Uncle and Niece

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Uncle and NieceAs a widower I spent most of my time on my own, at forty-three I was too young for the Derby and Joan club and too old for the modern dance halls, which left the pub and the cinema, neither of which filled me with ‘joy’ as they were usually filled with young louts kicking up a racket or causing trouble. The one bright point was the infrequent visits from my sister, Amy, and her k**s, John and Eve, the k**s in particular made me feel alive as they rushed around the place in their younger days and as they grew up they kept me in touch with the ‘younger’ generation. For some reason when John reached sixteen he stopped coming to visit me, I suppose he wanted the time to spend with his girlfriends and mates, but it was a little disheartening all the same. I was also expecting young Eve to stop visiting me when she reached sixteen, but I was pleasantly surprised when she arrived with her mother on their regular quarterly visit a month after her sixteenth birthday. Almost two years later she was still visiting me and had turned into quite a young little lady, I don’t know where she got her looks from because they certainly didn’t run in my family and I would often tease Amy about this by asking who Eve’s father really was. Amy knew I was joking and took it in good fun, but I must admit I did sometimes wonder.It was a month after the regular visit that I was surprised by a knock at my door, it was a Friday evening and I was not expecting visitors. When I answered the door I got an even bigger surprise.”Hello Uncle Chester.””Eve,” I replied in surprise, “what on earth are you doing here?””Aren’t you pleased to see me?” She asked.”Of course I am, just surprised. Come in.” I responded.Taking her coat and overnight bag I watched her head for the living room while I hung up the coat and put the bag on the floor, I remember thinking that young Eve was turning into a little ‘heart breaker’ as I followed her into the living room.”So,” I said as we sat down, “what brings you here?””A train.” she laughed in reply.”I fell for that.” I smiled, “Seriously, what brings you here and without your mother?””Mum’s gone away for a couple of weeks” Eve replied, “and I’m on half term so I thought I’d come and visit my favourite Uncle. I hope you don’t mind me just turning up like this Uncle Chester.””Not at all,” I grinned, “once I’d got over the surprise that is. Are you hungry?””Famished.” she laughed, “The buffet car on the train was closed.””Right then, let’s see what we can rustle up.” I said rising to my feet.Despite my protest that as a guest she did not need to help me Eve followed me out to the kitchen and helped me to prepare a meal. We ate in the kitchen and washed up before returning to the living room where Eve accepted my offer of a drink. Drinks in hand we sat back and chatted for an hour or so before I remembered that the spare room wasn’t made up.”I’m assuming you are staying the night.” I commented, “So I had better make up the bed in the spare room.””I hope you’ll let me stay longer than one night.” she grinned.”As long as you like dear.” I smiled in reply, “It will be nice to have the company.”As I rose to head up to the spare room Eve coughed and looked embarrassed about something, puzzled I waited to see if she was going to say what the something was.”Uncle Chester.” Eve said quietly.”Yes dear?” I responded.”Uh, Uncle Chester,” she repeated slowly, “damn I had this all worked out on the train!”Obviously she wanted to say something important, sitting down again I patted the couch beside me, blushing Eve came over and sat beside me, I took her hand in one of mine and patted it reassuringly.”Take a deep breath” I said softly, “and tell me what the trouble is. I promise not to laugh or be angry or anything like that.”Eve hesitated then took a couple of deep breaths that did some very nice things to her bust line, mentally chiding myself for my thoughts I looked at my niece’s face. Whatever it was she had to say was obviously awkward for her, the embarrassment I saw on her face told me that, and I wondered if she was about to announce that she was pregnant and ask my help to tell her mother.”Uncle Chester,” she finally said after five minutes of embarrassed silence, “can I sleep with you tonight?”My breath went ‘whoosh’ and my brain went ‘clunk’ as it slipped out of gear, of all the things I had been expecting this was not one of them. For the space of three tension filled minutes I stared at my niece my brain a total blank as I tried to recover from the shock of her words.”Let me get this straight.” I asked in a daze, “You want to sleep in my bed with me?””Yes,” she replied in a whisper, “only not to sleep.””Jesus!” I gasped in surprise.Her words left me in no doubt at all about what she wanted and had she not been my sister’s c***d I would not have hesitated for one moment to