jean’s cock?” Mico asked. “He wouldn’t tell me.” Andy smiled. “I hope I might become acquainted with yours this weekend, Mico.” Jean laughed. “As you are discovering, Andy doesn’t hold back when it comes to sex. Showing off his sexy body was only the first step in his seduction plan.” “I won’t resist or refuse anything Andy wants to offer,” responded Mico. “In that case, I would like to suck your cock,” smiled Andy. Mico drained his coffee cup and then nodded at Andy. “Shall we return to the sofa?” Jean shook his head and began to gather the empty dessert dishes and coffee cups. When he returned from the kitchen, he found Andy on his knees between Mico’s legs pulling the man’s trousers down. Andy gazed at the flaccid cock which was a plump 10 cm (4 inches), resting on top of two large balls and surrounded by a bush of wiry grey hair. He smiled up at Mico and took hold of the cock. He carefully pulled the foreskin down the shaft before bending forward to kiss the cockhead. Then, looking into the man’s eyes, he began licking it. As soon as he felt some movement, Andy wrapped his lips around the glans and sucked. Mico moaned softly and then looked up at Jean who shrugged and then sat down in a nearby armchair to watch. Mico ran his fingers through Andy’s soft hair and then moaned again when he felt the tip of Andy’s tongue teasing his piss-slit. The cock continued to stiffen and lengthen in Andy’s grasp. Andy took more of the cock into his mouth and soon it was fully erect. It wasn’t quite as thick as Jean’s but it was longer at 18 cm (7 inches). Andy came off the cock to admire. “Very nice. I like it,” he said before taking the cock back into his mouth. This time he gradually took more and more of the cock, surprising Mico at how easily he could do it. Mico gasped when Andy suddenly lowered his head and took the remainder of the cock. He felt the boy’s throat close around it and still Andy didn’t gag. “How can you…?” Mico looked at Jean. “Did you know he had this skill?” Jean smiled. “Yes. Isn’t he amazing for one so young?” Andy toyed with the balls in Mico’s scrotum. Then he pulled part way off the cock and wanked the base of the cock with two fingers and his thumb. “He wants your salty cream,” Jean told Mico. Mico moaned. Andy was now flicking all around the glans with his tongue. There was another moan when Andy pushed the tip of his tongue into the piss-slit. “He’s going to get it soon,” said Mico. On hearing that, Andy began sucking the cockhead again. Every so often he would use his tongue on the cock, then he would bob up and down while sucking again. There was a groan and then Mico said, “I’m cumming, Andy. I’m about to shoot. Aaagh!” Andy recoiled when the first blast of cum hit the back of his throat but then he relaxed and accepted the man’s load. He would allow the cream to gather in his mouth and then swallow to make room for more. The third mouthful was the smallest but Andy savoured the taste and the texture before swallowing it. He then licked the cock clean, kissed the head and smiled up at Mico. “I like your thick creamy kadıköy travesti cum.” “I’m glad,” smiled Mico. “I very much liked you sucking it from me. I would like to taste yours now.” Andy smiled. “I think I should suck Jean off first.” He turned to the other man and said, “Unless you would prefer to fuck me.” “I would be happy with your mouth,” said Jean. Mico looked on as Andy gave Jean a blowjob, impressed by how he could cope with the very thick cock. Having become aroused watching Andy with Mico, it didn’t take long for Jean to climax and feed Andy. “Tasty as always,” Andy said when he had finished licking the cock clean. “Now let me suck your cock,” said Mico. Andy went over to stand in front of the older man. “You’re leaking a lot,” Mico said. He used his tongue to catch the dripping pre-cum and then took Andy’s cock into his mouth. His hands kneaded Andy’s buttocks as he tongued and sucked the throbbing boy-cock. “I’m going to cum!” Andy warned after only a few minutes. Mico sucked harder and pushed a finger into the boy’s tight hole. That took Andy over the edge. He gasped and started spunking off. Mico swallowed every drop and then kissed the cockhead. “Sweet and delicious,” he declared. “Thanks, Mico,” said Andy. “Maybe next time you can fuck me.” “I’m sure that would be wonderful,” smiled Mico. “Will you allow me to have a photo with you sitting on my knees?” “Yes, of course,” replied Andy. He sat on Mico’s knees and Jean took several photos of the naked teen cuddling Mico and then with his legs spread displaying his cock and balls. Andy remained naked as they chatted for a while but he started yawning shortly after ten. “Sorry. I have had a busy week and it’s time for me to go to bed,” he said. He got dressed and received hugs and kisses from both men when he left to go home. Andy had showered and was in bed when he thought about Georges. “I’ll phone him tomorrow,” he decided. “I need to spend this weekend with Uncle Will so there’s no rush.” *** “It felt quite cold when I went out for bread this morning. What do you want to do today?” Andy asked his uncle during breakfast. “We could take a trip to Grasse. You haven’t been there yet,” suggested Will. “It’s only half an hour or so by car.” “What is special about Grasse?” Andy