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Subject: Uncle Bills Farm Chapter 6 Uncle Bills Farm Part 6 Please remember that Nifty needs your continuing support so please use this link to provide your support by donating using this link. fty//support.html Breakfast was finished. Darren and I were clean again after Uncle Bill’s washdown. The day was looking fabulous and warm and as we sat on the porch, Darren and I pondered what to do. Darren had retrieved his clothes from the lawn and was sitting with me in his white y-fronts. Uncle Bill was sitting in his purple y-fronts but as normal I was naked. That morning, I had also been dealing with the growing love I felt for Darren. He was special, naïve, loving, fit, beautiful, trustworthy, attractive and since we had been together, growing in confidence related to his sexuality. I also suspected that Darren was sharing similar feelings so I made up my mind that I would discuss his feelings during the day if the opportunity offered itself. Uncle Bill announced that he was going to the YMCA in Vancouver and would be back in the afternoon. Darren mentioned he should go home and see his mum and dad and to test the water as so to speak. Darren also suggested that I go with him for moral support, but I should consider wearing some clothes because his dad might not be so openminded. Uncle Bill agreed that such a trip was off the farm and so I could wear clothes at which point, Darren and he stood up and dived in the house with Uncle Bill muttering to Darren that he could pick my clothes for the day. Shortly afterwards, Darren came out all dressed in his t-shirt, shorts and plimsols and was holding some beautiful multicoloured y-fronts with matching vest. Very retro I thought. Darren was also holding some shorts that had an elastic waistband with no belt. I got dressed and for the first time since I had arrived, I was fully dressed and ready to leave the farm for my first trip but instead of happy tourism being on the menu, it was a trip to meet Mr and Mrs Shipman and for his mother, it would be a novelty seeing me wearing clothes. Uncle Bill suggested he could drop us off, but we decided a good walk to Darren’s farm would be great and without delay, Uncle Bill drove off and we started the walk through the lower woods to Darren’s home. The walk was uneventful, and I could tell that Darren was feeling tense because it had only been a couple of days since his mother had spoken to me and had finally received confirmation that her son was gay and was in a budding relationship. We arrived at his house and went in the backdoor that led to the kitchen and there was his mother busy tidying up after breakfast. Darren greeted her with a good morning, but I remained formal and greeted her as Mrs Shipman. Mrs Shipman, Margaret, was delighted to see us, and I got no hint that she was upset in any way. We had a lovely chat round the kitchen table when Darren’s dad walked in. He looked at Darren and looked at me, grunted a morning greeting and then sat down with us and recounted his morning activities on the farm including how lively the horses were that day. Mr Shipman, Dan, enquired about my horse-riding skills to which I replied that I was fairly proficient but unfortunately, istanbul travesti Uncle Bill did not have horses, so I hadn’t been able to ride at all since arriving. Dan’s response was simple. Borrow the two horses and go for a ride with Darren. I thought it a great idea and I could tell that Darren shared the same feelings and so it was agreed, and Dan asked me to help him prepare the horses whilst Darren stayed to talk with his mother. At the stables, Dan handed me a saddle and whilst I was preparing Darren’s horse, Dan mentioned almost casually in passing that Margaret had told him about the chat she had with me and that whilst he wasn’t entirely happy about things, he promised me that he would work on his feelings because he just wanted his son to be happy with himself. I was quite taken with what he said because, although society’s feeling towards being gay were changing, it was not mainstream yet and so Dan’s confession was a major step in the right direction. I assured Dan that I wished Darren to be happy as well and that as friends, I would treat him with the respect Darren deserved and would continue to support him in his evolving sexuality. I remember thinking that it would be better to keep quiet about the sex based on too much information too soon. The horses were ready, and Dan showed me the route he thought best for the trek which would lead up the hills through another area of the woods that I had not explored yet. The goal that day was to get to the top of the next ridge which overlooked Vancouver itself with views of Vancouver Island and the Pacific in the distance. Darren appeared with a packed lunch and a beaming smile and with the help of his father, we both mounted our rides and departed along the route that Dan had recommended. Over the next five minutes Darren recounted the conversation with his mother and that she approved of me and thought me a very nice young man. She also told Darren that his father was not as approving but would work on his feelings for his son’s happiness. All in all, it was a good chat and Darren was feeling positive and happy that he had indirectly come out as gay and his family hadn’t embarked upon a homophobic rant and kicked him out. I understood how Darren felt from my memories of coming out and how acceptance was key to the process. After about an hour riding interspersed with an occasional canter we arrived at the summit and there before us was Vancouver with the most amazing backdrop of Vancouver Island and the Pacific Ocean. What a view and we sat side by side on our horses saying very little as we just took it all in. The temporary silence was broken when Darren just came out and told me he was in love with me and that he was trying not to count the days before my departure back to England. Yes, time had been moving and I was on day twenty-three of my thirty days, and I was feeling the same way when I responded to him that I too was falling in love with him and didn’t want to go home but had no other option. I loved being with Uncle Bill and his friends, but I also loved Darren and every moment I could spend with him. Darren jumped off his horse and tied the reins to a close kadıköy travesti by branch. I followed suit and there we were, unpacking the lunch that his mum had