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Uber BBCHey y’all,Sometimes I have an Uber driving adventure that makes want to rush home and tell everybody about it. That’s exactly what happened this afternoon. My k**s were away with my husband at a Boy Scout outing and I decided to get a few hours of driving in to save up for Christmas. I was in my regular routine of getting a coffee at Denny’s near SeaTac because it’s within the zone of where you can wait for Uber notifications. I received a notification that man named Isaac was waiting for me in the Uber pickup area of SeaTac airport. I drove my car up there and was immediately blown away with who was waiting on me. Isaac was a tall, strong looking black man in jeans and a sweater. Very sharp looking and his sweater showed off his chiseled frame. Isaac only had a small satchel and jumped in my back seat full of energy. We greeted each other and I could tell we immediately had chemistry by how interested he was in me. He was asking me questions about Seattle, how much I drive for Uber, if I’m married, have k**s… all sorts of questions. We eventually got to any wild riders I’ve had and if I ever have a problem with riders flirting with me as I’m an attractive looking woman. I admitted to him I’d been known to flirt back with some riders I find attractive. He asked if he was in that camp and I immediately said yes. He asked how far the flirting goes and I again admitted that I’d climbed into the back seat with a couple special riders. He gave out a huge, “Dayum girl!! You can slide back here any time you’d like”!We were coming up on the exit for West Seattle on our trip to his hotel in Seattle and I told him I know of a couple great places to pull over if he was interested. He was all for it and I quickly found myself in the back corner of the Home Depot parking lot near Century Link Field. Before I was even pulling up the handbrake Isaac was pulling me into the back seat with him.He immediately started kissing me and telling me how wild this was but also a fantasy he’d always had. He had his hand all over my tits and telling me how good I smelled and how slutty I was for joining him in the back seat. I told him I loved it and was so flattered he was so willing for my company. He pushed me away and asked me to help him with his pants. With shaky hands, I reached out and began to unfasten his belt and then the button to his jeans. I lowered the zipper and started to push them down his legs. As I worked, he was getting his shoes off so he could slide out of the jeans. He soon sat there in only a pair of briefs which contained the bulge of what looked to be a very massive zonguldak escort dick. I nervously looked up at him, and he indicated for me to continue. A buzz ran through my body as I gripped the waistband of his underwear, and slowly began to peel them down his legs as he lifted his butt off the seat. The further they went, more of his magnificent black tool became exposed until it finally sprung loose from the confines of the tight briefs and bobbed up and down in front of me. When it did, I gasped. He pushed his underwear the rest of the way off, while I stared in shock.”Go ahead, touch it,” he said breaking me from my daze.Hesitatingly I reached out and took ahold of the hulking unit before me. It felt heavy and warm in my hand, and because of its size I needed to use both hands to really be able to sufficiently manipulate it. I stroked his smooth shaft and just let the girth and weight of him fill my hands. After a bit more exploring with my hands, I felt him rest his hand on my shoulder, and began to press me down to the floor in front of him. I was now on my knees with his colossal cock looking at me back in the face. Without any further urging, I opened wide and began to take the sizable shaft into my mouth.We hadn’t even known each other more than 15 minutes and I was on my knees and sucking his black cock. I felt so fiendishly slutty, but not in a bad way. I found myself devouring his manhood. Sloppily bobbing on his meaty pole, and not caring what it looked like; only caring that I was living in the moment and was pleasing the black Adonis in front of me. He let me continue my oral assault on him, while he began to massage my breast with one hand and grip onto my hair with the other. He also began to speak to me as I performed my naughty tasks.”Oh yeah that’s it. Just like that. Suck that dick babe.”As I got more into it, his comments became more vulgar and derogatory. I didn’t mind, and in fact I loved hearing him speak to me in such a manner. His words spurred me on to push myself further and take on the outrageousness of the experience head on.”Fuck yeah, take my black cock. Show me how much you love my big black cock. You don’t even know me and already you are taking my dick like a slut. Is that what you are babe? Are you a slut?”Momentarily he pushed me off his hefty stick to allow me to answer his question. I was in such a wild and nasty state. I lost my normal self, and was only concerned with the then and now, so I answered the only way I could.”Yes, I am your slut,” was my reply as I then pounced back onto his magic stick with my mouth. From escort zonguldak that point, Isaac held nothing back as he spoke down to me while I continued my dutiful job.”Just what I thought