give her what she wanted, but what she was proposing was i****t in the eyes of the law and I was shocked that she could suggest it. To be honest the act of i****t itself was not a shock or abhorrence to me as I had been initiated into the joys of sex by my mother, though that was a secret she had taken to the grave with her. The shock was that young Eve was proposing it as I knew how straight laced my sister was and she would have brought up her c***dren in the same way.”Uncle Chester, I’m sorry.” Eve said with a catch in her voice, “I’ve offended you and I never wanted to do that.”””I’m not offended Eve,” I replied after taking a deep breath, “but I am very surprised that you could think of such a thing. What on earth would your mother say?””Don’t tell mum I asked, well, you know. She’d kill me if she knew.” Eve pleaded.”Calm down,” I comforted her, “I’ve no intention of telling your mother anything, I know exactly what she can be like. What on earth made you suggest such a thing though?”A tear ran down her cheek as she hung her head, for a moment I thought she was too ashamed or embarrassed to answer, but then she took a deep breath and raised her head, I found myself looking into her tear filled eyes.”Uncle Chester türbanlı bayan escort I have been saving myself for you ever since I learnt about sex.” she stated, “I’m still a virgin and I wanted you to teach me because you have always been so kind and caring.”Once again my brain went out of gear, without a word I stood up, crossed the room to the drinks cabinet and poured myself a stiff scotch, which I downed in one gulp. The drink had the desired effect, it kick started my brain so that I could mull over Eve’s words. As I poured myself another drink I found myself thinking back to my own c***dhood and that wondrous day when I was sixteen and my mother had caught me wanking in my room, she had calmly told me not to waste my erection, stripped, climbed onto the bed and given me the first of many lessons in the joys of sex. I could still remember her words as we cuddled afterwards on that first of many occasions ‘People make rules, but those rules don’t always make sense. As far as I’m concerned what we have done has harmed no-one and has made us happy so sod their rules.” Standing there remembering those happy times I wondered why I felt so shocked by my niece wanting to ‘sod the rules’, I was the first to admit that she was a very attractive young lady with a very desirable body and a wonderful nature, who was I to deny her the joy I had shared with my own mother. Pouring a drink for Eve I turned back to the couch, my decision had been made, I only hoped that it was the right one and that the very thing she said she wanted would harm Eve.”Drink this.” I instructed as I handed her the glass.Tears still brimming in her eyes my niece drained her glass in one go then went back to looking at the floor. Sitting beside her I put an arm around her shoulders and gave her a gentle squeeze.”Eve,” I said softly, “look at me.”She looked up and our eyes met, holding her eyes with mine I smiled at her.”I want you to think carefully about what you are asking for.” I said, “Then tell me if it is still what you want. Think about all the consequences to you and to me and to your family.”She thought for ten long minutes, I could see her weighing up all the consequences, she’d frown, then smile, then look uncertain, but at last she seemed to have reached a decision.”Uncle Chester,” she said softly, “you’ll probably hate me for this, but I want to have sex with you more than anything else in the world.””I don’t hate you at all little Evie.” I smiled, “I just wanted you to be sure of what it was you wanted. It seems you are sure so if you still want to share my bed then I agree.””You do?” she asked in surprised disbelief, “Really and truly?””Really and truly.” I laughed, “Now dry your eyes and then we will set some ground rules.””Uncle Chester I love you.” she cried throwing her arms around my neck.Her lips were suddenly on mine their warmth and softness promising pleasures to come, returning her kiss I enjoyed the sensations of that touch.”Whew!” Eve smiled as our lips parted some time later, “Thank you Uncle Chester.””Be a good girl and go dry your eyes.” I smiled.”I’d rather be a bad girl,” she smiled jumping to her feet, “it’s more fun.”Eve left the room to repair the ravages of her tears while I took a deep, calming breath, got up and poured myself another scotch, which I sipped while I waited for Eve to return. I’m glad I had that drink because when Eve did return she had not only repaired her make-up she had changed into a slinky, totally see-though dress under which she was naked; the dress made her seem more naked than if she’d had nothing on.”Eve.” I breathed, “You are a beautiful little minx.””I try to be.” She giggled as she crossed the room to stand beside me.”Before we start anything,” I stated while trying