prepared with the most beautiful view before us. I went back to my horse to get something out of the saddle bag when from behind me I felt Darren touch my waist as he embraced me from behind. He wrapped his arms all the way around me and gently kissed the side of my neck and then he moved his hands underneath my vest and played with my nipples, gently squeezing, and pinching them in the most erotic and sensual manner. I just stool still enjoying the moment when Darren yet again moved his hands down my torso and placing his hands on the waistband of my shorts, he gently lowered them over my bottom until they naturally fell to my feet. Darren then did the same again to my retro y-fronts, sliding them over my bottom, allowing my cock its freedom as they too, dropped to my feet where upon, I stepped out of them, turned around allowing Darren to lift my vest up and over my shoulders. Naked and hard, I slipped my hands over Darren’s shorts, undid his belt, and unzipped him and slide his shorts down. I then lifted his arms up and removed his t-shirt and then I kneeled in front of him and gently lowered his white y-fronts until his beautiful penis gained its freedom whilst his briefs fell down his legs to their freedom for want of a phrase. I couldn’t resist the view before me, and I licked the tip of his cock enjoying his pre-cum. The taste was just too much, and I couldn’t control myself any longer and took his whole penis in my mouth and started to pleasure my love, my Darren. I was in love, and I loved everything about Darren and his cock was no exception and as I held his bottom with both hands, I took him deeper in my mouth exploring all the veins and tip and enjoying the feeling of his pubic hair and his balls sitting perfectly at the end of the shaft. Wow, I was absorbed and at one with myself when I felt the first thrusts of his orgasm and within seconds, Darren’s juice was pouring into me, warm, mildly salty, and delectable to taste. I took it all and took Darren to the point that he couldn’t take it any longer and was in many respects convulsing with post orgasm excitement. I released his cock and stood up and gazing into his eyes, I kissed him in the most passionate way I was able, and we continued kissing for a few special moments where upon, Darren told me to put him down and let’s eat lunch. There we were sitting on the grass with a stunning view. The horses grazing gently on the grass with the wind blowing through the trees in the midday sun. Bliss and contentment were the feelings I remember when Darren rolled over towards me and in one movement, nestled his head between my legs and using his tongue to excite my cock, it sprang into life within seconds of his touch registering in my central nervous system. The tingling effects of Darren’s touch were amazing. Slowly and surely, he sucked my cock until I couldn’t take it any longer and sure enough, my body went rigid, I convulsed a little and my cum exploded from the shaft and Darren just kept going taking it all with each bakırköy travesti spurt my body expelled. Oh my god, it was truly wonderful. Being completely aroused by now, Darren lifted my legs and positioned them over his shoulders and the anticipation of him about to make love to me caused me to physically melt in acceptance and showing his new found confidence, he slide gently into me and then with his first thrust he gained more access until I could feel him deep inside and then with his thrusting movements, Darren provided me with the most sensual and sexual experience to date. It wasn’t sex, Darren was making love to me. My love was gently fucking me with passion that lovers can only enjoy and after a long while I felt him moving a little faster in his rhythm and sensing he was close to cumming, I reached out to kiss him and with our new embrace with our tongues exploring each other, I felt him cum as he thrust deep inside me with each spasm of his cock. Without pulling out, Darren fell on my chest sucking my nipples and kissing my hairless body. Eventually, he just laid on top of me and although I didn’t want him pulling out, he eventually slipped out as he became flaccid, but we remained embraced and cuddling for quite a while. Lunch was over in many senses of the word, and we decided to remain naked for the rest of the ride. Cleaning up, putting our clothes in the saddle bags we mounted the horses, took a final look at the view, and then resumed the trek down from the summit. Our ride back to his farm was uneventful as before with the one exception. Just out of sight of his farm, we stopped, dismounted, and got dressed again in order not to push our luck and challenge his father’s feelings. As one might suggest, don’t rock the boat too much. Alas, we arrived in the stables and after attending to the horses, we walked to the house to report back where upon, we had a quick cup of tea with his mum and dad, recounted the tale and the views we had witnessed without going further that the scenery was not the most important thing we had gazed upon that day. Margaret was as cool as ever. Dan was okay and all in all, I wished them well when it came time to leave. Margaret came outside with us and told Darren that he didn’t have to rush home that evening and could stay the night if Bill was agreeable. She then turned to me, looked me up and down and with the wink of her eye she suggested that the next time I get dressed, I make sure that my shorts were not inside out. Bloody hell I thought as I turned bright pink from her knowing we had got up to something. At that point, Darren and I headed back to Bill’s farm, giggling like little children having been found out. At least she was comfortable about it and by all accounts Dan had not even noticed. Mrs Shipman was not a blind stupid mother. As they say, you can’t pull wool over her eyes. Darren and I talked all the way home about how we felt with each other, how he felt about Uncle Bill and his friends and what they had introduced him too. We also talked about my being shaved and that my lover wasn’t too keen, and Darren asked me not to shave anymore and that he would ask Uncle Bill to cease his daily activity. Darren also asked me about my spanking fetish and that strangely, Darren confessed he liked to spank me and enjoyed the closeness of the act. Not wishing to miss an opportunity, I volunteered for a spanking, but Darren suggested later which was ok by me.

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