when I first saw you; a slut MILF willing to please black cock. I bet you couldn’t stop picturing yourself sucking my big black cock or letting me fuck you silly. You’re like most married white women, just dying to be used by a thick black cock. Use your left hand to stroke me slut. I want to see your wedding ring while I watch you suck my cock.”Doing as I was told, I brought my left hand up to grip his shaft, and though I should have been embarrassed to be reminded of my marriage, the sight of my ringed finger gripping his black cock ignited even more ravenous passion from me. Issacs’s salacious comments only added to the experience.”Oh yeah, black cock is all you want now. Your white dicked husband can’t compete. You are my slut, and you love my black cock now. You are hooked. Show me how much you love my cock slut; stuff in your face.”The degrading statements were all the urging I needed to try and push as much of his massive member into my throat as I could. His girth and length made it so I could only manage to embed half of it, but that didn’t stop me from trying to get more while I continued to give the filthiest, and sloppiest blow job I knew how. I was gagging and drooling all over his tremendous trunk of a cock, and he seemed to love every moment of it just as much as I was.”That’s it slut, gag on my cock. I want you to choke on my big black dick, as you show me just how much you love it. You are my slut now, and I am going to make sure you get all the black cock you can handle.”He began to rock his hips to meet my bobbing face, and his grip on my hair became rougher. I sensed he may be close to finishing, so I doubled my efforts and let him begin manipulating me more and more. The sounds that were coming from my mouth were that of a seedy porno, and if we had been filming our encounter, I’m sure it would have looked like one too.”Oh, shit slut. I’m going to cum soon. When I do, I am going to mark you as my slut and shoot it all over you. Just what a slut like you loves, a face full of black cum.”The thought of letting him cum on my face was so erotic and naughty. This was my adventurous life, and I wanted to be his. To be his married, white slut to use. After a few more pumps, he pulled his saliva streaked hunk of meat from my face and began to pump his fist along his shaft.”Tell me what you want slut,” he said as I knelt before him watching him stroke his length.”Oh, zonguldak escort bayan I want you to cum on my baby. Cum on my face. Make me your slut, and shoot your cum all over me,” was my desperate response.”Ah shit, here it comes slut,” he grunted out.Spurting out from the bulbous tip of his cock was volley after volley of thick and heavy cum arching and landing on my waiting face. OMG, he came so much and as I knelt there and received his gift, I was happy for the volume he ejected onto me. I was proud to know that I caused him to erupt so much. When he finally began to stop, he bent the tip to my lips and had me lick off the last little dribble of cum. Streaks of his goo coated my face, and I felt as though my entire head was plastered with it. The warmth of his seed felt good against my pale skin, and we both just remained silent momentarily as we basked in the afterglow of the experience. It was Isaac who finally broke the silence, and though his tone was more subdued, he still spoke in a dominant manner.”That was great. You really took to it, and I can tell you enjoyed it as well.”I smiled at his statement, and replied, “Yes, it was wonderful. I loved everything about it. I loved being your slut.”His smiled return as he responded, “Well you certainly are a good slut, and looking at you covered in my cum makes me wish I had time to use you some more. Unfortunately, I need you to drive me to my hotel as I’m running late to meet up with some people.”Finding our time together was ending for the day I was a little dejected at the thought, but happy I had the chance to share what he just did.Isaac laughed a little before he spoke again.”You need to clean that cum off your face before your next rider, and I think what better way for a slut to do so, than with the only piece of clothing she has with her,” Isaac stated as he reached down and pulling on my dress.He wanted me to wipe my face clean of his cum with my own dress. It was the only thing I had to wear, and if I did as he suggested it would be smeared with cum. The idea of walking out into the public with cum all over my dress was so slutty. I grabbed my dress up from the bottom and brought it immediately to my face. I dragged it across my face in search of every speck of cum; I wanted my dress to be a mess with his cum just as my face was. If I wasn’t to wear his cum home on my face, I was happy to wear it home on my dress. Isaac watched me perform as a slut for him, and as I finished my cleanup he spoke.We drove to his hotel and Isaac jumped on the phone with the people I assumed were waiting on him. When we pulled up to his hotel, he asked me if I knew who he was, alluding to perhaps he’s famous. I just said no, just a very sexy man with a beautiful cock. “That’s perfect”, he said, “see you later my slut, you sure know how to suck cock!” Hmm who’s Isaac?Kisses, jen

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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