to control my suddenly excited breathing, “we need to lay out some rules. First is that no-one must know about this.””Agreed.” Eve replied.”Second,” I continued, “there will be no messing about outside this house.””Not even if we are somewhere we won’t meet people we know?” she asked.”Not without discussion first at least.” I conceded.”I agree to that.” She laughed.”And finally,” I sighed as I stared at the luscious swell of her breasts, “call me Chester when we are alone.””Yes Chester.” she grinned.”I get the feeling that things are going to get interesting around here.” I laughed.”I hope it’s soon.” She laughed.”Right now.” I whispered.With that I kissed her, as our lips met Eve seemed to melt against me, her hands fluttered at my chest while I gently caressed her ripe young boobs through the thin material of her dress, her nipples went hard and I teased them gently with relish. It had been quite a while since I had shared the company of a woman in this way and I felt myself feeling a little awkward at first, but sex is like riding a bike (and a lot more fun) and soon I was playing with her boobs and nipples with firm contacts of my hands and fingers. Eve’s mouth opened a little and I darted my tongue between her lips, as our tongues danced in her mouth I was barely aware of her tugging at my clothing until my trousers suddenly fell around my ankles. Breathing heavily I parted our lips and looked down in surprise, my shirt was open, my trousers were around my ankles and her fingers were hooked in the waistband of my pants. Eve had paused when our lips parted, probably thinking that I was about to change my mind. Smiling I took off my shirt and kicked my way out of my trousers, which was made difficult by Eve eagerly pushing my pants down to my knees and then gazing longingly at my semi-erect cock.”What a monster.” she breathed as she reached down to touch my cock.Within a second of her hand touching my skin my ‘monster’ was rearing it’s ugly head in full erection, which pleased Eve no end; her hand closed around my shaft as I struggled to get my pants down to my ankles and off. Naked at last I reached out and fondled my niece’s tits while she slowly ran her hand up and down my shaft, not once did she move her eyes away from my cock as she stroked it, türbanlı escort bayan what she lacked in experience she more than made up for with enthusiasm. Wanting to feel her soft young skin on mine I moved my hands to the back of her dress only to find that there was no zip there, puzzled I looked at the dress and realised that the only way to remove it was to pull it off over her head.”Let me do it.” Eve whispered as she realised what I was wanting.Briefly she released my cock, grasped the hem of the dress, pulled it over her head and tossed it aside, the dress hadn’t hit the floor before her hand was once more stroking my hard prick. With excited, eager hands I caressed her tits, savouring the feel of her young, soft, warm skin under my hands, relishing the hardness of her nipples between my fingers as I teased them, which made Eve sigh loudly with pleasure. Mind you, the action of her hand on my cock was making me give a few sighs of my own and when she gently squeezed my shaft I gasped with excitement. Sliding one of my hands down her body I gently rubbed her clit with my fingers, Eve’s body jerked as I touched her hard button and a low moan of ecstasy escaped her lips. Smiling at her response I leant forward and sucked a nipple into my mouth, the slight salty taste of her skin added to my pleasure as I circled and pressed her hard bud with my tongue. Eve moaned again, one of her hands moved to the back of my head and pulled me tight to her delicious mound, at her pussy I slid my fingers along her slit until I found her tight little hole, her juices wetting my skin as I carefully slid a finger into her. God she was tight, her pussy squeezed my finger and I wondered how I would manage to get my cock into her. Even as I had this thought I started sliding my finger in and out of her wet hole and Eve gasped then shook as she had her first orgasm of the night.”Oh Uncle Chester.” she gasped as her climax faded, “That felt so nice. I’m tingly all over.”Releasing her nipple I straightened and kissed her lightly, parting our lips I looked at her happy, smiling face, at the flush of arousal in her cheeks and the excitement in her eyes, excitement and desire. Smiling I began to move my finger faster in her pussy and watched her pleasure growing in her eyes until with a wild cry she shuddered into another climax, her eyelids drooping down as her eyes half closed with pleasure. Pulling my finger back until it was barely in her pussy I added a second finger, gently I pushed both fingers into her, Eve gasped and moaned as I slowly managed to get two fingers into her pussy, but it was an effort and once again I became concerned that my niece may not be able to take my