asked. “It’s famous for perfume-making,” replied Will. “We could probably go on a tour of one of the perfume factories. We can wander round some of the narrow old streets and find somewhere nice for lunch.” “Okay. That sounds good to me,” said Andy. They headed up into the hills soon after leaving Antibes and then continued west, passing through some small villages before arriving in Grasse. They wandered through some narrow streets until they reached the 12th century church of Notre-Dame-du-Puy, which had been a cathedral. They visited the church and then had a coffee before moving on to the historic Fragonard perfume factory where they joined a guided tour. Andy found the experience more interesting than he had expected. Will took some photos of Andy in the nearby gardens before they made their way to Place aux Aires. Will told Andy that this was the historic heart of the city with houses dating back as far as the 16th century. They found some market stalls and – more interesting to Andy – quite a number of restaurants. They looked at the menus of several restaurants before choosing one close to the two hundred year old fountain. Andy didn’t tell his uncle but the hunky waiter appealed to him more than the menu. He was however very satisfied with his Escalope de dinde à la crème – turkey escalope with a creamy, mushroom sauce served with thick-cut chips and salad. Andy didn’t like the more common `pommes frites’ – what he called McDonalds-style skinny chips. Sadly the waiter paid him little attention. On the journey home, Andy brought up the subject of a pre-Christmas trip to Paris. “I suppose I should book a hotel soon,” said Will. “We will need to check when the Christmas markets open.” “I can do that now on my phone,” said Andy. He searched online and was surprised to see so many. “They seem to be everywhere. Many start in early December but the biggest one is at the Tuileries Gardens and it starts on 24th November.” “That’s one you can’t miss,” said Will. “It has carnival rides and an outdoor ice rink as well as lots of stalls selling food and stuff for presents. It might be nice to visit one or two others so maybe we can go the first weekend in December.” “Yeah, that would be great,” smiled Andy. “I’ll go online and book a hotel when we get home,” Will said. While Will was checking hotels, Andy phoned Georges. He explained that it would be difficult to visit in the evenings but Saturday or Sunday afternoons would be fine. It was arranged that Georges would hold an afternoon get-together in exactly two weeks time. Andy said that he would be happy to serve food and drinks wearing only skimpy shorts while the men viewed the photos. He had to adjust his erection when he re-joined his uncle. “I booked a room at a hotel within walking distance of the Gare de Lyon, which is where our train arrives,” Will told Andy. “If we catch the TGV leaving here just after 2pm, we will be in Paris in time for dinner on the Friday. We will have almost two full days before we return on Sunday evening.” “I wish it could be longer but it should be fun,” said Andy. Will nodded. “Yeah. Maybe we can have a longer trip to Paris at Easter. Now what shall we have for dinner?” *** Sunday was a lazy day but it started with a leisurely love-making session so Andy was happy. He had wanted to spend the whole weekend with his uncle because he felt he had neglected him in favour of his other men friends recently. They walked to Juan-les-Pins and had a light lunch there before returning by bus. They caught up with emails and then read for a while before cooking dinner together. The day ended with them showering together and exchanging blowjobs. Patrick was very horny when he visited the apartment after school on Monday and he fucked Andy twice. He felt brave enough to chat briefly with Will before leaving. Christophe was equally horny when Andy visited him on Wednesday afternoon. On Thursday Simon came to spend the evening with Will so Andy arranged to meet up with Thierry on his yacht bakırköy travesti to allow them some privacy. After enjoying a bowl of Penne Alfredo, Andy declined a dessert. “I’m horny, Thierry. I’d prefer sex instead.” “I’m not going to turn down the opportunity to have sex with you,” smiled Thierry. “You give great blowjobs.” “Thanks for the compliment,” said Andy. “However I’m not going to give you a blowjob this evening. I want you to fuck me.” “Really?” Thierry’s eyes opened wide. “You know that I have a thick cock. Are you sure you can take it?” “Yes, I can take it,” smiled Andy. He knew he had taken bigger ones. “I want to feel it stretching and filling my pussy.” “Well, come over here and let me undress you,” said Thierry. Andy stood in front of the 55-year old man and allowed him to remove his clothes. His boy-cock was fully erect before he lost his briefs. Thierry took it into his mouth and sucked it for a few minutes before carrying Andy to his bed. Thierry quickly stripped off, allowing Andy to admire his broad shoulders and smooth well-defined chest. Andy licked his lips when the man’s thick 19 cm (7.5 inch) cock came into view. It looked even bigger because Thierry shaved his balls and kept his pubic hair neatly trimmed. “I want to suck that before you fuck me,” he told the man. Thierry climbed onto