Unattainable Love

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Have you ever been in love with the perfect person, just not at the right time? That is most definitely my situation right now, and it is the hardest problem to cope with.My name is Mark Vincent. I’m 19, a Freshman in city college. I’d say that I’m handsome, being 5’11”, athletic build from basketball and track and field, light brown skin, and brown eyes. What most people don’t expect from me is the fact that I am brilliant. I had graduated from High School with a 4.0 GPA. I was accepted to many universities, but even with financial aid, my mother couldn’t afford for me to go away, so I went to the city college. As a part- time job, I work as a tutor, mainly in math and science because those are my best subjects. That is how I met Sara Simmons, the girl of my dreams.In a single word, she can and always be described as perfect. Every part of her body is flawless, and it almost hurts me not to be intimate with her. In fact, for my birthday, she bought me a cupcake with a candle, and when she told me to make a wish, I wished for God to give me the chance to be her boyfriend. With her 5’3″, 115 pound body, brown skin, long brown hair, escort izmit brown eyes, 34C breasts, and sexy ass, she could have any guy she wanted. I just hoped and prayed that the lucky guy will be me.She came into my tutoring center one afternoon, an application in hand. She knocked on my office door, and at that point, I was mesmerized. She needed tutoring in Chemistry, my favorite subject. Of course, her beauty attracted the male attention of all men in my center, and every man who “happened to walk by” fed her their best pick up lines so it took me about 15 minutes to get everybody back to their jobs. We walked over to a room, and I started teaching her the basics of Chemistry.Throughout the months, her report card average has increased dramatically, which is fantastic. The way she glowed when she had a test to show me, or an updated report card made me tingle on the inside. It felt so good to see her in a good mood, and at that point, I was addicted to seeing her smile. I did anything to make her lips curl: buy her flowers, chocolate, tell her jokes, and even tickled her every now and then. I was hooked.One izmit escort night, we were studying pretty late at night, which was happening more frequently, seeing as her final exam was approaching. I offered to take her out to get a bite to eat, trying not to seem desperate. She smiled and agreed, saying that she was starving. “Yes!” I thought to myself.At the restaurant, Sara turned the heads of numerous guys, but I was okay because she was only talking to me the entire time. Over dinner, we spoke about our personal lives, learning that we had so much in common. We both love basketball, similar tv shows, and movies. I asked her if she would like to see a movie with me sometime, and she said yes! I was on top of the world, and nothing could bring me down, or so I thought. We were about to leave the place when a man walked up to her and slapped her ass.”Baby, you have been messing with my dick all night. How would you feel if I took you to my place and we could…” he didn’t finish his sentence with words, but rather finished it with the action of rubbing his crotch.Disgusted, Sara said, “Eew, izmit kendi evi olan escort no. Don’t try me because I will hurt you.”The man, embarrassed, looked over at me and said, “Who is this? Your man? You’re gonna fuck this guy but not me? I’m much stronger than him!”With that, he he pushed me, calling me a punk and a pussy. I didn’t want to fight back because obviously the man was drunk and was bound to get injured if he kept his act up. I was fine until he took Sara by the back of her neck and leaned in, about to kiss her. At that, I had to react. I grabbed him before he got his slimy lips on her and punched him square in the jaw. He fell onto the floor, remaining motionless.”Are you okay?” I asked her.”Yeah, because of you!” she said, her eyes sparkling more than usual.We left the restaurant and were walking down the street as normal until she interlocked my hand with hers. She stopped me and looked up at me.”You saved me in more ways than one. You saved me from this disgusting man and from failing Chemistry. You are kind, friendly, intelligent, protective, and great to be around. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I like you. I mean really, really like you, Mark.”I couldn’t believe her words. I thought I was dreaming.”I like you too, Sara. You’re perfect in every way, and I can’t tell you the number of times when I would dream of being your boyfriend.””You don’t have to dream anymore.

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