cock. Some minutes later Eve climaxed again, I had noticed that each orgasm she had was more powerful than the one preceding it and this time her knees almost buckled with the force of the sensations ripping through her. Removing my fingers from her pussy and tit I cradled her shaking, gasping body in my arms until she had calmed enough to support herself.”Please don’t stop Chester.” Eve whispered pleadingly.”I’m not going to stop dear Evie,” I replied softly, “but you can barely stand. Come with me.”Taking her hand I led her up to my bedroom, I turned on the bedside light, its soft glow more than enough to let me see Eve’s gorgeous body as I lay her on the bed before lying beside her and using my hands and mouth to excite her again. This time I kissed my way down her body until I reached her pussy, gently I licked her slit from base to peak, pausing at her clit for a while to tease it with my tongue and suck it gently, and Eve bucked her way through yet another climax.”Please Uncle Chester,” Eve gasped as her peak receded, “please do it now. I want to feel your hard cock inside me.”Smiling down at her still shuddering body I began to stroke her soft flesh once again, slowly raising her to another climax and timing things so that when I eventually did mount her she would gain the most satisfaction from her first fuck, though I was still a little concerned that she would be doomed to disappointment. Gradually Eve climbed higher up the mountain of pleasure and just before she reached the peak I rolled between her legs, her soft skin rubbing against my sides erotically as I positioned myself for the ultimate moment. Very gently I pushed forward, my cock touched her hole and the very tip of my knob penetrated her, slowly I continued pushing, at first I thought I would fail to penetrate her then my knob slipped inside to the sound of a blissful gasp from Eve. With just my knob inside her pussy I had to pause as she cried out and shook through another climax, but as soon as her passions began to fade I started pushing again. I had barely started before I was forced to stop by her climaxing yet again, this time I resolved to press on and while she shuddered and shook, gasped and cried out I gently pushed forward. God was she tight! The grip of her pussy around my cock was exquisite, even had she not been in climax I would have been forced to make that first entry a slow one, I groaned with the pleasure her tightness gave me as I slid more of my erection into her eager body. Then I felt a resistance, with a thrill I realised that her hymen was intact and that it would be me that would burst it, not only an act of i****t but defloration as well. This added immeasurably to the joy I felt and it was only with an effort of will that I stopped myself climaxing then and there. Gently I pressed forward, her hymen giving, but not splitting, beneath me Eve cried out in orgasm and pain; drawing back I tried again a little more firmly and felt my prick tear through the thin membrane to the accompaniment of a cry of pain from Eve, which made me stop and look down into her eyes. She had tears in her eyes yet they gleamed with a wild excitement that begged me to continue.”Are you alright Evie?” I asked in a low voice.”Yes,” she gasped in reply, “oh yes.”Reassured I slid the rest of my cock into her pussy, Eve groaned, escort türbanlı her muscles clenching even more tightly on my rod sending electric messages of bliss shooting through me. For a short, wonderful moment I lay still, savouring the instant to the full.”So big.” Eve breathed, “God it’s so good.”Slowly I pulled back until only my cap lay within her pussy; equally as slowly I thrust into her, I knew I could not restrain myself much longer. The feel of her tight pussy had me hovering on the edge of climax, but I was determined that I would hold back for as long as I could to let her enjoy her first time to the full. My niece cried out as I began a slow rhythm of thrusting, her body bucking in climax made it impossible for her to make anything more than a token effort to match my motions even though she tried her best to. Gradually my movements became faster as I became overwhelmed by pleasure, over the period of a few minutes my thrusts got harder and faster; Eve’s cries became shrieks of delight that filled the room and excited me even more. Then I felt the hot surge of my climax rushing over me, thrusting deeply into my niece’s pussy I groaned as my seed burst from the end of my prick to fill every nook and cranny of her depths. Eve gave a sobbing, gasping cry as I filled her, her pussy crushing up against my groin as she came. Moments of hot sensation passed, then with a gasp my body relaxed, beneath me my niece was still groaning in the throws of her orgasm and the pressure of her pussy was exciting my cock to a point I’d never experienced before. Surges of bliss hit me like a solid blow each time her pussy rippled