the bed and Andy immediately took hold of the big cock. He kissed and then licked the cockhead before taking it into his mouth. Thierry moaned as Andy sucked and teased the cock with his tongue. Before Andy was able to deep-throat Thierry, the man pulled him off. “You are really turning me on but I want to work on your lovely little bum now. Lie face down for me.” Andy lay face down on the bed and spread his legs. Thierry knelt between Andy’s legs and let his hands caress the smooth thighs and then the well-rounded buttocks. He bent down to kiss and gently nibble each buttock before spreading them and gazing at the pink rosebud. “C’est beau,” he whispered. He placed a kiss on the tiny entrance and then began to lick it. He soon had Andy moaning in appreciation. The moans became louder when Thierry began to tongue-fuck the hole. Andy sighed when Thierry stopped to get some lube but he was moaning again when Thierry was finger-fucking him. “Oh, yes. Open me up for your big cock,” he said when Thierry inserted a second finger. “You like that, eh?” said Thierry as he finger-fucked Andy more forcefully. “I love it,” replied Andy. “Andy your cock will feel even better. I want it now. Please, Thierry.” “I want to see your face while I’m fucking you,” Thierry said, easing his fingers out. “Turn over.” Andy moved onto his back and pulled his legs up and to the side. Thierry noted that Andy was leaking a lot of pre-cum. He smiled as he pushed a pillow under Andy’s butt and then finger-fucked him again for another minute or so. Then he greased up his own throbbing cock and moved closer. He rubbed his cockhead up and down the hairless crack before placing it against the hole and applying pressure. “Stick it in me,” Andy said as he pushed back. He gritted his teeth as the thick cock sought entry and then cried out when it burst through his sphincter. Thierry immediately froze. “It’s okay. Don’t stop!” said Andy. He gritted his teeth again as the cock pushed deeper. Thierry was pleased that Andy didn’t lose his erection because he felt sure that it must have been uncomfortable, if not painful, for the teenager. “It’s all inside now. You’ve taken it all.” Andy nodded to Thierry. “It feels good. Just give me a moment to get used to it and then you can fuck me.” He smiled, happy at having taken the cock of yet another man. Thierry smiled back. “I have never been inside a hotter, tighter ass. Or one as young since I was your age.” “I prefer men to boys my age,” said Andy. “Sex with Patrick is fun but it turns me on more to give myself to mature men like you. Fuck me now. Fuck me as hard as you like.” Thierry tried to be as gentle as he could when he started fucking Andy but it soon became clear that this wasn’t necessary. Andy was pushing back against him and leaking copious amounts of pre-cum so Thierry let himself go. “Yes, that feels great,” said Andy. “Harder! Fuck me harder!” The cabin was filled with noise of flesh hitting flesh and the smell of sex. Andy began to whimper and then to moan again. “I’m getting close. I’m going to cum!” he cried. Moments later he gasped and – to Thierry’s surprise – started spunking off hands-free. Boy-cum splattered over his chest and then pooled on his stomach. This triggered Thierry’s orgasm. He groaned and then sent volley after volley of man-cum deep into Andy’s arse. He shuddered and then fell forward on top of Andy, who put his arms and legs around and held him tight. Nothing was said for some minutes. Then Thierry kissed Andy and said, “Thank you for one of the best experiences of my life. You really are amazing.” “I enjoyed it too.” Andy smiled and used his arse muscles to squeeze Thierry’s cock. To his disappointment, this caused the softening cock to slip from his hole. “Oops, sorry,” he said. “It’s okay,” responded Thierry. He raised himself from Andy and started licking the cum from the teenager’s body. They cuddled together for a while and then Andy said, “I’d better go home now. I hope we can do this again sometime.” “I’d love that,” smiled Thierry. “Would you like a shower before you go?” “No, I’ll have one when I get home.” Andy gave Thierry a kiss and then hurried off to find his clothes. Thierry pulled on a pair of shorts and gave Andy a hug when they said goodbye. “Phone me if you fancy meeting up again.” “Oh, I definitely want sex with you again,” smiled Andy. He waved and set off home. Andy arrived at the apartment as Simon was getting ready to leave. “I hope you both had a good time,” he said to Simon and his uncle. “I certainly did,” smiled Simon. “Me too,” said Will. “I trust you got what you wanted.” “Yes. I got fucked,” grinned Andy. Simon laughed. “You’re so…so open about sex. I was very secretive at your age.” “I was still a virgin at that age!” said Will. “That was a very long time ago, Uncle Will. Things were different then,” smiled Andy. He looked from one man to the other. “When you next visit, Simon, could be have another threesome? I like being in bed with both of you.” Simon looked at Will who thought for a moment and then nodded. “Okay, we will have a threesome next time,” Simon replied. “Great! Now I need a shower.” Andy gave Simon a quick kiss and left the pair to say their goodbyes. To be continued

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