to the force of her exhilaration and my cock miraculously stayed rigid.Uncle and Niece”OH GOD!” Eve cried as I began to thrust into her again, “GOD, CHESTER, FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!”I had not needed her cries to do as she was demanding, the sensations I was feeling drove me to plunge my prick into my young niece’s body without remorse; our groins crashing together with each and every stroke, my balls slapping against her buttocks adding to both our pleasure. Her body was shaking continuously as I thrust and ground and plunged in her vice-like pussy, her cries became weak sobs and gasps as the minutes passed. My own breathing was ragged and I could hear the blood pounding in my ears as I fucked her with an almost desperate haste. Once again I felt the surge of my climax approach then rush over me, once again I thrust deeply to fill her body with my hot juices and as I felt them erupt from my cock a haze of overwhelming bliss covered my eyes. Beneath me Eve was flopping like a rag doll, her orgasm so powerful it was as though she was having a fit and her pussy, oh that wondrous, tight little pussy was squeezing my cock so tightly that the force of my own climax doubled in intensity and a cry of a****l lust escaped from my lips as I fell forward onto Eve.How long we lay there in the grip of post climax tremors I don’t know, but eventually I regained enough of my senses to roll off her shaking body to lay gasping and panting beside her. After a few more minutes my heart stopped pounding as though to escape my breast and my breathing was fast instead of laboured. Sitting up and twisting my upper body I gazed down at Eve, she lay with her eyes half closed, her lips curved into a sensual, satisfied smile, her boobs rippling as she sobbed and gasped for breath. Her eyes opened and turned to me, they seemed vague, distant, as though she were in a dream, her smile widened and she reached out to stroke my cheek.”Thank you.” she panted, “God, I have never felt so good.””I’m glad I could make your first time an experience to remember.” I replied stroking her hair.”Uncle Chester?” she gasped out.”Yes Evie?” I smiled.”When I’ve recovered a little” she smiled up at me, “could I suck your ‘lollipop’?””My lolli…Oh, I see.” I laughed, “Of course you can dear.”Chuckling at the term she had used for my cock I lay back on the bed, Eve cuddled up to me, her young tits pressing to my skin, her arm across my chest and one of her legs over mine. I felt warm and tired and contented and comfortable, beside me Eve sighed then came an almost imperceptible buzzing noise, looking at her face I chuckled; she was asleep. Reaching out I turned off the bedside light, closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.I woke to the exciting sensation of a tongue sliding up, down and around my hard cock.”Wha…?” I exclaimed as I raised my head.The sight that met my eyes sent a shiver of delight through me, Eve was licking my cock, and she looked up my body into my eyes and smiled then got back to licking every inch of my hardness before taking it into her mouth. Closing my eyes I groaned with pleasure as my niece slowly slid her mouth down my shaft until she could take no more of me, closing the gap between her mouth and my groin with a hand she began to bob her head at the same time flicking her tongue on the flesh in her mouth.”Christ!” I groaned as she suddenly clamped her lips tight around my shaft and sucked hard.Then she was bobbing again, her movements swiftly pushing me towards a climax, but to my surprise and delight my niece climaxed first. As her body started to shake Eve clamped her mouth around me again, her tongue pressed at the base of my knob as she sucked me hard, her hand squeezing the base of my shaft.”OH GOD, EVIE!” I cried in ecstasy, “I’M CUMMING!”With a rush of heat my seed spurted into my niece’s mouth and to my wonder and pleasure she swallowed every single drop of my sticky juices and greedily sucked for more.”You taste so nice.” Eve stated as she sat up a few minutes later.”You are a randy little terror.” I chuckled, “Don’t you ever change.”Giggling the little minx took my semi-erect cock in her hand and wanked me to a full erection before leaping astride me.That was the pattern for the next ten days that she spent with me, at the end of that time Eve had to return home to go back to school, our parting was a tearful one on her part, but she promised to come back as soon as she could. A promise she kept as soon as the next school holiday rolled around. She even came up with my sister on the regular quarterly visits, both of us wishing Amy would disappear to allow us to enjoy ourselves. On her last visit Eve told me she would move nearer to me as soon as she left school an event I look forward to with great anticipation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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